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There was really nothing special about her.

She lived in Phoenix, Arizona with her twin and their mother. And while she could admit, there was a certain beauty to the desert state, the red cliff sides and plant life being the most obvious examples, most days she felt like she was literally melting.

In that she was very unlike Bella, she could barely tolerate the dry, sweltering and blistering heat.

Her name was Avery Lynn Swan, younger twin sister of Isabella Marie Swan, daughter of Charlie Swan and Renée Higginbotham (previously Swan, presently Dwyer). She attended ballet, liked to spend time with her accident prone, slightly older sister, and tended to sing Disney songs at the top of her lungs at random.

Just months after their seventeenth birthday, weeks after their mother married Phil, a minor league baseball player. A very melancholy but determined Bella sought her out while she was laying out in the back yard working on her tan.

"What?" Avery asked, pulling an earbud from her ear to hear what her sister was saying properly, because surely she must have misheard her twin.

"I think we should move to Forks."

Or maybe she hadn't misheard at all.

Sitting up slowly in her pink lounger, she studied the slightly older girl.

The Swan twins looked almost nothing alike.

Bella stood at around five foot five inches tall. She was thin and willowy, with slight but noticeable curves. Her skin was as pale as milk, and her long curly hair a few shades lighter than black. She had coffee brown eyes, a thin pronounced nose, and small sculpted lips.

Avery on the other hand was several inches shorter than her twin, standing at only five foot two inches. The younger (by only ten minutes Bella!) girl's curves were more noticeable, especially in her lower body. Her chest was about the same size as Bella's, but her hips flared and her thighs were much thicker. Her long curls were lighter, with an almost auburn tint, her skin more golden, and her eyes cobalt blue.

The only things the twins had in common were Charlie's curls, their doe shaped eyes, and the fact that their upper lips were bigger than their bottom.

"Bella.." Avery started slowly, as if talking to a child, her hand blocking the sun from her eyes. "You hate Forks. Detest it, despise it-"

"I know." The other interrupted. "But mom.." Bella didn't continue, frowning.

She didn't have to finish the thought out loud anyway.

Their mother wasn't the most... responsible parent around.

Bella, who was almost entirely Charlie in personality (though she would never admit it,) took care of running the house from day to day. She paid the bills, did most of the cleaning and shopping, and cooked.. Avery helped out, most of the time, but though she hated to admit it, she had a bit more of their mother in her than Bella.

Still, that aside, the newly wed woman deserved to spend time with her husband. To travel with him. To be happy. Instead of being stuck here with them, though both girls knew their mother loved them more than anything, they could see the pain in her eyes every time she was forced to stay behind.

"We haven't been back to Forks since we were fourteen." Avery pointed out, giving up on the sun and standing in her tiny white bikini, the fact that it was entirely because of Bella hanging in the air, but unspoken. "It's also almost half way through the school year."

Avery rather liked Forks, to be honest, though she could do without all the rain. She liked the greenery, and the cooler temperatures. She liked spending time with their easily embarrassed and awkward father. She was less fond of the idea of transferring half way through her junior year.

But with the stubborn jut of her sisters jaw she knew she was fighting a losing battle.

"I know." Her twin grimaced.


It was another hot day in Phoenix, as their mother and Phil drove the twins to the airport. Bella was sitting beside Avery in the backseat of Phil's small four door, dressed in her favorite sleeveless shirt as some kind of strange farewell gesture. She was staring out the window at the clear blue sky with a wistful yet resigned expression on her face.

Avery watched her, feeling somewhat sorry for her sister.

As far as she was concerned, they couldn't get to Forks quickly enough.

After the initial decision was made, she found herself looking forward to the move. Despite the fact it was well into the school year. She was practically bouncing in place, she was so anxious to just go already, and had been for days.

When they finally arrived, and were saying their goodbyes, Avery calmed herself enough to at least look sad to say goodbye to her mother and new step father. She would miss them, mostly her mother obviously, but...

"You don't have to do this." Her mother frowned, looking between the twins sadly.

"I want to go." Bella lied. She'd always been a bad liar, but had been saying this lie so frequently that it sounded almost convincing.

"Me too! It'll be great, spending time with dad."

"Tell Charlie I said hi."

"We will." Bella promised for the two of them.

"I'll see you soon," she insisted. "You can come home whenever you want, I'll come right back as soon as you need me."

But they could sense the sacrifice behind the promise.

"Don't worry about us. It'll be fine. We love you, Mom."

She hugged the two of them tightly for a minute, and then she was gone.

Once again the twins proved to be opposites. Avery with her fake frown, and Bella with her fake smile. The girls made their way through airport security. Avery with a skip in her step, and Bella like she was walking to the gallows.

It was a four-hour flight from Phoenix to Seattle, and another hour in a small plane up to Port Angeles.

During the flight Bella scolded her at least a dozen times, the blue eyed twin didn't do well confined to small spaces and expected to sit still. She was fidgeting, getting up constantly, humming "to loud," and basically just annoying her already unhappy twin. Needless to say, they were both happy to get off the plane. The second, shorter, flight wasn't nearly as bad. Though the constant feeling that her ears were about to pop was less than pleasant.

"Finally! Oh god, that was awful!" She stuck her finger in her ear and wiggled it, ignoring Bella's eye roll with practiced ease.

"Let's just go find Charlie." Bella sulked, an unhappy pout still on her lips.

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