Tags: Arcobaleno-Tsuna, God-Arcobaleno AU

Summary: The arcobaleno have been looking for their sky far longer than the underground has existed. Reborn was not expecting to find her in quiet Namimori of all places.

Gods come and go as needed. They are born mortal, hewn by the wefts and weaves of fate into beings of divinity.

With the birth of the underground world, it attracted power like moths to a flame. Soon the wielders of soul fire have taken over the cossa nostra, forging kingdoms through fire and bloodshed. It has become a place where willpower trumps all. It is therefore, no surprise that most of the worlds gods choose to stay there.

And at the top of it all, stood the mightiest seven. These are the deities governing soulfire itself. Beings of pure flame and willpower.

Despite being some of the oldest gods, they had swiftly risen to power the way no one else had. The way no one else can. Most of their kind had either grown content to be hidden away in whatever corner of the world they'd sequestered themselves to, or too afraid to draw as much attention to themselves as these seven had. However they have come to the day and age where the underground world has learned to shrug off the weird and unexplainable and it serves as a boon to the seven.

Millenia ago, 7 immortals took the duty of guarding the Trinisette. They had the flames to keep the fires that empowered the world going. As they later emerged from hiding, they quickly gained notoriety and awe. People had looked at their matching pacifiers, at the caliber of skill they each seem to have and decided they were one famiglia. They became the World's greatest. The Arcobaleno.

Still, something was missing. Everyone noticed how the Arcobaleno had two rains, but no sky. Many a sky from all over the world had tried to court them but really, what mortal could hold the seven most powerful beings in all of existence within their flames?

No, instead the Sky pacifier had been held by Sepira's line. A fallen god, who had succumbed to humanity. Who had shed her divinity to fall in love, grow a family. And when no one could be found to hold the pacifier, her eldest daughter came to them, willing to hold the pacifier. She came to them with visions of a sky who would burn so bright and pure, she would change the world. This sky has yet to come, and until she does, she will hold the pacifier, passing it down to her daughter and their daughters who will hold it till their sky is born.

They agreed and in return they protected and provided for the mortal woman who was brave and selfless enough to sacrifice herself for the world. One day a time will come when her daughters would be free to live long lives in peace.

Years and years later, Reborn finds himself in what was supposed to be a typical tutoring job for Vongola nono. He had trained the rascal himself, and multitudes of others at this point. It's a job he enjoys, really. It is in his sun's nature to be a nurturer. To promote growth. Sometimes, he just needs to pick out the weeds so his garden would grow better.

He reads the files on Sawada Tsunami, and minutely despairs over how much work he has ahead of him. Still he is a perfectionist, and if Nono has called for him then the girl must have something going for her. He reads the part about the seal, and wonders if he needs to have another lesson with Timoteo Vongola, one last time before heading to Japan.

The seal explains most of the issues with her, honestly. He'd need to gradually weaken them, so he doesn't accidentally overload he.

He already has training schedules planned. Even remedial study sessions and possible training trips to be had. All of it is of course blown out of the water when he meets wide chocolate brown eyes.

The way his flames instinctively surge to reach out and wrap around her knocks the breath out of him. A sinking feeling settles in his chest even as they are introduced.

The disconcerting feeling of howemptyblankwrongwrongwrongshe feels and how sharply his flames keen at the back of his mind solidifies what he has sensed. What hereallywants to deny.

She's the goddess. The sky goddess they've been looking for.

And Timoteo has sealed her.

When all of this is over, he and Reborn will be having along chatabout just why you should never seal skies.