Hello again everyone! To answer some questions you readers undoubtedly have about the last chapter and my alluding to Andrea and Andrew Von Strucker having had an incestious relationship the thing is it's never proven if Otto was in-fact born from such a relationship or if Andrew had him with a different woman who was never mentioned. If you know of such a fact for sure either way please let me know.

Another thing to mention is while my OC is now in a 'full relationship' with John it doesn't mean that their 'romantic relationship' is fully developed because as you can imagine my OC has many emotional scars to go with her plentiful physical ones and like I alluded to in an earlier chapter there are still things about my OC that haven't come to light yet. Anyway, onto the next chapter and thank you for reading! =)

WARNING! MENTION OF ATTEMPTED RAPE IN THIS CHAPTER! I will NOT be going into detail but this is the thing that triggered my OC's power. As you all know mutant abilities happen during heightened emotions and this was her trigger.

Chapter Twenty-Four

Feeling more relaxed and focused then I had in a while I got dressed and left John who was sleeping having been exhausted from his emotional outburst and then our physical activities. Searching for Lauren and Andy I found them coming back to the Underground building with mom and dad trailing behind them by several feet.

Curious about the distance between them I shadow-walked outside and came into view of Lauren and Andy who both looked happy to see me.

"So I take it you two do have the same power as Andrew and Andrea Von Strucker." I said more than asked feeling Andy's conflicted emotions due to our bond.

"Yes. Lauren and I decided to ask you to help us train with this new power too, also we wanted to ask.." Andy trailed off and Lauren picked up the sentence,

"We remembered at Trask Industries when we started to manifest the power you stopped us before we could actually use it and you had looked horrified but when dad said about it you got defensive we were wondering why." Lauren said.

"Why don't we go for a walk, there's a lot that we need to talk about.." I said with a sigh rubbing the back of my neck as I tried to think of a way to tell them what they wanted and needed to know while not overstepping and causing the future to change horribly.

"Can you take us to Japan?" Lauren said surprising me and causing me to see just how badly she needed distance from everything right now.

"Sure, hold on." I said holding out my hands which they took hold of before enclosing us with my shadow and moving us through the shadows and to one of the hidden mutant cities in Japan.

"Whoa. Where are we?" Andy asked in surprise as we came out of the shadows on the hill overlooking the nicely sized village that had several new homes in progress.

"One of the twenty-seven mutant safe cities that I helped create. Mutants and some humans live here peacefully out of reach of those who would use them and their abilities." I replied taking in the peacefulness of the city as several of the residence noticed us and waved causing me to wave back to them.

"They all know you?" Lauren asked sounding surprised.

"Their all mutants I personally rescued. Remember how I told you about the Undead Warriors rescuing mutants? Well the UW only began to have the ability and resources to rescue mutants three years ago. Up until then I was the sole person to actively rescue mutants. Not even the other Originals know about these cities or their residence as all these mutants want is to live peacefully and sadly even among our organization there are those who would force the more powerful ones to fight." I said sitting down, causing Lauren and Andy to sit down as well.

"But I thought the UW Organization was created to help mutants." Lauren said, confused.

"It is but like I told you not everything is black and white. I'm going to tell you two about my past and the beginning of the UW Organization. I'm not going to spare details so realize this now you are about to get slapped in the face with the horrific reality of the world we live in. If you don't want to know the truth I'll take you back to the Underground right now and I ask you to forget this city and everything I have told you so far." I told them seriously, letting them know I wasn't joking.

Their faces paled but they both remained seated and quiet so I begin,

"As you know three weeks after my eleventh birthday I discovered I was a mutant but that is not when my abilities first manifested. For the four months leading up to it I tried to convince myself that it hadn't happened and that I had had a nightmare, that there was no way that some drunk guy had tried to rape me and had suddenly caught fire burning to death in front of me. I lied to myself trying to pretend that I was fine, that I didn't have nightmares of his disgusting hands grabbing hold of me as he tried to pin me down. That his eyes weren't an unusual bright green with a silver pupil and he didn't melt my clothes off with just a touch. I thought that it was impossible, after all neither dad nor mom were a mutant and there was no mention of our grandparents being mutants. However I decided to do some experiments just to try and see if I could in fact make fire.

For the first few days nothing happened and as week's passed I felt relieved, believing that it had just been a horrible nightmare until three weeks after our eleventh birthday I woke up in the middle of the night and, scared of the dark I immediately created a ball of fire to brighten up the room trying to chase away the shadows of the nightmare I had woken from. It was at that moment I knew there was no denying what I was and what the man who had tried to rape me was. I was a mutant, and he had been one too. I couldn't stomach it, the truth nor the fact that I had killed someone, burnt them to death and felt nothing but relief at knowing he would never be able to touch me again. Of course struggling with my knowledge and guilt over my lack of guilt about having taken someone's life I begin to lash out and get into fights. Hurting people with my fists and getting hurt in return made me feel like I was in control and then it all stopped when I put those bullies in the hospital.

Mom and dad sent me to the Military school and I soon discovered the horrific truth of the so-called 'school'. Unable to keep my powers under control after the consistent beatings and torment from the other kids and even teachers, my fire which I was still unable to fully control lashed out and I killed several faculty members and put seventeen kids in the hospital with third-degree burns. Because of that the Principal of the school decided I was a perfect candidate for the Hound program he was attempting to start up so he took me deep underneath the school where he had several other mutants of various ages locked up and my horrific new life began.

He and the other members of his group were trying to program us to become Hounds, mutants that hunted other mutants at their command. They continuously drugged us, beat us, pitted us against each other and sometimes humans who had displeased them. They tied us up and did things to us, injected various things into our bodies to see how we would react, if it strengthened our powers or made us more susceptible to obeying them. They finally discovered the drug, Kick. It made our powers stronger, and it also made us crave it more and more making us depend on them to supply it which led to the others doing whatever they told us just to get more of the drug. For the first few times it was forced into all of us but overtime everyone but me got hooked on it and begged for it. Since my body temperature runs at a higher degree Kick didn't have the same effect on me basically giving me an immunity to it. Also the high it gave was nothing compared to what I got from allowing my fire to go wild was more of a high then any drug could give me allowing me to stay grounded and refuse their demands.

As I was uncontrollable I was locked into a cell and left alone except for daily and sometimes hourly torture sessions held by the Principle and his minions and sometimes the other mutants under the control of Kick. When I had time to myself I begin to practice my control over my fire, not letting it just run wild was hard because the feeling that it gave me, and still gives me when I give in is so pleasurable I could forget everything and burn the world to the ground but that's when you reached out Andy. When I felt you I realized I had something to fight for, if I was a mutant then there was a chance that you and Lauren could be ones. And if that was the case then the Principle undoubtedly had the two of you under surveillance to see if you were mutants or not. The thought of the two of you being put in the same position as me was my lifeline and I grew stronger.

I defeated the mutants and tied them up so they could go through withdrawal then I killed every single human in the underground dungeon and I began to teach myself what I could from the computer as the others continued to go through withdrawal and detox.

It was during this time that I began to use the information on the computers to go out and save other mutants. At first I was unsure what to do with the mutants that I had saved but one of them told me he was able to create an impenetrable barrier and I was struck by inspiration. After getting his approval I told the others I rescued about his ability and asked them if they wanted to create a city where they could live peaceful lives. They almost always said yes and so the first city took full shape soon enough with over eight hundred mutants with a small number of humans mixed in living in a city of their own making with a working hospital, school, church and stores. Thankfully he was not the only mutant with the ability to create and maintain barriers; there are at least three such mutants in each of the now twenty-seven cities, but getting back to my story.

Out of the twenty-seven mutants that I had saved in the end I had to kill ten as they were no longer capable of any rational thought having been driving insane from the mixture of torture and drugs. The other seventeen seemed okay and since we had no reason to go home we decided to stick together while I continued to train and go on my secret missions. As it turned out six of the others had become extremely addicted to the high that Kick had given them and we found them getting high off it and torturing innocent people. The twelve of us fought and in the end I killed them as the other eleven couldn't bring themselves to do it. That is when we decided that we needed to become stronger so we could save the innocent from the horror that we had gone through and prevent any more unnecessary deaths.

I showed them things I had learned from watching various tutorials and matches online while they had been detoxing from Kick and we began to increase our physical strength as well as broaden our knowledge. We decided we should choose new names then, mutant names, a name that told who we were while also hiding our identity. I took the name Reaper believing it was the most accurate name I could choose. Besides me there was Orc, Enigma, Pixis, Jester, Snowflake, Spikes, Face, Abadi, Zarya, Elf and Phantom. We knew that protecting the innocent would take more than just the twelve of us so we begin to lay the groundwork of an organization that would later become known as the Undead Warriors.

As we began bringing people into our group we weeded out those who just wanted to kill humans to those who actually wanted to work for a world that humans and mutants could co-exist peacefully in and then started training. Some of those we brought in had experience in fighting and were able to teach us something new which helped us continue to grow. As our group became larger and began to make allies all over the world I discovered my second mutation around the same time two other's of our group also discovered a second mutation.

I will not tell their identities nor their powers, their story isn't mine to tell. At first I was afraid of my second mutation, I was still learning the various abilities of my first mutation. Not to mention being in the dark filled me with terror, however once again the thought of you two kept me strong and motivated and I pushed past my fear and begin to work on figuring out my second mutation. It was by accident the first time I traveled into the past. I didn't believe it was real, thinking it to be a delusion from pushing myself too hard but Orc encouraged me to try it again.

By the fourth time I traveled to the past I was able to stay longer and actually interact with people and things around me. Realizing how awesome it would be if I could go back and change the past I went back in time to see myself only to discover that I couldn't. My ability allowed me to travel to the past but I could not get anywhere near myself so for a while I stopped traveling into the past. Seeing no point in doing so when I was unable to change the course of my life which is when the other eleven gave me a talking to.

My ability to time travel through the shadows meant that I could find out information that would allow us to save other mutants and here I was sulking because I couldn't change my past. Realizing the truth of what they were saying I began to time travel again and eventually I was able to travel multiple years into the past which is when I suggested to Charles Xavier that he might want to set up the Underground Railroad to help the mutants in the future.

As he is a telepath he saw why I was telling him about it and realizing that there would be more telepaths and not always ones on our side. I had him teach me how to block out telepaths and I trained with Wolverine and every so often one of the other X-Men would join in the training. Every time I came back I would teach the others what I had learned and every night I would sneak out on secret missions to save mutants by myself. As we grew into an Organization we became too sure of ourselves and we didn't search a place out as well as we should have resulting in Phantom and Zarya being killed and Elf, having felt Zarya's death died from heartbreak at losing his pregnant soulmate.

Their death's hit all of us hard and the others tried to get me to go back in time and warn us against going but like when I had tried to change my own past I couldn't as I had been on the same mission, and I couldn't go back to the past anywhere near where I had been. We then created rules as well as Headquarters around the world so one of us would be there to enforce the rules so no innocent lives would be taken again. No pregnant woman was allowed on missions and only when the child was a year old was the woman allowed back on missions this way there would always be a child, someone to care for, should a soulmate die the other would live on due to having a faint connection with their other half through their child.

Another important rule was using drugs before missions was not allowed, and using Kick was forbidden to all members. Orc especially enforced this rule having been under its influence when she killed her siblings and parents. Those who used Kick were worthless in her eyes, and they still are. Thanks to her and the examples she made of those who used it no one inside of our Organization has used it since.

Despite the others saying I should have a HQ I became known as a floater along with Face and Jester, meaning that we didn't have a single place but instead moved between all the HQ's helping when needed as well as making new allies and establishing new connections. Then I met Seer, a young man who worked in the computer programming section of Orc's HQ and he told me about several possible futures that he saw when he looked at me. He told me that he saw two teenagers bathed in a golden glow inside of a box that would cause a terrifying future should the man outside see their full power. He also told me of a future where three blondes with glowing blue eyes would take over the minds of soldiers and bring about a terrible enemy from someone who could become a huge help with the right incentive.

He also told me of a future where humans were slaves to mutants and a future where mutants were slaves to machines. He told me of a future where the world was destroyed and only those with immortality existed because the rest had died due to fighting between humans and mutants and lastly, he told me of a world where humans and mutants lived together in peace and due to mutant abilities, we traveled the galaxy meeting new life on different planets. Then he told me that my choices would decide which future would become reality. Freaking me out and making me question every decision I made from that point on, until Andy told me he was having trouble with bullies, and I decided to come home to teach him how to fight. The two of you know what happened from there."

We sat in silence as Andy and Lauren quietly took in everything. I had been hesitant to tell Lauren about my time traveling ability but something in me told me that not telling her would cause something bad to happen in the future. Not wanting to chance a bad future on a secret that I should be able to trust to my own sister with I included it in my story, and I now felt strangely relieved as if I had gotten a heavy burden off of my chest.