Of Flus and Concerned Boyfriends

Annabeth felt horrible. She had a pounding headache that made every seemingly simple task a struggle. She couldn't believe how painful it was.

Although Annabeth knew she should be "stopping the spread" or whatever, she also had a big algebra test. And, so, whether she wanted to or not, she had to drag herself to class.

Percy watched his girlfriend slide into her seat. Although health wasn't his favorite class, it was the only one he had with Annabeth. She was so much smarter than he was, so she was usually in advanced classes.

Today, Annabeth looked pale. Too pale for comfort. And when she went to answer a question, her voice was scratchy and barely recognizable as her own. It didn't take a genius to figure out that Annabeth wasn't feeling well.

He waited to ambush her until after class. She was searching franticly for something in her locker, and she didn't look like she was finding it... whatever it was.

"Hey, wise girl. Are you feeling okay?" Percy asked, wrapping his arm protectively around Annabeth's shoulders.

"I'm fine." Annabeth answered.

"Okay." Percy said, trying not to show just how much he doubted this. "See you later, then."

Percy tried to convince himself it was just a cold. He tried not to worry himself sick over it. But he couldn't help it. After all that they'd been through together, Percy couldn't help worrying about his girlfriend.

Annabeth stared blankly at her plate of cafeteria grossness. Seriously, the cafeteria food is enough to make anyone feel worse. For that reason, she wasn't overly surprised when she started to feel the nausea creep up on her fast.

She jumped up from the table where her, Percy and Rachel were sitting, and ran for the bathroom. The only one that wasn't occupied was the one next to the school nurse. She raced in, and fell to her knees in front of the toilet.

Less than ten seconds later, Percy was standing behind her, pulling her hair back out of her face while she was sick.

"Okay. I'm fine now. I think I'm done."

"You just threw up three times. You are not fine." Percy retorted, pressing his hand against Annabeth's forehead. "Shit, wise girl, you're burning up!"

"I can't leave, though."

"Yes, you can. And you will, because I'm gonna drive you home and wait with you there until either your dad or your stepmom comes back."

"Percy, that's not..."

"Are you gonna say necessary? Because I think it is." Percy scooped Annabeth up, carrying her out of the bathroom and out to his car.

Annabeth had the flu. A pretty bad case of it, too. She spent five days at home. Percy had to try hard not to say "I told you so." But try as she might, Annabeth couldn't stay mad at Percy. Percy had done the right thing, and even though she'd now have to make up her algebra test after school, she knew she would've failed it if she'd done it while sick. So, she couldn't stay mad at her boyfriend.

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