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Chapter 17

The Destroyer

Part 3

A swirling void of pure darkness was the first thing Midoriya could see when his eyes fluttered open. He tried moving his fingers but he couldn't. Looking down at himself, he jolted in shock when he witnessed the black substance snaking around his entire body! Even his mouth was covered in it! Midoriya struggled as hard as he could to free himself from his bindings but it was like he was submerged in cement. Fearing that this was the afterlife, Midoriya resigned himself to his fate until he noticed something that gave him pause.

Up ahead were multiple silhouettes engulfed in shadow, staring at him with glowing yellow eyes. One of the figures began to march towards him.

"Oi, oi, oi! What the hell d'you think yer doin', kid?!"

As the apparition got closer, the darkness encompassing him began to dissipate, revealing a lanky, heavily muscled form of a man wearing leather pants, a biker jacket, shoulder pads and an ammo belt draped across his chest. Only the figure's face was still obscured by shadow.

"It ain't over till it's over! So stop sittin' around on yer ass and get back in the fight!"


Izuku's eyes shot open as a loud gasp escaped his throat. He was staring up at the ruined, partially caved in ceiling of the employee rec room. He groaned as he picked himself off the ground while moving away the pieces of the ceiling on top of him. Standing on wobbly legs, Izuku looked around the partially darkened, dust shrouded room with the only light being the moon shining through the broken window. He frantically searched for his friends who were most likely somewhere under the debris when an overhead light hanging by its wires shorted out and spat out sparks, briefly illuminating the room enough for Midoriya to spot the prone form of Uraraka lying on the ground. Gasping, he rushed to her side and gently lifted her up a little; being as careful as he could.

"Uraraka! Uraraka, are you okay?! Speak to me!"

No answer. She was unmoving. Setting her back down again, Izuku's mind was racing as he tried to think of what he could do. He suddenly thought back to CPR class with Recovery Girl back at U.A. and though the thought of mouth to mouth caused his face to turn red, he knew the gravity of the situation and steeled himself.

Placing his hands on the center of her chest, Midoriya began compressing Uraraka's chest at a steady pace, stopping once to give her mouth to mouth resuscitation. After a few more compressions, Ochako began to cough and slowly opened her eyes. The first thing that came into her vision was Izuku, relieved that she regained consciousness.

"DEKU!" Uraraka shouted, overjoyed as she shot up and wrapped her arms around Midoriya in a tight hug. "I'm so happy you're okay!"

Izuku was as red as a tomato. "Y-y-y-yeah, so am I!" He patted her back and made a mental note not to mention anything about the brief, indirect kiss. The sound of someone groaning caught their attention and the looked to the right to see Shoto and Mirio slowly getting up and covered in dust.

"Guys!" Mirio was elated to see the others safe and sound. "Are you hurt anywhere?"

"We're fine." Izuku nodded. "What about you guys?"

"We've felt worse." Shoto responded, shaking his head a little to dispel the dizziness.

"What about Kirishima and Bakugou?" Uraraka asked out of concern as Mirio and Shoto began to look around. The sound of clattering was heard in the back and everyone witnessed Kirishima using his hardening Quirk to rip away the debris on the ground.

"GUYS, GET OVER HERE! BAKUGOU'S HURT REAL BAD!" He shouted as he frantically threw away the broken pieces of the ceiling off his friend. Everyone immediately began helping Kirishima until they finally found an unconscious Bakugou with blood covering his face and barely breathing.

"KACCHAN!" Izuku exclaimed!

"Get him on the couch! Quick!" Shoto hurriedly advised as Mirio and Kirishima quickly picked him up and carried him over to the furniture. Uraraka grabbed the first aid kid hanging on the wall while Izuku grabbed a bottle of water and a towel by the sink. Once Bakugou was on the couch, Izuku poured water on the towel and wiped away the blood while Uraraka got out the bandages and a bottle of antiseptic. Mirio took a closer look at Bakugou, trying to find where the wound was.

"Good news! It not as bad as it looks!" An elated Mirio announced when he found the wound amongst the tufts of Katsuki's spiky hair. "It's just a tiny cut; I should be able to patch it up in no time flat."

"But wasn't he covered in blood?" Uraraka questioned as she handed Mirio the bandages and antiseptic.

"Actually, minor cuts on the head bleed heavily because there are lots of blood vessels around the face and scalp that are very close to the skin. So while it did look bad, it's really just a small scrape." Mirio lectured as he dabbed some of the solution onto the wound. Bakugou winced a little as Mirio began to wrap the bandages around his head. "He'll be fine but he's going to be out of it for a while."

Kirishima leaned in close next to Izuku. "You just know he's gonna be pissed when he wakes up." He whispered. Izuku sighed in resignation.

"Hey…do you all hear that?" Shoto said, looking around. Everyone stayed silent and listened closely. Their ears began to pick up the unmistakable sounds of gunfire and explosions. Moving towards the shattered window, the others went over to look outside while Mirio tended to Bakugou. From far away over in the expo district, they could see columns of smoke and fire along with tracer fire streaking into the midnight sky. Their jaws agape, their bewilderment soon turned to fear when they heard the sounds of screaming amongst the mercenaries. Then…it all came back to them. The horror they saw unfold before their eyes on television.

It was him.

"G-g-g-guys…!." Kirishima stammered as he looked down at the streets below. They all followed his gaze and saw a literal river of blood flowing through the streets with the Sabers in various states of bodily dismemberment floating in the proverbial River Styx. They all reeled back in inside.

Midoriya was instantly on his knees, dry heaving as sweat poured down his head.

Kirishima staggered backwards, clutching the sides of his head and muttering panicked denials.

Shoto slumped against the wall, utterly terrified beyond comprehension for the first time in his life.

Uraraka was taking it the worst. She was on her hands and knees, profusely vomiting with tears running down her round cheeks.

"What's wrong? What's going on out there?!" Mirio asked out of concern and he went over to the window and leaned his head out.

"No!" Shoto quickly yelled. "No don't-!"

Mirio gasped in horror and stumbled back into the room with an expression of terror written all over his face. He clamped his hands over his mouth as his legs wobbled uncontrollably. Izuku stopped dry heaving and clutched his chest, feeling his own beating heart against his chest. His eyes found their way over to Uraraka who was now shaking as her fingers dug into the carpet.

"O-o-o-ochako?" Izuku worriedly placed a hand on her shoulder. Uraraka let a small gasp as she spun her head around to Izuku. Their eyes locked on to each other as Midoriya saw just how scared she was. Uraraka's face scrunched up and she suddenly latched onto Izuku, squeezing him as tight as she could as he buried her face into his chest while softly weeping.

Midoriya was taken back by this. Not because he was flustered that a girl was hugging him, it was because he realized just how bad her trauma was…


"Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? It's really that bad?" Izuku gulped nervously.

"We think so. Ever since she saw that Vigilante rip off Tomura's arm, she's been jumping at shadows left and right. She barely looks at us or even speaks to us." Momo explained, feeling terrible for Ochako.

"But for some reason, she seems to lighten up a little around you so maybe you should try and talk to her. Y'now, try to comfort her and let her know we're there for her." Jiro suggested.

"Well, errr…I mean-"

"C'mon, Izuku. She needs this."


Izuku slowly began to bring up his hands and gently held Uraraka. He knew that this wasn't the best time to try and talk to her as he too had the same feeling of terror she was experiencing. All he could do was let her know that she wasn't alone. As he hugged her back, the sounds of warfare still echoed in the distance and Midoriya prayed that this nightmare would soon be over.


(Sonic Mayhem-Quad Machine)


Heedless of the Saber's terrified babbling, the Doomslayer grabbed him by the scruff of his uniform and hoisted him off the ground.

/I have tapped into the central tower's communications room and have blocked off any attempts for the government and Pro-Heroes to attempt to intervene. No one will impede you./



And he then slammed the merc into the pavement, his fist bursting apart his lungs and causing blood to erupt from his mouth like a geyser. The Slayer stood himself up and watched the army of Sabers flee for their lives away from him. Behind him was a scene of carnage and fire: piles of dead Sabers and destroyed APCs littered the scenic gardens of the expo district; many of the lush flowers were either set ablaze or smeared with blood. Displays that showcased brand new inventions or Support Items were reduced to twisted heaps of metal from the Slayer's weapons.

Speaking of weapons, the Doomslayer noticed the ammo counter on his HUD showing that he had halved most of his reserves. Guess he got a little too overzealous with his slaughter of the Steel Sabers. He didn't think he would end up chewing through his ammunition this quick in such a short time. But this minor inconvenience only gave him an idea: he could use the Sabers own weaponry against them. Spotting two GE M134 miniguns near a destroyed ammo depot the Sabers set up; the Slayer picked them up and wielded them both in his hands.

Eyeing the retreating mercenaries, the Slayer bolted forward as the ammo belts for the miniguns trailed behind him. He easily hefted up both weapons and unleashed hell upon the Sabers. The minigun carved though them like a sickle: not a single merc was spared as they continued to retreat, many of them dropping their weapons as they fled the hopeless battle. But the Slayer was fresh out of mercy as he persued them with both guns blazing. He gunned down any Saber that was caught in his sight and made sure none of them escaped his wrath. To his amusement, several of them stopped running to fire back in some futile act of defiance. But it was all for naught as the Doomslayer charged through their ranks in a relentless barrage of gunfire that tore them to ribbons. The Miniguns soon ran dry and he chucked one away while he clubbed the other one against a Saber's skull before discarding it.

Entering the dining pavilion, the Slayer spotted a discarded M2 Browning HMG near another barricade. A Saber was already manning the weapon but before he could fire, the Slayer grabbed him by the face and tore it off along with his gasmask. The Saber screeched as he gabbed his bleeding visage until the Slayer headbutted him; popping the skull like a zit. Hefting up the HMG, the Slayer gripped the barrel while his other hand clutched the spade grip where the trigger was. Turning towards a group of Sabers attempting to attack him, the Slayer blasted them apart; 50 caliber ammunition tore through their bulletproof vests like wet paper. He resumed his chase of the retreating Sabers as he swept the HMG left and right at any merc unlucky enough to be within his field of view. The armor piercing rounds penetrated through their ranks as the M2 Browning roared its ammunition from its glowing hot barrel. Many mercenaries hid behind whatever cover they could find but the rounds obliterated them so hard that their bodies became human salsa.

His HUD showed the remaining Sabers had retreated into a large building that housed some of the most recently unveiled Support Items. He ran towards the building ahead just in time to see an APC parked in front of the entrance with its turret aimed right at him. The Slayer never gave the gunner time to fire as he unloaded the rest of the HMG into the vehicle, the piercing ammo easily shredding through it and killing the occupants inside. Once the last of its ammunition had been expended, the Doomslayer hurled the HMG like a javelin at the Sabers behind the sandbags and succeeded in impaling two of them in a row.

Hopping up onto the ruined APC, the Slayer ripped off it's still-functioning 30mm turret and grabbed the wires running into it. Giving it a tight tug, a 30mm round exploded out of the barrel and tore straight through several retreating Sabers and drilling through the steel columns and walls of the building. He walked through the luminescent blue halls of the Hero Item building blasting away the Sabers as they returned fire upon him. His quick, short tugs of the wires sent salvos of death at the mercenaries who were blown apart, painting the walls and floor with their body parts. The rounds that hit the numerous Support Items caused explosions to ripple throughout the building, killing any Saber caught in the blast radius and setting fire to the displays. In the eyes of the Sabers, the Doomslayer was the personification of the Grim Reaper and the hand-held cannon was his scythe.

The sounds of heavy, mechanical footsteps echoed through the halls and a huge shape crashed through the wall next to the Slayer! He whirled around and fired the 30mm cannon but was backhanded halfway across the room and smashed into a display case containing a red colored surveillance drone. Quickly picking himself back up, the Slayer was treated with the sight of two bulky mechs, each of them roughly the size of an elephant. They had a yellow and black color scheme with ocular sensors installed on the shoulders where their heads would be. Their bodies were large and dome-like; standing atop powerful hind legs while their arms had been replaced with construction equipment. The first mech had a wrecking ball and a giant jackhammer while the second one was equipped with a chain trencher and a rock wheel. The Slayer raised an eyebrow. It was almost like he was facing mechanical versions of the Hell Guards.

"See? I told you we'd get these stupid things working!" A voice blared from the speakers mounted on the 1st mech.

"Whatever. This is where it ends, you freak! They're gonna scrape what's left of you into a shoe box!" The 2nd mech boasted as its saws thrummed to life.

A group of Sabers who were hiding behind a toppled column began cheering. But their revelry was cut short when the Doomslayer unloaded the rest of the 30mm cannon's ammo into the group and turned them into gibs. The Slayer tossed away the cannon and cracked his knuckles.

/My scans indicate they have repurposed these exosuits for combative purposes. Their original function was to primarily assist in construction; they were created under the request of the Pro Hero Power Loader for use in his agency and company, Power Loader Construction./

The Slayer cared not for the info as he charged at the mechs who lumbered towards him. The 1st mech swung its wrecking ball at the Doomslayer who easily caught it and flung it along with the mech right over his shoulder like it weighed absolutely nothing. As the 1st mech collided into the wall, the 2nd mech swung its rock wheel at the Slayer in an attempt to cut him in half. The Slayer punched the saw into pieces with one blow, followed up by slamming his foot into the mech's right leg and destroying the servo motors. The mech fell to one knee and the Slayer easily tore the chain trencher right off of its arm and swung in downward onto the dome, easily carving through it and instantly killing the Saber piloting it. The 2nd mech got back up and swung its wrecking ball at him again but one punch from the Slayer shattered it like it was made of glass. In a last ditch attempt, the mech thrusted its jackhammer at the Slayer but he instantly caught it and wrenched it off of its arm. He smashed the jackhammer against the mech's body and then ran it through with its own weapon, the still-hammering tool puncturing into the cockpit and mulching the pilot. As the exosuit slumped over with the jackhammer still impaled through it, the Slayer's shoulders sagged a little in disappointment.

Well that was pathetically easy. The Hell Guards were way tougher than these cheap knockoffs. His HUD pinpointed the last two remaining Sabers left in the expo district were not far from his position. In fact they were already in the building.

The two Sabers, Marley and Cruz, ran down the small hallway towards the emergency exit. They tried to open the door but it was locked, much to their confusion.

"Why the fuck isn't it opening?!" Marley yelled in frustration.

"I don't know!" Cruz panicked as he banged on the keypad on the side of the door. "Something's forcing the electronic lock to-"

Cruz's head suddenly exploded, showering Marley with blood and pieces of gray matter! The headless body slumped against the door and Marley shakily looked down the hallway to see Tango Primary slowly walking towards him with a smoking double-barrel in his hands. Marley raised his MG4 at the Slayer but could not find the will to pull the trigger. The Doomslayer continued to inch closer and closer until Marley finally gave up and threw away the gun.

"WAIT! DONT FUCKIN' SHOOT ME!" He shouted as he raised his hands into the air. "I give up! See? I surrender!"

Unfortunately for Marley, this had the exact opposite effect: it made the Slayer angrier. He reloaded his Super Shotgun while matching up to the merc with murderous intent. The Saber fell to his knees with his arms still raised as the Doomslayer pushed the barrel of his weapon up against his forehead.

"NONONONONO! WHAT THE FUCK!? I DONT WANNA FIGHT ANYMORE! I GIVE UP!" Marley screamed as he felt the still hot barrels of the sawed-off burn his forehead. The Slayer felt his anger increasing with each pitiful plea that came from the merc's mouth. After everything this organization had done to Heroes worldwide, one of them wanted to surrender? How many Heroes were gunned down without mercy? How many families did they ruin? How many young Heroes had their lives cut way too short because of them? How many Heroes begged for their life only to be put down like they were some kind of rare game?

The Steel Sabers did not deserve mercy. None of them did.


The deafening sound of buckshot filled the hallway as Marley's head was reduced to red mist and splattered what was left of his skull onto the walls when the Slayer fired his Super Shotgun point-blank into his face. Pushing over the dead body with his foot, the Slayer turned around and walked back to the atrium as his HUD showed the total number of Sabers left on I-Island.

1,156 remaining.

/I have scanned the building and discovered several Support Items that were unaffected by the EMP. We could utilize some of them to our advantage in this universe./

Support Items? The Slayer then snapped his fingers. He had completely forgot his other objective while fighting the Sabers.


Beneath the lapping waves outside of the protective wall surrounding the island, a massive creature surged beneath the surface. At first, it looked like a gigantic sperm whale but this particular one had ape-like arms and legs! It dove deeper into the depths until it reached the metallic underbelly of I-Island. Spotting a hole torn open on the underside from the explosion earlier, the whale charged through the opening and breached itself into the island. Popping its girthy head out of the water, the first thing it saw was a column of fire reaching up into the sky as it billowed forth from the ruined industrial district. Spotting a place where it could dispense its cargo in the central quadrant of I-Island, the whale opened its gigantic maw and a sphere made out of ash floated out of its mouth.

The sphere floated down to the street littered with craters and dissipated to reveal three Villains working for the LOV and a Nomu.

Maguma Iawata was a burly giant of a man wearing a dark blue bodysuit and a gasmask along with gauntlets, shoulder pads and boots that resembled superheated stone. His hair was a fiery orange and steam could be seen coming out of the pores on his shoulder pads. His Quirk allowed him to produce and control liquid magma with skillful and deadly ease. Known by his Villian name Volcano, he was infamous for decimating Esuha City years ago and leading a band of robbers known as the Volcano Thieves. Now he and his cohorts worked for All for One, a job they embraced with pride.

Konako Haizono, also known as Dusty Ash, was a tall and voluptuous woman wearing highly revealing attire. It consisted of a black low cut sports bra, back ankle boots, a utility belt with garters, black gloves and light purple panties. Her white hair was wavy and done up in a ponytail, she wore a transparent eye mask along with a respirator around her neck and wielded a club in the shape of a ninjato that hung off her belt. Her Quirk allowed her to produce volcanic ash from her body and shape it at will into a variety of uses.

Tsumuji Kazetani was the strangest thing on two legs. Some naysayers would say that mutation-type Quirks were a burden but as some Heroes or Villians would prove, never judge a book by its cover. His skin was orange colored, his overall body shape was incredibly lanky, his face gave him the appearance of a duck while his elongated fingers resembled fan blades. He wore a black sleeveless unitard with a purple belt, turquoise sneakers with tiny fans attached to the back of them, goggles to protect his eyes during combat and he also wore a backpack which would unfold into a large office fan that would enhance his abilities. His Quirk earned him the Villian name Gust Boy which gave him the ability to rotate his fingers or wrists to produce powerful gusts of wind, even tornados. To better fit with his theme, Tsumuji had his blueish gray hair done up in a ponytail while stylized to look like a fan blades.

And then of course there was the Nomu itself. It was a hunched over creature with light green skin, shredded jeans and eight limbs that were either absurdly muscular or horribly atrophied. His main arms were incredibly long and malnourished but the six arms growing out of his back were anything but. They were beefy and veiny but also came attached with weapons jutting out of them. Four of them were chainsaws, one was a drill while the last one was a simple claw hammer. It's grotesque head was encased in an armored, purple colored helmet with red visors and it had a metallic gag in its mouth. Clutched in its main arms was a metallic, cylindrical device with boosters attached to the bottom and the sides.

The whale creature began to climb itself onto the street, its size nearly dwarfing the buildings. Then it hunkered down and began to morph like clay into a human being! The transformation ended and the beast was now a man wearing a black dress suit and black pants, designer shoes and a large fur coat that was colored white. His face was a mishmash between two different species: on his right side, his face was human with unkempt black hair and baggy, soulless eyes while his left half had a black texture akin to that of a whale, an enlarged eye which was askew, white hair and a noticeable underbite with razor sharp teeth. Pressing a small button on the metallic collar he wore, it began to unfurl itself into a helmet-like attachment that covered the disfigured side of his face. It resembled an old diving helmet with metallic barnacles at the top of the dome. This man was Curator: All for One's most dedicated, proficient and fanatically loyal agent who's obedience to his master was on par with Kurogiri and Dr. Garaki. His Quirk gave him the abilities of a sperm whale, even transforming into a massive, ape-like whale monster.

Breathing in and exhaling, Curator surveyed the devastation before him. It was like a small war had been waged here if the smell of death and blood in the air was any indication. Looking to his left, he saw a pile of Saber corpses with a lake of blood around them along with several APC reduced to burning wreckage. The Volcano Thieves were disturbed by the gruesome sight while the Nomu just stared in the other direction vacantly.

"Fuck me..." Volcano swore under his breath.

"How the hell did we not see this guy coming?" Dusty Ash folded her arms ash she swallowed. "First he tears off Tomura's arm, pulverizes several Pros and now he's waging World War 3? I'm not sure even a Vigilante is capable of killing this many hired guns."

"Not to mention those are the Steel Sabers!" Gust Boy added. "Best of the best my ass. I told Wolfram that some of our own would be more than capable of handling this!"

"Yeah, but how were we supposed to know our Vigilante would get here? Maybe you didn't take that little tidbit into consideration, eh?" Dusty Ash nudged him teasingly. Gust Boy looked away, pouting.

Volcano walked up next to Curator. "It's pretty quiet. Chances are he's either taking a break or he's already killed them all. What's our game plan?"

Curator remained silent as he looked down at the bisected remains of a Saber. To singlehandedly challenge the most infamous band of mercenaries in the world and actually cause them significant losses was a feat unheard of. In the span of a few short hours, this man had already garnered his master's attention far quicker than anyone and it obviously wasn't hard to see why. In fact, All for One had replaced his plan to recruit that mentally unstable brat who won the Sports Festival in favor of possibly welcoming this man into the LOV. However, one could not forget how he dismembered Shigaraki and there was the chance that this man would refuse the offer. Curator shared All for One's dislike of Vigilantes and knew a man this dangerous had to be eliminated but focused on the task at hand.

"The Vigilante isn't our concern at the moment." Curator spoke, his voice taking on a metallic tone due to is helmet. "For now we will focus on our objective. Chainsaw? The package."

The Nomu lurched forward and set the device on the ground. It opened up automatically to reveal four tubes containing multiple orbs filled with a yellow liquid and attached via a set of strings. Around the tubes was an array of wires and clockwork-based mechanisms. Dusty Ash and Gust Boy knelt down to get a closer look.

Gust Boy whistled. "Didn't think the boss would break this thing out so soon. A weapon like this is pretty hard to come by these days."

"Consider it the definition of 'pyrrhic victory'. If our plans do fail here, we will demoralize society when they watch the people and Heroes they were supposed to save die a slow, slow death." Curator explained with a hint of sadistic glee.

"And if All Might survives?" Volcano questioned.

"It will be of no consequence. We will deal with him at another time when the opportunity presents itself." Curator waved his hand as he turned to Konako. "Dusty Ash, take us to the roof. You and Gust Boy will arm the package while Volcano, Chainsaw and I will meet with Wolfram. I want to see how he'll explain himself this time."

Dusty Ash summoned a large cloud of ash from her skin and formed a massive disk in the center of the street. Everyone stepped onto the platform with Gust Boy carrying the package. Dusty Ash smiled slyly as she snapped her fingers. "Elevator up~!"

The disk floated upwards and began to fly itself to the roof with his passengers in tow. Volcano glanced over his shoulder to look at Chainsaw who was breathing heavily with saliva dripping from its gagged mouth. Gust Boy and Dusty Ash, grossed out by this display, took several steps away from it. Volcano rolled his eyes and looked up at the approaching tower of I-island. "Did we really have to bring a middle-tier Nomu with us? I feel like we would've been better off with Kurogiri or one of the High-Ends the doctor is futzing with." He voiced his opinion to Curator.

"We have seven complete candidates but Garaki is still applying the finishing touches. Kurogiri is currently undergoing a mission but Chainsaw will be more than capable of assisting us." Curator assured him with confidence. Volcano looked to his left and took in the sight of a river of blood flowing through the streets with thousands of dead Sabers bobbing along the surface.

'I doubt it.' He thought to himself grimly.


(Sonic Mayhem-Crashed Up Again)

The Slayer walked though the decimated halls of the Hero Item building until he kicked open the doors leading to another pavilion which was somewhat undamaged from the 30mm rounds.

/Some of the Support Items in this exhibition were made with mu-metal. It is an insulated ferromagnetic alloy with a high resistance to electricity; they were protected by the EMP. The main vault in I-Island's central tower contains far more advanced Support Items but I have located two inventions within this exhibition that will be useful to us. Marking them on your HUD now./

The Doomslayer walked past the displays until he come upon the first item on his list in its case. It was a black cuboid with transparent windows on the sides, a slot in the front and several buttons located at the top.

/This Support Item is known as an Energy Replicator. It is a recently made invention created to harness the power of energy-type Quirk Users and convert it into clean energy based on the Quirk's abilities. With the right alterations, we may be able to convert it into a fabricator for Argent-free plasma energy./

Now that was useful and no Argent energy was a big plus. He didn't want this world harnessing that energy after everything that happened on the alternate Mars. He plucked the Support Item from its display case and pocketed it into his hammerspace backpack. Moving on, he walked through the room a little bit more until he came to another display case that held his 2nd item. It was a red colored disk with four metallic pads on the front with a touch screen display on the sides.

/This item was based off of a cloning Quirk belonging to a Canadian Pro Hero. While it is still in it's prototype phase, it can clone inorganic material or objects at the molecular and atomic level. Adjustments to this device will enhance its capabilities; it could easily create more ammunition for your weapons including UAC based munitions./

Again, another nifty little toy that would be a huge help. Looks like he wouldn't have to worry about running out of ammo once VEGA was done with the tune-ups. Snagging another invention and dispensing it into his backpack, the Slayer began to head towards the exit until VEGA chimed in with an update.

/Slayer, five Villains have just arrived on the island. I can confirm that they are with the League of Villains./

His HUD showed camera footage of the crooks VEGA was talking about. He memorized their appearances as VEGA brought up info on them by accessing the criminal database from the HPSC computers. Three of them were thieves who disappeared a few years ago while there was no info on the green creature. What kind of fucked up Quirk did that one have? However, the information on the man with the fur coat caught his interest...and malice.

Isana Ushimitsudoki was born into a wealthy family but was passed over by his far more successful brother. When he reached his teens, he murdered his parents and brother in a staged traffic accident so he could claim their fortune. After several years, private investigators discovered the truth behind the plot and Isana was arrested but not before killing several officers and a Pro Hero with his Quirk. He was en route to a highly secure prison for dangerous Villains but the prison van that was transporting him never arrived and was found destroyed with Isana missing and his police escort dead. He was never seen again but it as clear to the Slayer that the LOV most likely busted him out and he had now joined up with them. The Slayer made himself a reminder to make this guy's death slow.

/I have acquired new details about the organization from their conversations. They are preparing a potential Weapon of Mass Destruction to erase any evidence of their activities here and a person whom they call All for One is apparently the true leader of the League of Villains. This has left me to conclude that Tomura Shigaraki is only a figurehead./

The Slayer folded his arms and tapped his finger against them in thought. So that's how it was. Pull the strings from the shadows but let some unlucky sap take all the heat. But that had to be the dumbest name for a supervillain he had ever heard of. Couldn't this All for One have picked out something more threatening? Besides that, the Slayer wondered what this WMD was. Whatever it was capable of, the Slayer knew it had to be destroyed and those LOV fuckers needed to die. He decided that he would head back to the central tower, kill the Sabers as well as Nine, then kill the LOV and dismantle whatever the package was.

/Update: the Sabers are mobilizing a tank division at the central quadrant. Nine has ordered them to rendezvous with the remaining squads at the lower quadrant near the airport. They are attempting to retake the hostages./

The Doomslayer clenched his teeth in anger. He knew that Nejire and Tamaki would stand no chance against those mercenaries and the hostages would be in danger again. Change of plans: kill the rest of the Steel Sabers, tear Nine and his lieutenants into pieces, then take out the LOV members and scrap the bomb. But he needed a way to get there and quickly before the tanks came.

/I have located a vehicle that will transport you to the lower quadrant. On your right./

The Slayer turned to the direction VEGA was pointing him towards to spot a sizable blue aircraft with a sleek, arrow-like design and white-colored wings that resembled the fins of a fish. A jet engine was installed into the other end of the craft with smaller, transparent fins around it.

/This reconnaissance craft is designed to function as both a jet and a miniature submersible. It is made of the same mu-metal as the Support Items and it has a full tank of fuel. This will allow you to arrive at your destination quickly./

Good enough for him. The Slayer went up to the aircraft, popped open the hatch and climbed inside. VEGA easily accessed the system and the craft began its start up procedures. While this was happening, the Slayer heard something activating next to the ship and glanced to his right. It was another large construction mech only this one did not resemble the exosuits he fought earlier. It was far bigger, roughly the size of a three story house and had a grey and white color scheme. The body stood atop four curved legs that ended in massive multidirectional wheels while its arms consisted of massive, hydraulic grapple claws meant for demolition. It's "head" stuck out of the chest area and had a single green visor stretching along its length, giving the impression that it was meant to be remotely piloted. The visor glowed brightly and the mech came to life, busting out of its restraints with ease and wheeling itself next to the jet.

/I have hacked this construction drone to assist you in the lower quadrant. I have concluded from our operations on this island that we are stronger together and I now seek to directly aid you in any way I can./

The Slayer didn't think it was possible that VEGA would be helping him like this. He really was growing out of his limitations as an AI and taking a more hands-on approach to a situation rather than just advising him back on Mars and doing some minor hacking. But he had zero problems with this and gave the mech a thumbs up. He wished he could see the look on Hayden's face if he ever saw his formerly obedient creation kicking ass. With the start up procedures complete, the Doomslayer took the centre stick and guided the craft upwards while the mech rumbled out of the room. Outside of the building, the front entrance exploded into rubble when the mech charged through it just as the aircraft burst forth from the roof and into the sky. The jet flew to the lower quadrant while the mech sped out of the expo district and drove across the adjacent bridge that led to the lower quadrant.

The Doomslayer had already arrived before VEGA's mech and could already see a large mass of Saber all gathered in the center of the quadrant with a few groups heading towards the airport! The Slayer maneuvered his craft to the airport entrance, made a sharp right and flew right towards the group of approaching Sabers. The mercs saw it coming and quickly retreated but it didn't help them when the Slayer hit the throttle and mowed straight through the group! The Sabers were either sliced in half by the wings, impaled by the nosecone or pulverized against the hull and windshield due to how fast it was going. The jet was now nearing the main group who were about to open fire at the craft until VEGA's mech arrived, plowing through a small building and running over the mass of Sabers. They were grinded underneath its treaded wheels or swatted aside like bowling pins by its hydraulic arms; the force of the blows breaking every bone in their bodies. Some of them were scooped up in its powerful claws and crushed like nectarines with their blood pouring into the streets. The jet barreled through more sabers until it collided into an APC and exploded in a ball of fire that engulfed serval mercs in searing flames.

The Slayer, who easily survived the explosion without a scratch, kicked open the hatch and witnessed the mech smashing the Sabers into paste while the Sabers unleashed their weapons upon the mech. Several Sabers spotted the Doomslayer and fired at him in terror but then he, in a rare moment of creativity, grabbed two large chunks of rubble and charged at the hapless criminals; pulping the skull of one and then knocking off the jaw of another before throwing himself into the crowd with the mech wreaking havoc. The Slayer smirked as he swung the repurposed handful of solid stone down upon a Saber's face so hard it caved his entire head in.

This was going to be a great warm up for what he had in store for Nine and the League of Villains.

To be continued...

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