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Chapter 19

End of the Sabers


The Doomslayer glared at his enemies while maintaining an intimidating stance. While he was admittedly caught off guard earlier, he now had a good grasp on what their Quirks were and was ready for anything. The loss of his chainsaw was no surprise to him: after hacking through hordes of Demons, it was only going to be a matter of time before the chain suffered from wear and damage during his battles against Hell. Same thing happened to his other chainsaw back on his home universe. It wasn't a big deal since he could just as easily find a replacement for it somewhere down the line.

"I must admit, I never thought it was possible for one man to completely destroy my organization." Nine started, unbuttoning his suit. The Slayer took note of the tiny dents in the frontal breastplate of Nine's armor. That had to be reinforced plating, something that his regular sawed-off couldn't penetrate. Now if he had his old Super Shotgun with him, Lucifer's Bane, then it would've been a completely different story. "However, you will not find us to be easy prey. This is where your rampage ends."

The Slayer raised an eyebrow. Were the bodies not a clear indicator of how this was going to go down?

"You got a lot of guts for takin' us all on all by yourself. Too bad we have to rip em out of ya!" Chimera bared his teeth in ravenous excitement as he flexed his claws. Mummy and Slice said nothing but they were clearly out for the Slayer's blood. Mummy's bandages began wrapping around whatever debris they could seek out and began to form a small army of mummies behind him. The hair on Slice's head formed into eight tentacles, each end turned into blades sharp enough to cut through steel along with several smaller curved blades along the sides. She slipped on a pair of gloves that extended into thin metallic claws from her fingertips with an insidious glint in her eyes.

For the Slayer, no more words needed to be said.

(Andrew Hulshult-Goroth)

He drew his Combat Shotgun and immediately opened fire at them with his Charged Burst. Nine, Slice and Chimera dove out of the way while Mummy's mummies charged forwards; some of them taking the shots to shield their master. The Slayer charged forward while tanking lightning blasts and throwing knives from Nine and Slice. He tore his way through the horde of mummies; blasting them away with his shotgun while he grabbed one of them with his free hand and used it as a bludgeon.

If he had to compare, these things would be equal to the Possessed and the Unwilling...but far weaker. He chucked a grenade towards the nearest cluster and the explosion ripped them to ribbons, revealing Mummy in the back of the crowd who was controlling them. He aimed his shotgun at the Villain only for Chimera to jump in front of him and block the shots with his body. The pellets did not penetrate through him, though it did tear up his thick skin pretty badly. Chimera let out a roar and launched himself at the Slayer just as the berserker stashed his Combat Shotgun away and charged in as well. They grappled with each other, the wolf-beast grabbing the Slayer by his hands and attempting to force him down on his knees. But the Slayer proved to be stronger as he began to easily push back Chimera, much to the latter's shock. The Slayer could tell there was some strength behind Chimera's grip though the Villain only came to about several rungs below a Hell Knight. He twisted Chimera's arm and then followed up by throwing Chimera over his head into the ground. He whipped out his Super Shotgun and blew away several mummies from the left before lifting his foot up to slam it down on Chimera's face but the Villain rolled out of the way and threw a punch at the Slayer's head.

But the Slayer literally headbutted the blow, destroying Chimera's knuckles and he punched him right in the gut hard enough to rupture several organs. Chimera fell to his knees and puked up blood as the Slayer kicked him across the face, sending his fangs flying out of his mouth. He grabbed him by the tail and swung Chimera around hard enough to tear his tail off and sent him smashing into a column at the other end of the room. As it collapsed on top of Chimera, the Doomslayer whirled around and punched away a mass of bladed hair tentacles coming straight at him. Slice dove in from the right and slashed her claws across his side but to her surprise, the blades shattered against his armor! She barely dodged an overhead blow from the Slayer and blasted him with a burst of quills from her hair. The quills harmlessly plinked off of his armor as he grabbed Slice by her locks but Mummy ran in and severed her hair before the Slayer could tear it off. He sent several mummies to swarm the Doomslayer but he easily swatted them aside and grabbed the largest one within his sights by its eye. He chucked it straight at Mummy which collided into him, then sent him crashing right into Slice and the two slammed into wall hard enough to leave cracks.

Nine bolted in from the right fired a beam of electricity at the Doomslayer who ran straight towards it without a hint of hesitation. The beam hit him square in the chest but his Praetor Suit was so heavily insulated that the Slayer felt nothing and he actually ran through the beam! While he was staggered by Nine's attacks beforehand, that was only because he had the element of surprise and now the Slayer could tank anything Nine threw at him. Nine panicked and and summoned a ball of compressed wind in his other hand and threw it directly at the Slayer. The orb connected with his helmet and a burst of air blew outwards in a large radius, scattering rubble and debris around the room and knocking over a few pillars. Any normal man would've been blown apart by the sheer force of the explosive air but it didn't do as much as to even interrupt the Slayer's advance. He pulled out his HAR and opened fire at Nine, the merc quickly created a wall of thick ice to block the bullets but they started to rapidly chip away at the wall until Nine channeled a miniature tornado with both of his hands and blasted it through the ice wall towards the Slayer. As the whipping winds and bolts of lightning slammed against his Praetor Suit, he launched his micro missiles from his HAR but the whipping winds threw the missiles off balance, sending them scattering around the lobby and detonating against anything they hit.

As the Slayer drew closer, Nine threw a wave of frozen daggers at the HAR, encasing it in ice and forcing the Slayer to put it way. The mercenary leader darted at him with his wrist blades which were now covered in electricity while the Slayer charged in with his fists at the ready. Nine dodged the fist swing and darted around the Slayer like a wasp as he slashed away at his armor with his blades but soon discovered it had no effect at all. The Slayer slugged Nine from the side; crushing a huge chunk of his armor and busting some of his ribs. Nine swung at the Slayer's visor but he easily dodged the blow, grabbed Nine by the arm and swung him down into the floor. The Doomslayer repeatedly pulverized him down into the ground with enough force to dislocate his arm at the shoulder. It was like he was beating a pillow. A living, breathing pillow filled with blood and meat that deserved to die. Chimera, Slice, and Mummy quickly ran over to aid their leader but the Slayer whipped out his Chaingun with the Gatling Rotator mod with his free hand and unleashed a spray of incendiary bullets at them to keep his cronies at bay. Chimera ripped out a huge chuck of the floor and used it as a tower shield to protect himself and the others but the rounds tore through the makeshift shield and nailed Chimera in the chest multiple times. While Slice and Mummy ran behind the columns for cover, the Slayer swept the Chaingun from side to side while Chimera writhed on the ground, his chest bleeding profusely and his fur terribly burnt.

Taking advantage of the Doomslayer's distraction, Nine clenched his other functioning hand and fired a lightning bolt at the Slayer's left shoulder which caused him to release Nine when the blast knocked his Chaingun out of his hand. Nine backflipped away from the Slayer and popped his arm back into place, giving the Doomslayer a furious look. He began throwing ice spears at the Slayer who easily punched each one into shards but this was only a distraction as Nine ran towards him with his wrist blades covered in electricity.

But before the blades could even connect the Slayer grabbed him by the wrists. Nine responded by basting lighting from his hands at the Slayer again, this time it was point blank towards the Slayer's face but much to his horror, it didn't even faze him! The Slayer tightened his grip around Nine's wrists and lifted his foot, ready to kick him away and rip off his arms off in the process-


The Doomslayer snapped his head upwards to witness Chainsaw leap down from a balcony above and plummeting right towards him! Chainsaw threw out its lanky arms at the Slayer which wrapped around his arms and neck; forcing the Slayer to release Nine as he was dragged away. But that didn't stop him from slamming his foot onto Nine's chest, shattering a good chunk of the mercenary leader's armor along with his ribs. Nine hacked up a wad of blood inside his faceplate as he was smacked into a column.

As Slice and Mummy ran over to help Nine up, the Slayer grappled with Chainsaw whose tentacles constricted his arms while its chainsaw arms slashed the Slayer across his armor. However, because regular Nomu did not have access to higher brain functions than their High-End counterparts, it was too dumb to realize that its attacks were doing precisely jack shit against the Doomslayer's Praetor Suit. The Hellwalker ripped apart the tentacles with his bare hands and slugged Chainsaw across the face, heavily denting its helmet. Chainsaw surged forwards with his drill arm thrusted right at the Slayer's face only for him to grab the appendage and forcefully tear it off. He redirected the still-spinning drill right into Chainsaw's abdomen but the monster's skin was abnormally thick and rubbery which caused the drill to only embed itself halfway in. But the Slayer applied more force and shoved the whole drill deeper into its stomach, drilling through its intestines in the process while blackened blood spilled on the floor.

But that didn't kill it!

Chainsaw brought its saws down upon the Slayer to zero effect, prompting him to grab the Nomu by the neck and punch him in the face repeatedly like a jackhammer. Each blow destroyed its helmet bit by bit and dislodged the metal gag that was in Chainsaw's mouth. The next hit destroyed the upper half of the helmet, revealing a cluster of eyeballs messily grouped together along with an exposed pulsating brain: the same kind of creature seen in the U.S.J Villain Invasion footage. The Slayer reared his fist back-


Chainsaw vomited a stream of corrosive acid straight into the Slayer's face! He instinctively threw a punch but instead of hitting the brain, the blow connected with its lower jaw and knocked it right off of its face. Chainsaw responded by shooting an array of purple beams from its multitude of eyes, encasing the upper right portion of the Slayer's body in stone! The Slayer punched the Nomu away from him and used his remaining free arm to break away the stone encasing his body. He wiped away the steaming green gunk off of his visor and glared at Chainsaw who sat itself up; gurgling a threatening undulation as blood and acid dripped from its jawless maw. The Slayer grimaced in disgust.

/I am detecting no life signals coming from the creature. My scans show that its internal organs are in a state of necrosis but the unidentified chemicals running through its veins are preventing them from decaying any further. I can confirm through additional scans that the creature has up to five different Quirks. Though a person acquiring two Quirks are usually quite rare, it is biologically impossible to possess three or more Quirks. This has led me to the conclusion that you are facing against a reanimated cadaver that has been heavily altered at the genetic level./

The Doomslayer narrowed his eyes at Chainsaw. His earlier suspicion about the Nomu being super soldiers was spot on and it felt way too much like the alternate UAC's Revenant Program. That settled it: the League of Villains are now a credible threat that must be eliminated. Mummy and Slice stared at the monster in mortification as Nine caught his breath.

"That fucking LOV prick probably sent that thing to kill him. Does he think we're incompetent?!" Slice hissed as Mummy wrinkled his nose.

"It doesn't matter." Nine seethed as he tore off his face mask, blood dribbling down his chin. "I don't care if that thing gets in our way, I want him dead!"

Nine tapped a few buttons on his armored wristband and two cylindrical superconductors popped out of his back while ripping through his suit. Attached to his armor, the conductors began to directly amplify Nine's Quirk which caused lightning and gusts of wind to surge around him, tearing off his clothes and revealing his armored bodysuit. The ground beneath his feet began to freeze while glowing purple veins began snaking their way all across Nine's body. His pupils glowed bright red as he glared at the Slayer with hatred. Behind his visor, the Doomslayer stared back at Nine not with contempt but rather indifference. Did he really think that little powerup was going to help him?

However, his subordinates were starting to take this seriously as well. Mummy unsheathed his sword and pressed a button that made the blade vibrate at subsonic frequencies while his bandages gathered rubble from around the atrium to form a house sized mummy with a gorilla-like stature. Slice's hair billowed out and transformed into two massive hands with spiked knuckles; also swapping out her gloves for a pair of Steyr TMPs. Chimera underwent a transformation that tore away his uniform and now gave him a beastial appearance: he had grown several feet tall with rippling muscles bulging out of his fur and stood atop a pair of hind legs while his claws looked capable of cleaving through solid rock. Multiple quills grew along the length of his arms while he also sported a pair of eagle-like wings and a scaly tail resembling that of an alligator. Two curved bull horns protruded out of Chimera's head, giving him a monstrous appearance not unlike a Baron of Hell covered in fur. His wounds had also healed as a result of the transformation.

Standing before the Slayer with the still-slobbering Nomu nearby, Nine and his lieutenants were ready for the second round. The Doomslayer's response was to pull out his Super Shotgun and load in two new shells. He was done messing around.

Chimera breathed in a lungful of air and expelled an incendiary beam from his mouth at the Slayer. The Slayer made a quick dodge to the left while avoiding the "Medusa Rays" Chainsaw was firing at him. He fired the Super Shotgun at Nine but he evaded the blast and countered by throwing a javelin made of ice. The Slayer easily shot it out of the air but Nine struck him with another lighting blast that sent the Slayer skidding back a few inches. The Slayer noted the lighting strike had more force than the last one, guess those pylons on his back weren't just for show. Mummy sent his bandaged giant after the Slayer while Chainsaw charged in, rapidly closing the distance while spewing acid and Medusa Rays at him.

The Doomslayer avoided the acid and rays while he caught the giant's hand when it swung an oversized fist at him. He threw the mummy giant at Chainsaw who spewed a stream of acid at the golem. The enzymes easily spread across the mummy and melted it into a steaming puddle but that's when the Slayer ran towards Chainsaw while it was distracted, all the while he blew away another ice spear that Nine hurled at him with his Super Shotgun. Reloading, he blasted Chainsaw in the chest; knocking the mutant down to the floor. He plunged his fist into its chest and got a good grip on its already dead heart; ripping it out with ease while its necrotic blood splattered against his suit. Despite the loss of a major organ, Chainsaw lunged up and tried to shoot its Medusa Ray at the Slayer but he grabbed its face with his free hand and raked his armored fingers across its eyes, gouging them out in the process! The Nomu screeched horrifically and the Slayer slammed his foot down on its chest hard enough to break its ribcage as he reloaded his sawed-off.

/I recommend you destroy the exposed cerebral matter to fully terminate the Nomu./

No shit, that was a literal no brainer...no pun intended.

Chimera charged in before the Slayer could stomp Chainsaw's head into paste as he tackled him, locking him in a tight grip and knocking the sawed-off out of the Slayer's hands. The Slayer was getting really pissed at being constantly interrupted and responded by pulling out his EMG Pistol; firing multiple shots into Chimera's collarbone. Despite the slugs ripping through his body, Chimera's transformed state gave him increased tolerance to pain and blasted another flame beam at the Slayer up close. He was finally slammed into a wall and the Doomslayer pistol whipped Chimera across the face; the sounds of cracking skull was audible to all. Mummy and Slice moved in with the bandaged mercenary scooping up the Slayer's Super Shotgun. Slice wrapped her hair fists around his arms to bind him but he instantly ripped himself free just as Mummy hopped up onto Chimera's shoulders.

Before Mummy could fire the doubled-barreled death dealer against his visor, the Hellwalker grabbed the weapon and pointed it down at Chimera's shoulder just as Mummy stupidly pulled the trigger. The discharge blew a massive chunk out of Chimera's shoulder and caused him to loosen his grip of the Slayer who slammed his knee upwards into his jaw. A right hook knocked Chimera away from him, followed up by another Super Shotgun blast to his chest that sent him flying into a column and throwing Mummy to the ground. Just as he swapped out his sawed-off for his Combat Shotgun, Slice swung a giant, blade covered fist made of hair at him but the Slayer easily caught it with one hand. Slice gave him no reprieve when she sent another blade at him that split into scorpion-like stingers. But like before, it was a useless effort as the stingers were unable to penetrate the Praetor Suit, bouncing off of his body as he grappled with Slice's other appendage.

He aimed his shotgun at Slice but a wave of ice suddenly swept across the floor; encasing the Slayer in ice up to his neck just as Slice yanked her hair arm away from him. The ice came from Nine who then started hurling lighting bolts at the Doomslayer; detonating on impact in electrical explosions that shook the atrium. Slice transformed her hair into a weapon resembling a multi-barreled machinegun with a chainsaw grip. Depressing the trigger, the barrels spewed a stream of razor sharp needles at the Slayer, as Nine continued to throw more lighting blasts at him. Chimera angrily forced himself up despite the searing pain he just endured and unleashed a stronger version of his incendiary beam at the Doomslayer, the blast now kicking up dust from the chaos. Mummy ran over to an MK19 grenade launcher emplacement near the ruined ammo depot and manned it; unleashing a barrage of 40mm grenades at his target.

The Villains continued their unrelenting assault upon the Unchained Predator as the explosions destroyed the far end of the atrium. After a full minute, they ceased their attack and caught their breaths. Around this time, Chainsaw picked itself up though the injuries it received were signaling the end of its wretched life. Everyone gazed at the dust cloud that covered the other end of the room, the only sound was the rubble and debris rolling across the ground. There was no movement.

Until the Boogeyman of Hell emerged from the smoke unharmed! He didn't run out of the cloud or charged straight at them, he opted for slowly walking out of the smoke while lazily holding his shotgun. It wasn't because he was bored, it was because he wanted to introduce a little psychological warfare upon Nine and the others. It was a little trick he picked up from his Special Forces days: mess with his enemy's head and show them just how utterly fucked they were. And judging from the freaked out looks the Villains had on their faces, they got the message. With his Combat Shotgun outfitted with the Explosive Shot mod, he started attacking by launching grenades at the last remnants of the Steel Sabers while rapidly pumping his shotgun to fire as many explosives as he could. Nine and his lieutenants quickly scattered to avoid the explosions while still mentally reeling from the fact that their attacks did nothing to stop him.

He threw several of his own handheld grenades at them in succession, splitting the group up as they avoided the explosions. The Slayer noticed Mummy and Slice were separated from the group at the other end of the atrium; now he could take out the weakest members of the posse. He fired a grenade from his shotgun at the base of the now-damaged Atlas statue, causing it to crumble and sending the stone globe toppling towards Nine, Chimera and Chainsaw who dove out of the way. The Doomslayer charged towards Mummy and Slice with killing intent as his heavy footsteps heralded their doom. Slice responded by twisting her hair until it formed a giant pneumatic drill and thrusted it towards the Slayer who punched it out of his way; causing her to panic. Mummy quickly used his bandages on the chunks of rubble to form an army but the Slayer instantly aimed his shotgun at him and with a quick pull of the trigger, blew Mummy's right leg off at the knee.

As Mummy screamed in horrible pain while clutching his stump, the Slayer rapidly closed the distance between himself and Slice. She sent out a flurry of spikes from her hair while letting it loose with her machine pistols but as the projectiles ricocheted off of the Slayer's armor, her fate was sealed. Putting away his shotgun, the Slayer grabbed a fistful of her hair and forcefully tore the skin off her head so hard that it also ripped away her muscles and left only her bare skull!

Slice shrieked like a animal in torment as she pawed at her bloody skull while her exposed eyeballs stung like holy fuck due to the open air. Her agony was thankfully brief as the Slayer grabbed her by the leg and struck her down into the ground; bursting her head apart when her skull impacted with the floor. Watching the scene in complete terror over the death of his comrade, Mummy swiftly used his bandages to create a replacement leg. Even though the blood loss was starting to make his vision hazy, Mummy had enough strength to draw his sword and leap at the Slayer with his weapon clutched in both hands. Mummy raised his subsonic sword over his head and swung it down on top of the Doomslayer's skull...and it snapped in half as soon as it made contact with his helmet. Before Mummy's brain could even register what the hell just happened, the Slayer snatched the broken half of the blade out of the air and swiped it across Mummy's throat, slicing his neck wide open!

Mummy gurgled painfully as a gout of blood sprayed from the open gash in his neck. But his suffering was only just the beginning as the Slayer grabbed him by the face and leg; hoisting the dying mercenary over his head. The Doomslayer slammed Mummy down upon his knee with so much force that it caused his abdomen to explode outwards, showering the Slayer with his blood and entrails, followed by tearing the body in half! Nine and Chimera bore witness to this horror, he dispatched their comrades so quickly it was already over by the time they could help them. Seeing the two stare at him, the Slayer rubbed salt into the wound by throwing the upper half of Mummy's corpse into a pile of debris; a jagged slab of rock spearing through his face.

"MOTHERFUCKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!" Chimera snarled as he charged at the Slayer in reckless fury. The Slayer drew his Combat Shotgun and launched several grenades his way, the wolf man dodging a few of them before one detonated in his right side. Chainsaw joined the fray while Nine remained behind and fiddled with his wristband. This time, he was going Plus Ultra. Chainsaw barfed another glob of acid at the Slayer who barreled through the ooze and backfisted the saws Chainsaw swung at him before running his fist straight through its upper jaw and out of the back of its exposed brain, finally killing the Nomu once and for all. As he pulled his fist out, Chimera came up from behind the Slayer and tried to take his head off with his claws. The Slayer instantly swapped out his shotgun for his sawed-off, aimed over his shoulder and blew Chimera's right hand into bits!

The Doomslayer then whirled around and punched Chimera so hard in the gut it ripped past his ribcage and lungs, out the back of his body and sent him flying towards the other end of the room. As soon as Chimera hit the other wall, the Slayer tossed one of his grenades at him and the mercenary was enveloped in an explosion when it neatly fell onto his lap. A strong gust of wind and the crack of thunder got his attention as the scattered rubble around the room was being covered in ice. Slowly turning behind him, the Slayer was treated to the sight of Nine levitating several feet in the air via a miniature tornado underneath his feet. His arms were now encased in ice, giving him lanky arms that ended in curved talons. Lightning crackled between his hands as well as his hair while his eyes were glowing with purple energy as a result of his suit supercharging his Quirk to a dangerous level. Six pylons jutted out of the back of his armor as the wind began to lift up scattered chunks of the destroyed atrium around him.

"I have carried out dozens of operations without fail, amassed an army of trained soldiers and killed dozens of this stagnant society's false paragons. I WILL NOT LOSE TO SOME NO NAME VIGILANTE!" Nine shouted angrily at the Slayer as the wind and thunder grew with intensity.

The Doomslayer was not impressed. This baby gets pummeled a couple times, lost some of his flunkies and now he was going all out just so he could preserve what was left of his tattered pride. How the fuck did the Heroes have so much trouble nabbing this guy? A deep rumble from behind interrupted his thoughts and he peered over his shoulder to see a large, reptilian creature emerge from the cloud of smoke where Chimera previously got blown up. In fact, it was Chimera only he had transformed into a fucking Tyrannosaurus Rex with blue and black scales, a large horn on the tip of his snout, stegosaurs scutes running down the length of his back down to his tail which ended in a spiky thagomizer and tusks protruding out of the corner of his mouth.

"KRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNKKK!" Chimera roared as spittle flew from his toothy maw while he flexed his arms, which were not the tiny arms of a Tyrannosaurs but rather the arms of a scythe-clawed Therizinosaurus. He completely lost all sense of rational thought and reasoning, now he's been overtaken by pure animal instincts and primal rage. Also, his wounds were once again healed.

Doing a double take between the empowered Nine and the now-monstrous Chimera, the Doomslayer clenched his hands into fists. Finally, some excitement. Nine clasped his hands together and then fired beams of pure electricity from both of his palms at the Slayer who dodged the beams and drew his HAR, breaking away the ice covering it. Chimera stomped over towards the Scourge of Hell with his claws outstretched, forcing the Slayer to divert his attention away from Nine and focused fire on the monstrous Chimera instead. The 50 caliber bullets and Micro Missiles surprisingly did little against his scales as Chimera lunged forward with his maw wide open! The Slayer double jumped into the air just as Chimera snapped down upon him and landed right on his nose, tightly gripping his horn as Chimera roared furiously. The beast swung his head to and fro while violently thrashing his body around to dislodge the Slayer but the juggernaut wouldn't budge and he responded by popping out Chimera's eye with his HAR! As Chimera bellowed in pain, Nine tossed a barrage of thunder balls at the Slayer; completely uncaring about hitting Chimera in the process. The orbs of electricity did little to nothing against the Slayer's Praetor Suit but did cause Chimera to convulse when they impacted with his scaly hide.

The Slayer fired at Nine with surprising accuracy despite being jostled around and the mercenary leader was forced to zip around the room on his tornado platform while creating a tower shield made of ice but bullets were already ripping through his shield and he was hit across his armor. The bullets didn't penetrate through the plating but the impacts rattled his already damaged body and the armor was now beginning to crack in several places. The Slayer dispensed his HAR into his backpack and ran across Chimera's face to his back. He grabbed ahold of one of Chimera's scutes with both hands, tore it straight out of the dinosaur's back and threw it at Nine like a discus. Nine tried blasting the scute with a charged bolt of lighting but it was flung at him with so much force that the bolt dissipated upon impact. Nine summoned another ice shield to protect himself and the scute slammed into the shield, embedding itself into the reinforced ice. However, it did not stop the momentum and Nine was slammed into the nearest column and broke pieces of his armor. As he coughed up blood, Nine watched the Doomslayer jump up into the air and slam his feet down on Chimera's head; spring boarding himself up towards where he was!

Nine almost panicked tried to blast him with a tornado but the Slayer grabbed Nine by both of his feet and threw him down into the ground. The marble tiles cracked as Nine crashed on the floor, his body in terrible pain and his eyes blurry with double vision. The Slayer landed against Nine with his fists raised in the air and slammed them down on Nine's chest, shattering the whole frontal portion of his armor! Blood splashed on the Slayer's visor from Nine hocking it up and the Slayer responded by grabbing a large chunk of destroyed armor and bashing it across Nine's face. The Slayer continually pounded it against the side of Nine's head but that's when Chimera charged and spun around, swinging his thagomizer at him. The Slayer dropped the armor piece and grabbed Chimera's tail; swinging him around before throwing him at the wall to the left just as Nine rolled out of the way. Nine forced himself up to his feet, his ice claws twitchy and the side of his face horribly maimed. Everything hurt in so many unimaginable ways as he glared at the Slayer who had his back turned to him. Then the Slayer slowly turned himself around to face Nine and the Villain immediately staggered backwards.

The Doomslayer could see the look of fear written all over Nine's face as he coughed up blood. Now the bastard could see just how grossly outclassed he was.

But apparently, pride was already proving to be Nine's undoing when he unleashed an enraged scream of desperation as he lunged forward and began slashing away at the Slayer with his ice claws wreathed in electricity. But the Doomslayer did not retaliate nor dodged, he just stood there tanking the blows without so much as budging an inch. He wanted to let Nine know that this was the end. All of those Heroes Nine killed, who's only sole purpose in life was to defend the innocent, would finally be avenged. A roar from Chimera forced the Slayer to glance behind him while Nine was still hacking away at his impenetrable armor to see the Tyrannosaur monstrosity lumber towards him. Rolling his eyes, the Slayer slammed his open palm into Nine's chest, rupturing a lung and sending him spiraling across the atrium. The Slayer turned to face Chimera who scooped him up with his jaws and swallowed him! Still inside his mouth the Doomslayer punched his way out of Chimera's maw in a single blow, sending his teeth flying! Chimera released an ear-piercing roar of pain as the Slayer hopped out of his mouth and sent the beast flying into the air with an uppercut to the jaw. As Chimera crashed back on the ground, the Slayer picked up a nearby destroyed column and easily wielded it like a bat. The second Chimera picked himself up, he was battered across the face with the column unrelentingly.

The Doomslayer slammed his massive club across Chimera's head again before swinging it right into his right leg, breaking it like a twig and causing his broken leg bone to tear out of his skin! The Doomslayer raised the column over his head as Chimera screeched horribly before slamming it down upon his face and shattering his horn into pieces as well as the column. Chimera suddenly sprang forward and swiped at the Slayer but he dove out of the way and jumped up onto Chimera's face. As the monster tried to shake him off, the Slayer grabbed one of Chimera's tusks and yanked it straight out of his mouth! Chimera's eyes went wide as he unleashed a deafening, pained roar while the Slayer clambered up on top of his head and began brutally stabbing his face! Over and over again, the Doomslayer relentlessly thrusted the tusk onto the open wound where Chimera's horn used to be, causing no amount of unbearable suffering for the creature as blood sprayed from the wound he inflicted upon him. The final stab nearly speared down through Chimera's upper jaw and the tyrannosaurus flung the Slayer off of him just as he yanked the tusk out.

His senses overwhelmed by the sheer pain he was in, Chimera snapped his right leg back into place and stomped towards him with the intent to shred him apart with his claws. Taking aim, the Slayer hurled the tusk at Chimera and it peirced straight through his chest and out of his back where it embedded itself on the wall. Chimera stood still as blood flowed from his mouth like a waterfall. Uttering a dying groan, the creature finally fell to its side and ceased breathing.

The Slayer relaxed his shoulders in satisfaction. And now there was only one Saber left to avenge all of those fallen Heroes. He parried the ice spear thrown at him and made a beeline towards Nine who started firing lighting blasts at the Slayer despite the increasing evidence that his attacks were having no effect. Nine lashed out with his claws and the Slayer smashed the left one to pieces before grabbing the right one and ripping it off, exposing both of Nine's real arms. The merc leader instantly blasted a literal tornado at the Slayer, the force pushed him back a little. Rocketing himself up into the air via a gust of wind, Nine began to create a giant, glowing orb of pure condensed electricity over his head that grew bigger with each passing second.

The unyeilding Slayer didn't bat an eye. Judging from how brightly the pylons on his back were glowing, Nine was using all of his power reserves for one final attack. He was about to draw his shotgun but to his surprise, Nine immediately threw the oversized orb of death at the Slayer! It was so fast that it was already upon the Slayer and the second it collided against him, he was engulfed in a thunderous explosion that nearly swallowed up the entire atrium! Streaks of lighting carved deep fissures across the ground while bolts lashed throughout the room, cutting through anything in their path. The tower shook from the blast as Nine avoided the flying debris thrown around the room. He landed himself on the ground, watching the steaming crater in the center of the room obscured by smoke. Small crackles of electricity in the air were visible to the naked eye with a dull hum echoing throughout the room.

Nine panted heavily, the battle and overuse of his powerup had taken a massive strain upon his body. He wiped the blood away from his mouth and activated his wristband device to turn off his suit's amplification functions before causing further damage to his body. Suddenly, a sharp object punctured straight through the superconductor on his back! A surge of electricity coursed through Nine's veins as muscles seized up painfully. He let out a yell of agony as he frantically tried to pry the conductors off of his back as his body spasmed with each jolt of electricity. Tiny stalagmites of ice began ripping out of his skin as his overloaded Quirk began to rip his body apart until he finally tore it off of what was left of his suit and throwing it to the ground. As he caught his breath something shot out of the smoke and Nine felt three piercing sensations penetrating into his body. Looking down in disbelief as blood flowed from his mouth, he saw three of Chimera's teeth embedded into his chest! As Nine fell to his knees, the Slayer emerged from the crater completely unscathed and clutching some of Chimera's teeth that he grabbed nearby before the orb struck him. The Doomslayer dropped the teeth as he continued to slowly walk towards the dying mercenary leader-

"RRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" A seemingly invincible Chimera sprang back from the brink of death and charged at the Slayer in a berserker fury. The Doomslayer responded by smoothly arming himself with his Chaingun, replacing the Gatling Rotator for the Mobile Turret and aimed at Chimera. With a press of the trigger, Chimera's face was shredded apart by a literal storm of bullets from the roaring triple barrels of the Slayer's Chaingun. His lower jaw was the first to get sawed off by the high-speed gunfire followed by his face getting perforated and sending his remaining eyeball and brain matter splattering out of his skull. His bones were splintered into shards as the tungsten rounds shattered them like they were glass. The last of Chimera's head exploded into mist as his titanic body toppled over but the Slayer continued to hose the upper half of Chimera's body with his Chaingun, the barrels of the Mobile Turret glowing red hot as a small pile of bullets started to form near the Slayer's feet. His ammo reserves finally ran dry and the barrels ceased spinning. All that was left of Chimera was a mutilated corpse of a tyrannosaurs hybrid reduced to dinosaur ground beef as steam rose from his exposed, bullet riddled guts. Satisfied with prehistoric pain in the ass for being finally dead, the Great Slayer put away his Chaingun and resumed his walk towards Nine.

Nine was hunched over with more blood pouring from his open mouth as he heard the Vigilante's heavy footsteps growing closer. In a fit of rage and desperation, Nine pressed a button on the undamaged part of his armor near the leg areas, opening a secret compartment that held his Taurus Raging Judge revolver. He pointed his gun at the Slayer but he grabbed his hand while having his finger block the trigger, preventing Nine from even firing a shot. The Doomslayer viciously broke Nine's arm hard enough to cause his radius and ulna to tear out of the length of his limb. Nine literally screamed at the top of his lungs and even louder when the Slayer twisted his wrist around so that his gun was now pointing at him. He then shoved the barrel of the Taurus right into Nine's mouth as the last Saber's eyes bugged out of his head.

"HHHHGGGGGGKK! AAUUUCCCHCHHH! HUUURRRRRGGGGGGGKKKKKK!" As he tasted metal in his mouth while the barrel poked the back of his throat! The Slayer leaned in close enough so that he and Nine were at eye level. Nine saw his frightened, helpless visage in the Slayer's visor but then he saw something else behind his reflection.

He saw the man's eyes. No mercy. No soul. No humanity.

Only death.

The Doomslayer pulled the trigger and the back of Nine's head exploded in a burst of gore as the hollow point bullet ripped through the back of his skull. Nine's eyes rolled into the back of his head as blood seeped from his tear ducts while his brain (whatever was left of it) slopped out of the back of the gaping hole in his head. The Slayer released his grip on Nine and let his body fall to the floor. He gazed over the dead body of Mummy, Slice, Chimera and finally to Nine himself. The deed was done. The Steel Sabers were no more and he had prevented any more Heroes from being killed by these murderers. He silently exhaled through his nose, knowing that the 246 Heroes slain by the Sabers could finally be at peace; God rest their souls-

In that instant, a visage of the Kahn Maykr flashed before his eyes and his shoulders hitched a little; long buried memories of his time on Argent D'Nur and with the Kahn emerging from the darkest corners of his mind...


"Angels? Y-you're really...?

"Yes, Corporal Flynn Taggart. But not just any Angels. We are TRUE Archangels of the sacred Kingdom of Urdak. We are the only holy beings who answer the universe's prayers. Now, what are these 'Demons' you speak about and why are they the source of your...malaise?


The Slayer blocked out the image from his head and calmed himself down. Back before he joined the army he was brought up as a Roman Catholic after his mother, Katherine Taggart, encouraged him to attend a 4-year scholarship at Catholic School when he was young. Those 4 years had made him into a better person with a strong belief in God which in turn inspired him to join the Special Forces when he got older. He always thanked his mother for the opportunity she gave him.

But when the Demons invaded Mars and Earth of his home dimension, he found his faith greatly strained. After choosing to remain in Hell to prevent the Demons from staging another assault on Earth, he was starting to believe that it was a test from God. After arriving on Argent D'Nur and meeting the Maykrs, he was somewhat conflicted about how disturbing these "Angels" looked. And finally, when he and the other Night Sentinels discovered that the Maykrs were just as evil as the Demons, his faith was shattered.

But not completely. If this universe had a Heaven, he hoped it wasn't anything like Urdak.

The Slayer snapped himself out of his funk and focused back to the matter at hand: the Steel Sabers were wiped out but there was still the matter of the LOV and the hostages. Looking up towards the only security camera in the atrium, the Doomslayer drew his EMG Pistol and scraped it with a well-placed shot. The Slayer put away his sidearm as his eyes soon landed upon his blood stained hands. Turning to a bare, undamaged wall in the atrium, the Doomslayer got an idea: he knew that his actions wouldn't be kept a secret and every Villain in the world would know what he had done here. And if that was the case, he wanted every single Villain to know what he was capable of. He walked over to Chimera's corpse, dunked his hand in his entrails to get it thoroughly soaked in blood and made his way over to the wall...


Curator was expressionless while many of the occupants in the room displayed outright terror after the Vigilante destroyed the camera recording the whole fight. The 2nd in command of the LOV was heavily impressed by this Vigilante's brutality in how he dispatched the Sabers and Chainsaw. It was a level of violence that seemed to echo Stain the Hero Killer but on a much greater magnitude. But this was not the time for idle musing: Curator had a schedule to keep and that man was going to come for them.

"We're done here." Curator announced to Wolfram and his crew as he pointed at Melissa. "Take her." Nobu grabbed her by the neck as he dragged her over to the door.

"NO!" David yelled as he scrambled after her. "TAKE ME INSTEA-"

Specs smashed the butt of his SCAR assault rifle across David's face, knocking him unconsious and sending the scientist flopping against the console. Melissa cried out her father's name despite everything he had done and was promptly silenced when Nobu smacked her across the face. Curator, Wolfram and the others walked through the halls at a quickened pace as Curator held up his wrist-mounted communicator.

"Volcano, come in. Do you read?"

"Yeah, I read ya."

"We're leaving I-Island."

"So soon? What's...oh shit, they're all dead, aren't they?"

"Quite messily, to be exact. Have you secured the headset?"

"Don't worry, I got it. It was a bitch to melt through the door but Sam got us what we need."

"Splendid. Have Ash and Gust given you an update on the rocket?"

"They're close to being done."

"Good enough. Meet us on the roof. And before I forget, we wont be needing Sam's assistance anymore."

"Sure, I gotcha."

Curator turned off his communicator and resumed his path to the roof. Wolfram gave him a nasty look. "You have something to say?"

"Why the fucking hell aren't we killing All Might? He's still tied up in the ballroom, we can finish him off!" Wolfram argued.

"All for One was very specific about his orders regarding All Might: retrieve the headset, demoralize David and let the VX kill him." Curator responded. Another thought came to mind. "That, and I would prefer to keep as much distance between us and that Vigilante as much as possible."


Carefully popping open the briefcase, Maguma checked over the Quirk Amplification Headset and it looked as pristine as the day it was made. The things All for One could do with it came with endless possibilities. It was the perfect device for bringing forth All for One's vision of a new society without Heroes. Volcano locked the briefcase back up, slung it over his shoulder and left the vault while whistling a cheery tune to himself.

While also leaving behind the melted, lava covered skeleton of Samuel Abraham.


With the fires put out, the Pro Heroes could now focus on preparing to retake I-Island. Tiger and Ragdoll arrived at the port with their heavy duty, and cat themed, rescue boats a few minutes ago and each of the vessels were big enough to carry a dozen or so personnel along with the latest in rescue equipment and technology. As the Pro Heroes boarded the rescue boats, they all mentally readied themselves for the task at hand. They didn't know what was waiting for them on I-Island and every single one of them knew that it would test all of their abilities and their oaths as Heroes. But they were still worried about fighting the Vigilante who, in the span of a few hours, caused untold destruction and chaos on I-Island. Midnight was the most rattled out of all of them, the sight of a bisected body on top of her still fresh in her mind and her costume was still stained with blood.

While everyone was getting ready, a few heroes broke off from the group and gathered in another section of the port.

"Sooooooo walk me through this again?" Miruko questioned Best Jeanist as Hawks, Eraser Head, Ryukyu and Mt. Lady stood close by.

"The main airport has a communications array. If we can get someone there ahead of us for reconnaissance, that will provide valuable intel for us. That's where you come in." Best Jeanist explained as he ran a comb through his luxurious hair.

"Does this have anything to do with me not reporting that guy sooner?" Miruko tiredly guessed as her ears drooped. She really getting tired of being reminded on how much she screwed up regarding the Vigilante.

"Not in the slightest." Jeanist held up his hands. "Eraser Head and I have discussed it over and you're the best candidate to reach I-Island due to your incredible jumping ability."

Miruko looked over at the speck of the island out in the distance and tapped her foot. "Okay but isn't I-Island almost a hundred miles away? Sure, I can jump far but I'm going to need a really long running start and we're kinda pressed for time. Also, wouldn't it be easier for Hawks or Ryukyu to fly me over there instead?" She suggested.

"If we're going to be fighting that Vigilante, then we need to conserve our energy. The Pussycats ships are equipped with thrusters that can get us to the island far faster than us flying Heroes." Hawks answered her with her arms folded.

"Luckily, that's where Mt. Lady comes in. She can get you to I-Island before us." Eraser Head jabbed a thumb over to the Giantess Heroine.

"Uhhhh, I was actually wondering why you guys brought me over here. Come to think of it, what can I do?" A perplexed Mt. Lady asked her companions.

"If I recall, you once told me that you were the top pitcher in baseball while you attended middle school." Ryukyu reminded her. "Remember, during our little outings on patrol?"

"Yeah, but what does that have to do with...oh. Oh, I see!" Mt Lady snapped her fingers after piecing together what Ryukyu was getting at. "No problem! I always give Kamui Woods a little extra boost when we're chasing a Villain togeth-"

Mt. Lady instantly stopped her boasting when she realized what she was implying. Yu's face turned as red a tomato as she nervously looked to the others. Miruko and Hawks had teasing grins, Ryukyu smiled with a light blush, Best Jeanist chuckled in amusement while Eraser Head couldn't care less.

"A-a-a-a-anyway!" Mt. Lady stammered, desperately finding a way to change the subject. "Are we gonna do this or not?

Miruko did some leg stretches to prepare herself. "I am so frickin' pumped! By the way, I kinda have to put a lot of strength into my jump when you throw me so sorry in advance if I accidently break your wrist."

"WHAT?!" Mt. Lady balked.

"Not to worry. I'll form you a reinforced glove with my fabric; should be more than enough to absorb the impact." Best Jeanist calmed her down while manipulating the fabric in his clothes to coil around his fingers. Nodding apprehensively, Mt. Lady grew to her massive form and held out her hand. As the Number 4 Pro Hero began to create a protective covering for her hand, Hawks, Ryukyu and Eraser Head brought Miruko aside.

"I know you don't exactly like being told to be careful..." Ryukyu started off.

"Look, if you guys are really that worried about that headcase, don't worry. We got caught off guard before but now I'll be ready for him." Miruko grinned.

"It's not just that its..." Eraser Heard trailed off, shifting uncomfortably. "Some of my students are over there. I-"

Miruko placed a gentle hand on his shoulder, her expression one of reassurance. "Say no more. I'll make sure they're safe and sound, you can count on that."

Aizawa nodded in relief before he and Ryukyu headed back to the boats. This only left Miruko and Hawks as Best Jeanist made the finishing touch to the giant glove for Mt. Lady. Seeing that they were preoccupied, Hawks scooted a little closer to his friend. "Just try to keep your head in the game. Only focus on the hostages, the kids and All Might. But whatever you do, above all else-"

"What, not fight the Vigilante?!" Miruko silently snapped back at Hawks. "I'm not gonna let him get away while making me look like an idiot! I-"

"Do not go back to being Tiger Bunny." Hawks finished with a no-nonsense tone of seriousness. Miruko's attitude went of heated to deflated in a second. She hung her head a little with an expression that was a mixture of shame and frustration. Ever since the Vigilante began his rampage at the mall, she kept experiencing flashbacks to an identity she had buried with Keigo's help. Her tendencies were beginning to flare up again but she had to try to keep it bottled up for her sake. As well as Hawks and everyone else.

"Ready whenever you are." Mt. Lady called out to Miruko, now kneeling while wearing Jeanist's specially made glove. Giving a nod to Hawks, Miruko hopped up into Mt. Lady's palm as the giantess stood up. Miruko crouched down, the muscles in her legs tensing up while Mt. Lady balled up her hand while being careful not to crush Miruko.

She took aim at her target, did the windup and flung her arm out with as much force as possible while opening her hand at the apex of her throw. In that instant, Miruko pushed her legs out and blasted out of Takeyama's hand like a high-speed cannonball! A burst of air radiated from the combined forces of Miruko's jump and Mt. Lady's throw that nearly knocked over the two Pro Heroes standing nearby. Miruko sailed through the air like a bullet towards I-Island until she disappeared from view. Hawks stood near the edge of the pier while Mt. Lady shrunk back down and Best Jeanist gathered his fabric back.

Hawks did not doubt her current position as the Number 5 Pro Hero but that still didn't stop him of being concerned for her well being...and mentality.


The Doomslayer wiped away the blood on his hands as he marveled at his handiwork. This is how you make an impression. Stepping away from the wall, the Slayer walked over towards the corpse of Chainsaw and inspected its biological saws. He didn't think he would come by a replacement for his previous implement of carnage so soon but he wasn't one to complain. He flipped the body over, placed his foot on the base of his spine and got a firm grip of two of the limbs protruding out of its back. He easily tore the arms out of their sockets and dispensed the severed appendages into his hammerspace backpack. He may be able to fashion them into weapons at some point in the future.

/The League of Villains are attempting the exfiltrate from I-Island. They have secured a hostage and the rocket is close to completion. We must move out immediately./

The Slayer didn't waste any more time while looking around for a way to get himself up to the top of the tower in the fastest way possible. He laid his eyes upon a nearby elevator and hatched a plan in his head. He walked over and effortlessly tore the doors open.

/The EMP from the detonation of the submarine have disabled all of the elevators./

The Slayer humorously smirked, he enjoyed proving others wrong. VEGA probably wouldn't see this part coming. Stepping inside the elevator, he punched off the top hatch and climbed up onto the top of the elevator cabin. The Doomslayer grabbed the lift cables, drew his Super Shotgun and shot the end of the cable. In that instant, he was rocketed up the steel elevator shaft while rapidly gaining momentum as the cable carried him upwards floor by floor.

As he held on to the cable carrying him up the tower, he did not forget about the other hostages and All Might. If the Number One Hero was smart, he would stay out of his way.

To be continued...

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