Chapter 53 – Jesse Flynn

June 27th saw the fourth wedding that came out of the most epic Selection of all times. But it was the second prince to get married: Valerian and Odessa had themed their wedding on the pink roses that had made their story true. If Essie had had a pink rose for every single time she'd spent time with the prince, she'd have had the most out of all the girls on Val's list by the end of the Selection.

Everything was so pink! The bouquet was pink, the bridesmaid's dresses – worn by Yuna, Ximena, and Nevaeh – were mix-and-match pink, the invitation had been written on pink paper in pink envelopes with a golden seal; all the decorations were made of pink roses and peonies, and Jesse thought it was just so soft. And so them! Even their wedding rings were made of rose gold…

Odessa was wearing the fluffiest tulle wedding dress, making her seem like she was floating just above the ground, and she was wearing a silver and diamond leaf headpiece. Valerian was in a nicely cut tuxedo, and they looked completely in love. Neither one of them was able to look anywhere else than at each other during the whole ceremony.

The pastor even had to ask the question twice because none of them was listening, which made the whole congregation laugh, and the couple blush furiously. Odessa started a fit of giggles, and it took her a good five minutes to calm down, after which the pastor said his question again, for the third time.

This time, they both listened and said I do.

What a relief it was! Jesse's abs still hurt from laughing, but at least their marriage was done in good humor, laughter, and love. He looked at his wife next to him who was getting bigger and bigger by the week. At almost eight months pregnant, she was beautiful, if a tiny bit moody at times.

After the ceremony, all the guests – which included all the Selected who wanted to come back, the wedding serving as an unofficial Selection reunion – headed towards the Palace where a large garden party was waiting for them. Tables under white canopies laden with foods and drinks; balloons, flowers, tulle, and more; there were even kids – cousins from Midston – playing in the fountain, ruining their clothes, but having the time of their life.

"I wish I could do that, too," Nevaeh said, sipping on some sparkling water. "My feet are killing me."

Jesse looked at his wife's feet: they were indeed swollen, though she had insisted upon wearing heels. "Do you want me to get you a basin of cold water to soak your feet in?" he asked, ready to dash inside the Palace or ask a footman for a basin.

"No!" she hissed. "Are you crazy? How would that make me look?"

"Like a normal pregnant woman," Jesse replied. "Look at Ximena: she's sitting on a chair with her feet up, under a parasol."

"Well I'm not the future queen of Illéa and I can't do that." She huffed and finished her glass in one gulp. "If I want to put my feet up, I'll go inside."

"As you wish, Milady," Jesse replied. He looked at a group of Selected under a parasol: Morrigan, Emelda, Abigail, Jenissa, and Leigh. They were all talking with Nathan, who had finally decided to come back from France, only a week ago. They were all sipping on champagne or red wine, and seeming to have lots of fun. But from what he could see and had been observing since the beginning of the wedding party, Nathan had eyes for only one of the girls, even though he was surrounded by many beautiful women. Jesse kept that in mind.

By the time half of the guests had left the afternoon garden party to go home, it was time for the remaining 150 VIP guests to head to another part of the garden where long tables had been prepared for the banquet.

Jesse followed the group of people, thinking that he was really getting used to this life of luxury parties. Being now part of the extended Royal Family, he had access to all of this. And though people still saw him as Jesse Flynn, the Report Host, he had still become a Duke when he married Nevaeh. Honestly, if someone had told the teenage YouTuber he would be a Duke one day, he would have laughed at them – but also he'd be super excited because he was obsessed with the royal family.

"Hello, Jesse," someone said, bringing him out of his thoughts.

"Yuna!" Jesse said. "What a delightful sight!" He had already noticed her during the ceremony as a Bridesmaid and the garden party but hadn't gone to talk to her yet, since she was catching up with some of the ex-Selected.

Yuna smiled softly. "Do you know where Nevaeh is? I've been looking for her, but I can't find her…"

"Oh, she's right–" Jesse looked around him. "Wait. She was with me a few minutes ago." He put a hand on her arm. "You know what? I'll go look for her and I'll tell her to go find you, okay?"

"Thank you," Yuna said. She dipped into a small curtsy and walked away.

Woah. Did Yuna just curtsy to me? Yup. Jesse shook himself out of that daze and retraced his steps to the other part of the garden, where he had last seen Nevaeh. But apart from footmen and Maids who were already cleaning up the place, there was no one. "I'm sorry," he said to a maid. "Have you seen the Duchess?"

"Yes, sir," the young woman said, bobbing into a curtsy as well. "Your wife is near the rose garden."

"Thanks," he said, heading over there. Of course, she would be there. He should have thought about it in the first place. She had been going there more and more lately, especially since her grandmother had passed away.

He walked slowly on the gravel path so she would hear him coming and not scare her. She was sitting on a white ornate metallic garden chair near the pink roses – the queen mother's favorites – and just doing nothing. She was still holding on to a glass of half-finished lemonade and staring into space.

"Hey, babe?" he said, coming up behind her and putting a hand on her shoulder. "Are you okay?"

"Hm?" Nevaeh looked up and smiled at him. "Yeah, I'm okay…" she trailed off. "I just needed to be alone for a little while." She sighed, running a finger on a delicate rose petal. "I just feel close to her, when I'm here, you know?"

Jesse nodded. "Yeah, I know." He crouched next to her and they leaned their heads together, not talking for a couple of minutes. "It's time to join the others for the dinner," he said. "And Yuna was looking for you, earlier."

"Oh? Right, I need to go talk to her, it's been a long time."

Jesse stood and helped his wife up as well.

"I can't wait to have this baby out," she mumbled. "I feel like the fattest cow in the universe."

Jesse chuckled softly and placed a kiss on her cheek. "The most beautiful cow in the universe." Nevaeh slapped his arm, but she laughed, too, as Jesse helped her walk to the banquet area. They made it to their designated seats, and Nevaeh was happy to see that she was seated next to Yuna! On Jesse's other side were Henri and Pallas – who, by the way, was wearing a magnificent diamond engagement ring!

"Oooh," Jesse said, elbowing Henri playfully. "You popped the question?"

"Of course!" he said. "I was not letting her get away." He winked at Jesse and both men chuckled.

"When's the wedding?"

"We don't know yet," Henri said with his French accent. "I asked her just a couple of days ago, but we'll probably wait until she's done with her studies. She still has one year to go to finish her MBA."

"I see." Jesse leaned back on his chair. "Hey, Pallas," he said. "Now that you're out of the Selection, engaged – congratulations, by the way – and on your way to finishing your MBA, can we finally know what you're planning? You've always been so secretive about it…"

Pallas and Henri shared a look and nodded. "Fine, I can tell you," she said, leaning her elbows on the table so she could look at Jesse with Henri between them. "I'm going to– I mean, we are going to start our own company that will manufacture new technology. We want to help people get jobs faster and be able to give more jobs to those who need them most."

"I see," Jesse said. "That's actually really cool! Why did you always keep that a secret?"

Henri wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "Because ma chérie is way too humble and didn't want anyone thinking she was that smart." He looked at his fiancée and kissed her lightly on her lips. "But with both our knowledge," he said turning back to Jesse, "we've come up with something pretty cool."

"Yeah, and we already have a name for our company," Pallas said, "and it's already reserved and it's copyright."

"Oooh," Jesse said, rubbing his hands together. "Tea. What's the name you came up with?"

"Pallas Industries", Pallas said proudly.

"Ooh I like that name!" he said. Then someone on the other side of Pallas called her and Henri, and Jesse was left 'alone' with his new tea. He quickly wrote it down in his phone and decided he would try to get as many post-Selection stories from the ex-Selected that were at the wedding.

"How's the baby?" Yuna asked his wife. Jesse knew he shouldn't be eavesdropping, but he couldn't help it. And it was his baby, too! So he could listen to the conversation, right?

"I can't wait to have him in my arms," Nevaeh said. "But he's doing fine."

"May I?" Yuna asked before putting her hand on her belly.

"Of course." She guided her best friend's hand on a spot of her belly where the baby was kicking. "Can you feel him?"

Yuna smiled. "Yeah!" She felt the kick for a few silent seconds before taking away her hand. "Do you already have a name?" she asked.

Nevaeh looked at Jesse and both laughed softly. "We have a few in mind, but we still need to decide on the final one."

"Well, I can't wait to meet the nugget," she said softly.

"Peanut," Jesse corrected. "Nugget is the Royal Baby."



Nathan hadn't even come home for his grandmother's funeral. He couldn't. It wasn't that he was too far or in jail or anything. No, Nathan didn't want to deal with family, death, love, or babies. And frankly, all of that would have been mixed up in one big mash, and he still wasn't ready for it.

Yes, okay, he might have overreacted when he terminated the Selection, back in January. But Nathan Alexander Schreave did not fall in love. Nathan Alexander Schreave did not have feelings. Nathan Alexander Schreave was a man who took and did not give back. He was a man who used. A man with absolutely no strings attached.


At least that's how he had started the Selection. When his mother told him he'd have to go through that, the first thing that went through his mind was: Yesss. More women. More sex. More fun. And yes, it had been going on like that for a few months. Then the numbers had dwindled down because his mother wanted him to eliminate one girl each week. He had done that. Or at least he'd tried to do that. It was easy at first. But then he had to send friends home. Friends.

What an unfamiliar word on his tongue… Fine, they were friends with benefits, but friends nonetheless. Damnit! Even Henri had 'fallen in love' with Pallas. Henri, his buddy! His pal! His best friend! Pfft. No. Nathan would not go down this low. Never.

So, instead of indulging his mother and choosing a girl – because he could have chosen one; heck, she never left his thoughts, even on the other side of the planet – he had decided to run. Run away from his feelings, for one, and run away from his mother's clutches and her threat.

"I'll personally make sure to cut off your balls," she had said that one time if he ever got a woman pregnant. So Nathan had made sure to get a vasectomy, though he still used condoms for STDs, and for the fun of a glow-in-the-dark lightsaber…

But now he was back in Illéa because Valerian had begged him to come. He hadn't wanted to come and had originally rsvp-ed NO to the wedding invitation. Which resulted in him getting a phone call from the bride-to-be herself. He honestly couldn't have imagined one second the sweet and soft Odessa actually threatening him to come because his brother was so sad to do this alone. She told him that he had wanted to have Nate as his Best Man, but couldn't even ask him that because he was so far away.

Nathan's heart had ripped open. Yes, yes; he did have a heart when it came to his baby brother. So he had finally decided to come home, surprising Val with a souvenir from France: a navy blue wool beret.

Valerian hugged his brother so fierce that Nathan almost cried, himself. Almost. But not quite.

"I'm here, little brother," he said.

"But you said you weren't coming!"

"Yeah, well… I changed my mind." He had winked and watched him open the gift. When Valerian grinned from ear to ear and had put the hat on his head, Nathan knew he had made the right choice to listen to Odessa.

And then he had stood by his brother in the cathedral, along with two others of Val's friend in the groom's wedding party, but he hadn't even listened to the ceremony. No. His eyes were fixed on her. The woman who had haunted his thoughts for the past six months. She was dressed in a perfectly perfect dress that was revealing her thigh practically all the way up, making him want to do things to her that he had daydreamed about more times than he could count.

But being in a church, he tried to suppress those thoughts for the time being and to keep those in mind for later. Surely, they would be able to find a moment to slip away, right?

It turned out that this moment arrived between the last dish and dessert… He was looking at her during the whole banquet, and he couldn't take his eyes away. More than once, she met his eyes, smiling at him.

But Nathan couldn't take it anymore and when she looked up at him after the last dish was taken away, Nathan made a quick gesture with his chin, hoping that she would understand. She did. She nodded and excused herself from the table she was at before heading inside the palace. Nathan counted to twenty in his head before following her inside. She was waiting at the bottom of the grand staircase, checking her nails.

"It took you some time," Jenissa Stark said. "I thought you'd never ask."

Nathan grinned and wrapped his arm around her thin waist. "Shall we, Milady?"

She met his eyes with a sly grin and they walked up the stair, slowly, not wanting to attract any attention and to enjoy every moment that would bring them back together. "Your place or my place?" she whispered.

"I didn't know you still had your place, here," he teased. "Pretty sure that room is already taken by some random guest. My place."

Jenissa grinned and they made it up the third floor without even a kiss, holding off for as long as they could. But once they had stepped into his room – also known as the Star Wars Temple – and closed the door behind them, they just stood there, facing each other.

"Aren't you going to undress me?" she asked, a hand on her hip. She looked at him from under her long lashes.

"I've been wanting to do so for some time," he said, taking a step towards her. He had waited for so long to have her in his arms and in his bed, he could wait a few moments more and take his time. They stood close to each other, close enough to breathe each other's wine-tinted breaths. He kept his eyes on hers while searching for the zipper of her dress. When he found it, he unzipped it slowly, running his fingers on her skin as it went down.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered.

Jenissa just stared at him. "Nathan. Are you alright? Why are you so slow?"

"Because I want to savor every second," he replied, his breath hitching in his chest. "I've missed you so much and I've never stopped thinking about you when I was gone and now that you're actually here and that I can touch you, I'm afraid you're going to vanish into thin air."

Jenissa rolled her eyes and untied his bowtie. "We don't have all night," she said. "I came for the cake. So either we do this now, or we don't and we can go get cake."

Nathan frowned. "Jen, what's wrong?" he asked, his little heart being ripped out and trampled.

Jen sighed and tried to zip her dress back on. "You ran off, that's what!" she burst out. "And not a single word from you for six months! And now you want to hook up and be romantic?" She huffed. "You should have done this six months ago."

"Jen, wait," he said, grabbing her wrist before she could run away. "You have no idea what I've been through, in France. I thought of you every single day and night. So excuse me for wanting to savor every minute I have with you now and not just hook up, because I don't know when's the next time I'll see you."

That stopped Jen in her tracks and she stared at him. "No way," she whispered, shaking her head in dismay. "Are you sure you don't have any fever?" she asked, putting a hand on his forehead.

"I'm pretty sure I don't," he said.

Jen took a step in his direction and noticed that he wasn't just holding her wrist: he had laced his fingers with hers. "Why did you run away?" she asked softly.

"To not fall in love," he replied.

"And did that work?"

"I loved you since the very first moment I left…" He looked at his feet, ashamed to be admitting something he had so desperately not wanted to do. He had always been terrified of love and of falling in love. But the pain in his heart had been so high that it must only have been love… right?

"Damn, you're screwed," she said softly, closing the gap between them. "And so am I, aren't I?"

Nathan nodded and gently leaned in, pressing his lips against hers; they were so warm, soft, round, and tasting of red wine. It felt like a first kiss – the first-ever real kiss to a woman– no, THE woman he loved. Could he really be in love with her? The smart, beautiful, witty, incredible, and Jedi-lover woman? Yes.

He unzipped her dress again as she undressed him, too, but not in too much a hurry – the cake forgotten for the moment – before they ended up on his bed, tangled in the sheets and both panting and sweating.

When they were done, they didn't move, simply staying there in each other's arms. He ran the tip of his fingers on the length of her back, tracing every bump of her spine. Goosebumps rose on her skin and she giggled at the ticklish sensation.

"Did you really think of me, when you were in France?" she asked, making two fingers walk over his chest.

"Every day," he said. "Except when I was passed out from too much drinking."

She tutted at that.

"What have you been doing, these past six months?" he asked, pushing away some of her hair away from her face.

"Music, mostly," she replied. "But guess what?" She propped herself up on her elbow.


"I've been hired – and I signed my contract a month ago – to compose the whole soundtrack for the next Star Wars trilogy!"

"What? That's amazing!" he said. "You mean for Episodes XIII, XIV, and XV?"


"Oh, wow!" He kissed her deeply. "You've been busy, I see…"

"Yes, but I guess it helped that I got famous being a Selected and writing a piece for Val's birthday and Silas' wedding." She giggled. "Speaking of Val… did you notice that our first time was during Val's birthday? And that now it's Val's wedding?"

"Huh," Nathan said, putting an arm behind his head. "We're going full circle."

Jen smiled and then climbed on top of him…


The next morning, Jesse and Nevaeh got up to take part in the brunch. Only close friends and family had stayed the night, and they entered the dining room, heading to the buffet table to start filling up their plates.

"Hey, what are you two still doing here?" Jesse heard Ximena say, and he turned around with a half-filled plate: Val and Essie were walking into the dining room, hand in hand. "Shouldn't you be already on the plane to your honeymoon?" the Princess continued.

"Yeah, but we decided to sleep in," Val said, "and now we're just stopping by to say goodbye before we leave." He flashed them all a smile.

"Aw, you guys are so adorable," Nathan said, walking in with his hair completely messed up. "You said goodbye, now go enjoy yourselves," he added, wiggling his eyebrows at them.

Val pushed him playfully, blushing all the way to the tip of his ears. "Shut up, man."

Nathan sniggered and went to the buffet table to pile waffles on his plate, which he topped with whipped cream and strawberries. The queen and Tobias said goodbye to Val and Essie and then they were on their way to the Caribbean Sea for a two-week private cruise. Both had wanted to do that for years, so they decided to do that for their honeymoon.

The Royal family sat around the breakfast table.

"Where is Jenissa?" Silas asked his brother. "We saw you leaving a few seconds after her and none of you came back."

Nathan shot him a surprised look. "Since when have you been interested in my sex life?" he asked. "But… I don't know, she was gone when I woke up."


"Why don't you go run after her?" Silas said. "She's maybe still at the airport."

Nathan hesitated a second or two before replying. "Pfft. That's the most clichéd thing in the book ever." He forked a big piece of waffle into his mouth. "Nah, I'm good."

"Nathan," Silas said, serious. "Look at me." The crown prince waited for Nathan to look up at him. And honestly, everyone was curious about what he was going to tell him: even the queen had no idea what was happening.

Nathan looked up, curious, too, as to what his brother was going to tell him. And in front of everyone, no less!

"I know you've been running away from your feelings and from everything here," he started. "But you're about to be an uncle to a little nugget. And I don't want my daughter to have a crazy uncle who drinks and sleeps around. I want her to grow up among responsible adults." He paused just a second. "And I will not let you ruin your chances with Jenissa if you really love her. So run after her and be done with it."

Everyone stared at Silas: no one had ever given Nathan a piece of their mind on his crappy lifestyle like this. And especially not Silas.

"A little girl?" Nathan asked, his food forgotten. "A niece?"

Silas and Ximena exchanged a glance. "Yes. Did no one tell you?"

"…No," he said. "I mean, I knew you guys were pregnant, but I didn't–" Nathan stopped short and took a deep breath. Clearly, he was trying not to cry. "I'm gonna have a niece," he said softly before sobbing like a baby in front of everyone. Without a word, he walked out of the dining room, typing something on his phone and then putting it to his ear. "Damnit," Jesse and the others heard him say. "She's already flying, I'm getting to her voice mail!"

"Just take the jet!" the queen said. "You could arrive before her in Labrador and wait for her there…"

"Right." He made two steps out of the dining room but then came back. "Wait, I can't! Val is already taking the jet to Clermont!"

"Go with them! They can't be far," his mother said. "The pilot will drop you off in Labrador after Clermont."

"Hell, no," Nathan said. "I'm not tagging along on their honeymoon." He kicked at the wall closest to him. "Damnit!"

"I'll drive you," Jesse offered. He quickly glanced over at his wife, and she nodded, squeezing his arm.

"Really…" Nathan said, slightly dubious. "You'd do that for me?"

"Don't get too emotional, Nate," Nevaeh said. "Jesse's a reporter first and foremost, and he's going after the juiciest tea."

"Of course." Nathan rolled his eyes. "But right now, I really need a ride, so tea or not, I'm taking Jesse up on that offer."

Jesse finished his coffee in one gulp – burning his tongue in the process – and wiped his mouth with his fancy napkin. "All right. Let me just go grab my keys, and I'll meet you in the car in ten minutes. Okay?"

"Dude, you're a lifesaver. I owe you one." Then, he turned to Nevaeh and kissed her hand. "Thank you, my lady, for lending me for husband and your car for a few days."

Nevaeh nodded. "Yes, well… Go get your girl, now."

Nathan smirked, bid goodbye to everyone, and quickly went to his room to grab some stuff for the trip: cigarettes, some spare clothes for him and Jesse that he stuffed into a bag, some toiletries – he honestly didn't know how long it would take them to get there – and Jen's old application form where she had written her address.

Fifteen minutes later, the two men were in the car, a duffle bag, and a food-and-drinks basket haphazardly thrown on the backseat.

Jesse typed in Jenissa's address in Toronto into his GPS.

"You will reach your destination in 38 hours," it said in its robotic voice.

"Wow… 36 hours. That's– quick?" Nathan said. "I mean. Illéa is quite big…"

"Nathan, you are aware that I can't drive for 38 hours straight. I'll need to sleep and eat and all that. Especially since I'm the only driver out of the two of us." He turned on the engine and drove out of the Palace grounds, through the golden gates, and headed towards the Interstate-15 that would take them through Las Vegas first.

"Yeah, I know. As long as we get there in one piece and not in a month, I'm fine."

They both chuckled and Nathan put on some music for the ride. Jesse quickly stopped at a gas station to fill up his car before the four-hour ride to the first stop of their trip. According to the GPS, they would be arriving there a little before 2 p.m., not counting a small break in the middle

"But seriously, though," Nathan said, after a while. "How long do you think it's gonna take us to get there?"

Jesse shrugged. "Honestly? I have no idea." He looked at the road for a moment, making sure he could insert himself in the traffic before answering. "Considering I need to take a short break every 2 or 3 hours to pee, eat, drink, or stretch my legs, and that I need to sleep at least a few hours once in a while, I'll let you do the math."

All in all, it took them almost three days to get there and they arrived on Tuesday, at midnight in front of her apartment building. Jesse was exhausted and all he wanted to do was curl up on the back seat and fall asleep. He had been driving since 5 that morning with only a few breaks for eating and stretching his legs. 15 hours of driving was a bit too much, but when they found themselves in Detroit it was only 7 p.m., and Jesse pushed forward to get Nathan to his girl.

Nathan just sat in the car, staring at the building.

"Well? What are you waiting for?" Jesse asked, yawning. "I didn't just drive 15 hours for you to stall now." Yes, he was a little bitter, but he was tired, okay?

"Yeah, sorry," Nathan said. He took a deep breath. "What do I say?"

"Oh, come on!" Jess replied, rolling his eyes and holding back another yawn. "You had three days to figure that out!"

Nathan snorted. "Geeze, chillax, man. I'm going. Fine." He opened the door and stepped out, looking one last time at Jesse over his shoulder who made shooing motions with his hands.

As much as Jesse wanted to come along and see what would happen at her door, he wanted to sleep more. They'd have the whole ride back for Nathan to give him the juicy details.


Nathan took a deep breath as he entered the building. He had found her name on a mailbox and figured out which floor she lived on. It was midnight. Would she still be up? probably. Would she be there? He wasn't so sure about that, but since it was the middle of the week, there was a higher chance that she was. He climbed the stairs, figuring out in his mind was he was going to tell her.

Arriving on the sixth's floor, he was out of breath – why he hadn't taken the elevator was still a mystery to him – and he stood in front of her door, waiting for his breathing to calm down and for his heart to slow down a little. It didn't, but that wasn't due to his climbing the stairs.

He held his finger an inch from the doorbell, debating with himself. The demon on his left shoulder told him it was ridiculous, that she had just been a several-night-stand kinda gal, that she had her own career to take care of, and that he didn't deserve her, that he should go back to LA and never think of her again.

The angel on his right shoulder said something else: that he had finally found his heart and the missing piece to it, that they would be the sexiest royal couple in the world and that he loved her and the sex and that–

Yeah, that tipped the scales for him and he pressed his finger on the button, making the bell ring on the other side of the door. He waited, anxiously, his palm becoming sweaty. Was he really doing this?


Yep, he was.

"Nathan?" Jenissa's eyebrows shot up to her hairline. She looked into the hall outside then back at him, all while holding her two dogs back so they wouldn't run out and back into the building. "What in Obi Wan'sname are you doing here?" she whispered so as not to wake the neighbors. "Wait, come in," she said.

Nathan obliged, and he couldn't quite keep his eyes off her: she was wearing a silk burgundy nightgown with black lace on the edges and big fluffy black slippers. Also, those dogs were so cute! There was a German Shepherd and a Husky, who seemed to be much younger than the other one, and they were sniffing Nathan's hands and pants and jumping around, excited.

"What are you doing here?" she asked again.

"I drove all the– Wait, no. Jesse drove me all the way here since Sunday morning. When I woke up you were gone!"

She narrowed her eyes at him. "You drove here? Where's Jesse?"

"Probably passed out in the car of exhaustion."

She snorted. "Why didn't you take your jet?"

"Because Val and Essie were using it to go on their stupid honeymoon. And I didn't want to wait a minute more before coming after you."

"You know, taking the next flight for Toronto would have gotten you here a lot faster," she said. "Do you want to drink something? It's wine o'clock!"

"Jen– wait," Nathan said. "I don't want wine, right now. I just–" He took a deep breath and walked over to her, putting his hands on her shoulders – damn her skin was warm and soft. "Let me say what I came here to say."

"Okay…" she looked up at him

"I told you that I couldn't stop thinking about you when I was in France. And then when I saw you again at the wedding, I just- I was so excited, I didn't know you'd be there." He paused. "And then we made love and we spent the night together and I thought that we'd–"

"Nathan," she said softly.

"What? Oh, God. Please tell me you don't have a boyfriend…" He let go of her and closed his eyes. Why hadn't he thought of that before? He also took a step away from her, ready for the blow.

"Nathan," she said again, putting a hand on his cheek. "I left early because I didn't want to deal with… all this." She paused. "I also couldn't keep you away from my thoughts ever since you fled to France." She laughed softly. "I don't even know how many times I wanted to text you a Star Wars meme I found funny, or just to send you sexy texts and hear your voice…" she trailed off, taking her hand away from his face and sitting on the couch. Her two dogs sat by her feet, wondering what was happening to their human.

"I did the same," he admitted. "But I deleted the texts every single time." He sat on the couch next to her. "Jen– I–" he chuckled awkwardly, then leaning towards her to kiss her like this was the last kiss ever. She kissed him back and leaned back on the couch, inviting him on top of her. When he broke the kiss to breathe, she smiled.

"When you said May The Force Be With You," she whispered, "I thought you never wanted to see me again…"

"I didn't know what I wanted then," he said. "But now I do. And all I want is you."

"Really," she said suspiciously. "Mr-I-Sleep-With-Every-Living-Female suddenly wants only one woman?"

"I'm afraid, so, yes," he admitted. "Because I'm in love with her, and there is nothing and no one else that I want more in my life." He pushed himself off of her. "Oh, and we're having a niece. Did you know that?"

"We?" she barked out a laugh that made her dogs jump. "Aren't you going a bit too fast? And no, they didn't reveal the gender to the public," she said.

"Oh. Uhm…" he ran a hand through his hair. "I thought– We, uhm–"

"Nate," she said. "If you really want there to be a WE, we need to think things through."

Nathan sighed. He really thought it would have been easier. How did Silas just ask Xi and she said yes? And Val? How did he do it? "Fine."

"But first, go get Jesse so he can sleep in an actual bed and not in his car, and we'll talk about it in the morning, yes? I can tell from your tired eyes that you haven't slept much in the past couple of days." She stood. "I'll go prepare a bed for him."

"And for me?" he asked, standing as well.

"You'll share mine, duh." She winked at him and Nathan went to go get Jesse, deciding that he would carry him to bed if he was passed out, sleeping. It was the least he could do after what Jesse had done for him…

UWU. NATHAN FINALLY DID IT. and yes, most of you had guessed correctly lmaooo.

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