He simply sat in the table of the dining room and smashed his face against the table.

Why, oh Lord, things are so difficult on this subject!?

He had plenty of experience asking girls to dating, and he was sure he could do it with guys!

But just thinking about his growing infatuation, in front of his best friend, made him sweat and blush in a way he never thought to experience.

He rubbed his forehead thinking about the bruise he would have in a while and Rod's possible scolding. Not that it bothered him either, he could listen to his scolding for hours and hours.

He looked at one of the photos on the wall. There were the best friends, in the end of the first day of school. Years later Rod tell him about that morning; he had been crying and vomiting in the bathroom from his nerves. Upon leaving he found Nicky, and since then they have not separated.

He smiled a little without realizing it. It was something he was commonly doing a few months ago. Think about his best friend, smile and listen to someone asking him who is "the lucky one" (or unfortunate!)

As soon as he discovered himself, at 4 AM, staring at Rod sleeping with a possibly terrifying smile, he realized he had to do something about it.

And he tried! Seriously!

He tried with a letter, which Rod tossed in the trash when he saw it on the floor next to the other packets of chips and cookies.

He tried to send flowers to him with a little message, but forgot to put his name and was too cowardly to explain that he was the "secret admirer" or "possible kidnapper".

He also asked Kate for help, but her idea of fireworks, romantic dinner, and escaping to another country sounded too far-fetched. Even for him.

He had tried saying it to his face! Well, just once, and he had chosen a bad time.

— I think I am in love with you —. Nicky said ignoring the fact that Rod had been talking "alone" for about 15 minutes.

— I can't believe you do this to me!

— It's not that bad! I mean-

— Nicky, please be quiet, I'm trying to explain to an idiot how to do his job. Then we will see that movie you are talking about.

Oh, that thing was a cellphone.

But, today was the day!

He had to tell him everything he felt!

If he was lucky he would be reciprocated, he was pretty sure Rod also spied on him when he showered and stole his clothes from time to time! Or maybe not...

The important thing is that he had everything planned!... or maybe not either.

He took his cell phone and uploaded a story to Instagram.

"What do you do when you want to confess and don't know how lol. Help me please"

Honestly, he knew what the results would be.

"I cry"

"That is a high risk mission, my captain!"

"I'm sure its me"

"Who is she:3"

"lol B) تعليق باللغة العربية"

"love is for losers /sobbing"

Wait, what is that language?

He sat down in the chair and immediately received a message from Rod.

"I'll be home at 8, I have something to do. Wait for me for dinner. :-)"

He sighed and fell asleep thinking about all the possible romantic options of that "something to do", knowing that possibly none was correct.


SO, we have an history.

gonna be pretty short and stupid (maybe boring) cuz i really wanna end it.

and i dont know how to make drama, so yeah:-)

thank u and be kind and take care