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Episode 3 (Part 4)

Amidst boney dragons and tall Pirahha Plants, the players threaten victory by intentionally sabotaging one another. On another island...a metal box also threatens their very game.

Mission: Picture Book

Goal: To recreate five story book pages in real life….and eliminate each other one by one.

Page 1 was complete. And now...the island was changing into its second page. Another world.

"Watch out!" The players backed away quickly from the once-beautiful tree, now collapsing into an assortment of cardboard folds and sinking into the very ground. Other trees around them began to follow suit as well. The forest was rapidly beginning to disappear.

Isabelle: Oh my! The fruit in my very hands really became alive!

The papery fruits in the grasps of some of the players seemed to achieve lives of their own as they jolted up off their hands and into the air, startling some of them very much. They began to crumple up, like paper being thrown away, and when they hit the floor of the papery island, they seemed to be absorbed into the land as well. Then...the large body and gigantic heart of the Super Happy Tree finally sank and disappeared. The players looked confused.

Everything was gone...even the original trees of the island. It was all flat cardboard.

"Well, that was fast," Joker commented, looking around. "A deconstruction of construction. How inquisite. Like how the Mole destroys our world." It was empty.

"Yeow!" Dark Pit screamed, falling back onto the ground as they all saw something loom into the air to his right. It was a dragon...or not quite. A skeleton of a dragon's neck popped up into the air from the ground. The island floor itself began to change into a purple-colored shade, and suddenly, small, rocky mountains began to protrude from the ground at fast speed. Lucina gasped, seeing one sharp-appearing stone pop up right besides her as she backed away cautiously.

"This is a bit dangerous…" she commented. Just several more seconds passed...but as they did...the players then saw, before their very eyes, their new island of pointy rocks.

"But,'s all paper and cardboard," Kazooie noticed, tapping the tip of a stalagmite with a laugh. The next world seemed like some sort of underground cave. And DK and Wii Fit's eyes shot open, realizing it as the setting for their assigned page.

Page 2

Timer: 3 minutes

"This is our page!" DK said to Wii Fit, turning to face her. "Let's do this! YeaAAAhhhHHHHH-"

Wii Fit laughed. "Sadly, I don't remember the constituents of this page," she said. "This one's...simply yours." DK's mouth dropped open at hearing her unexpected words.


"WHAT?!" he stammered, her sentence unexpected to him. "How are we going to win this page then? This is supposed to be a teamwork effort! T-E-E-M-W-O-!"

"I'm sorry," Wii Fit said, sighing. "I don't recall anything. You shouldn't have fought with me earlier. Now...I cannot assist you." Everyone else looked at her strangely...and some were thinking hard.

Lucina: I truly, very much suspected Wii Fit knew the page very well, but was pretending not to.

Kazooie: She was playing the role of the we agreed to. But hmmmm. Was it a bit TOO much? I dunno.

"I just don't remember a single thing," Wii Fit sighed, but she smiled slightly as she said her line. Everyone looked at her, and then after a dread of defeat, turned to DK. Their hope was mostly on the remaining ape.

"I don't need you then!" he bellowed. "I got this!" He faced the others proudly.

"Let us hurry," Lucario nodded. Everyone else seemed rushed and panicked.

"Well, it's lucky that you guys can trust me and that I have a big brain," DK chuckled, looking more confident than anything and grinning ear to ear. He looked at the cardboard dragon skeleton. "All the Yoshi's were fighting this big...boney...snake thing, swords in their hands. So let's go!" He pointed to the tall dragon.

"Got it…" Joker smirked as he saw several swords sitting at the base of the dragon. He reached down and grabbed them into his hand: seven swords.

"Bingo!" DK exclaimed. "Now! Some of us were holding swords. Either three of us were, or four of us...or..." But beyond his line of 'bingo', after that...there was nothing else but a puzzled expression on his face.

120 seconds remaining... The timer on the camera was evident.

"Big brain indeed," Dark Pit whispered loudly under his breath.

Wii Fit: The problem was, just to be fair, we only had fifteen or twenty seconds to memorize the page. He made us argue during those seconds, so that distracted us. Even without that, however, it was just not enough time. It was a bit annoying, truthfully, that we were to be blamed.

"I don't remember how many Yoshi's were holding swords exactly, buuuut…" DK admitted, "Hey, we've gotten this far! I leave that question to you guys!"

DK: Yeah, if I got more time than just twenty seconds in the beginning, I think I could have gotten more. Hur…

"Umm...weren't some of the Yoshi's also cowering behind the rock?" Isabelle spoke up. "I believe one was fully crouched down." Everyone looked at her.

"Yeah, Isabelle's right," Kazooie spoke up. "Some were cowering, but one was completely crouched down. In fact, I remember this page better than all the other pages."

"UMM, how do you know all the pages NOT assigned to you better than all the others?" Dark Pit stammered, shocked.

"Because it's a reverse psychology thing," Kazooie explained. "I was more nervous about being pressured on my own page than the others. You guys pressured me too much for the first page. Anyways, four Yoshi's were holding swords."

"Three were holding swords," Wii Fit corrected, looking at her partner strangely. Kazooie gave her a look as well that was of equal strangeness. She was confused.

"Actually, there were four-" Lucario began, speaking up.

"Oh yeah! Three Yoshi's were holding swords, right!" Kazooie decided, jumping up suddenly and interrupting. "The yellow, green, and red...just those three. Yep." And Wii Fit nodded with a smile, as Joker began dispersing the swords to everyone. Lucario was silent for a second.

Lucario: There was...a very odd strategy between Kazooie and Wii Fit that did not seem helpful to the overall group. It seemed more so...malicious.

Wii Fit: We just had to put them enough on our tracks. A little slip here and a little push there. That's all.

Kazooie: And once again, my coalition partner was sabotaging. But...just how much was she trying to sabotage? Was she regular-player sabotaging...or actual Mole sabotaging?

"We're running out of time..." Isabelle said nervously. There was a "60" displayed on the camera's tiny monitor.

"Let's go then…" Three of the players held swords. Lucina, Dark Pit, and DK held swords, posing proudly in the air at the bone-structured dragon. The other players were behind a little purple rock, Isabelle being the one completely crouched down. Fifty seconds remained.

"There's, problem," Lucario began, folding his arms with thought. Wii Fit, Kazooie, Joker and Isabelle looked at him.

"What do you mean?" Wii Fit asked him, sighing. "I don't recall anything."

"If I remembered correctly, there were only seven Yoshi's on the book page," Lucario repeated. "Yet...eight of us stand." Isabelle gasped.

"So one of us has to go!" Isabelle realized.

"Like how the host jumped off the edge in the game's beginning...indeed," Joker remembered. He looked shiftily at his opponents; he wasn't determined to leave yet. Wii Fit turned to Kazooie.

"Well, I suppose you should be the one to jump off," Wii Fit spoke to her swiftly. "After all, you remembered only the first page. So perhaps you should go off. We'll see you later." Kazooie was silent for a second.

"Actually, I think YOU should go off," Kazooie rectified. Everyone looked shocked...especially Wii Fit. She blinked in reply.

"...Excuse me?" Wii Fit uttered.

"Well...I memorized the other pages as well too, so I could help the others," Kazooie spoke quickly. "Sooo...maybe you should go."

"..." At hearing her sentence, Wii Fit's eyes, for just the tiniest flash of a second, showed a heated blaze of resentment towards her partner. It was a quick flash of true feelings. But then...the athletic woman quickly masked it with a ready smile.

"That's definitely no problem for me," Wii Fit shrugged in a voice of nonchalance, and she went her way to the edge of the island. The others watched her as she walked her way slowly out of the game.

"Adieu." And just like the host before, at the exact spot where he had left from...she jumped off the cardboard land's edge. One was gone.

"Fifteen seconds…" DK called out nervously, shrugging. "I wish I could help more for this page… but I guess you guys already performed the page perfectly!" Everyone went back to their normal positions. The players posed as best as they could. The scene looked like an underground cavern battle, and no less. The camera clicked.


"Whoa!" The land began to change again, and the rocky ground below them seemed to become flatter...and softer. Around them, the purple rocks sunk into the ground. The towering dragon of immense power and image began to descend quickly like an accordion shrinking, and the seven players ducked away from anything that seemed dangerous.

Now, clouds began to appear. The players felt their legs lifting off the ground just the slightest bit as the clouds began floating into the air. It was soft papier-mâché, mixed with some yarn, but it was a magical setting and feeling. The players seemed surprised, and they saw the tripod camera several feet ahead of them also extend, becoming taller as a rod underneath it extended in the air. The timer had begun.

Page 3

Time: 2.5 Minutes

"Okay!" DK hollered, looking at both Joker and Dark Pit. "This is on you guys! No more blame on me anymore if we get this wrong!"

"I'm surprised you even remember who was assigned to this page," Joker ridiculed to him. He took a look at his surroundings, and so did Dark Pit.

"Six Yoshi's," Dark Pit yawned, remembering. "Kinda easy. Which means one of us has to jump off the island...yet again."

"Let's decide who gets off later," Joker began, but Lucina shook her head.

"No, it would be easier to decide complicates things less," Lucina thought. Everyone looked at one other...but all eyes fell mostly on one particular player. DK himself stood tall and appeared perhaps ready to beat his chest in a display of dominance, looking the proudest in appearance of the seven. But...nobody was truly buying it.

"Well, I'm not the one getting off!" DK laughed quickly, but most of the players were looking at him with a different thought of mind.

"You couldn't even help on your own page," Dark Pit scoffed. "You were as useless as Wii Fit!"

"Your page is over already, too..." Isabelle realized.

"Who says I can't be the powerhouse for the rest of the mission and the pages?!" DK exclaimed, not budging. More time ticked down.

"DK, with your role finished, along with Wii Fit's for Page 2, perhaps it is beneficial if you eliminate yourself for now," Lucina said reasonably. "Neither I, Isabelle, nor any others can leave because our pages have not yet come. It is only for the team." DK made a grunt of both non-desire but slight understanding. They saw him make his way slowly to the edge of the land.

Lucario: Well, with each argument that went by...more drama occurred. Not the picture perfect mission we all hoped for, unfortunately.

"You're making a big mistake! The Mole will be after you all!" he yelled out after them, before jumping off himself. The large ape disappeared below the cardboard land's surface. Isabelle covered her mouth.

"He's gone," the dog realized.

"Hurry...we have perhaps just a minute left," Joker reminded everyone. "At least DK won't be leader."

"Several of the Yoshi's were jumping in the air…" Kazooie remembered.

"Two were waving their arms in the sky like happy birds, their tongues out," Isabelle giggled.

"Dark Pit," Joker said, putting a hand on his shoulder. "You be a happy bird."

"What?!" Dark Pit exclaimed, unwilling at Joker's statement. "Why do I have to be the stupid bird?"

"You're a flyer," Joker pushed. "Flap your arms in the air. Stick out your tongue."

"Why can't someone else do it?!" Dark Pit cried, an embarrassed look on his face. He did not look willing at all.

"I will gladly do it," Lucario said, volunteering and stepping forwards, but Joker ignored his request.

"I am only suggesting strongly Dark Pit and Kazooie do it...because they are natural flyers," Joker said, folding his arms.

"WHAT!" Kazooie stepped forwards at Joker's sudden sentence. "Me too?!" She laughed at him. "That's discriminatory. I want a lawyer for this game."

"You're ridiculously kidding me," Joker sighed, putting a hand to his face.

Dark Pit folded his arms. "This game sucks. I'm not doing it." Joker shook his head, as if giving up. Lucario looked lost.

Lucario: Unfortunately, our teenager child and refractory bird here were being little kids. Not developed in the mind and sabotaging our game. Full of drama, if I must say. But this was for money. I was hoping they would at least do it for the money...and for our victory as a team.

Isabelle: I really thought Dark Pit was maybe the Mole! Because he was being stubborn and mean, and not helping! So definitely a little questionable.

"We have no time for this...nonsense…." Joker sighed. He turned to the others.

"Lucina, you and Isabelle must stand on that cloud," Joker commanded, positioning Lucina and Isabelle to stand on the front cloud. "Look into the distance and if you're seeing something."

"Yes…" Lucina nodded. The two of them, seemingly rushed, obeyed.

"It's up to you two if you want to help," Joker said to Kazooie and Dark Pit with a disapproving look.

Lucina: It was also a little questionable...why Joker was very adamant on Dark Pit and Kazooie doing the role, when Joker could have just done it himself. It was a subtle sabotage and makes it a bit more possible that he could be the Mole. Perhaps...he knew...just how unwilling they'd be.

"I'd rather throw up then jump up happily in the air like a weirdo," Dark Pit protested. "Sorry, it's just the truth."

"And you want me to be a flyer..." Kazooie said to Joker, laughing and shaking her head.

"Are they not obeying?" Isabelle whispered to Lucina.

"Hey, wanna rock paper scissors to see which one of us jumps, just to earn some money, and the other doesn't have to do it?" Kazooie snickered to Dark Pit.

"Sure," Dark Pit said. The others could only shake their heads and look in disbelief.

Dark Pit: To be real, I believe Kazooie was also suspicious because she volunteered to stay in the game after Page 1. And what did she do in the end? Cause more drama. ...oh wait, but I'm also guilty of doing drama. Haha.

"If you guys wanna help the Mole and sabotage, that's fine," Joker spoke to them, smiling a little bit. "You're both on the Mole's team now, I suppose. They must be very happy."

"I'd rather be on the Mole's team than all of yours," Dark Pit laughed. "You're all boring."

"Yeah, I'm not boring!" Kazooie chimed. The camera was soon to click. It was four players on clouds and two defiant players, not jumping.

"I'm going to jump, but you have to promise not to jump," Kazooie winked at Dark Pit. The photo snapped.


"Just very great," Joker sighed. "We have two teams I observe before my very eyes. Players supporting the Mole...and players actually playing correctly against him or her."

"You were a bit on the Mole's side...if I must be honest...forcing Dark Pit and Kazooie to pose in undesirable positions," Lucario said to Joker sternly.

"Hmm…" Joker made a sound of admitting.

Lucario: He can be it.

Then Joker looked at Lucario. "Was it not an aura Pokemon who assigned us all faulty roles pages in the very beginning of this game?" Joker said with a sly smile. At his sentence...Lucario went silent.

Dark Pit: And suddenly, we all thought...Lucario could have been the Mole as well.

Lucina: Lucario and Joker...I sensed a bit of rivalry between them. And truly...either of them could be the saboteur.

Similar to the original island, paper trees began to sprout all around them. But these were palm trees, and more jungle-like, and before they knew it, the six players found themselves in a jungle setting themselves. Vines protruded from the ground and sprung into the sky, snaking and tangling above them and partially blocking the sun.

So was a giant Pirahna Plant. As the players looked at it, they gasped: it was the largest, paper-constructed structure they had ever seen in the world.

Lucario: It looked...very, very real.

Kazooie: And scary!

Page 4

Timer: 2.5 Minutes

"Look at this," Isabelle said gleefully. A cardboard hut protruded as well, and she slowly made her way to it.

"Two of us must be in here," Isabelle told the others, remembering her page well.

Isabelle: After so many bad pages, I'm happy this one would go smoothly!

"Three of us were fighting the Pirahna plant," Lucina remembered, closing her eyes. "So one person must go." Everything looked at one another.

"Great job," Lucario said gratefully to Lucina and Isabelle. Hearing this, Dark Pit stared with incredulity.

Dark Pit: It's...not fair. They had the easiest page to remember with only five Yoshi's. And they get credit for it? Screw them all. I'm joining the Mole's team from now on.

"And I'MMMMM out," Dark Pit finished, walking over to the edge of the island. The others saw the dark angel walk away without even looking back at them. He jumped off...flightless.

"He wasn't a big fan of this game anyway, huh," Kazooie commented, chuckling.

"Well, at least this page is easy," Isabelle smiled to the group. "Good job, everyone!" It was surprisingly smooth, and they were thankful for the change.

"Thank you very much, Isabelle and Lucina, for making this fourth round stress free," Lucario said, with both appreciation and a little bit of relief. The land seemed complicated and intricate, maybe more so than any other page, but they were able to make it easy.

Lucario: A simple we all had time to think. And discuss.

"Wii Fit...did she really forget the second page? Something seemed fishy about that," Lucario decided to say.

"Of course she did!" Kazooie said in defense. "Why would she try to sabotage on purpose?"

" get people to suspect her," Joker thought heavily, slyly. Kazooie closed her mouth.

Lucario: We all had strategies. Some more deceitful and heartless than others.

Kazooie: I wonder how Wii Fit would feel later about me kicking her out first. Uh-oh. Are we still friends?

Another minute ticked by. And the players realized...nothing else had to be done. It was peaceful...and they had time to converse. The five players looked at each other.

"When the game is down to its final five players...or four players...or the real game, that is…" Joker questioned, "do you believe it'll be this stress free and easy?" The last five players on the island were silent, thinking.

"Hmm." Lucario was not sure.

"Nope," Kazooie said flatly, her opinion strong but reasonable. "Not at all. It'll be more stressful and with more fighting, I'm sure." Everyone considered her answer, a bit surprised at first. But, a few seconds later, they couldn't help but slightly agree with her line.

"With a big group of ten...we were at peace and harmony," Lucina realized. "Because we knew it was nine of us against the Mole, working together. But as the numbers become smaller…"

"It becomes not only the innocent players against the Mole," Lucario nodded with heavy thought, "but all the innocent players...against each other as well. Everyone will be fighting to the death." Everyone was a bit silent.

"Uhh, I'm sure it won't be as bad for the players who make it to the end as you're all explaining," Isabelle laughed optimistically. "It might be okay!" They waited a full thirty seconds in silence, simply waiting for the camera shutter to click. It was a strange silence, a little awkward, but mostly one of heavier thinking than before.

Then, the camera clicked.


The five players expected the fast deconstructing that usually followed after each page. But instead, there was silence. And lack of movement. The players looked at each other, confused.

" the last page?" Kazooie asked, but she was interrupted by a loud voice that echoed through all the trees and through the jungle. Everyone stopped and listened.

"Two players...please remove yourselves now," the voice echoed, and it was none other than the host's that was heard from around the papery platform. The five players looked at each other.

"Because the last page only had three Yoshi's...two must leave," Lucario recalled, remembering well. He closed his eyes.

"I volun-"

"No, Isabelle and I volunteer," Lucina said quickly. "You deserve to go, fact, you must go on. Plus, we have no other roles remaining. This was our page." Lucario looked surprised.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yes," Lucina confirmed. "And in addition, you know the final page the best. It is your role and you can help." Joker and Kazooie looked at each other, and Joker nodded in agreement.

"If you say so, then I agree," Joker said calmly. "It will be Lucario, Kazooie, and me for the final photo." He put a hand to his if something seemed familiar.

"I….don't mind going to the last round at all," Kazooie said a little excitedly. Lucario saw a gleam in her eye, and he felt uneasy.

Lucario: It was a gleam of greed. One I did not want to advance with.

The decision was set. Lucina and Isabelle stepped slowly together to the land's edge. And carefully, after giving one wave to the remaining three others, stepped off, falling below the edge. A second later...there were just the last three players remaining on the island. Joker, Lucario, and Kazooie looked at each other, mostly silent and confused.

" what?" Kazooie voiced, looking a little impatient but excited. "Do we look for something?" They were still in the thorny jungle, plants blocking the sun, the giant Pirahna Plant paper figurine wobbling slightly back and forth in the light wind.

"I believe we are supposed to wait for this land to...turn into the scene of the final photo," Lucario thought to his two teammates.

"What exactly was on the last page, Lucario?" Joker questioned him. But before the other player could answer, something powerful approached them from above, the sound of whirring wind becoming louder and stronger than before. It wasn't the wind of the world, but the wind from various spinning mechanisms upon the heads of multiple individuals who were lowering themselves to the very spot that the three players were standing upon. They looked up in disbelief, not believing their eyes. The Fly Guys from before we lowering down to them.

"Welllllcome!" they greeted in the similar tone of cheer they had done when they had picked them off from the roof of Bowser's Castle.

"Nice! My fellow fliers!" Kazooie laughed. "How are you all?" One of the Fly Guys shyly bounced off her feathers.

Kazooie: Not gonna lie, these guys were cute. They even might melt my greedy heart!

"Are you guys bringing us to our next location?" Lucario asked them curiously. They nodded.

"There is a separate island...where the final picture will be taken," the largest Fly Guy told them. The three players looked surprised at hearing the final elements of the game.

"So we'll be moving elsewhere for the last page?" Joker said with thought and surprise. "And that's where this game will end?"

"Yes." The Fly Guys made a sound of affirmation, ready to fly off with them in their possessions. Joker, Kazooie, and Lucario looked at each other, a bit undetermined, but they knew that the game had to be finished. What would be in store was not known...but they had no choice.

"Okay." And nodding back to the Fly Guys, they allowed themselves to be picked up by the jolly yet mysterious creatures. One by one, they were picked up and brought into the blue-painted sky of the cardboard, fictional world. Kazooie seemed the most comfortable in the sky, while Joker and Lucario were less familiar with it, but above all, they all had one thought: what was the end of the game?

Together, they flew off into the peaceful cardboard sky.

"I never knew how important you were to me...until it was too late. I am sorry."

"The game of the Mole is not meant to be one of peace and trust. Because of that...your feelings were valid. You did not know who I truly was."

"Though I wish I had trusted you sooner. Because in the end...I realized I had always been closest to you the most."

The Fly Guys slowly lowered onto an island, much lower in elevation than the other lands around it in comparison. It was so close to the sea, or rather, what made up the sea: long strips of blue paper moving side to side, billowing up and down, creating the illusion of a large body of water. The island itself was very similar to the ones the players originally began on...except emptier. Barely any trees were upon it, which is one thing the three final players noticed. But the second thing they noticed was rectangular and more game changing.

"Thanks!" Kazooie arrived on the island, pleased. She was confused, still.

"Oomp...good luck!" The leader Fly Guy dropped off Lucario, who gave a nod of appreciation to them. Though, the Pokemon was obviously suspicious and curious. Seeing what Joker was examining in the middle of the island, his suspicions were correct.

The last page began.

Page 5

5 Minutes...

"So this is the game," Joker began, his eyes on the green, metal box situated in the perfect center of the island.

"A metal box," Lucario began with observation.

" a treasure box," Kazooie realized, patting the top of it nonchalantly. Then, her eyes noticed the engraving on the box's top. The chest itself sparkled...almost like glistening water in a fountain.

"Hey, uh, look at this..." she called out, and the three players read the message at the top of the shining box together.

Open the chest...and receive three exemptions at the cost of this whole game...and a deadly 10,000 coins more.

Pose like the final photo...and a bonus gift of 10,000 coins will be added. Then, this final page will be won.

How does this story end?

Joker, Lucario, and Kazooie were silent.

"Three exemptions...that is a very, very big way to secure ourselves into the next episode," Joker began.

"I say we go for it," Kazooie shrugged. "It's not like exemptions aren't important in this game. What a double negative. Haha. Let's do it."

"Indeed...exemptions are very important," Lucario voiced in agreement. But his face changed and he shook his head.

"But so is the goal of our game."

"And that?" Kazooie asked him, not liking the words that were beginning to come out of his mouth.

"To add money to the pot," Lucario spoke to them. Kazooie looked at him, confused.

"The goal of our game is to make it to the end!" Kazooie argued, her face obviously in opposition to the Pokemon's words. "If you don't make it to the end, you won't win this game! Obviously! What's 25,000 coins in the pot even going to do for you if you don't make it to the finish and win, huh?"

"Hold it...just how is adding money to the pot the goal of this game, in your opinion?" Joker questioned Lucario. "I'm surprised you'd prioritize money over everything else."

"By adding money to the pot," Lucario explained to them in a philosophical voice, "we keep our harmony as a team. And by being harmonious...we win against the Mole." Joker made a sound of interest.

"Fair point, Lucario…" Joker began to him. "But...isn't the Mole always winning anyway? Are we not already in their world...always losing?" He looked Lucario in the eye.

"What's the point in trying to beat the Mole? We're simply going to lose to him or matter what. There's really no point in trying. We've already lost, Lucario." The Pokemon was silent at Joker's words. They were philosophical themselves and truly deep...but not in a positive way. It was in a negative speech of negative feelings.

Lucario: I had two players against me. Both wanted destruction. They both wanted the team to lose. And I had no other options. What else could I do?

"I'm afraid I have no other option, then. Apologies, DK." And he unearthed what he had secretly and most covertly picked up and pocketed amidst the chaos of the changing lands and changing pages earlier in their mission on the other island. Like the skilled ninja and high master of stealth and speed himself, he had swiped it earlier, before anyone could take notice of its misplaced existence. Both Kazooie and Joker stared with faces of disbelief at what Lucario was holding to them in his very hands.

"What...just how...?"

"I was going to give this back to him...but I suppose I can use this for the particular purpose at hand," Lucario began. Tongue flopping out, as if teasing and taunting them...he was holding Yoshi's visor.

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LuiasyLover: Yeahhh! Two weeks seemed SO LONG! Dx Sorry for this now 3 weeks, lol. I was getting tired even just reading Part 2 of this episode over and over, hahaha. LOL your display of the players' reactions to Lucina's decisions were so funny ahaha. I do agree, DK's reaction to the PLus 1 was way too big...and more like he got an exemption plus 50,000 coin lol. HAHAHA your summary of Joker' and Lucario's conversation in Bowser's castle was so on point. Lucario was like "die" and and Joker was like "Cool whatevs". Will there be a second ship after Dashclair? We will wait and see :] I totally love how you were looking at the Fly Guys as a clue! They really do seem out of place and it's so unique and interesting to see other beings...BESIDES the players. Yayyyy! I'm glad you're a Yoshi and Yoshi's Story fan! :D I have been a long-time one so we are the same :) eyyyy. Hahaa, so these little clues that may be cues or may not. So what is the truth?

Dark Punxysaur: Very interesting theories on both McHallyboo and DK You are very right that one can still very very well get executed with a Plus 1..and whether DK wearing the Yoshi visor is a clue to him being the Mole or a red herring and he's gone...I cannot say for now :) Yay, I see some great clue hunting by you in your review! :D A very great connection with the hearts in this episode (the speech about Bowser, the heart in the Super Happy Tree) tying into Joker's game and him stealing hearts. Is this a clue pointing to our masked man? Regardless if it is or not, nice find! And yeah, are there clues in the Yoshi story book tales themselves?! You're really thinking hard here and it's perfect as a Mole story reader! You've gotten better :) And not to mention your very eagle-y eyes finding the typos within the chapte! I will award you with your hard work by saying: these are genuine typos! And they will be fixed by the time you read this xD I just want to say I'm impressed with your hunting :) And oh man...your best line: "Did they just diss Snifit?" I AM DEAD. Great find, and thank you for making me laugh a lot xD

Derick Lindsey: You bring up a very interesting point: we know Smash Host might be the brother of MHallyboo, but what exactly IS Smash Host's real name?! That's the mystery we must solve, huh? I do indeed love Yoshi but you mentioning Toadette made me suddenly miss her as well! I TRy not to miss her (seewhat I did there too? Muahaha lol cough). I love how you knew my first fanfic took a lot of inspiration from the Mole US 1 xD I really love how you went deeper and further and analyzed how Peach herself would have reacted to Lucina's refusal: I wholeheartedly agree that peach would have maybe wanted Lucina to have taken the crown for the team. Yeah, after that fiasco, Lucario truly became aware of how powerful that first decision was, lol. "as soon as they suggested to take turns keeping an eye on the details of each page I thought "yep they're screwed" LOL you are so right and I laughed at that. It's like i can imagine you saying that while sighing as the players decided to take that unfortunate unstrategic action xD

LuiasyLover 2 and 3: I don't need three reviews! You're too nice :) wait, I don't even need two! Bahaha! The game involves acting and at the same time no acting! I guess if it's just a snapshot...well, they are more like models, I just realized this very second :O Is the Mole a model then? LOL! Your rage towards Lucario was very palpable in your review! xD Thicc villain makes an appearance once again. Aww, you're so right: maybe the guys are being chivalrous toward the girls here. Bahaha, Wii Fit does love to arue with everyone. It just complicates everything more than it already does, doesn't it? I love how you say in your Suspects list: "I realize Isabelle and Toadette are different!" Because yes! Thougu they are very similar in some way...they are very different personalities as a whole... as time goes by, more character will be revealed :) LOL for your part with Joker/DK: "They uhh...they umm…" LOL I'm dead xD Toadsworth is also confused. And congrats on Ep. 4 of your Mole story! :DDD

P.S. For on time's updating sake, I couldn't properly reply to your 4th review! Dx I'm sorry!...but...I read every single word. And DAMN. I think this review of yours hit the most detective points ever out of all your reviews. I thoroughly was like :O face the entire review. This might have been your best yet. I'm not just saying or exaggerating things, but your cleverness and theories about potential clues was huge. Thank you for writing that, and it was so awesome, I read it twice! :)

Darksymphony777: The plot thickens! I totally loved seeing the hug between McHallyboo and Tiny! I got such happy feelings :) Tiny was such an emotional only makes sense. I loveeee that Wario was tricked by Carpaccio into being in Season 2, that deserves its own backstory, hehe. Piantissimo is coming, nice, okay, so now I see it's a reunion...oh wait...maybe not...what...LOL Eclair is caught up in the pointless of pointless things of all princess things. Tiny is using her intelligence to figure out whether or not McHallyboo is Smash Host, which is an analogy of you trying to pry the info from me huh. see the subtle nod to a potential hidden clue relating to a Mole player's birthday in your story, and the fact that you subtly point it out is artistic in its own way. I love this trio of Tiny, McHallyboo, and Sherry by the way...t's a nice mix :) And WHY IS Piantissimo on a horse? Questions for days, babahaha.

Masking What Remains: I absolutely love, regardless of if they're the Mole or not, when a less suspicious character gets voted for the Mole :) Your case on DK is so valid: the other players and also other readers are just writing him off as a dumb player. I love your tying of Yoshi imagery as symbolism to him possibly being the Mole, and if he is the Mole, then these Yoshi connections are definitely a clue. Wow, super sleuthing skills here! You looked back at Saboteur's Island and Agent's Elevation to see if he appeared?! Amazing :D I'm so flattered too that you looked back at the stories. Funnily if I look back at my chapter hits on those stories for this month, maybe I can pinpoint the unusually-visited random chapters that were visited and conjecture which pages you looked at! That's detective work on my side, isn't it? :)

Cavin856: Such a nice laid-out review! I liked reading it :) Yeah! So, iffff Lucina is the Mole, then her explanation really took the others in hook, crown, and sinker...including Joker too. Hahahaa! I like that you liked the Lucario/Joker castle interaction. This was, on realization, the 3rd time Lucario has been interrogated suddenly by the Joker, bahaa, so he's prob tired. WHAT?! YOU HOSTED A MOLE GAME?! How was it and what platform? :) Also your friend sounds like a good, smart Mole player, I'd have liked to have been his coalition partner haha. Okay, now...let me tell you here...Every time you make huge clue theory revelations like these...referring to your Yoshi's Story pages theory...I get CHILLS. SERIOUS CHILLS. I feel like someone's watching me in the room and I have to look around . The goosebumps are real :) First of all, super nice finding a connection between the coins and 1997 and Yoshi's story! And WOW! And knowing the pages in relation to the actual Yoshi Story game? You know about the land, cave, clouds, jungle, and ocean? I thought it would just be me xD! But I said before, chills with your theory that a large may be absent...anyways overall, you are in a cool theory of progress trying to match the Mole of this season to the past Yoshi as a Mole :) I won't say how much of your theories are real or not, but you were able to give me goosebumps so well done!

amalgamie: Yeah! As self-interested as these players'll be surprised of what sudden or surprising teamworks might come into play : O The game of the Mole is always interesting because characters dynamics and interactions with each other tend to change a lot :) Once-sworn enemies can become friends...and obviously...vice versa. And you are SUPER right about a chaotic mess! That is exactly what the Story Book mission turns out to be :) In fact, that's the whole game! Hahaha.

Mr. Rainbow Dude: Haha, crocodile Lucina is what I thought from your review beginning! xD Nicethinking and analysis that Peach would have been happy with Lucina helping and wearing the crown! Indeed, I'm sure both a reader or a Mole player could come to that conclusion! I see you are picking up the subtle signs of a Lucina x Joker thing happening ;) Whether this will develop more or not, we will definitely see in the next episode or so...if they survive this next chapter. Yeahhh! Yoshi's Story is amazing! :D I choose Yoshi stages a lot for their nostalgic music too! Your boyfriend doesn't like the stages?! Hahaa I understand his viewpoint! xD The Melee Smash stage with the spinning blocks is REALLY small and odd and allows for easy death on the sides or underneath by accident, haha, I'm not the biggest fan myself. I agree that Lucario making Kazooie memorize an entire page WAS not a good decision at all D: bahaa. True, Joker would have been interesting to study if he had his own page...we could see just how he would either help or sabotage the game. Interesting theory of Lucario being the next one booted off! HAHAHA! No don't worry, I actually also treat every execution as death :) You're good. After all, they are dead from the story forever….sniff...

Skerioni Bassio: You finished Episode 3 of Agent's Elevation? Wow you are a super reader! :) How? I like how Lucina was convincing for half a chapter to you and then later you're like "Naww!" lool. So about Lucario and Joker….HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA! I am literally dying here xD It's cause Lucario and Joker's interactions could eaaasily and possiblyyy be interpreted as a sort of sexual tension xD LOL, so what's the truth? I think for these are sorts of things, the readers are to decide for themselves if they are so or not ;) xD You are so right about Isabelle! Indeed a hard nut to crack, and I think you are slowly figuring out that maybee I'm doing this intentionally to make her difficult to figure out. Haha yes, Saboteur Island references ahoy were completely infiltrating this chapter and I'm so glad you liked them! XD And ery interesting execution theories! You are basing Kazooie and DK's possible departures on them as seen not really offering anything new to the table! This has definitely been the case of several characters in my past stories, so we'll see if that holds up :) Anyways, I loved your review! :D

FFWF: Yeahhh! Exactly! :) I like how you realized how different this Story Book mission was from all the previous actiony missions! I wanted this on purpose: I desired a more mentally-challenging mission for the players this time around. This was perfect...but...still, there with still enough drama and fights to make it dramatic in the end xD That can never be avoided. I...commend you. I think you may have been the first and only reviewer of this chapter to mention ANYTHING about DK and his family comment in the castle. Since you acknowledged it, I won't deny it, and I'll commend you :) The level of suspicion of a player always varies from reader to what is the truth here? Very very awesome read and analysis of Lucina being an"heir to Peach". How fascinating to read and very well-analyzed! :) If Lucina is not the Mole, this sounds like an awesome story! Not taking shortcuts to possibly be a winner. I am almost secretly wanting to shout stuff and dying in the inside about you mentioning, "I hope Dark Pit and Joker have more interactions later…" I won't say what, but for now that's all I'll say. Anyways….WOW! What the heck? This was such a clever and well-written review and I'm impressed! I feel like you're just getting smarter and better from now on! :)

CocoTots: Very good point about how if DK is executed next, the arrival order in the beginning of the game becomes the execution order! :o This story is riddled with patterns and clues and riddles, of course, this could potentially be one :) watch out for the next chapter to see whether DK meets his fate or not. Is there a connection between Dk getting the Yoshi visor and Yoshi being a Mole of the past? Hmm...ALSO! There was a mission in Princess Toady's story that was like this one?! I want to know which one :D I don't know where I got the inspiration of the photograph mission, or whether I even did, but I feel like if I was, perhaps I got slightly inspired by a mission on an actual Mole season from the TV series? :o Now I gotta watch them again!