Blaze sat down and tried to meditate. She could hardly believe that she was in Sonic's house. Visiting Sonic's planet was a decision that she quickly made without much thought. She thought she wanted to save Sonic and Cream from the robots and although that was true, she also wanted to visit them, because she missed them. She couldn't resist Cream's innocent adorableness or Sonic's fast-talking charm. She feared she was becoming too soft. She wanted to be a strong, independent warrior.

A half-hour later, Dr. Eggman's pink robots went to Sonic's house. Dr. Eggman taught them, to have manners, so they knocked on the door. Sonic ran to the door and opened it. He looked around and saw the pink robots. He said, "Pink robots?"

Dr. Eggman appeared on the screen, of one of the robots. He had a big smile on his face, while saying, "Greetings, Sonic."

Sonic folded his arms and said, "You already attacked me, earlier. You rarely fight me more than once per day."

Dr. Eggman replied, "That's true, but you didn't get to do much of the fighting, last time. Your fire-cat friend got in the way. I'm going to make sure that you actually face a challenge this time. I only had a few hours to make these robots, so they aren't my finest creations. However, I believe they still have what it takes to defeat you." He did an evil laugh.

Sonic said, "I just finished a half-hour, of running on the treadmill, so I'm pumped and energized. I feel ready, for a robot fight. However, can we have the battle outside? I don't want to ruin my house."

Dr. Eggman replied, "That's fine. Robots, make sure the fight stays outside. I wouldn't want to ruin Sonic's home, which is probably a nice place." He paused and said, "By the way, Sonic, how come you haven't let me visit your home?"

Sonic said, "Because you're my arch-enemy."

Dr. Eggman replied, "I know we don't always get along, but we're so close. I really should see the inside of your house, someday. You've been to my lair, plenty of times. I look forward, to showing you the changes I've made, after my robots defeat you and take you to my lair."

Sonic walked out of his house and started running around the robots. Sonic said, "I'm going to defeat these silly robots."

Dr. Eggman replied, "I don't think so, Sonic. You've always been so confident. My robots are going to teach you that confidence is a bad thing. Unless your name is Eggman, you will lose."

Sonic responded, "But your real name is Robotnik, not Eggman." Dr. Eggman angrily grunted.

Blaze heard lots of loud noises, so she went outside and saw what was going on. Blaze saw the robots cornering Sonic, so she said, "Get out of the way."

Sonic asked, "Why?"

Blaze said, "Please, listen to me." Sonic sighed and ran away from the robots. Blaze used her fire powers, to burn the robots. She had learned so much about mastering her powers that she was able to defeat all of them in a short amount of time.

Dr. Eggman looked around and saw Blaze. He angrily raised his eyebrows and asked, "Why was she here? I wanted to fight Sonic without his friends getting in the way."

Sonic said, "She's my new roommate, so you'll be seeing a lot of her, Eggman." Dr. Eggman angrily whined before the robots blew up.

Sonic looked at Blaze, while saying, "Thank you, for your help."

Blaze replied, "You're welcome."

Sonic said, "You're really powerful. I'm very impressed, by what you can do. I'm glad, that you'll be staying, even if it won't for very long."

Blaze replied, "I'm happy about that, too."

Sonic said, "Cream really missed you. She's filled with excitement, that you've come back."

Blaze avoided eye-contact, while replying, "That's nice, I guess."

Sonic said, "Blaze, there's nothing wrong, with having friends. You don't have to be alone."

Blaze sighed and replied, "You're probably right."

Sonic said, "Cream's not the only one who missed you. I missed you, too."

Blaze figured this was a good moment, to start being honest. She said, "I missed Cream and you."

Sonic asked, "Really?"

Blaze nodded and said, "I've never really had friends, until I met you guys."

Blaze looked down and saw that Sonic was holding her hand. He asked, "Is that okay?" Blaze nodded. Sonic and Blaze smiled at each-other, while going inside.

After getting inside the house, Sonic and Blaze continued holding hands. Sonic ran around the living room, while Blaze stood around. Sonic looked at Blaze, while saying, "Thank you for helping me deal with those robots."

Blaze replied, "It was nothing."

Sonic smiled and asked, "Are you kidding? You did everything. You were awesome."

Blaze replied, "I appreciate the sentiment. Thank you, Sonic." She looked down and her mind finally started focusing on the fact, that she was holding Sonic's hand. She tried to not appear shy, even though she was, while asking, "Why are we holding hands?"

Sonic shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't know. I guess we just wanted to."

Blaze let go of Sonic's hand and said, "I'm sorry, for holding your hand. It was improper behavior, on my part."

Sonic could hardly believe, that Blaze would feel the need to apologize. He calmly said, "It's fine. You have nice hands." He paused and said, "Well, it's hard to confirm that, since your hands are covered by gloves, just like my hands."

Blaze started taking off her gloves, so Sonic took off his own gloves. Sonic started placing his hands, next to Blaze's hands. Blaze shyly let Sonic hold her hands. Blaze nervously asked, "How do my hands look?"

Sonic said, "They're beautiful, just like the rest of you."

Blaze started blushing. She had never been called beautiful and she didn't expect Sonic to tell her such a thing. She wondered what Sonic was trying to do. Was he just being an overly-affectionate friend? Was he trying to hit on her? After a long moment of silence, Blaze said, "I'm afraid I don't know how to respond to your compliment, but I deeply appreciate it."

Sonic said, "You might know the words, that you want to say, but I think I know the thing, that you want to do. It's the same thing, that I want. Blaze, will you kiss me?"

Blaze shyly replied, "I don't know. Um, it might be inappropriate."

Sonic said, "There's nobody, from any planet or dimension, that I'd rather kiss." Blaze heavily blushed before she and Sonic started bringing their lips closer and closer to each other.

Suddenly, Blaze opened her eyes. She looked around and saw that she wasn't in the living room anymore. She was in her bed and Sonic was standing next to the bed. Blaze had a confused look on her face, while asking, "What's going on?"

Sonic explained, "After defeating Dr. Eggman's robots, you must of ran out of energy or something, because you passed out. I quickly took you to your bed and let you rest."

Blaze looked very surprised and confused. She said, "So, none of those things, from earlier, happened?"

Sonic raised an eyebrow and asked, "What are you talking about?"

Blaze said, "Um, don't worry about it. I just had a dream, that really surprised me."

Sonic started running around the room, because he wanted the exercise and because he loved running, in general. He asked, "What was the dream about?"

Blaze tried to retain her stoic and elusive nature, by saying, "I'd rather not discuss it."

Sonic said, "You should tell me a few details, at the very least. Were you in the dream?"

Blaze answered, "Of course."

Sonic asked, "Was I in the dream?"

Blaze started losing a bit of confidence, while saying, "Yes."

Sonic started running, at a slower pace, while replying, You've captured my interest. How was I acting in the dream?"

Blaze said, "You were acting different from how you normally act. It really surprised me."

Sonic put his hand on his chin, while saying, "Really? What was I acting like?"

Blaze replied, "You weren't boasting, about your powers."

Sonic responded, "Wow, sounds like I was acting out-of-character, in your dream. Was there anything else about how I was acting that was surprising?"

Blaze took another pause, before saying, "You were being more friendly and affectionate."

Sonic proudly replied, "I'm one of the friendliest guys that you'll ever meet. I have more friends than any of the other video-game icons. When it comes to affection, I might not give out hugs and kisses, but I can show my appreciation in a number of ways. I wasn't being all lovey-dovey in your dream, was I?"

Blaze said, "That's a hard question, to answer."

Sonic stopped running and said, "We didn't kiss or anything, in the dream, right?"

Blaze was feeling embarrassed, so she turned around and said, "Stop asking me questions about the dream. It was just a dumb dream. It has no meaning." She put a pillow over her face to cover her shame.

Sonic felt confused, while saying, "We kissed in the dream? Does that mean -"

Blaze interrupted Sonic, by replying, "I feel like being alone, right now."

Sonic said, "I'm sorry. I should let you rest." He quickly left the room.

Blaze took off the pillow and stared at her reflection, in a tiny mirror, that was on the dresser. She said, "I can't believe, that Sonic kept asking questions, about the dream. He was invading my privacy." She paused and said, "I can't believe, that I had that dream, in the first place. Why would I have a dream, where I kiss Sonic? I don't want to kiss him. He's a nicer guy, than I thought he would be. He's even letting me stay at his house, for free. However, I don't love him. I just like him."

Sonic went to the living room and ran around, while saying, "I can't believe Blaze was dreaming, about me kissing her. That's totally weird and doesn't seem like something, that she'd ever do. Whenever we're together, it's up to me, to be the friendly one. She's always been so serious and elusive, in the past." He paused and said, "However, she has been acting friendlier, recently. She willingly made sandcastles for Cream and she accepted my offer to stay at my place, for a while. Is it possible, that she actually cares about me?"

Sonic figured it would be for the best, if he got some advice, from his friends. Sonic ran back to Blaze's room and said, "I'm going to visit some friends, for a while. I'll be back, soon."

Blaze replied, "Okay."

Sonic ran out of his house and started running around the city. He tried to run, as fast as he could, in the hopes of finding some of his friends. He considered visiting Amy Rose, but he figured that wouldn't end well. He feared Amy might hit him with her hammer or something. He continued searching the city, before finding Knuckles and Shadow, who were playing basketball. They were arguing, about who was the better player, before turning around and seeing Sonic.

Sonic said, "Hi, guys."

As usual, Knuckles was in a bad mood. He angrily asked, "What do you want?"

Sonic said, "I need your advice."

Knuckles and Shadow both felt surprised, that Sonic would need their advice. They were used to Sonic being smarter and cooler, than they were. They figured this was their chance, to be something special. Knuckles asked, "How can we help you?"

Sonic said, "I'm having an issue, that involves Blaze."

Shadow said, "So, Blaze is causing problems? I anticipated that. It was a terrible idea, to have Blaze stay. Her miserable presence isn't welcomed or accepted, among other planets or dimensions."

Sonic stuck his hand in front of Shadow's face, while saying, "Hold on, Shadow. I'm afraid you didn't understand, what I was trying to tell you. There is a problem, that involves Blaze, but the problem isn't her fault."

Knuckles folded his arms and said, "I'm not sure, if that's true. Give us more details."

Sonic explained, "Blaze had a dream, earlier. In the dream, we kissed." Knuckles and Shadow burst into laughter. Knuckles was laughing, to such an extreme degree, that he could barely. Sonic said, "Hey, why are you laughing?"

Shadow giggled, before saying, "Blaze loves you."

Sonic said, "That might not be the case. It was just a dream and dreams don't reflect true feelings, all the time."

Shadow replied, "Sonic, it's pretty obvious, that Blaze loves you. She doesn't like socializing or leaving her home, yet she decided to visit you."

Sonic responded, "She came here, to help stop some robots."

Shadow said, "That's true, but she stayed, after the fight. Also, she decided to stay at your place, out of all the possible homes, that she could obtain."

Knuckles said, "Bro, Blaze loves Sonic. She probably wants to date him and stuff."

Sonic said, "I don't know, if I should be trusting you guys. You don't seem to have any mature or helpful things, to tell me."

Knuckles and Shadow put on hula skirts and started dancing around Sonic, while singing, "Blaze gave Sonic a kiss. It was something, that his face couldn't miss. If he didn't want the kiss, he would hiss."

Sonic started getting upset, while saying, "Stop the singing."

Knuckles and Shadow sang, "Sonic loves Blaze. That puts our brains in a haze, so let's hope this is just a faze. Sonic's heart is in a maze. In order to get it, he'll have to go a long ways." Knuckles and Shadow were laughing, to such a crazy level, that tears started pouring down their cheeks. Sonic angrily sighed and started running away.

Meanwhile, Blaze heard a knock that was coming from the front door. The knocks continued and they weren't loud. Instead, the knocks sounded small and gentle. Blaze walked to the door and opened it. Cream was the one, who was knocking. Blaze said, "Hi, Cream. What's going on?"

Cream smiled, while saying, "I wanted to check on you and make sure you were comfortable, in your new home."

Blaze said, "Well, I appreciate that, but this isn't my new home. It's just a place, that I'm temporarily staying at."

Cream looked up, at Blaze and could tell that something was bothering her. She asked, "What's going on?"

Blaze asked, "What do you mean?"

Cream said, "Something's bothering you."

Blaze replied, "Um, that's not true."

Cream folded her arms and sternly said, "Don't lie to me."

Blaze sighed and replied, "You could say, that I'm feeling troubled. However, it's nothing serious, so I don't want you to worry."

Cream responded, "Tell me about it."

Blaze said, "That's not necessary."

Cream replied, "Please, tell me."

Blaze nodded and she and Cream started sitting on the house's front steps. Cream patiently waited, for Blaze to work-up the confidence she needed, to admit what was going on. Eventually, she said, "Recently, I've been having dreams, that have been bothering me."

Cream replied, "Oh, are they scary dreams?"

Blaze said, "No, I'm happy, during the dreams, but after they're over, I feel stressed-out."

Cream asked, "Why would that happen? What are the dreams about?"

Blaze felt it would be for the best, if she just admitted what was happening, so she said, "I've been having dreams, where you're my niece and Sonic's my boyfriend."

Cream had a big smile on her face, while saying, "That sounds wonderful. Sonic's always been like an uncle, to me and I would love to have you, for an aunt." She gave Blaze a big hug.

Blaze looked guilty, while replying, "I'm sorry, Cream, but it wouldn't work out."

Cream started looking sad, while asking, "Why not? You don't want to be my aunt?"

Blaze sighed and said, "I do. However, I'll have to go back to my home, soon, so I wouldn't be much of an aunt."

Cream asked, "Why do you have to go back? Don't you wanna stay here and be with Sonic?"

Blaze replied, "That's a question, that I can't answer."

Cream asked, "Why not?"

Blaze said, "Because I'm afraid, about what my answer would be."

Cream started getting excited. She nudged Blaze and said, "I might just be a kid, but I'm smart and I know what your answer would be. You like Sonic, don't you?"

Blaze shyly replied, "You could say that."

Cream said, "Then why go back to your home planet and be all alone? You could stay here and be with me and Sonic. You're like a part of our family."

Blaze asked, "Really?" Cream nodded. Blaze gave Cream a big hug.

A short time later, Sonic went to Dr. Eggman's lair. Dr. Eggman was playing a card game, with some of his robots, when his security-machine started beeping. One of the robots informed him, that Sonic had entered his lair. Dr. Eggman said, "Sonic's here?" He twirled his mustache, while saying, "That sounds exciting." He sighed and said, "However, I haven't finished making my newest robots."

Sonic ran up to Dr. Eggman and said, "Hi, Egghead."

Dr. Eggman angrily replied, "It's Dr. Eggman. What do you want?"

Sonic said, "I need your advice."

Dr. Eggman raised his eyebrows and asked, "What are you talking about? I'm your arch-enemy. Why would you seek my advice?"

Sonic explained, "I remember what you said, about you knowing me better, than anybody else. Considering how unhelpful my friends are being, I figured you could give me the advice, that I need."

Dr. Eggman started jumping around, in excitement, while saying, "Sonic needs my advice. What a peculiar situation. What's your current dilemma?"

Sonic said, "It's about a girl."

Dr. Eggman put his hand in front of Sonic's house, while replying, "Hold on, Sonic. I think I know the problem, that you're dealing with. This girl likes you and you're not sure, if you want to date her."

Sonic responded, "That's somewhat accurate."

Dr. Eggman said, "If you care about this girl, let her know. Hiding your feelings never works. You can't receive love, without working for it."

A few minutes later, Sonic ran back to his house. He saw that Blaze was sitting on the steps. He walked closer to her, before grabbing her and holding her in his arms. Blaze looked surprised, while asking, "What are you doing?"

Sonic said, "Letting you know, that I feel the same way."

Blaze asked, "What are you talking about?"

Sonic said, "I think you know. You do love me, don't you?"

Blaze smiled, while replying, "You could say that." Sonic kissed her. Blaze looked amused, while saying, "You're rushing our relationship."

Sonic responded, "I don't think you would expect anything less, from the world's fastest creature." Blaze nodded and kissed him.

Sonic said, "Blaze, I don't want you to leave. I want you to stay, with me."

Blaze replied, "That's what I want, too. There's nothing I want more than to spend time with my niece and my boyfriend." Sonic and Blaze continued kissing each other. Blaze was grinning, because her dream had come true.