Hey, guys! This is a plot I've wanted to do for four years, but could never get it correct. Until now. Huge thanks to Aliqueen16 for helping me out with plot stuff. It's been a big help!

And now, on with the story!


"What are you doing to them?" I demanded as I struggled against the guard's hold. "What are you doing to my family?!" I tried to pull away, but given the cuffs on my wrist, I figured something was blocking my abilities. Mr. Davenport warned us about these, but I couldn't pinpoint what they were called.

I was shoved in a grey room, and my cuffs were removed. I barely had a chance to register my surroundings before what I guessed was a window of sorts flickered to life and a middle aged woman appeared over the desert landscape.

"Who are you?" I demanded, backing away from the screen. I didn't expect it to change that quickly, and despite everything I had seen that day, it still startled me. "Where's my family?"

"My name is Dr. Raymond. I'm going to be monitoring your bionics, and finding out exactly how they work. Can you give me your full name and age?"

"What are you doing to my family?" I demanded again, feeling my anger built up in my chest. Like a tightness that would only go away when I reunited with them.

"I'll answer that when you calm down enough for us to be face to face." She explained, her voice staying very calm and unwavering. "But I need your full name and age, young man."

They probably already had my full name and age. They probably didn't even care if I wanted to keep it to myself. It would be better then having an assigned name. At least this way I could keep some part of life before our secret got out. "My name is Adam Charles Davenport, and I'm 18 years old."


"Please, you have to let me go see my brother!" I screamed as I pounded at the door with my bionics, trying to wear it down enough to get free. "I need to see if he's okay!" I felt tears build up in my throat as I slowed, still hitting at the steel door that didn't even have a scratch on it. "Please..."

I slid down to the floor, still facing the door as I laid my forehead against it. My eyes were full of water and a felt a few tears break free as I put my hand against the door. "P-please. Please let me see Leo..."

I don't know how long I was sitting with my forehead against the door. It could've been five minutes, it could've been five hours. But when I heard the lock click, I scooted away from it, still on my knees. A tall, middle aged woman emerged and locked the door behind her.

"C-can I please see my brother? I won't run. I won't struggle. I just need to know if he's okay." I pleaded, wiping the tears off my face. "Who are you?"

"I'm Doctor Daniels. I'm here to monitor your bionic abilities. Can you please give me your full name and age?" She explained, ignoring my concerns about Leo altogether.

I knew that she probably wasn't going to tell me if Leo was okay. If Leo was even alive. Maybe cooperation would be the only way I could find out anything, so I looked her dead in the eyes as I spoke. "My name is Breana Charlotte Davenport, but everyone calls me Bree. I'm 17 years old."


I stayed silent. I knew my brother would take the anger approach. I knew my sister would take the sadness approach. I was going to take the numb approach. I would never speak to these people. I wouldn't let them know what I was thinking. The quiet approach. The most peaceful yet resilient approach.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by the sound of heels clicking against the tile leading up to the steel prison I was in. When I saw the door open and I had a full view of the lock, I immediately started studying it. Trying to see if there was a way I could break out from the inside. I watched as the middle aged woman reengaged the lock from the inside. Meaning there must be a way to disengage it. Her nametag had the name 'Dr. Keaton' on it.

"You're the smart one. Surely you know cooperation would be the easiest way out of this." She started as she stood next to the cot I had been sitting on since I got her. She was trying to inflate my ego to get me to talk. But I refused. I would stay quiet. "You don't have to talk after this, but I do need your full name and age so we can file our reports properly."

The room fell into a silence while the woman in front of me seemed to try and figure out how to get me to talk. "You're aware that if you don't tell us willingly, we will get the information from you unwillingly, correct?" I stayed silent. So what if they tried to torture it out of me? I could stand it. I would be fine. "Fine, I'll just send the signal so we can get it out of your brother and sister."

No. They weren't going to hurt Adam and Bree to get it out of me. I didn't know if she was bluffing, but I didn't see that girl and now we were in this mess anyway. Like Mr. Davenport said, I put the whole family in danger. "My name is Chase William Davenport, and I'm 15 years old."