Hibari KyoyafemHarry PotterSummary: Caught in the rain in the middle of a patrol, a green eyed stranger invites Kyoya in for some shelter. He follows, intent on gathering information and is pleasantly surprised to find he genuinely enjoys her company.

Kyoya still remembered the day they first met. It was raining buckets. The sky was pouring and the rain was quick to gather into puddles. He would later on find out that a student almost jumped from the roof that day, but that was besides the point.

"Ano sa, prefect-san, would you like to come inside for a while? Just until the rain ends? I could make you tea?"

She was quiet. Kyoya barely heard her approach despite the rain. He was almost surprised by the offer, until he noticed that she was a foreigner. Kyoya didn't recognize her face, was possibly someone who had just moved in. She most likely didn't know him yet, given the lack of terror in her eyes.

Given her newness to the town, it would mean his DC wouldn't have anything on her yet. Despite his reluctance to crowd, now would be optimal time to gather information. If she does live somewhere loud and crowded, well then they'd just have to experience the consequences of breaking the rules in Namimori first hand..

He turned to look at her, gesturing for her to lead. As soon as they entered her house she hurried inside one of the rooms, emerging later with a dry towel for him. She was polite, yet quite, apparently unruffled by Kyoya's lack of verbal responses, and didn't feel the need to fill in the silence herself. When she lead him towards a sitting room Kyoya was pleased to find tatami floors and a low table where he knew Europeans kept couches.

She already had a teapot set on the table, and was moving to get another cup for him. With a gesture Kyoya was invited to sit bt the low table and he joins her.

"I really don't have any sugar, or cream or whatever people put in tea, prefect-san. I prefer mine as is," she said, pouting in worry. Kyoya hummed in approval instead, accepting the cup of strong tea.

"This is preferable," Kyoya said, wrapping long fingers around a warm cup and taking a careful sip, almost sighing as the warmth seeps into his chilled bones. He may be durable but that didn't mean he enjoyed the chill.

They shared the tea in relative silence, all the while Kyoya observed her.

She had very bright green eyes. Somewhat familiar, he was sure he'd seen someone with those green eyes in his school before. Probably a herbivore though, given his lack of memory of said student. Though her hair was very dark, as dark as Kyoya's own, tied up in a way that was more for practicality than any sense of style. What would gather most attention in this little town of theirs was the shape of her face. Definitely foreign, most likely European judging by her accented Japanese.

Finishing his tea, Kyoya decides she might be tolerable company. Not loud, or nosy or bothersome. With good taste in tea. He wouldn't purposefully seek her out, but he would not despise being in her immediate vicinity.

She had definitely just moved to Namimori. Not only were there shipping boxes still stacked inside what Kyoya thinks is a kitchen, her eyes were too distinct to be forgotten. Especially by Kyoya who prioritizes maintaining order in his town and has therefore taken jt upon himself to know everyone who should be in it.

Despite being a foreigner however, she seemed intimately aware of Japanese customs. She had recognized his gakuran, and even served tea the traditional way. She shows preference of these customs aswell, considering the tatami mats and her low table. She also speaks Japanese with a fluency no mere tourist has. She probably has stayed in Japan far longer than she has in Namimori.

"Ah, the rain has stopped," she said softly, breaking him out of his reverie.

"Thank you for the tea," Kyoya nods, getting up and is entirely blind sided by the soft smile she gives him, just as serene but warmer than her earlier passive expression.

"It was no trouble, prefect-san. Do come again if you want," she replied.

"Hibari Kyoya," he said out of impulse.

"Hibari-san, then," she said softly, smiling again. "It was nice meeting you, Hibari-san. I am Hari."

Hibari nods once more, taking to the now wet pavement, oddly at ease. She was okay, for a herbivore