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Character Profile

Name: Selesdria Butterfly

Other names: the Pale Butterfly; the Ghost Butterfly.

Age: 16

Height: 5'2"

Hair color and style: Very pale and bright blonde with silver highlights, long and wavy. It reaches down to her bottom. She leaves two wavy strands in front of her ears that reach her shoulders. She has the same bangs as Star and Moon.

Eye color: Bright Periwinkle.

Skin color: Pale Fair Skin.

Cheekmarks: a twelve-pointed white star with six points shorter than the rest.

Likes: Reading, Music, Tea, Poems, Flowers, Sweets, Peace, Silent, the Night Sky, Nature.

Dislikes: War, Solarian Warriors, the High Commission, Oppression and prejudice toward monsters, Stupidity, Hypocrisy, Being overprotected, Being weak, Seeing people suffer.

Personality: Selesdria is a lonely, calm, firm, adventurous, thoughtful, brave, fair, open minded and very curious person. Despite Selesdria's calm appearance she is a very passionate girl at heart, who is willing to do anything for the people she loves. She normally tries to control herself when she gets angry, as her anger dangerously affects her health and magic and can harm someone unintentionally. One should truly worry if Selesdria's fury is cold and calm.

She is also quite compassionate and kind-hearted, and does not like to see people suffer. Despite this, Selesdria will not hesitate to fight if necessary, although she always tries to reason before entering an armed conflict. If it is really necessary, she will go to the extreme of killing.

She cares about the safety of the inhabitants of Mewni, be they Mewmans or monsters. From a young age she was taught that she must fulfill her duty as a member of the royal family, but Selesdria is sometimes torn between her emotions and duty.

Skills: Innate magic, Polyglotism, Music and Diplomacy.

Voice: Emma Watson

History: Selesdria is the first-born daughter of Queen Moon and King River and the older sister of Star. Since she was born she demonstrated to have magic but it was uncontrollable and unpredictable, and in addition, she had delicate health, since she suffered from high fevers from very young. Doctors, the High Commission and her parents feared that she would not survive childhood, so Moon and River decided to have another daughter, whom they later called Star.

Selesdria's health barely improved over the years and her magic was still uncontrollable, also, she did not demonstrate the same energy and strength as Star, so it was decided that Star would become the queen and not Selesdria. Although she doesn't hold a grudge against Star and her parents because for it, Selesdria distanced herself a lot from her family and became lonely, preferring to read a book or being alone rather than be surrounded by people.