A/n: Okay, so this is my oneshot for the baking set in the Camp Jupiter forum. I am not very good t titles, so...

Thalia POV

I regret this. It was a stupid thing to agree to do. And now, I'm paying for it.

You may think that I got myself into something illegal. Or deadly. But no. I got roped into baking with Percy Jackson. Which, I guess, could be considered deadly; especially if you were to eat an actual slice of the final product.

But let me back up a bit. I should really explain how I got myself into this very unfortunate situation. It all started the day before Annabeth Chase's eighteenth birthday. I was visiting Camp Half-Blood for the occasion.

"Annabeth's birthday is tomorrow." Percy said, leaning against the doorframe of the Zeus cabin.

"Yeah. I know." I replied.

"I bought a cake mix; I thought we could make it for her." He's such a sweet boyfriend.

"Okay." I agreed. That was my first mistake. First of many.

The first thing that went wrong were the eggs. Percy went to crack one on the edge of the bowl, and it exploded everywhere. Most of it went into my hair and on my face, but a good portion of the shell landed in the batter.

"Remind me not to ever eat your eggs again." I said, picking out large pieces of the shell.

"Ha-ha." Percy makes a face. "It can't have been that... Oops." An egg had landed on the floor. I went to grab a kitchen rag to clean it up, but slipped on the egg and went on an unplanned skate. I landed on my ass.


"Shit! Thals, are you okay?"

"Yeah." I washed my hands in the sink, and then grabbed a wet towel to clean up the egg. "Okay. I'm going to go get the egg off my face. You mix the batter." Surely he couldn't mess that up... right?

Boy was I wrong. When I went back into the kitchen, two minutes later I might add, I found sticky brown goop dripping from every surface in the kitchen. And that included the ceiling.

"How the hell did you get cake batter on the ceiling, kelp-head?" I asked, shaking my head.

"Your guess is as good as mine."

We somehow had enough batter to fill the cake pan. I don't know how. I stuck it in the oven and set the timer. Or, at least, I think I did.

Just as we were about to start cleaning up, the door opened, and Chiron started to wheel inside. He skidded to a stop, staring in shock at the mess.

"What happened?" he asks.

"Thalia?" "Percy?" we said at the same time.

Chiron just shook his head. "Gods, help us. You can clean all that up." Then he wheeled out.

Percy and I set to work cleaning up the mess. We were so busy cleaning up and laughing that we didn't notice the cake was burning until we heard the screeching of the smoke alarm.

"Shit!" I lunged to open the oven door.

"I got it." Percy blasted the fire with a gizer of water, then pulled out the cake. Holy Hephaestus!

The cake was burnt so much that it bypassed being charred and went straight to practically being ashes. Plus, it was very uneven. No amount of frosting was going to fix this.

"Not too bad." Percy said, popping a spoonful of ash into his mouth. "With some frosting, this would be great!"

"Um... I beg to differ." I say, taking my own spoonful of cake ashes.

In the end, we bought a cake for Annabeth's birthday. And we agreed to never try to bake again.

In fact, we are now banned from baking at Camp Half-Blood. On the camp announcements board, there was this notice.

Attention all campers:

Due to a fire, Thalia Grace and Percy Jackson are hereby banned from using the Camp Half-blood kitchens.

Oops. Oh, well.