Dude, What Just Happened (Episode#1)

(Opening with Zack and Cody storming out of Zack's office and approached the candy counter)

Cody: Bailey, we got t...

(Cody was being interrupted by a voice that sound awfully familiar)

Mystery Person (VO): FOR A THOUSAND TIME...

(Nia Moseby got up)

Nia: Wait a minute, what is going on here?

Cody: Wait...I thought you technically quit after Maddie returned on a full time shift and got promotioned to the ship manager at SS Tipton like 12 years ago

Nia: Of course, I did then after Maddie got promotioned to the hotel manager at Orlando Tipton Hotel...Mr.T and uncle Marion asked me to come back as a FREAKING candy gal for a second time. But, unfortunately Uncle Marion recently got killed in a car accident.

Zack: Well, act...

(Cody punched in Zack's tummy)

Cody: Just carry on

Nia: Anyway, since Uncle Marion got killed, I decided to stay on as a candy gal in honor of his memories

Zack: That's great. So, anyway where in the heck is Bailey

Nia: Whoa, whoa...wait a minute, Who is Bailey? Was she the one who you dumped in Paris

Cody: Yeah, a couple of months later, we got back together

Nia: Nooooo...from what I heard from Zack, London, and Uncle Marion that Bailey got back together with some dude called "Moose" and eventually got married

(As Cody's eyes became wider and became paylzaled in shock, we are seeing "The Suite Life" Theme Song, and then, we are seeing Zack and Cody ran into Cody's and Bailey's suite)

Cody: No, no, no...

(Cody ran in the bedroom and trying find any of Bailey's belonging but couldn't and came out of the room)

Cody: HOW...I...I..I...don't quite just don't get it. we were just competed a FREAKING world-saving mission in order to restored the timeline back to normal. I...I...don't...

Zack: Well, I guess something hadn't quite gone as we had hope but at least I just got this INSANE job!

Cody: You are not helping!

Zack: Where are you going?

Cody: To get Arwin to fix this FREAKING timeline

(As Cody exit, we are seeing Zack checking in a guy and a woman who were doing a GERASH the wolf the musical)

Dave: Hey, would you...ummmm...keep this chick away from me. Because, she is loco-mocha!

Ashi: What, do it have to do to me, all I want to bring the peace to the world

Dave: Oh, that's totally Bull(bleep)..

Zack: Guys, Guys...there are kids everywhere

Ashi: Yes, that was unnecessary to cuss in the human's nature

Dave: Alright, I am outta of here

Ashi: I am so, so sorry about his beilvalor

(Dave and Ashi exited)

Zack: Huh, no wonder why anyone would want to see their show.

(Then, Stacey Dillsen approached Zack)

Stacey: Excuse me,

(Zack sign)

Zack: What is it now?

Stacey: I was in town for a cotton swab convention and I recently finished my cotton dog project for those Best Cotton Swab Art contest but somebody apparently has stolen my FREAKING project

Zack: Well, as you could see that maid's duty to clean up stuff that everybody has left behind and I am sure that it was sound like it was...trash to me

Stacey: Look, Mister...I didn't just graduated from Pacific Coast Academy so that somebody would take my...MASTERPIECE!

Zack: Ok, why don't you goes asked that gal at the candy counter.

Stacey: Ok

(As Stacey began walking toward the candy counter, Zack sneak away to his office and Stacey turn around to the front desk and noticed Zack was gone)

Stacey: So, ho...

(Stacey groans)


Nia: Well, what about a therapist

(Stacey groans)

Stacey: I am go to the bar where they use the cotton swab as an stir for the drink

(Then, we are seeing Arwin speaking to Carey's cutboard)

Arwin: Soooo...Carey

(Arwin chuckle)

Arwin: You looking great today and I think that...ummmm...we could go out for a drink after I get off work tonight

(Cody walk in)

Cody: Hey Arwin

(Arwin yelp)

Cody: Why are you in the heck are you still speaking to a cutboard of my very OWN mother!

Arwin: Wel...I...a...fine, I am still in love with your mother, Okay!?

Cody: Yeah...you really need to find a new hobby or something

Arwin: Alright, fine...what bring you here?

Cody: Well...do you remember anything that occurred with an alternative timeline and Upside Down

Arwin: In the matter of fact, I do. A couple of kids has a superpower that was literally blowing my mind and what about this angst and lengthy adventure

Cody: Yeah, here is the thing...we somehow created a timeline where I...competently dumped Bailey's butt and somehow she ended up getting back with Moose and eventually got married

Arwin: Well, it was great for them

(Cody giving Arwin a look)

Arwin: Ohhh...I mean oh, it is baaaaaaaddddd new

Cody: Yep, could you built a time machine that could create an alternative timeline where Bailey and I get back together

Arwin: Yeah, there is no chance it would work.

Cody: What was that supposed to mean

Arwin: Well, as you can see...this whole world-saving mission was to restore a timeline, correct

Cody: Yeah, so?

Arwin: Ok look, not everything will be resolve and it would be something you would have to live with like me and your mother for example, I was falling in love with her and somehow she ended up back being with that "jerkface" Kurt

Cody: Yeah, are you going to help me or not!?

Arwin: Alright, fine. But, it still wouldn't fix anything

(Then, we are seeing Zack entering London's Penthouse and London was counting shoes)

Zack: Hey London

London: Hey Cody

Zack: Ummm...I am Zack and why in the heck are you counting shoes

London: Because, I got to decided between shoes to which to wear to the fashion show in Sydney

Zack: Ahhh...gotcha, so do you...ummmm...remember anything such as an alternative timeline and another dimension

London: Ummm...not that I recall but I remember an annoying red-headed chick, those strange looking creatures, and a creepy puppet

Zack: Ummmm...London.

London: Huh-huh

Zack: When you said that you don't recall which was meant to be you don't remember anything...and you just mentioned something that you just actually remember

London: Ohhhhh...yeah, well, there was a kid who we found which turned out have a power just like that homeless chick

Zack: Ummm...London, she was not homeless...well...it could be...but, she was one of the test subjects who escaped from the laboratory! Anyway, do you recalled anything about Cody and I were just no...

(Zack was interrupted by London's phone ringing.)

London: Oh, one second

(London picked it up)

London: Oh, hey Chelsea...oh yeah...wait, Jason Masron did what!? Oh, shut the heck up!

(Then, we are seeing Cody and Arwin finished building a time warp.)

Arwin: Tah-Dah!

Cody: We surely did a such great teamwork

Arwin: Right on! Now, all we need to get this started and you would get your gal right back in your arm, right away and I hope my does as well.

Cody: Whatever, let get this freaking machine starting.

Arwin: Right

(As Arwin flipped the switch, the light on the machine were instantly turning on and goes revolving and the engines were starting. Cody chuckles)

Cody: It's working, it's working!

(The machine were broken down)

Cody: No, no, please...no!

(The machine were exploded)

Arwin: Yep, told ya.

(Cody starting to becoming emotional)

Arwin: Hey, I know you miss Bailey. But, when some changes were occurred unexpectedly and it would be something that we would to deal with it.

Cody: Well, you could be right and we would not get a result like we wanted

Arwin: Yep, it was great working with you, through

(Then, we are seeing Zack and Cody drinking beers while watching Television)

Zack: So, still no sign of Bailey?

Cody: Nope, but it is a brand new reality which is something that I would have to live with

Zack: Good for you buddy, so we could go...

(Zack was being interrupted by a door knock)

Cody: Who was at the door?

Zack: Eh, no idea.

(As Zack opened the door and revealed a girl who seems awfully a lot like Rey from Star Wars)

Zack: Oh, hey sweet thang...I am Zack Martin and that is my twin brother, Cody who he was recently lost his wife...who has been hit by a parade of running horses and that wasn't pretty...at all.

Colleen: Oh, I know you guys

Zack: was that because we are one of close friends with London Tipton who is a rich heiress

(Colleen chuckles)

Colleen: No, as you see that I am Colleen Martin, your sister

Cody: Whoa...whoa, wait a minute...(whisper) Zack, that was same exact chick who was in the family picture that was in your office

(Zack's and Cody's eyes became wider)

Zack: WHAT The F..!?

(As the screen freeze, we are seeing the text that read; "To Be Contiuned...")