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Chase's POV.

We approached the group of Krane's soldiers slowly. I started to mentally prepare myself for what was going to happen, repeating the instructions in my head. Override Adam and Bree, stand in a triangle, generate enough power to take out Krane.

"Let them through." Krane's voice bellowed, and we stepped forward. The soldiers surrounded us on all sides, and in front of us was our enemy. "You could've stood right beside us. But instead, you choose to defy me. And, for what? Pathetic humans who won't even accept you."

"They may not accept us." I swallowed as I looked back at my brother and sister for reassurance. "But it's our mission to protect them."

"Then I guess, your time has come!" Krane yelled and the soldiers leapt toward us. We were about to attack them but he held them back while cackling. "I want this victory all to myself."

I turned to Adam and Bree, activating my override app and connecting to them before telling them. "Get into position." We locked our arms, and I immediately saw a blue ring form at our feet.

"Oh, silly children." Krane laughed maniacally as he started to generate lightning from his hands. "You're no match for me."

And that's the last thing I heard him, or anyone say. All I could register was the flaming hot pain going up and down my spine through my body. Flaring up in my arms and legs before all going to the hot spot. My bionic chip.

I tried to drown out the only other sound I could hear, which was Adam and Bree's screams. I tried to hold back the tears in my eyes from the sheer heat of the rapid spreading pain, trying to focus on just the right moment to hit Krane.

I couldn't stop myself from letting out a cry at a particularly strong wave of pain, throwing my head back on my brother and sister's shoulders. I tried to calm down and power through it, but it just kept getting stronger. I couldn't even pull up the timer I had on the satellite. So, I had to hold out, just a little longer.

I could feel them trying to pull away, so I had to force them to stay through my override app. I knew it was just the waves of burning pain hitting them as well. The sheer intensity of it was about to knock me out. So, I did the only thing I could.

I commanded them to launch, I pitched forward and felt the pain escape my body in a rush. I caught a glimpse of Krane flying into the sky before blacking out. I didn't even feel myself fall to the ground.

When I came to and regained my vision, I had been brought back to the house. More specifically, the couch in the living room. My head had started to pound and my body felt fully and utterly drained of all energy. "What happened?" I groaned as I sat up, holding my hand against the back of my head. "My head is killing me."

"We did it." Bree grinned widely as she put her hand on my shoulder. "We beat Krane."

"As to why you're so exhausted, because you had to use your override app to unlock the bionic fusion, your body registered it as using two abilities, so it zapped your energy. But, once we call the President, you can get as much sleep as you need." Douglas explained, and I sat up straighter.

"We're calling the President?"

Douglas nodded, and we all went down to the lab, Tasha included as Douglas pulled up the phone number on the screen, and the President was sitting at his actual desk! In his actual office! I did my best to keep my excitement internal as I tried to be professional.

"We owe you an apology. The world owes you three an apology. You've proven us wrong about what we thought you were. You're not weapons, you're teenagers. I'm sorry we didn't see that sooner."

"We accept your apology, Mr. President." I spoke officially, forcing myself to keep my internal excitement at bay. There would be plenty of time to geek out later. "And I think I speak for all of us when I say thank you for not sending us back to another facility as soon as you were released from Krane's control."

"If there is anything I can do to reward you for your bravery, say the word."

"Actually, there is one thing we want." Bree spoke up, and turned to all of us before turning back to the President. "If you're not viewing us as weapons anymore, then our father shouldn't be in maximum security for thirty years for hoarding weapons of mass destruction."

"Our family is incomplete." I added, turning back to give Tasha a reassuring smile before redirecting my attention to the President. "And nothing would make us feel better then having our father back."

The President nodded quietly, but gave all of us a reassuring glance as he spoke, as official as ever. "I'll do everything in my power to get your father acquitted."


It had been two months since we defeated Krane. We had started going back to school, and now that everyone knew our secret, it was a relief not to hide our abilities anymore. Douglas took over temporarily in Mr. Davenport's place, but he just couldn't be replaced.

So the fact that we were all waiting eagerly by the window while waiting for Douglas and Tasha to come back with our father on a cool October morning was making us more and more antsy by the second.

"Do you think he has a beard now?" Adam questioned with curiosity. "Cause I really hate beards. Stubble is alright, but if he has a full beard, then I'm gonna shave it with my heat vision."

"We visited him last week." Bree retorted as I glanced over at my brother and sister. "And even if Mr. Davenport is a very hairy man, we all know he can't grow facial hair."

All three of us shuddered, but before I could comment, Leo shouting with excitement as the olive green mini van pulled up was enough to make us bolt out of the door.

I was all but shoved behind all three of my siblings, and by the time I got out, I could only see the back of Leo's head, then Adam's head. But when Bree went to hug him, I finally saw his face, and let out a sigh of relief when I saw him. He looked just a touch older then he did when we were taken, but I wasn't gonna tell him.

I approached him after Bree finished hugging him, and felt him embrace me tightly, which I did the same. Even if I had turned 16 the day after we were taken, I couldn't just not hug my father. Even if signs of affection were frivolous.

After our small reunion in the driveway, Donald wrapped one arm around Tasha, and the other around my shoulders as we started to go back inside. He started asking questions about Leo's bionics, how we defeated Krane, and what had happened while the President was working out the legal forms so he could come home. But all I could process was one thought.

Our family was together again.