Welcome...to a new revival. A Mole and Smash Bros crossover! :D For those who don't know, I had previously written an 804,058-word (...that much?!) trilogy in the Mario categories based on the Mole over the past many years. It was awesome! It had been my life. And that chapter closes. Thank you all so, so much. :)

...But now, this new chapter begins.

Oh, what is 'The Mole', you may wonder? It's this awesome show that originated in Belgium but more famously aired in the US, as well as in the UK, Australia, and the Netherlands. The concept is simple: a group of players must work together to complete a series of missions. Each mission they succeed in adds money to the team pot, which one of them will win in the end.

However, the twist is, one of these ten players is not a real participant. They were chosen as the game's traitor, the sole saboteur, the hidden agent: the Mole. The job of the Mole is to sabotage the efforts of the other players as well as deflect suspicion away from him or herself, blending in innocently with the others. At the end of every episode, a quiz about the Mole is taken, and the player who scores the lowest on the quiz leaves the game. The winner is the player who makes it to the final round and is able to answer the ultimate question: Who is the Mole?

Anyways, enjoy the beginning! An adventure of deceit awaits.


Nothing could be heard...except for the sound of rushing waterfalls hundreds of feet away. But beside the continuous echoes of faraway, rushing waters, all was quiet and nothing existed. And nothing, or nobody, was present upon Battlefield.

...Except for one individual. On the piece of floating land, the character was surveying their surroundings, first looking at the rocky platform beneath their feet, then next, turning around to stare at the immense scenery in their distance.

They looked into the background of Battlefield, staring at the majestic terrain, ocean, mountains, ruins, and even other floating pieces of land situated in the sky that made up the world. Though it was all beautiful, it was all mysterious. But not as mysterious as the individual themself.

"So...I'm supposed to go to that land during the first mission," they realized, locating a small piece of land in the distance. The individual then looked up at the sky.

"A nice sky over a nice world...and here I am, about to destroy it. Very sinister...and it's my job." They pondered for a bit.

"Or maybe I don't have to destroy it. I just have to take this land into my possession. Sabotage everything. Twist things into my favor. Make it...my world." Then, they became alert, realizing that time was short.

"The others will be here soon, huh. I suppose I should go."

And before anyone could catch them, the Mole had disappeared.

A few minutes later...

An illuminated, small platform, having materialized from almost thin air itself, was floating above the ground of the Battlefield stage. It was the first glowing platform to appear of ten, lit up strongly and hovering above the main stage floor.

As instant as the appearing of the platform itself, someone had teleported to the bright platform and was now standing upon it, a character full of ambition and readiness to play in a game of adventure and deceit. Looking around with a determined face, the player stepped off from their platform and entered into the game.



AGE: 28

OCCUPATION: Space Captain

"Well. I'm first," Fox said, grinning and taking in a deep breath. "Just me and the stage. No one else."

But it wasn't for long, as another glowing platform made its way into existence. As Fox cautiously stepped away from it, he noticed a figure materializing upon it from nothing but the air as well. And gracefully, the figure stepped down from her platform.

NAME: Peach

SURNAME: Toadstool

AGE: 31


"Oh! Are we the only two here?" Peach asked him, looking around and seeing only her opponent. She gave him a greeting smile, took a few seconds to study her surroundings, then casually and with no rush, took out her parasol. She blocked her face from the glaring sun.

"Did I miss the beginning?" Peach wondered.

"Nope...this is the beginning," Fox whispered, feeling even more readiness as he suddenly saw three other platforms make their way into view. The third player appeared, and a figure of larger size appeared on the first of three glowing platform. He seemed to let out a yell of energy as he got off.

NAME: Donkey


AGE: 30

OCCUPATION: Cargo Manager

"Yeah! I'm ready to PLAY!" DK shouted, the heavy, hearty shout from the large ape causing both Fox and Peach to exchange glances. "Let's get this game started!" He was definitely ready to get into the game...whatever it would be.

"I wonder what sort of game this will really be," spoke the figure on the other platform, and the players turned to see a slender, younger man with dark hair. He was wearing a black trench coat and was donning something mysterious in itself: a mask.

NAME: Joker

SURNAME: Amamiya

AGE: 18


"Can't really play that well wearing a strangling, red tie or a mask on, can you?" came a female voice from the figure on the third platform, slightly patronizingly. A woman of height, she stepped off, her long legs giving her some height over the others as she let out a stretch.

NAME: Wii Fit

SURNAME: Trainor

AGE: 27

OCCUPATION: Fitness Trainer

"Nothing wrong with beating my opponents with fashion, is all," the masked high schooler said with a sly smile.

"And what's wrong with my tie!" DK bellowed, facing Wii Fit. "This is a badge of honor! You wouldn't understand. And remember: you're talking to the king of the jungle here!" The female trainer only yawned, unintimidated.

The sixth platform appeared, and the five arrived players looked at it suddenly as another player appeared. It was not a human this time, but a dog. Yellow, petite, and dressed more for an office setting than a battlefield, she stepped off.

NAME: Isabelle


AGE: 22

OCCUPATION: Mayor's Assistant

"Oh, I just hope I'm on time!" the little dog said in a flustered voice. "I really didn't know whether most of the players would be here or not!" She looked around, realizing that there must be more players left to arrive.

"Well, I'm glad I am on time...somewhat," Isabelle finished with a slightly embarrassed smile. Another platform came into view, and a woman in medieval attire appeared. Appearing the most ready for a battle out of all of the players upon the stage, her blue outfit and blue hair combined with her cape made the others know who she was. As she stepped to the ground, she bowed to them.

NAME: Lucina


AGE: 19

OCCUPATION: Combat Instructor

"Greetings to you all," the medieval swordswoman spoke to them all. "I am honored to be here with you all and to work with you." Peach looked at her.

"Another woman of royalty," Peach voiced quietly and inquisitively, putting a finger to her chin. "How interesting."

"Welcome to the stage," Fox said greetingly. There were seven of them.

A newly-appeared platform appeared right after hers, and this time, the player who arrived was alert, blue in color, and carefully eyeing his surroundings. He was ready to act if any necessary action came up. He stepped with a precise leap off his platform.

NAME: Lucario


AGE: 27

OCCUPATION: Kung Fu Instructor

"My inner voice tells me this is the right place," Lucario began. "I welcome myself to this land." He joined the others on the ground.

"A good challenger," Joker said to himself quietly, looking at the legendary Pokemon.

"Hi!" waved Isabelle, trying her best to be friendly to the player who had just arrived.

And then the ninth platform appeared right besides Lucario, but its usual bright glow was countered by slight darkness. The player who transpired upon the platform had black wings to accompany his dark hair and tunic: it was not the hero angel they initially expected. He let out a sigh.

NAME: Dark Pit

SURNAME: Angelent

AGE: 16

OCCUPATION: Temple Guard

"I hope this will be fun," Dark Pit muttered in a voice that didn't sound too enthusiastic or optimistic.

"Oh look: Pit's shadow," Wii Fit couldn't help whispering to Peach with a smile. "Let's see how this second-hand creation shall do." The angel turned around to face her, angry.

"I heard that!" he snapped.

The players were all gathered. The game would soon begin.

"Ten players!" Fox announced, turning to them all and grinning. "Let's do it! Let's get this game-"

"Actually, wait: there are still only nine people here," Lucina spoke out loud with realization. Everyone stopped talking, and just then, a final platform for the tenth player materialized into view. All players turned to it, a little nervously. One thought echoed in their minds: Just who would it be?

"I don't believe in bad luck, but oh...I hope it's not Bowser!" Isabelle said fearfully. "Perhaps saying that may have jinxed something...oh dear."

"Or Ganondorf, or Master Hand," Joker added, listing off the worst possible choices tauntingly. The others seemed mortified.

"I don't care if it's Tabuu, or Master Hand himself: bring it!" DK hollered. "I'm ready to take down anyone!" And from the platform, the tenth player was seen.

Flap Flap! Red feathers and all, she landed on the stage.

NAME: Kazooie

SURNAME: Breegul

AGE: 23


"Oh, great," Kazooie muttered, giving out a sigh and seeing the others. "Everyone is here already. I knew I shouldn't have gotten that extra birdseed this morning." Everyone stared at her, a little shocked.

"What?" Kazooie spoke, a little confused and annoyed at their looks. Never the less, she ruffled her feathers and made herself comfortable.

"Well, NOW we have ten," Fox corrected himself, standing up straight and grinning.

"Make that eleven," came a voice from behind them, as the players turned around to see an individual who had already and covertly made his way onto the stage a few moments prior. He was of medium height, if not a little short, and was wearing a red necktie. On his head, this person had on a black top hat, and the players could see that on the front of the hat, the very familiar multi-colored Smash logo was displayed.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa...who are you?" DK asked, with everyone also sharing the same question and sentiment.

"I am your host," the person replied, and he grinned. "You don't need to know my real name. That's irrelevant, and there are many more other important things to care about than that. But you may call me Smash Host."

"Nice to meet you...Smash Host!" DK said strongly, shaking his hand. The others weren't as trusting.

"So...we'd like some rules?" Peach voiced, a little wary about her surroundings and all the people standing around her, most of whom she wasn't familiar with. The host cleared his throat.

"Welcome...to The Mole: Deceiver's World!" Smash Host announced to them. The players looked stunned, but excited and ready to listen.

"You ten players have been brought in from all over the the Smash world to take part in this game: a game of teamwork, trust, mistrust, and treachery," he explained. "Over the next several days and even weeks, you will be subjected to play in various challenges and missions, these games taking place in various parts and locations of the Smash Universe. This game will be nothing short of an adventure." The players looked at each other with anticipation.

"So this is like a vacation?" Isabelle said a little too optimistically.

"If you enjoy vacations of tense feelings and existential crises, then yes," Dark Pit muttered, rolling his eyes.

"Every mission that you succeed in as a team will add money to a team pot," Smash Host explained even further. "This pot can reach up to a grand total of 500,000 coins. In the end, the winner...and only the winner...will win the Team Pot. The winner is the player who survives to the end, past all the others." Everyone eyed each other: they, of course, wanted to be the sole victor of the game.

"So only one of us will win..." Joker acknowledged with a nod and a secret smile. "Let's hope it goes to the smartest, most stylish one here." Kazooie let out a sigh of exasperation.

"Let's just add cockiest to that list too while we're at it, why don'cha?" the breegul huffed.

"I will try my best..." Lucario began, facing them all, "but I also wish the rest of you luck as well. We all have the power, each of us, to win the game." Everyone nodded. Everyone wanted to win, of course, but most importantly of all, they all stood an equal chance.

"However...there is one twist," the host added, as everyone turned their eyes to him suddenly.

"And that is...?" Wii Fit inquired suspiciously. The host, his face serious, looked at them for a few seconds in silence before speaking.

"One of you is not who you say you are." Everyone else froze at his line.

"What?" was all Kazooie uttered.

"One of you is not a real player at all. Not one bit. You are a double agent, here to deceive everyone else. One of you was specially chosen before this game, tasked to ruin the efforts of the other nine and blend in among the rest of you. One of you is actually...the Mole." A hushed silenced came over the group. They turned to face each other.

"A...Mole?" Isabelle voiced, a little fearfully.

"A traitor, a saboteur, an agent," Smash Host explained. "One of you...is the Mole." Everyone was silent.

"How is one of us even a mole? " Dark Pit said, sounding unconvinced. "From since when? That's stupid. We all came here not knowing what this game would be about, extremely clueless, and...and..."

"Maybe one of us already knew beforehand," Lucina realized, whispering to herself but loud enough for the others to hear. "He or she...knew their role beforehand as the very deceiver of this game. It was all predetermined."

"Chosen from the beginning," Fox realized. He looked at the others around him. All were suspicious.

Fox: Just who was it? Who was the enemy among us?

"Well, whoever this Mole is, I can't wait to be his match and send him down," Wii Fit spoke, twisting her body confidently and looking unafraid.

"Or her," DK added, giving the trainer herself a look of suspicion. The ape was ready for the game...and to make any opponents.

"I'm really just a little apprehensive about all this," Isabelle said nervously. "I didn't expect one of us to be an actual TRAITOR!"

"It makes it more of a challenge, I'd say, having a traitor in our midst," Lucario thought out loud, "but challenges are good for our soul and mind."

"We're going to win this game and defeat this Mole." Everyone turned to Fox, who stepped forwards and looked at everyone else with a confident stance and stare.

"Right, guys? It doesn't matter how this ends," Fox continued, "but let me tell you that no matter what, we are getting this Mole down, no matter what it takes. And we're gonna do it together." The others, who were initially unsure, felt a little bit more encouraged at the space captain's words. The team of nine had to work together...nine of them against the deceiver among them.

"A daunting task," Lucario nodded, "but possible together. The Mole...has this very bad energy. I can sense it near me. It's an aura of evil." The other players seemed a little off-guard by the legendary Pokemon's comment.

Fox: So the premise of this game sounded really simple! Get the Mole, and win the game! Didn't sound like a challenge for me! Just what was the catch?

"Discover the Mole fast, I suggest, because not all of you will make it to the end," the host added finally. "At the end of every episode, you will all take a quiz based on the Mole. The one player to score the lowest on the quiz at the end of every episode...will be executed. They will be immediately eliminated from the game." Everyone shuddered at hearing this, and their encouragement decreased just a bit more...and the tenseness of the game increased. One by one, they would be leaving the game.

Peach raised her hand.

"Yes, question," Smash Host allowed, nodding to her.

"Apologies if this question is self-explanatory," Peach began, "but I'm just curious about what the Mole's incentive could be. What do they get from all this, I'm wondering?" Everyone turned to the host for an answer.

"The Mole is like a a terrible, planted weed...evil and having no other purpose but to destroy good things in their path," Smash Host explained to them all. "They will automatically make it to the final round of the game, to the final episode with no worries or qualms, but won't win. After days and weeks of fun, their game ends. They are promised a set cash amount for their job as the saboteur, yes, but also one other thing that is worth much more than any money...an adventure." Everyone listened to the host.

"An adventure of betraying others and killing their hopes, I'd say!" Kazooie said out loud, shaking her head. "Yikes. This person is a bad one, guys."

"We gotta watch out...all of us! Even someone big and strong like me," DK declared to the group in a cautious voice. "The Mole is right under our noses!" Everyone nodded, a bit on edge.

"And with that...now that I've finished explaining the premise of this game...we can begin our first mission," the host announced, clapping his hands together. The players looked surprised that they were starting so soon, but their feelings recollected quickly with readiness for their first game.

Fox: I was born ready to play! In fact, we ALL were. And most importantly? We were all born to defeat the Mole. We had to use teamwork, yes...but I had to depend on myself too to win in the end.

Wii Fit: Just who could be the traitor in our group? I was, needless to say, very intrigued. The game would be a challenging one.

"The name of the first mission of The Mole: Deceiver's World is called...'Hole in One'!" The players listened, not knowing what would be in store for their first task.

"All of you...will be transported to the regions of lands behind you," he began, opening his arms towards the amazing landscape behind him. "Take a look."

"Wow..." Isabelle began, admiring the view. Green, captivating lands seemed to adorn and scatter across majestic waters and waterfalls, and upon some of the lands themselves were structures of ancient creations and buildings past gone. But newly-added just for their game alone, stretching between the lands like beautiful spider webs, they saw mysterious lines: unbelievably-long cables stretching between some of the lands before them could only be speculated by the players to be transportation systems.

It was no less than a breathtaking sight, and some of the players were glad and excited that this was the world chosen for their first game.

"Located among the lands are holes. Ten holes that lead deep into the ground," Smash Host explained. His yellow eyes twinkled as he smiled.

"Mole holes. You must find them."

"What is the purpose of these holes?" Lucina wondered, curious.

"One simple action: you must jump into a hole to win money," the host told them, and the players looked stunned, some of them amused, but all understanding the simple mission.

"But each one of you is designated ONLY one specific, special hole each...saying, each hole is meant ONLY for one specific character. Jump into your special mole hole."

"And how would we know which hole belongs to who?" Wii Fit questioned.

"Next to each hole, there is a clue on which character must enter that specific hole. If the correct character jumps into their own hole, then money is won. If eight out of ten players jump into their correct holes, I will reward you with the full 20,000 coins. Any less, and I slowly take away money from your team pot total, and the Mole has won." The players felt unnerved at this last line, but were never the less focused.

"Use walkie-talkies to communicate to each other. Use the gondola cables to travel between lands above the water to other islands, if your hole is not on your island. Use flag activators next to the hole signs as signals for other players to locate them. Use your wits, intelligence, and minds to win. Use everything you have. Use your skills...to win." The players listened carefully to the host, nodding.

"And if you're the Mole..." Joker added, finishing the host's speech, "Use your skills to destroy the others."

"Exactly." The host smiled slightly at the player's final line.

Everyone looked at each other with unnerved and suspicious eyes warily. Just one of them was the deceiver among them. One of them was the Mole, and their job was to sabotage. Sabotage not only their next mission...but their entire game.

"Oh, man," Kazooie groaned. "I am not ready for this."

Mission 1: Hole in One

Goal: To jump into your mole hole.

Rules: Five unique lands. Ten mole holes hidden among the islands. Each player has one hour to locate and jump into their own hole hidden somewhere across the five lands. Next to each mole hole, there is a written clue hinting at which player the hole belongs to. Gondola cars allow for transportation between the lands. Walkie-talkies are allowed to be used only three times outward each. If at least eight players make it successfully into their holes, the game is successfully won.

All ten players had quickly been transported away from the original Battlefield. Now, they were each on one of the unique lands of forest and rocky terrain. Each mysterious land was surrounded by glistening water...and mystery to unravel.

And the game was soon to begin.

Land 1 = Fox and Joker

Land 2 = Lucina and Lucario

Land 3 = Wii Fit and Dark Pit

Land 4 = Donkey Kong and Kazooie

Land 5 = Peach and Isabelle

Each player had a partner...and one of them was paired with the Mole.

"You have one hour to find your holes!" came the same voice from each walkie-talkie; it was none other than the host. Everyone alerted with attention to the host's speaking from their devices.

"We will begin soon. Are you ready to begin...players?" The two males on Land 1, Fox and Joker, faced each other readily if not skeptically. They were on one of the larger pieces of terrain on the upper-side of the large falls that made up Battlefield's majestic background and universe.

"The game's almost ready to start, Fox...we're both going to run fast, I'm hoping," Joker told the space captain, looking ahead. "I'm gonna start quickly. Not sure if you could catch up." Hearing this, Fox couldn't help but laugh at his statement, smirking heavily.

"Whoa there! You do know who you're talking to, right, newcomer?" Fox told the masked gentleman. "You're kinda talking to the Melee speed champion here. That line should have been mine to say." Joker nodded, knowing.

"I just wanted to make sure," Joker replied. "Because we're at Smash Ultimate now, aren't we? Last time I checked, there was a huge time difference between the release dates of Smash Melee and Smash Ultimate. Some fighters may have become less...outstanding than they once were." Fox looked at him, half-frowning.

Fox: For being a latecomer in the world of Smash...this guy had some nerve.

"Let's begin this game with a familiar jump..." Smash Host's voice echoed again from all their walkie-talkies. They heard the host take in a deep breath.

"In 3!...2!...1...!" The two males got ready to run.

"GO!" The voice of the host ran through the air and land, and so did the two players of swiftness, almost as if racing against each other.

"GO!" boomed the host's voice.

"I feel good energy from this direction...follow me!" Lucario started, sprinting quickly down the left path, one that was more uphill and that lead slowly to higher land. The Pokemon was running speedily off, and then slightly ran for a good ten seconds, then suddenly halted. He turned around, startled. His partner wasn't following him.

"Why...are you standing there?" he asked, mostly confused.

"I think this path is correct," Lucina spoke confidently. She was at the fork of the original mud path, but looking the other way instead. Lucario stared at her path that led to the right.

"Perhaps," Lucario began, but he shook his head. "This way leads to the mysterious castle located above the rocky lands, and ultimately, perhaps has more land. There is more to explore, I feel."

"I understand where you are coming from," Lucina began, "but at the end of this second, other path is...look." They saw, over in the distance, long cables that stretched out to the sky. To where Lucina was pointing was the gondola station.

"There is a heavy chance that one of us must take that cable, correct? One of our mole hole destinations is most likely on another land that we must take a gondola to. It is unlikely both our holes would be here, I believe." Lucario, contemplating her sentence, nodded.

"Yes, you have great points," Lucario agreed. "However, if we go towards the gondola, we may not have time to explore the other crucial half of the land later. What if a hole is there? We may miss it."

Lucina: It was a situation difficult to perceive. Which path was better?

"Yes, let us go." A little reluctantly, Lucina decided to travel in the direction of Lucario's choice, and within a minute, they were already both making their way up heavily slanted land. But instead of encountering another dirt path, they found themselves entering into a dangerous, rocky climb.

"Hey, slow down!" Dark Pit sputtered, branches hitting him in the face.

Wii Fit and him were running through the forest of one of the three larger lands in the Battlefield world. But in this case, instead of being able to call it a run together, it was more of a desperate, struggling attempt of one chasing the other.

"Having a little trouble catching up to my speed, Dark Pit?" Wii Fit asked him, running, her voice in a teasing tone.

"I could travel WAY faster than you, you know," the dark angel voiced angrily, but panting. "But if only I was allowed to fly in this game! Ugh." He looked at the beautiful backdrop of the world.

"This game sucks," he muttered.

"That's why having natural power over unnatural, magical power is best," Wii Fit explained, still talking non-tiredly while she paced her running ahead of him. "I have natural power. I can always use my strength and shape in any situation whatsoever. Like in this game." She ran between two trees, passing by a mud-ground patch. Dark Pit was still behind her.

"One day I'm going to show you..." he said, annoyed. His eyes darted to the muddy patch next to the two trees before him. Something had caught his eye.

"Huh? What?" As Wii Fit turned around, she noticed he had indeed seen something. As she paused to turn, she noticed that in the muddy spot was a hole in the ground. They both faced each other.

"Look at that," Wii Fit realized, smiling with interest as she noticed the wooden post sign beside the hole. It was their first mole hole, and as they stared at it with captivated interest, they both read the message on the wooden sign.

He could probably sense many auras, but one aura this creature will definitely slightly sense is the evil aura of the Mole.

On one of the smallest pieces of land, Kazooie and DK were making their way hurriedly and curiously through the trees and grass. Behind their land, large waterfalls splashed down, the sound deafening.

"They really expect a bird to not be able to fly throughout this game?" Kazooie seemed to complain, as they traveled together. "What is this unfairness? Don't they know that if a bird walks too much on their feet, their talons can get injured? What kind of sadistic game is this?"

Kazooie: If only Banjo could see this travesty.

"Yeah, just wait!" DK shouted as they continued to run. "We're going to find seven or eight Mole holes! And when we do, then the others will really start calling us kings and leaders after this mission game! Booyah!" Kazooie stared at him, slightly in disbelief.

"DK, I don't think there are even more than two holes on our land," Kazooie began.

"Huh?" DK asked her. "Why not?!"

"Because there are five lands in total and only ten holes," pointed out Kazooie. DK didn't seem to understand.

"Ten divided by five..." DK only stared at her, clueless.

"Never mind," Kazooie said, giving up with a sigh. "Let's go find seven or eight holes."

"Hey, I need some brains like yours," DK said. "Stick with me in missions from now on and I'll pay you back with brawn and a powerful punch and beating to any enemies you make in this game!"

"Whoa, err, I'll pass. On risk of not wanting a lawsuit," Kazooie replied. But then she paused, thinking, and her face changed into a little smile.

"On second thought..." she began.

Kazooie: This game is about keeping the right people around you, right? So if you keep a lot of useful people near you, then they can help you to the end...no, of course it's not called "using them"! That's just evil! It's called using...their...skills.

"Whoa! Is this one of those said 'holes' we gotta find?" DK realized with surprise, as they both stumbled upon one. Together, they read the message.

This duo now went solo. No more honey chasing and more taking to the skies, this one would agree. Hum into this little buzzing instrument to celebrate their name.

"Whose hole is this?" Kazooie asked, sounding uninterested. "Hum into this little buzzing instrument? Taking to the skies? This sounds rather stupid. Let's leave." But DK just stared at the sign.

"What?" Kazooie asked, seeing his stare.

"Umm, Kazooie...the clue sounds like you," noticed DK. Kazooie's eyes widened in realization.

"Well, look at that," Kazooie said, her beak forming into a smile of amused realization. "It just sounded tricky at first. I take that all back; this was cleverly written. Definitely me." Kazooie nodded, then spotted something on the top of the sign. Remembering the host's instructions earlier, she pressed a little red button.

Whoosh! A tall red flag suddenly protruded from behind the sign, and to their surprise, it stretched further and further until it reached taller beyond the trees. It was a marker, in case another player from another land had to spot the hole. But there was no need for it.

"Guess I should go on into the hole," Kazooie began. She looked at the hole for a second. "Or..." Kazooie turned around.

"Hey, King of the Jungle," she began, facing away from the hole. "How about I tag along with you and run around this land searching with you? It's boring underground. And I signed up for an adventure anyway."

The final duo, Peach and Isabelle, was an interesting one. Two females, one of them not liking water as much and the other one feeling a little partial towards traversing slippery rocks, could only slowly walk through the forest areas of their land and avoid the edges, careful and far away from any blue water or rocky lands. They were staying in the green land areas of their island. In addition, their land was the smallest of all five lands in the game.

"It's good you suggested that we choose this path through the green parts instead of near any water, because I wouldn't want to get wet," Peach seemed to say with distaste. "We are surrounded by simply all water! An island. Just how unfortunate."

"And if we search near the water, then some of the rocks earlier near the island's edge might cause us to slip in and...that's dangerous!" Isabelled sighed with relief.

"I'm glad we're together though!" Peach said, smiling and looking at her. "And that we're partners for now!"

"Me too!" Isabelle cheered, smiling.

"Even though one of us is the Mole," Peach said, her voice worried. Isabelle's face turned to one of worry as well.

"I find it hard to imagine one of us could be a...a bad person in disguise!" Isabelle said with disbelieving thought. "Is it really true?! Maybe Smash Host was lying! Or..."

"I just can't seem to picture it either," the princess agreed, "but after all, the name of this game is 'The Mole', so there it is. One of us ten is a traitor." Isabelle shuddered, as they both continued. They walked on through some tree paths, a little slowly and not at a fast pace.

"Do you have any suspects, by the way?" Isabelle asked her. Peach stopped for a second. She thought, and then gave a little smile to her.

"If there's one tip I've ever learned from experience..." Peach said with a distasteful smile, "it is to never trust guys." Peach nodded with confidence.

"The Mole in this game...is for sure a male."

"I believe it might be a female," Joker said with thought, after contemplating his partner's question.

"Why so?" Fox asked. They were both running.

"You might think that deceivers and spies are usually guys," Joker began, "but times are changing. That role could very well fall into being a female's now."

"Doesn't matter if the Mole is a male or female...we'll still beat them," Fox said, confidently. "And I can take any of them down; he or she, human, or animal, you name it."

"Have you taken a look at Wii Fit Trainer's height recently, Fox?" Joker jested. "She can topple you twice your height's worth." Fox nodded slowly with a sound of agreement.

"Intimidating, I agree," Fox admitted. "Then I guess we shouldn't go by stereotypes and assume all girls are dainty and sweet, huh...like Peach is."

"We can't rule out any personality as not being the Mole," Joker thought. "Anyone can be it."

"Except of course those people with TOO suspicious of a personality then," Fox thought with a chuckle. "We could probably eliminate them." They approached the lands of the castle, but Joker was thinking about his partner's line.

"Then...I suppose you can safely eliminate me as a suspect then," Joker replied. When Fox looked at him strangely, the masked man was hiding a smile.

The two of them were both heading towards the direction of a small, castle-like structure. Faded and old, they were targeting its mysterious aura as a possible place for one of their hidden mole holes. Then, after a few minutes of continuous running, they both stopped. They had reached the castle structure in full view now, but it wasn't the sight of the resplendent architecture that made them stop. It was a wooden post, and next to it, a Mole hole.

"Finally!" Fox shouted in a voice that was both victorious and relieved. After fifteen minutes of searching, they had found their first hole.

In this street intersection of creatures, this little animal can't wait to rule the town and ring leadership. But for now, he or she is a bell.

"I...yep! Definitely got it. I know who it is...easy...okay," Fox sat down, stumped.

"It's DK...no, it's Peach...no," Fox realized. "Yeah...this isn't as easy as I thought." Joker sighed at Fox's cluelessness.

"Let's begin with the phrase 'little animal'," Joker rationalized. "That would eliminate all the humans, now wouldn't it?"

"Okay high-schooler: this one's yours," the Arwing captain commanded, giving up. "Then what?"

"So if the clue says, 'little animal'...that leaves us with Kazooie, Isabelle, and also maybe...just maybe..." Fox jumped up, stopping Joker before he could continue and finish his sentence.

"Whoa ho ho! I am not a 'little animal,'" Fox shouted out loud with a laugh, offended. "Don't include me in that list of yours."

Joker: This spacecraft captain just couldn't let his ego down. How adorable. Though that makes a good captain, I suppose.

"I believe the last line of this riddle gives it away," Joker said with a realizing face, spotting the hidden name at the end of the clue's message. "Is a bell. Isabelle." They both nodded to each other: she was the one who had to enter this mole hole. They pressed a button, and a reddish-yellow flag was raised.

45 Minutes Remaining...

Finally, Lucario and Lucina had made it to the upper-half elevation of their island. Their unique land having almost two levels of elevation, it was a considerably dangerous rock climb that the two players had to endure. But considering it was a Pokemon of high ability and a skilled warrior of dexterity who had made the climb, both of them made it with with lessened struggle than in comparison to how any of their other opponents might have climbed it. It was never the less difficult, however.

"It was quite the climb..." Lucario commented, catching his breath slightly but quickly recovering. "Almost as exhausting as the typical battle I face."

"Yes, it was, but I'm extremely glad we have made it," Lucina breathed, as they both saw the castle-like towers before them.

"Let's just get this and-"

But before they could continue, they heard a sound from their walkie-talkie. A buzz was first heard, making then alert, but then they slowly could make out a voice. It was Dark Pit's.

"Hey...pzzz...Lucario! And Lucina!" came the voice of the Dark Pit, a bit distorted in sound.

"Yes! It's us," Lucario reported into the walkie-talkie, ready to take action.

"Good, then...pzzt...pzzt...come to me and Wii Fit's land. Land 3. Lucario, your hole is here. Hurry."

"Repeat that," Lucario talked into the microphone, hearing his name. "My hole?"

"The hole's clue points...pzzt... Lucario!" Dark Pit explained. "We raised a reddish-blue flag for you. Go..pzzt...flag. Go go go!" Lucario and Lucina looked at the walkie-talkie in confusion.

"So you must come here...pzzzt...hurry." Both the voice of Dark Pit and even the static as well disappeared, so the two of them knew the message was done and over.

"Then," Lucina began, "we must make our way to the gondola station, thanks to Dark Pit's message. Lucario, you must go to Dark Pit's island then!"

"Makes sense," Lucario said, then he paused. "But shouldn't we first search this big castle?" And as soon as the Pokemon had uttered that, both their eyes' fell upon a wooden sign post right before them. There was another sign, at the top of the rocky slope they had reached, that the two of them saw that made them both stare at it in disbelief:

No holes up ahead. In fact, no holes on this land.

"What..." Lucario realized. "So there are no holes in the castle? And...no holes located on this upper-half of the field?" He faced Lucina.

"A huge disappointment: there aren't any holes up here on this elevated mountain." He seemed disappointed, but shook it off.

"We could not have known..." Lucina looked down. "We could not have known that before, correct? We were just unlucky," Lucina tried to reason. She was able to hide in and keep in her sigh of disappointment. The long, fifteen minute climb was for nothing, and time was ticking down.

Lucina: Though I couldn't help but think, when I had wanted to go to the gondola station initially, Lucario decided otherwise and wanted to go to the upper half of the field. In result, we wasted time.

"No time to think: we gotta head back down!" Lucario told his partner.

"Yes...and at least we know where one of our holes is," Lucina added with confidence. "On the way to the gondola, we will search for more holes. We can win." And the two of them immediately looked at the dangerous rocks below, the ones they needed to traverse back down. But with tense thought, they asked themselves: Would it be harder to climb down than it was to have climbed up?

40 Minutes Remaining...

Fifteen minutes had passed since the team of Land 3, Wii Fit and Dark Pit, had passed their message to Lucario and Lucina, and twenty minutes had passed since the game had first begun. But they were not having any luck finding their second hole.

"I don't understand," Wii Fit sighed heavily, not because of tiredness, but from frustration and exasperation from their fruitless, continuous search. "We searched every bit of these trees and forest, yet we can't find another hole. We must be doing something wrong then."

"This game is about luck, not skill," Dark Pit explained, a bit annoyed, but mostly at the premise of the game. "We're just not lucky. That's life. You're either lucky or not. That's all."

Dark Pit: Didn't bother to mention to her that throughout my life, I've never been lucky.

"Perhaps some of your dark shadows are rubbing off on us and giving us bad luck," Wii Fit commented. "A shame." Dark Pit glared at her.

"If it wasn't for my sharp eyes earlier, we wouldn't have even achieved that first mole hole ten minutes ago!" he retorted. "You were running too fast!"

"I was just keeping the right pace at how fast we're supposed to be exploring this land," Wii Fit told him, "while you were studying the sky, perhaps for your goddess Palutena? Or other half...Regular Pit."

"He's not my other half! And Palutena is not my...!" Dark Pit began with frustration. But then he stopped in his tracks, seeing the beautiful structure of Greek-looking design in the distance upon their very land, similar to those from his homeland. His eyes widened.

"What are you looking...oh," Wii Fit spoke, catching his stare at the grand building.

"I suppose we should be searching...that," she realized. After a second of thinking, they both ran headed towards the grand building, a structure appearing in image like that of a Greek Goddess' home.

35 Minutes Remaining...

Kazooie was trying her best to use her wings to block out the splashing water that attacked her and her partner. She and DK were making their way across a strip of rocky land situated right beside the immense waterfall, but were pelted every so often as if a person was throwing a bucket of water onto them every five seconds.

"I am...ppfegghh!" was all Kazooie heard from her partner. She turned around to the ape.

"What!" she tried shouting back, trying to hear him over the falls.

"I am...peffgt...being hit...by water...ARGH!" DK replied.

DK: What?! My partner was totally bonkers! She was trying to bring me to an area where I would DROWN by waterfall!

"Hey, at least you have a tie and shirt on!" Kazooie realized, shaking her feathers and seeing a copious volume of water come out. "I'm dripping soaked from beak to talon!" DK let out a groan of frustration, louder than the strong falls themselves.

"But why are we...pegght...searching near the waterfalls...PEGHHT...anyway?" DK realized, shouting out.

"Hey, I thought we were a team! Why are you opposing my suggestion idea?" Kazooie replied, offended.

"Because...PPEGTGHRTGGPHT...animal holes wouldn't even be near water!" DK shouted, coughing. Kazooie stopped in her tracks, almost as if realizing the truth of his statement.

"Plan B: let's just stay dry near the main land," she decided, as they both headed in the opposite direction, back to dry safety.

"Ooh! I see it!" Isabelle said excitedly, seeing a mole hole situated within a beautiful patch of flowers. It was a beautiful sight: not just for the floral adornment, but for the fact that the hole meant that she and Peach were closer to succeeding in their game.

"Oh, would you look at that: a mole hole!" Peach voiced excitedly, seeing it too. She and her partner read it out loud.

52 C in a D...or make that 54 if you include two of this player.

"Oh no...!" Isabelle seemed to cover he face with despair. "Even if we find a hole, we still have to figure out the meaning of the clue!"

"Which player is this clue talking about?" Peach wondered. She seemed to be stumped as well as she put a finger to her chin.

"If only we could talk to the other players..." Peach began. With a sudden thought, Isabelle lit up, jumping up at the same time.

"But we could!" Isabelle spoke suddenly. She then took the metallic device out of her pocket, as Peach clapped her hands.

"The walkie-talkie!" Peach exclaimed with realization, as they both huddled. They saw that on the device's front, five buttons were located: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, along with a another red small button below all five of the numbered buttons. Isabelle then stopped for a second, holding the device in her hands.

"Smash Host said we can only use it three times outwards, however..." Isabelle thought, her eyes worried.

"If we don't use it now, then we'll never know who this clue is about!" Peach explained. And she then reached over and pressed the red button.

PZZT! There was a sound of static, as if it was trying to connect to another device located somewhere in their nearby world. A few seconds passed, and the two females couldn't hear anything. There was the sound of silence; nothing could be heard except for the rushing waterfalls several meters away from their spot. Then, the walkie-talkie clicked in again, this time with static but a bit lessened.

"Hello?" came the voice on the other end. It was a voice that made Peach and Isabelle exchange glances because they didn't recognize it. It did not sound natural, but rather distorted and unnatural.

"He...hello?" Isabelle slowly spoke back, then she smiled with excitement. "Is this Fox? Or Joker! Or someone else! Thanks for answering! We need your help on our clue so we can win!"

"Why are you ruining my game?" spoke the voice. The strange answer made Peach and Isabelle freeze suddenly.

"Why are you ruining my world? Stop trying to win...please," the voice continued, but this time sounding more desperate in tone. Peach and Isabelle stared at the walkie-talkie with shock, then at each other, their eyes widened with concern.

"Stop ruining my game. Or I'll do the same to you," the voice spoke again, but this time, their voice changed, sounding even more sinister and more ominous than before. Peach took in a deep, nervous breath before asking her next question.

"Who...who is this?" Peach asked.

For a long period of time, there was no reply. And then, breaking the silence, the voice on the other end uttered four words of pure truth in a quiet, yet shudder-inducing voice.

"I am the Mole," it spoke, and the game suddenly became even more mysterious.

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