The glove

Denver liked garage sales as much as any small business owner. Never knew what you might find that customers might like. And if the seller didn't know it's value, evn better for Denver. At this particular one he found a glove, too well done to be a cheap knockoff. He noticed some symbols, very small, and with his old eyes he had to look closer. But he saw them, the wolf, the ram, and the hart. This might somehow be connected to the evil ones. Denver had come across this in his research. Suppossedly they were an evil triumvirate, so powerful and ancient that they could never be properly named, only represented by these symbols. Denver had read about a mystical glove that would destroy one of them, could this be it? The owner saw Denver's interest in the glove and went over, hoping to finalize the sale.

Owner: You like it?

Denver: Depends, how much?

Owner: Five bucks.

Denver: Sounds fair.

Owner: One thing though. My daughter's into an occult phase. She made me promise to tell you about the suppossed curse.

Denver: Your sales pitch needs work.

Owner: Yeah. Suppossedly this glove will play a major role in destroying a great evil. But whomever gives it to the champion will be killed right after. Or something like that, I usually zone out when she talks about this voodoo crap.

Denver thought about this, what if it was true? He thought back, more than forty years ago. Denver had been a cynical and jaded man with a well earned reputation for knowledge in the occult. Than one day a vampire came into his store, looking for a way to defeat a demon to save innocent humans. It took Denver years to understand this, vampires were evil soulless monsters, why would they want to save humans? Even this one admitted he didn't really understand why he was doing this. If that was possible, there must be good in the world. Denver dedicated his life to helping people after that. Mostly vounteering at a homeless shelter, occassionally helping some local priests with excorcisms. Recently he'd heard rumors of a vampire with a soul, not only helping a slayer but falling in love with her. Could this be the same vampire who'd come into his store all those years ago? Probably, how many good vampire could there be? Even at his age, over 70, Denver feared death. The thought of buying this glove and give it to some champion, only to immediatly die, did not appeal to Denver. But he bought the glove, because he felt it was the right thing to do. Maybe this curse was a myth. And at his age Denver was more worried about the afterlife, this could help his chances of getting into heaven. As Denver left with the glove he thought about the vampire who'd changed his life. It seemed unlikely he'd be the champion this glove was meant for, but Denver hoped to see him again one day, let him know how he'd changed his life for the better.