Amai was new in town, it had been a while since he had gone to visit his civilian family. But every day he spent in Konoha made him want to stay there longer. The village was a warm place, and it made him feel like part of a big family. And being able to study Sakura's work was a big plus.

He had some ninja friends he had met in the war, and he'd meet them occasionally. That's how he met the Hokage.

Of course, everyone knew who he was. He had saved the world at the end of the day. And if that wasn't enough, he happened to be a very kind and charming man. Amai would even admit he had had a bit of a crush on him, but that was common. Naruto had a habit of making friends with everyone, even if they disliked him initially.

They happened to have friends in common, some ninjas from his generation. One of those was Inuzuka Kiba, a funny guy inseparable from a cute dog.

"You haven't truly seen all of Konoha until you see the Hokage flying," Kiba said as they were walking down the village.

"I didn't know he could fly," the medic replies wondering how he'd manage to do that.

"It's a different kind of flying, you'll see, " Kiba grins openly.

Two days later he saw it.

It was a different kind of flying, as much as falling down the stairs is running.

"I told you there was an important meeting this morning!" a voice that sounded remotely like a woman yelled. "I'm not your assistant, you know."

"If you were I'd be far more motivated to go to work, and we could close the door to-" the masculine voice was suddenly interrupted.

And that's when he went flying. Amai didn't know if it was intentional, but the Hokage landed rather close to the Hokage tower. Maybe Sakura had been practicing so Naruto could get to his job faster?

The Hokage's wife was as strong as she had a bad temper. Which lead to the Hokage flying from time to time.

It was quite the sight.

Not every day you can see the strongest ninja being thrown around like a ragdoll. It added some charm to the village.

Amai knew who Sakura was, every medic ninja had to know about her and Tsunade.

He met her one day in the hospital for training and accidentally told her about how he used to have a crush on him. Amai kind of expected to go flying too.

"You have bad taste," she told him full of mirth. "He's amazing but so stupid," she sighed lovingly.

And she was right, he could see Naruto was humble and even childish at times.

Not long after he decided to move to Konoha permanently, and it proved to be a smart decision.