Rod had work and paperwork that luckily he could finish at home, so he didn't look away from his computer. Meanwhile, his beloved Nicky was bored on the couch, circling on the same cartoon channels.

Their relationship worked perfectly well like that. As soon as Rod finished the work he would go to bed with Nicky. They would fill each other with kisses or laugh hysterically at some nonsense until they both fall asleep.

But this time Nicholas's boredom was excessive and he felt too lonely, so he simply went to Rod's office to annoy him, or rather demand that he pay attention.


—No, Nicky.

—But, Rod, buddy.

—Nicky, honey, I have a lot of work. Now leave me.

They had been at least five minutes of that monotonous talk. Nicky dropped all his weight on Rod, hindering and preventing him from doing his job.

—Nicky! I'll go as soon as I finish this, let me! -. The other screamed as he tried to remove the big bear guy on him. He simply couldn't leave everything halfway!

—But Rod! Friend! I have missed you so much! I won't stand another minute without you close —. He confessed with false pain as he hugged the other tightly, looking at him with his typical sad puppy face.

The blue puppet did its best not to fall before Nicky. He could simply get anything from him if he put on that pitiful little face, too adorable for his system!

—Look, if you feel so lonely, you can sit there until I'm done with this —. He adjusted his glasses and with all his willpower he managed to concentrate again on all those endless accounts.

Nicky finally agreed, placing another chair very close to Rod's, allowing himself to rest his head on the other's shoulder.

He looked at the quick click and the large accounts that appeared on the screen, which instantly made him dizzy.

He turned a little and saw the concentrated face of his partner. He smiled softly and approached to give a quick kiss on the other's cheek.


—Sorry, you are very adorable. I couldn't help doing it!

Rod snorted trying to disappear the pink from his cheeks. He concentrated again on his work, grumbling internally about how idiots all his classmates were in the building. Some did not even maintain the perfect grammar that the blue puppet had! and even he had to correct a couple of miscalculations that could ruin the entire chain and-

He went blank when Nicky kissed his cheek again, and again, and again and again.

— FINE! You win —. He turned to give her a long, love-filled kiss, hugging the other from the neck.

His work could wait at least once in his life.