Hello everyone, if your followers of my other stories I apologize for the long wait in my updating them. This is my first Gifted F.F. (I really hope they continue it!) I have changed somethings so if you find something off time-wise or conversation wise it was on purpose. When Andy and Wynter talk telepathically its set in between *'s. I guess that's it? I hope ya'll enjoy the story because I'm enjoying writing it =)


"I'm home." I called out as I shut the front door behind me and kicked off my black combat boots.

"Wynter?" Mom called back sounding surprised as she came out from the kitchen.

"Hey mom. I finished my test's early so I just decided to come home." I said, explaining my early as we exchanged a quick hug.

"Well Dad's at work, Andy's snuck out to his friend's house and Lauren is at Prom so it's just me and you for now." Mom said as she started back towards the kitchen calling over her shoulder, "Are you hungry? We have some leftover spaghetti and cheesy garlic bread."

"That sounds delicious I'm starving! Let me grab a quick shower and I'll be back down." I replied eagerly already running up the steps to my old bedroom. Running down the hallway I quickly opened the bedroom door and tossed my full duffel bag onto the bed pulling out a pair of black sweats and a tank-top before rushing to the shower.

The cold water didn't bother me as I quickly scrubbed off all the dirt from my traveling, my fierce scrubbing caused the knife wound on my waist to open again. Thankfully it was a light scratch as the knife hadn't fully caught me however it still stung like crazy thanks to the soap and shampoo.

After wiping it of I placed three large bandages over it sideways so the sticky parts wouldn't touch it, before putting on my clean underclothes and carefully pulling my tank-top on making sure it didn't catch on the bandages.

Giving my short punk pixie hair-cut a quick toweling off I jogged back downstairs to the kitchen where mom was pulling out a large plate of spaghetti with three pieces of garlic bread out of the microwave.

"Mmmm that looks delicious!" I said happily as I grabbed a fork from the utensil drawer and sat down at the table in-front of the plate.

"Wynter Ellen Strucker what is that on your arms?!" Mom demanded just as I shoved a forkful of the spaghetti in my mouth.

Wondering what she was talking about I glanced down at my arms and rolled my eyes as I realized she was talking about my tattoos. Chewing and swallowing my current mouthful I took a sip of water,

"Their permanent displays of art that I feel expresses who I am as an individual." I replied logically hoping that would quell some of the fire I could see in her eyes.

"Uh-huh and exactly when did you get them and who let you get them?" Mom demanded crossing her arms as she stared at me expectantly.

"I've been gone for six years mom, remember? In those six years I raised myself, I let myself get them." I replied rolling my eyes as I took another bite of the spaghetti.

"Your acting like we just tossed you out into the world. We sent you to a boarding school." Mother said angrily.

I put my fork down and shoved the chair away from the table as I stared at my mother,

"Mom I was eleven when you and dad sent me to a Military Boarding School for troubled teens. Eleven! Not only was I the youngest kid there which made me a target for bullies but the staff there hated me because I talked back so they looked away from the bullying. Do you know how much crap I had to go through?! Don't act like you and dad did me any favors." I sneered angrily the joy at being home crumbling like dirt as I stormed out of the kitchen and up to my old bedroom.

Slamming the door shut I dropped onto the bed beside my duffel bag,

"This was a mistake, I shouldn't have come back here." I muttered angrily as I glared up at the ceiling which was still decorated with the glow in the dark stars that Andy and I had put up when we were nine.

"Andy.." Sighing I sat back up, my twin Andy was the main reason I had come back early. Our telepathic bond had allowed us to stay in contact over the years, at first because of the distance we could only feel strong emotions but as time passed we were able to talk to each other. He had been telling me that he was being bullied so I had decided to come back early and teach him how to fight.

"One of the few good things about having gone to that school." I muttered grimacing at the memories before shoving them back into box I kept them hidden in. Wondering what Andy was doing I brought our telepathic bond to the forefront of my mind, having pushed it back a little so I could surprise him with my early appearance.

*Andy where are you?* I asked.

*At our school prom with Lauren...wait why do you feel so close?* Andy asked.

*Well I was planning on surprising you face to face but I'm at home right now.* I replied with a smile I waited for him to reply when I began to feel a dread that wasn't mine.

*Andy?! Andy what's going on?* I demanded getting to my feet.

Fear and pain crashed into me causing me to nearly buckle under the weight of it. Catching myself on the bed I struggled to stay upright as the link between Andy and me blasted his terror into me.

*I'm on my way!* I told Andy as I steeled myself and headed for the bedroom door. Opening it I was surprised to come face to face with mom who had her hand raised like she was going to knock on the door. I was going to walk past her when a strange new feeling crashed into me sending me to the floor as I clutched my head in pain.

I could faintly hear mom calling my name as for the first time I seemed to enter into Andy's body I could hear, feel, smell and see everything that was happening to him. He was in a room on the floor, I could feel freezing cold water and painfully hot water hitting our body as some boys laughed at his pain. Anger rose up in us and we screamed out forcing everything around us to move away and then I was gone and there was only darkness.