Chase POV continued…

She looked at James and back at me as they both stood up and walked up to me. Lola unwrapped her arm that was around my shoulders and stepped back as Zoey, shyly extended her hand for me to shake. I looked down at her hand and grabbed it, shaking it.

"That's it? No kiss, no hug?". Logan from behind me asked and Zoey gave him an annoyed look.

She looked back at me and we slowly collided into a quick hug, still holding our hands.

"Great seeing you again". She told me.

I could hear in her voice she didn't really mean it.

"You too". I told her as James cleared his throat and I turned to see him.

"I'm James. Her boyfriend". He said extending his hand.

Didn't noticed me and Zoey were still holding our hands, so we quickly let go and I greeted James. When I finally took a good look at him it seemed like I had met him or saw him before.

"Weren't you the guy who we bumped into earlier?". He asked. "By the main office".

There it was. He was the guy who had the decency to apologize when that girl (Zoey) bumped into me.

"Oh yeah, I remember". I told him, quickly eyeing Zoey and back at him.

"Okay". Quinn said as she appeared by my side and linked arms with mine. "Turn the music up and let's get this party started".

They all nodded and clapped.

Quinn leaded me to the kitchen where she showed me what they had brought to eat. They had fried chicken, smoked chicken, chicken tenders, chicken fried steak and ribs, with all their perspective sides.

Quinn was being very generous for some reason which was weird, but I went with it. She asked me want I wanted and I told her to give me a piece of stake with a small portion of mashed potatoes and green beans.

"Okay. I'll get that for you. You go and hang with the guys". She told me.

"You know I can serve myself. You don't have to do this".

"But I want too. Go".

I looked at the rest of our friends and back at her. I began to walk out of the kitchen and into the living room. Zoey, who was in a very deep conversation with Lola, was sitting on the couch, while Lola was sitting in the small couch in front of her . The rest of the guys were sitting by the dinning table, eating and also talking with the exception of James who was on the phone near the front door.

I made my way over to the guys who quickly noticed me coming.

"Chase? Sit, sit". Michael scooted over to another chair making some space in between him and Logan.

I sat down.

"Aren't you eating?". Logan asked. "We bought a lot of food-".

"Yea, Quinn is getting me some". I replied and he nodded.

"So?". Dustin began. "How was England Chase?".

"Um. It was great. Covington was a great school".

I know maybe they wanted to hear a whole story, but I wasn't in the mood.

"Chase?". Logan said and I turned to see him. He took a sip of what it seemed red wine.

"Chase". I turned around and saw Quinn, who handed me my plate.

"Thanks Quinn". I told her and she smiled at me.

"Anything to drink?". She as asked but before I could respond, Logan Interrupted.

"He's good. We have plenty of wine and beer here". Logan replied a little annoyed.

I looked back at Quinn. "I don't drink alcoholic beverages. Could you bring me a bottle of water. Please?".

She nodded and gave Logan cold stare as she made her way back to the kitchen.

I looked back at the guys, who looked at each other. Was me not drinking alcohol that shocking? I don't drink.

I looked at the plate in front of me and it looked so delicious!

Quinn quickly came back with my glass of cold water. I thanked her and she nodded, walking back to the girls.

"Wow. You sure got Quinn's attention". Logan said, taking another sip of his wine.

"She's just being friendly". I told him as I took a bite of my chicken fired stake.

"So what I was about to ask you". Logan began. "Why did you stayed on Covington when you told us you would be coming back to PCA for senior year?".

Do they really want to know the TRUTH or should I just lie? I mean they got to know that the reason I didn't came back HERE was here in this room.

"I wasn't going to let pass this huge opportunity to study in a school like Covington. At first, yea I missed PCA and all of you. But the school asked me at the end of the semester that my final scores were very likeable and that they were planning on giving me a whole free ride for the next school year and I couldn't pass that by".

"Understandable". Dustin nodded. "I would done the same if I were you".

"Trust me guys. It was a hard decision". I told them. "But I had to look out for my future, I graduated with honors from Covington and even had the honor of being valedictorian for my class. I don't think I would had accomplished everything I did in Covington if I had returned to PCA".

"Wow". Logan said impressed.

"Were proud of you Chase". Michael added patting me on the back.

I think with that I got the conversation going in a different route. They began to tell me all the stuff that happened while I was out. For example, Logan dated Quinn for a couple of months but didn't work because Dana Cruz came back to PCA during their senior year and Logan got more interested in her than Quinn. Dana also got accepted to Standford but was arriving later tonight. They also told me that Lola was dating Vince Blake after he got accepted back to PCA for his "Good Behavior" at his other school. They said he had really "Changed" and that they had forgiven for beating us up.

They did. Not me though.

As they talked, I looked at James who was still on the phone pacing back and forth while the girls were still in a deep conversation. I stared at then for a moment until Zoey suddenly looked at me and out eyes locked.

I wanted to quickly looked away, but didn't. I stared at her for like 3 seconds and turned back to see the guys.

A couple of minutes after that Dustin excused himself and went to talk with James and Zoey who seemed to be preoccupied about something.

They told me a bunch of stuff, but never mentioned how Zoey and James got together which was cool cause even though I didn't hear that from them.

My so called friends.

I did heard about that story from another person.

I decided to listen more to what they were telling me. Maybe some interesting stuff might come out.

Zoey POV

"I'm going to fix this problem. I don't think I'll be coming back, so I'll see you tomorrow babe". James told me kissing me and discreetly leaving the apartment.

I looked back at Chase who was laughing at something Michael was saying.

"Are you going to talk to him?". Dustin asked me, taking a sip of his beer.

"I don't know. I want too, but I have a feeling if I do, Things aren't going to end well".

"You want answers don't you?". He asked.

I nodded.

"Then get answers. Go and talk to him". Dustin urged me.

"Okay". I said as I took Dustin's beer and drank it all. I handed it to him and m way over to him.

Chase POV

Michael was telling me about an incident that happened at PCA that involved him and Logan.

"Could you believe they thought we would be so irresponsible? I mean, I don't know Logan, but I think we would've had the decency of telling Dean Rivers we broke the glass cabinet where his statue stood if we truly did it. Which we didn't by the way".

He was obviously a little bit drunk now.

"At the end it was the Dean's archenemies a-". Logan began but got Interrupted.

"Hey guys?". Zoey greeted us from behind me, her hands holding into the back of my chair. "Can I steal Chase from you for a couple of minutes?". She asked as I looked at the guys.

They both looked at each other and nodded.

Zoey leaned into my ear. "Can I talk to you by the balcony please?".

She walked over to the glass door that lead to the balcony. I stood up and walked over to her as she opened the door to let me in out first.

I heard her closed the door behind her as I stared out in the distance facing away from her.

"Why did you came back?". She suddenly asked.

Not what I was expecting.

"Excuse me?". I asked turning around. "Did I had to call you to get your permission to come back or something?".

"You said you were going to come back for senior year and you never did!".

"I had nothing to come back for". I told her.

"What about us!?". She annoyingly asked.

I scoffed. "Zoey. There was never us. You never gave us a chance to be us".

"Why didn't you come back?". She asked again.

"I didn't come back because, I realized I was such an idiot for going after you. I was so stupid for listening to my heart and not to common sense. After all the signs I gave you. You never, NEVER saw how much I cared about you. After having a crush on you for 3 and half years, I saw how much time I had wasted in trying to get some attention from you. I knew I should of let you go after you changed me for Glen Davis during the school dance, or when you almost lost your date with Danifer, or maybe when you decided to be girlfriend of Dean River's son Lance. You even had a crush on Logan! Besides all that I still held on to the little hope that my heart always had for us, but you never noticed how much I loved you. You were just a waste of time Zoey. That's WHY I didn't came back".

She looked offended and I don't blame her. I would feel offended too, but all I said was the pure truth and I had to say it to her because it's time she knows she not Mrs. Perfect.

"Well, you now what!?". She said trying to find the words. "I hate you! I hate you so much! You make Logan seem more lovable than you ever were!".

Michael POV

The rest of us were watching from the glass door everything that was going down.

"Is Zoey for real!?". I asked confused and annoyed at the same time.

"How many beers did she had?". Logan asked looking at the girls.

"Before Quinn and Chase got here". Lola began as she began to confusingly count with her fingers. "I saw her finish two beers. After the unexpected appearance of Chase, She took like another three".

We gasped.

"But you have to understand her". Lola told us. "Seeing Chase back, affected her".

Zoey can't get drunk with two beers. We all know that. Maybe you could see her little more happier, but not drunk. But drinking three more after the two she took is too much for her. This is the first time we've seen her act.

Like this.

"Are you also counting the one she snached from me and drank in just one shot before she went to talk with Chase?". Dustin asked with guilt.

"Another one!?". We all asked in shock.

"I didn't know". Dustin said confused. "I mean, she seemed pretty normal".

We all turned to look at at the arguing that was happening outside. Chase seemed to be in control while Zoey was pushing him back, and yelling at him.

"You know what!? Good thing I gave James a chance because he's so much better than you".

Chase grinned, shaking his head.

"What's so damn funny!?". Zoey yelled.

"It's funny you think that's going to make me feel bad or hurt me. If the old Chase were here he might be devastated, but he's long gone Zoey. You might be right about James being better than me though. Just like Glen, and Danifer, and Lance. Just don't forget who was always there to pick you up when things didn't go like you expected".

We couldn't see Zoey's reaction since she was facing away from us.

We could just imagine.

Chase otherwise ran a hand through his silky, smooth, curly hair looking tiredly at Zoey.

"I want you to listen to what I'm going to tell you very carefully Chase Matthews". Zoey began. "I'm going to tell you something I never told you. Remember the video chat date we had after you told me you loved me?".

"I do. We both said I love you". Chase clarified.

"I didn't meant it". Zoey confessed.

Chase shook his head. "You lie".

"I told you I loved you because I felt embarrassed for you. That you had to confess your feelings towards me through the video chat camera was so pathetic, but I still needed to hear the truth so I confronted you so I could hear it from your own mouth. I only used you! I knew you would do anything for me and I took advantage of that. With James, he's the real thing. He loves me. I love him. He's everything I've ever wanted in a man. I wish you had never come back to California. We were better without you".

We were mouth open.

Chase POV

I couldn't believe my ears. Did she really meant that? Because if you analyze everything from the video chat we had, when she and I talked about me confessing the I Love You and her not telling me that James and her had gotten together, it makes sense. If she truly had loved me, like she said she had, she would had waited for me. Or call me or be there when I would video chat.

We had our eyes locked the entire time she spoke.

I cleared my throat. "Okay? I'm going to give you a couple of seconds to take that back. I want to believe everything you said right know was just an outburst of anger and that you didn't meant it".

"There's nothing to take back Chase. The truth hurts Uh? I meant every single word. Doesn't everything fall into place? Did I look excited to see you when you came in? No. Because my life was so much better when you were a thousand miles away from me!".

Zoey Brooks officially had rebroken my heart again, stomped on the little pieces and burned it into ashes. That's what's left of this supposedly friendship that me and her had.

It's all ashes now.

I looked in her eyes again and saw a little guilt, but that didn't matter anymore. She said what had to be said and I'm glad she said it.

I wiped a tear off my eye. "I have to go". I told her as I walked by pass her.

The rest of my friends who I knew had listen to this whole argument go down, pretended like they were having a conversation with each other as I open the glass door, walked to the dining table, grabbed one of the 6 pack of beers and without saying a word to them, began to walk across the living room.

"Chase wait!?". I heard Lola ask.

I stopped. Not turning around.

"You know Zoey didn't meant any of that. Right?". She asked.

"She was just angry and a little bit intoxicated". Quinn added.

"Don't leave Chase". Michael told me. "We just got you back man".

I couldn't stay. I couldn't.

"I have to go". I told them as I walked to the front door and closed it behind me.

I didn't wanted to cry, but I had no control of my tears. They kept rolling down my cheeks.

I got near my apartment building and entered the front lounge and straight to the elevator. I cried with my hands on my face, until the elevator reopen and I walked straight to my apartment.

I threw the beers into the couch as I knelt down to open my suitcase. I took the giraffe Zoey had given me one day we went tk the fair. I had won her the blue and purple octopus while she won me the giraffe. Quinn fixed it after Logan ripped his head off and I've kept since.

I stood up and walked up to my balcony and threw it out .

Just like Zoey had thrown me out of her life.

I walked back inside and went to the couch to sit down. I looked at the pack of beers I had taken from Logan's party and even though I said at the beginning that I was never going to drink. I think I'm going to retract on that statement.

Sorry everyone.

I took a beer and chug it down.