Long Summer

Part of my "Llanview Revisited" drabble collections. This one in particular focuses on Adriana.

Prompt: Fan

The ceiling fan whirs feverishly but does little to combat the oppressive heat. It's the hottest summer she can ever remember and she's miserable. Perfectly miserable in every way a person can be.

She perches on the edge of the small white bathtub, staring at the floor, counting each scuffed bluish tile. Her bare legs jut out before her and she hugs her kneecaps. Beads of sweat collect along her hairline.

"Adriana?" Layla's familiar, husky voice meets her ears. "Are you okay?"

Adriana doesn't answer. Her eyes burn.

"Adriana? You're worrying me here!" Layla calls to her. "Can you open the door?"

Adriana rises slowly on shaky legs. She wraps the little white stick in a tissue and buries it at the bottom of the bright pink trash can. That's one of Layla's contributions to the furnishings in this tiny apartment, no doubt.

"I swear if you don't open this door right now…!" Layla calls to her and the doorknob jiggles.

Adriana quickly washes her hands and moves to open the door before Layla can come barreling through it; all hundred-and-two pounds of her. "Hey," Layla says in surprise. "Are you alright?"

Adriana crosses and uncrosses her arms. "Depends on your definition of 'alright'."

"Adriana, I really hate seeing you so down."

"Well, things haven't exactly been worth writing home about lately."

"I know." Layla clears her throat. "Did you - did you take it?"

Adriana isn't one to beat around the bush so she says in the calmest voice she can manage, "Yes, I took it. And yes, I'm pregnant, at least according to the two pink lines… I'm pregnant by a man who can no longer stand the sight of me."

"Oh, Adriana. Come here," Layla murmurs. She offers Adriana a tight hug. Adriana almost wriggles away but in the end, accepts the comfort that is offered to her. It's not like anyone else will be rushing to comfort her when this news gets out. Everyone's going to just assume she got pregnant on purpose to trap Rex.

A single tear rolls down her cheek. She swipes angrily at it. She is not a weak person, she reminds herself. She's a Cramer. She can handle this; she can handle anything.

Sighing softly, she disentangles from Layla's embrace. She moves to the window overlooking the parking lot; stares out of it for a long moment, saying nothing.

Layla clears her throat. "What are you going to do? Are you going to tell him about the baby?" Layla asks.

Adriana turns and splays her hands before her. "I have to tell Rex, Layla. If I don't, then I'm no better than that homewrecker Gigi."