He could not hear anything nor can he see anything as the world around him was pitch-black and all he could do was rethink how his best friend and Godson are alone now. Why? Why did this happen? How could this happen? Sirius Black did not know but he wished that he knew that his insane cousin would hit him. 'Why? Remus and I just got Wormtail. I was going to raise Harry but no, this had to happen.' Sirius thought sadly as he fell though this dark void. After what it felt like hours, Sirius fell hard on the ground and blacking out.

Jean Valjean and Cosette were walking down the road. It was just two days that Valjean had little Cosette under his care after her mother died and after he had another run-in with Javert. Valjean was a little bit nervous walking the streets but now that he was away from Javert. However, he could not help but feel nervous. "Papa?" Cosette asked looking around her and breaking Valjean out of his thoughts.

"Yes, my dear?" he asked looking ahead of him to see a man unconscious. This is when he realized that his daughter was pointing to him. The man was young, with black hair and a little bit of blood on his face. Valjean did not know what do to but he could not let this man who also had tear stands on his eyes. Lay there, Valjean sighed and slowly walked over to the man who did not wake when he checked him over. "Monsieur?" Valjean asked shaking the man gently. However, the man did not wake.

"Papa?" Cosette asked looking at the man. However, Valjean did not say anything as he let go of Cosette's hand, looked around him to see if anyone was looking and picked up the young man who was a lot lighter than he had thought. Though he is still careful. Valjean sighed and took Cosette's hand with his free hand and started to walk back to his home.

Valjean told Cosette to go and play in her room once they got home. Valjean wanted to look the man over and Cosette knew it. A reason why he wanted her to play in her room was that Valjean does not trust this man, even though he looked harmless, but you can't be too careful. The man looked so sad like he just lost something and Valjean could not place what it was. So, he did not dwell on that. instead, he decided to check for any injuries what so ever. However, he did not find any as the man's eyes opened slowly and he let out a sob. This made Valjean get to his feet and back away a little. "Monsieur?" Valjean asked the man who looked at him with bright-warm gray eyes. His eyes looked older then the rest of him and Valjean knew these eyes. They were the eyes of someone who have been locked up somewhere. Why though? He does not look evil. "Monsieur?" Valjean asked again. This time he man looked away and nodded slowly.

"Yes, don't worry. I'm alright, sir," the man said laughing sadly. This is when Valjean knew that this man was British. It was interesting to him though he still did not trust him. "Where am I? Who the hell are you?" the man asked sitting up a little. Valjean was taken aback by the harsh sadness in his voice. This did not stop him from finding him even more fascinating though. Valjean sighed and ran a hand through his hair before he looked around and said:

"Jean Valjean monsieur. Welcome to Paris and you are?" Valjean held out his hand to the man who smiled a little. The man did the same thing as Valjean and nodded slowly before he answered but he did not take his hand:

"Sirius Orion Black," the man, Sirius took a breath before he added: "The third," Valjean nodded though he was confused when Sirius paused. "I'm in Paris? Wow, I've not been here since. Well, since I still lived with my insane 'family,''" Sirius used air quotes when he said family, and this made Valjean even more confused.

"Well, then welcome. Are you inured?" Valjean asked Sirius who stood and shook his head sadly. However, he did not say anything as he looked around him. If he was in Paris then, then he's alive. He's alive.

"I'm alive! Ah, yes, take that Bellatrix, dear cousin," Sirius randomly said out loud and started to dance around the room for a few minutes. This made Valjean even more confused, but he never seen anyone this happy before, so he stayed quiet and waited for this man who seems to be so young but yet so haunted over something that has happened. Which Valjean knew nothing about nor did he want to find out, but he could not help but feel sorry for this man when he stopped dancing his smile faded and he started to cry. Then he starting to call out to someone that he did not know. He called: "Harry! Remus! I'm so sorry. I was going to look after you but no…this had to happen! Why did this happen? I will get back to you! I will! Sir, can I ask what the date is or the year? I need to make sure that I was not sent back in time or something?" Sirius asked after he starting calling out to people. Valjean once again was taken aback by this and he thought that Black was crazy but he did just hit his head so he must have lost a little bit of his memory. He decided to humor him.

"It's 1823," Sirius looked at Valjean shocked before he Faints onto the couch.

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