I had heard a knock on the door so Evan got up to awnser the door. "Hello ." He said to the person outside . "Hello I've got mail for you Mr . Matthews ." He said as he smiled at him politely . "Alright thanks ." He smiled as he took what the mail delivery person had gave him. "You're welcome have a great day." He said . "Will do ." Evan had said as he smiled then the guy had left and he went inside to unwrap whatever what it had been in the box. "Hmmm I wonder what's in this ." He had said .

He then opened it and inside was the new shirt he had ordered . "Awesome my new shirt came in the mail." He said as he smiled. "Cool what color did you get ?" I asked him . "Blue ,grey and white and it's plaid actually ." He had told me . "Cool sounds nice I love plaid as well " I told him as I smiled . "Same here ." He smiled back . "That's pretty cool ." I smiled .