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Chapter One


Faith was sitting in her bed, looking happy but exhausted. All the tensions due to her pain were gone, though she felt as if she had cross hell. Her breathe was only calming down, and her eyes could tell that she was craving for sleep, but nothing could have erase the smile on her face. Jem was smiling back at her, his right hand keeping Faith close, while he was supporting his daughter with the other arm. Una, who had find refuge in a corner after the birth, eager to give some privacy to the young couple, was looking at the scene with a relieved expression. She would have gladly escape in the kitchen, but Faith's look had been so imploring that the young girl hadn't thought a bit more about leaving her sister.

"Go tell them, I am sure that they're all anxious to hear the news, downstairs" Faith smiled towards Jem.

"I'm going, but I'll leave her here, I'm afraid that if I take her with me, they will all choke her by their excitation, she is safer with you" The young man replied, looking as happy as his young wife, though a bit more anxious. "You're sure you don't want me to stay? Let me check again .."

"Jem, I was a nurse, during the war, remember?" Faith cringed. "Besides, Una is with me, I am safe, and so is our daughter, don't worry".

"Alright, but right after I tell them, we'll check on your pulse" The young man said, before giving her their daughter and kissing his wife forehead. Then, turning to Una : "Are you sure you don't mind ...".

He did not finished his answer, but the young girl understood, and smiled back. Reassured by this silent answer, Jem nodded, and after a last glance towards his wife and daughter, he went out, closing the door behind him. Faith sunk into the pillows, wedged in her back, and sighed deeply as she closed her eyes. Una came closer, before anxiously asking "Do you need something? I can go and ask some water if you like".

Faith opened her eyes and looked at her sister, before smiling and answering "No, don't worry, it's just ... Delivering a baby is not a piece of cake, if you pass me the expression. Please, do sit down, here, on the bed, like when we were children" she added, as her voice broke a bit.

"Faith, is everything alright?" Una asked, sitting as she was told.

"When I lose my waters, I couldn't help but repeat to mysellf 'No, it can't be, please, it can't be, it's too soon', and I was so scared to lose her. But now, now that she is safe, I feel so tired, and still afraid" The young woman whispered. "Don't get me wrong, I am happy, but gosh, Una, I am so scared, I don't even know where to begin".

This confession surprised Una. Even in the hardest moments of her life, even when they thought that the worst had happen to Jem, Faith would never have tell the fear she felt. Even during the birth, Faith was the one who kept making jokes, between two contractions, while Jem would be both anxious and excited, though fully concentrate on the labor. But now, Faith's eyes were full of worries, full of questions, full of fear. Una pressed her sister's hand : "I am sure it will be fine, Faith. You will be a wonderful mother, and .."

"How can I be, when our mother left before I could learn from her? I know we have Rosemary, and I love her, really I do, but it's not the same. Last night, just before I went into labor, I couldn't help but think about her. And I am lost, Una, I don't know where to begin. I know I will give everything to my daughter, but I don't want to be the perfect mother, I know I can't be, you know me ..."

"And that is exactly why I trust you, Faith" Una whispered, keeping her sister's hand in hers. "Don't worry, everything will be alright. You were a kind of mother to Carl and I before, and you did brilliantly. You'll do brilliantly again, Faith, I promise".

Tears were rolling on Faith's cheeks, though she was trying to hide them. Crying never had been her cup of tea, and she hated when her emotions took over. How many times during her pregnancy she had faced those moments. And now it was starting again. She pressed back her sister hand, trying to smile and to recover from this moment. "You are so kind Una. I wouldn't have been able to do it without you". She felt a bit remorseful, remembering Una's scared look when she had asked her to stay during the birth.

"I'm quite sure of the contrary" The young girl blushed, embarrassed. "I wasn't of any help, I only hold your hand, everyone could have done that"

Faith shook her head, smiling. "No Una, you didn't just hold my hand. But if you want to speak about it, only you could be brave enough to bare it, and my screams. Can you imagine Jerry doing it? He would have passed out at the first contraction, even before, and Jem would have been force to reanimate him, and I would have give birth alone, can you imagine the picture?" She said laughing, feeling a bit better, quickly joined by her sister. They suddenly heard some clamor downstairs, and Faith smiled, before turning back to Una : "Do you want to hold her?" Now that her hormones and fear were letting her a bit of rest, she was regaining her old self.

"I'm not sure .." Una replied, feeling her anxiety rising back.

"Don't worry, I'm here, and she don't risk anything, I trust you" Faith said, before giving her the little girl, who had fall asleep. "See? She did not wake up, she feel safe with you".

Una, on her side, was not feeling safe at all, but then, looking at the little girl who was quietly resting, she started to relax. Faith smiled again. "You are wonderful, Una".

"In this case, this apply more to you" Her sister answered. "I am not the one who gave birth, three weeks before term."

Faith said nothing for a moment, looking thoughtfully at her sister and daughter. She was about to say something, something she wanted to discuss with Una, but footsteps echoed in the stairs, and the door was opened by Jem. He was holding a tray, on which Faith saw some flowers, an enormous piece of chocolate cake, and cup of tea. She kept silent, and her attention turned to the scene.

"It's from everybody downstairs, I said that you were fine, but Susan looked in the same way that she did, years ago, when I swore at church, so I choose to surrender and take the cake and the tea. I am sure she could have shoot me if she had been able to, or chase me like she did to Whiskers-on-the-moon. Anyway, they all send their love, and they'll come back tomorrow to see you and the baby" Jem announced, putting it on a table close to the bed. "They wanted to come and greet you today, but I knew you were tired, and I didn't wanted them to frighten her" He added, as Una was giving him his daughter back. "How are you feeling?"

"Better" Was the answer, as the young woman was looking to her sister, knowingly.

If he did not understood what these words and glances were referring to, Jem felt that he had forgotten something and, turning toward his sister in law, he said with a deep gratitude "Una, you were amazing during the birth, really, thank you for everything. You look a bit pale, though, are you feeling alright?"

She nodded, smiling shyly. Her sister did not say anything, but something crossed her mind, and she couldn't help but ask herself what her sister's life would be like if Walter hadn't been killed in action during the war. It was just a thought, but it moved her a bit. She knew her sister, and she knew that she was still grieving this loss, years after. On impulse, she pressed her sister's hand again, like when they were children and Faith wanted to comfort her sister after a bad dream, or a bad day. Una recognized this way, and looked a bit surprised, but she did not moved her hand. Jem, occupied to examine his daughter's health, did not remarked anything.

It was nothing, really, but on that moment, Faith promised to herself that, in one way or another, she would help her sister to come back to life. She just needed time to find a solution. Jem's voice interrupted her thoughts, causing her to burst out of laughter : "Faith, I really need to check your pulse, you know it's important. Why are you laughing, it's serious, Faith! Come on, give me your wrist".

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