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This takes place after Three Years Later, and Many Years Later

I have no idea what prompted this story. Just started it a few weeks ago, and caught back up to it. Thought it was decent, and wanted to share.

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"Because we say so," Ron blurted.

Hermione shot a glare at her husband, who was trying to make this as short of a conversation as possible. At seven and a half months pregnant, Hermione was as fierce as ever, and Ron had learned from the last several, not to cross her often.

He could not believe their Easter Hols had turned out this way. Their baby girl, just 12, was asking about sex. A week prior, Rose had heard one of her dorm mates talking about walking in on her parents having sex over Christmas. Rose, not wanting to be embarrassed in front of her friends, didn't show she didn't know what they were talking about. But, brought it up while she watched her parents make dinner. Ron was thankful the other mites were playing in the other room.

"Because you're young, you're not prepared for the emotional, mental, physical, physiological, role that it can have on you. "

Hermione already sat the three of them down, explained what the act of sex was, before Ron butted in, she didn't use explicit terms, but, it was too much for Ron to handle. He made sure to distract himself by picking at a hangnail. Hermione could still see his ears burning.

"Not to mention unintended consequences," Ron added. He didn't want Rose to get any ideas about having sex. Damn bloody well not now. Preferably, not ever. Though, judging by the look on Rose's face when she caught onto what her mother was saying, Rose was more revolted with this conversation that Ron was.


Hermione glanced at him.

"Unintended consequences...So, like babies?" Rose glanced at her Mum's growing belly.

"Yep. So don't have sex, or else you'll have a baby. We done now?" Ron questioned as he slapped his knees and stood up. Hermione quickly grasped his arm and pulled him down much more easily than Ron would have liked. She shot him another glare.

"Yes, becoming pregnant is something that can happen, but, there are other things that can happen too. For example, Sexually Transmitted Infections and Diseases," Hermione began explaining as she summoned a rather large muggle book.

Ron bit his tongue, knowing that magical folk didn't need to worry about such things, but, Hermione insisted that they needed to discuss all possibilities... even if they wouldn't actually happen to their not so little girl.

"These are just some of the possibilities that can happen if you have sex," Hermione explained as she pointed to a few graphic descriptions of some STIs, "mind you these are more common if you are with multiple partners-"

Ron cleared his throat loudly, looking as if he'd rather be, anywhere else than their dining table off the kitchen. Merlin, would he be able to eat dinner here tonight? He wasn't sure after this conversation.

"Gross mum! I don't want to look at that!" She paused a moment after slamming the book shut, "do you have one of those!?"

Hermione looked utterly shocked, "No! Of course I don't. I said they're likely to happen when you have multiple partners. I have only ever been with your father, and him, with me."

"So, you and dad are perfect as always, right?" She rolled her eyes and slumped back in her chair.

"Buggar no! You were born out of wedlock, and we didn't- ouch!" Ron scoffed.

"Ron!" Hermione warned.

A flash of realization flashed across Rose's face, "Right... in your wedding pictures... I was there. We haven't looked at those in forever..."

Hermione sighed, "Well, love... you were...unplanned. We didn't expect to have a baby so young, and your dad left soon after," she sighed again, "it wasn't an ideal situation."

Hermione felt Ron's hand entangle with hers. She glanced at her daughter, who looked despondent.

"But, the best thing came out of that tough situation. It was you," Rose met her mother's gaze then, "Even though your father was away, I had you to remind me of him, created out of our love. You were unplanned, not unwanted."

Ron sighed, he knew he needed to step in. Mature up, and back up his wife. This was not a story that she should tell alone.

"You see Rosie, your mum and I, we loved each other. We knew we were young, but, we matured really quickly from the war, and everything we went through. We thought we were ready for that, erm, finally step; and in some aspects...we were. Mind you, we were both 18, but, we weren't old, mature, or ready to have a baby. Your Mum raised you for over two years before I even knew about you... Then, once we were back together it was still tough. We lied, argued, ran away from our problems; we were stupid and though we probably should have been able to handle it normally...we had a toddler to do it all with."

"So, I was a burden?"

"I want you to know that we have never regretted that you were born. I have loved you from the moment I found out I was pregnant... probably before..." Hermione paused, finding Ron's eyes meeting hers. Both reminiscing the cold and lonely nights on the run when they clung to any happy futures they could imagine for themselves.

"But, that didn't make things easy for us," Hermione paused again, "I know this is a lot, and some of it is probably so much more than you wanted to know. But, we want you to be safe, Rosie. I know people, girls and boys, will put pressure on you to do things you're not comfortable with. Having sex... isn't a bad thing. It's wonderful, and can be spectacular... when you're ready. When it's right, and it's with someone you truly love."

"And it's only amazing if you're married and in your 40s... so you've got a while," Ron ended, grinning widely that this terrifically awkward conversation was coming to a close.

"You and Mum aren't even 40 yet. I can do maths you know," Rose replied, reminding him very much of her mum when they were that age.

"Just ignore your father, though we would be thrilled if you waited a very, very long time," Hermione smirked at her husband, "just promise that you'll come to one of us if you have any questions. We are open to anything you have to ask, and promise there will be no judgement. This is a-"

"Safe place. Ya mum, I know." Rose rolled her eyes before smiling at her parents.

"Good then," Hermione grinned back, before standing, "Now, go and help your brother and sister wash up for dinner."

Rose stood, and hesitated a moment, before reaching over and capturing her parents in a hug. Then, she promptly turned and ventured toward the playroom where her siblings were.

"I think that went well," Hermione grinned, turning toward her husband. Whose face was met with her growing stomach. He reached up and rested his hands on either side of the bump.

"I mean, I suppose, considering we just had the sex talk with our 12 year old," Ron sighed.

"Ron, it's either we shut her out today and -Merlin help us- find out in a year or two that she's already had sex or even pregnant, or we explain it to her now and hope she comes to us before she's ready," Hermione explained, resting a hand on his cheek, gently rubbing her thumb at the corner of his mouth, rough from his beard.

"'Suppose you're right. But, I'd prefer she never is ready. She's our baby," Ron admitted, grinning a bit when he felt a kick from the bump.

"Ron," she bent down, eye level to him and held his face in her hands, "she'll always be our baby. But, she's growing up. As much as it kills me, she'll eventually be a grown woman. It's part of life, and we'll grow to be okay with that."

Ron kissed her gently, "I know. It's just hard."

Ron felt a moment pass, the sadness of knowing their baby girl was growing up quickly heavy on their hearts.

"But, you're right. As usual," he noticed Hermione smirking at him.

"Glad you see it my way," she have him a peck on the lips before standing upright, rubbing her lower back as she did so, "let's finish dinner before our bairns come devour us."

Ron stood as well, following her into the kitchen. He paused a moment, and a summoned the book, still lying on the table into the rubbish bin. He then sent a Scourgify charm on the table.

"It'll have to do for now," he told himself, as he shook his head, trying to dislodge the previous conversation from his head.