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Author's Note: This story is mainly based on the original "Splatterhouse" game, but with a few elements from the 2010 remake mixed in. Some dialogue will be borrowed from that game although I'll try and edit it so I'm not copying it word for word.

A blinding flash of lightning lit up the dark sky, followed by a loud boom of thunder. Rain fell in torrents, splashing against the leaves of the trees and turning the soil into mud.

Shinji Ito silently cursed himself as he and his girlfriend, Hayagawa Kyoko, huddled under a cluster of trees that kept out the worst of the downpour. This was supposed to have been a nice day out in the countryside, away from the frantic pace of life in Tokyo, where the two of them could enjoy a pleasant walk in the forest. Indeed, it had started out exactly that way and the day had been going wonderfully.

And then just like that, the blue sky had become covered by dark clouds that seemed to emerge from nowhere. Ito's hopes that the clouds would blow over had been quickly dispelled by the first bolt of lightning zigzagging across the clouds. Soon after that it had started to rain, lightly at first but quickly turning heavy. Now they were right in the middle of the storm.

"Are you okay Ito-san?"

Kyoko's gentle voice brought him out of his brooding and he turned to her. She was looking at him with a concerned expression on her beautiful face.

Nice one Ito. Now on top of everything else you made her worry he berated himself.

"I'm fine Kyo-chan" he replied. "I'm sorry our date turned out like this."

"It's not your fault Ito-san" she said tenderly.

"I should have paid more attention to the weather reports. I should have…"

She put her finger to his lips.

"Stop beating yourself up Ito-san" Kyoko said firmly. "You didn't make it rain."

He sighed. "Thanks Kyo-chan."

Just then they heard a low growling noise coming from the undergrowth. Ito immediately put an arm around Kyoko, holding her close. The growling ceased but they both knew that something was close by.

"What was that?" she asked anxiously.

"I don't know." He looked around, trying to peer through the watery gloom, but he couldn't see anything. He tried to listen for movement but all he could hear was the driving rain.

"We have to get out of here" he said tensely.

Ito and Kyoko began making their way through the forest as the rain continued to pour down. Ito tried to stay calm but found himself looking around worriedly. In the darkness of the storm they were surrounded by deep shadows, any one of which could hide whatever it was that had growled at them.

It was just a stray dog that was scared by this storm he told himself. It's nothing to worry about.

Even as he said that to himself a part of him was thinking that the growl hadn't sounded like any dog he'd ever heard.

They stopped as the trees gave way to open space. In front of them was a large house made of black stone with purple-tinted windows and a pair of wooden doors.

"What luck! We can shelter in there" said Ito.

They hurried up to the doors and Ito thumped his fist on them hard.

"Hello! Someone let us in!"

There was no answer. He tried the door knob and to his surprise it moved. They hastily took off their shoes as he opened the door. Ito ushered Kyoko inside and then closed it behind them.

"That's better" he said.

"Is this okay Ito-san? Just barging into someone's house like this" Kyoko asked.

"We had to get out of that downpour. Besides I don't think anyone's home" he replied.

They both looked around, taking in their surroundings. The foyer was dimly lit by flickering lamps that cast deep shadows all around. Oil paintings hung on the burgundy walls and the floor was white marble with intricate designs carved into it. Overhead was a large skylight with raindrops splattering against the glass.

"This is strange" said Kyoko. "If no-one's home then why are the lights on? And why was the door unlocked?"

"It is odd" Ito agreed. "But at least we can wait here until the storm passes… ACHOO!"

He covered his nose and mouth just in time as he sneezed loudly, the sound echoing through the empty hall.

"Bless you Ito-san."

"Thank you Kyo-chan. I must have got a chill out there."

"Let me warm you up" she said with a coy smile as she put her arms around him in a loving embrace. He smiled as he returned the hug.

The mood was shattered as they heard shuffling footsteps coming towards them. The footsteps were accompanied by a ragged, irregular breathing.

Ito and Kyoko looked over to see two misshapen forms emerge from the shadows. The roughly humanoid creatures had grey skin with an oddly gelatinous texture that rippled disgustingly as they moved. Their heads were little more than raised lumps that joined directly to their bodies without a neck. Two bulbous red eyes looked out above an oval-shaped mouth filled with pointed teeth. Their hands ended in sharp claws.

What, what are those things?

Ito snapped out of his stupefied daze as he heard Kyoko scream in terror. Mustering his resolve he charged at the creatures. The closest one swung its arm, its claws slicing through his chest without resistance. He cried out in pain, pressing his hands to his wounds as bright red blood welled up from his wounds and seeped past his fingers. The creature landed a blow to his left temple that knocked him to the floor, more blood leaking from the gashes on his head.

"Ito-san!" Kyoko screamed.

She tried to run over to him but the second creature blocked her path. It opened its maw and sprayed a cloud of green mist into her face. Before she could stop herself she had inhaled some of it. She coughed for a few seconds, then her eyes fluttered and closed. The creature caught her as she lost consciousness. With surprising care it put her over its shoulder and turned to leave.

"Kyo-chan!" Ito howled.

He swayed unsteadily as he staggered to his feet. His wounds burned, hot blood flowing freely down his face and chest. The room seemed to be spinning and nausea twisted his stomach.

I have to save her.

Ito threw a punch at the monster in front of him, putting every last ounce of strength he could muster…

And it slapped him away without effort. He hit the floor again and tried desperately to get up but his limbs felt heavy as lead. Desperately he fought to stay awake as his vision began to go black but it was a futile effort.

Kyo-chan, I'm sorry he thought as darkness claimed him.

Ito shivered with cold, his teeth chattering as he began to awake. His head felt heavy and his mouth was filled with the familiar coppery taste of blood. The pain of his wounds had faded to a throbbing ache.

He opened his eyes and found himself laying on a freezing stone floor, looking up at a dark grey roof carved from rock. Ito forced himself to look around and saw that he was in a stone cavern. Wall-mounted torches flickered, casting writhing shadows. A thick smell of mildew hung in the air.

What is this place? Where's Kyo-chan?

His addled mind cleared instantly as it all came flooding back. Clearest of all he remembered Kyoko being carried away by one of the creatures. He tried to spring upright but the brief surge of strength passed and he sank back down as weakness overcame him again. The walls blurred as darkness once again started to encroach on his vision.

She doesn't have to die Ito.

"W, what? Who said that?" Ito asked weakly.

Look to your right.

He did so. Laying on the floor a few feet away was a mask that looked as if it had been carved out of bone. It had two eye holes and three vertical slits in place of a mouth. Just looking at it gave him an unsettling feeling.

I can help you. I can heal your wounds.

Without thinking Ito began to crawl towards the mask. Pain flared up from his wounds but he ignored it. He didn't waste time thinking that he'd lost his mind or that this had to be a hallucination. All that mattered was getting Kyoko back and if there was even the slightest chance that this mask was actually talking to him and could do as it claimed, then he was going to take it.

His hands trembled as he picked up the mask. Somehow it's empty eye holes seemed to be looking back at him.

We can save her. All you have to do is trust me. Just put me on.

A part of him recoiled in terror at the thought of doing as the mask instructed but he silenced the inner voice. With the last of his ebbing strength he turned the mask around and placed it over his face.

Good boy.