Today was the day a new boy arrived in Riverdale he had came from Philadelphia and his parents had moved to Riverdale with him today was gonna be his first day of going to Riverdale High but the problem was he was so nervous and thought he wouldn't fit in with the other students . He had made his way to his locker then I was walking down the hall as I dropped my books . He walked over and picked them up then handed them to me while he spoke. "I believe these are yours ." He said as he gave me the books . I started getting all starstruck he looked pretty cute he dressed in really cool clothing ,had light blue eyes the color of an ocean or crystals and he had blond shoulder length hair. "Holy moly you're cute what's your name and are you the new student here ?" I asked curiously. "Yes I am actually I'm new to Riverdale and this school and my name is Evan Tyler Matthews and you are ?and thank you ." He asked . "My names Erin and welcome to Riverdale where are you originally from ?" I asked curiously. "Thanks and you're welcome as well anyways I'm actually from Philadelphia." He had replied ." Cool I think I've been there once ." I told him . "Really you have ?" He asks . "Yep ." I nodded . "Cool anyways can you show me where the art class is ?I got that first." He asked curiously. "Yes sure I got that class first period as well follow me ." I said as I smiled as I walked with him to go to the classroom after we got what we needed from our lockers he had followed and we went inside. "Alright today we have a new student here in our class his names Evan please treat him kindly ." The teacher had said . The students all waved at him then he waved back shyly . "Alright so anyways we are gonna work in teams but with a partner for today I'll let you all know who you will be partnered up with in a bit . " The teacher had said . "Alright ." The class had all spoken at the same time .

Evan waited for the teacher to decide who was gonna be partnered up with who I was hoping I'd be chosen to work with Evan on the project but who knows I could get him as a partner for it or someone else .