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Adam's POV

This was bad. Krane was in control of the President! "That must be why Mr. Davenport is still in jail." I realized out loud, feeling Tasha gently squeeze my shoulder.

"It doesn't make sense." Bree voiced as she paused the T.V. so we could see his eyes clearly. "How is he being controlled by the Trition app? It only works on people with bionic chips."

"He must've done it." Douglas' eyes flashed with realization before turning to the five of us. "When I introduced the Triton technology to Krane, he asked if there was a way to control non-bionic people, and instead of doing it remotely, he wanted to do it from his mind. He must've figured it out."

"But why would he let us out?" Chase questioned Douglas. "He planted his super solider to video us so we would be taken away."

"It doesn't make sense." I agreed, biting back the temptation to make a joke at Chase's expense. It wasn't the time or the place for that. We had to figure this out.

"Can one of you get a picture of that? If we head down to the lab, maybe we can figure this out."

I watched as Leo snapped a picture of the T.V. on his phone, and all of us went down to the lab. I was immediately hit with the smell of dust and it hit me that in the three weeks we had been gone, no one had been down here. Chase and Bree must've noticed it as well, because I felt Bree wrap her arms around me and Chase lay a hand on my shoulder.

"Guys, something's going on with the monitor." Leo alerted, and all three of us can over, only to jump slightly when it cleared, showing us that Krane was filming.

"It looks like the reunion is going well." He cackled. I held my hand protectivly in front of Bree, Chase and Leo. I didn't know if he had some ability that allowed him to go through screens, but he wasn't getting them.

"Why did you let us go, Krane?" Chase seethed from behind me. "What do you want?"

"You should be thanking me, young bionic. If I hadn't gotten control of the President, you would still be treated like a rat in a cage. As for what I want, it's obvious that I want to rule over the pathetic people on this planet. But, I figured it was too easy for me to just take over, and that I made an entire bionic army for no reason. So, they get to have some fun. Come to Pike's Crest tonight, or watch in horror as my Trition signal goes around the world."

As the video shut down, I looked at my younger siblings, and they silently affirmed what I was thinking. This is war.