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The rotting smell of garbage permeated the air, though it was understandable, taking into account that they were standing in the middle of a room full of garbage. The fifth class trial had ended with Makoto Naegi being declared guilty of murder, a result that was less than desirable for him.

Luckily, the boy managed to escape the unjust punishment, all thanks to the help of a certain A.I. program. A shame that Makoto had to be surrounded by garbage without food or water for a few hours, but it was better than being dead. However, a good action warrants another.

The Luckster sacrificed himself to save his friend Kyoko, and hell would freeze over before she would let that debt unpaid. Armed with a bottle of water, some sweet bread, and a few trash bags filled with ramen, the detective girl plunged into the darkness. This leads to the current situation, with a grateful Makoto stuffing his cheeks like a squirrel.

As cute as it was, neither of them wanted to spend a minute longer in this place. So the teens made their escape, thanks to Kyoko's special key that she 'borrowed' from Monokuma. Now only a thing separated them from freedom, an incredibly long stair. Apparently, the thing reminded the boy of a certain videogame about spies.

And so began the climb. Makoto volunteered himself to go first, Kyoko was wearing a skirt after all, and he didn't want to give in to... temptation. She let out a nearly audible chuckle but let the boy go first. They were climbing for a few minutes now, still unable to see the end of it and with the clicking of their steps as only company.

"I had no idea we were so far down…" Makoto didn't enjoy the silence as much as Kyoko, so he attempted some small talk.

"Don't lose your footing. If you slip, I won't be able to catch you…" It wasn't a surprise that the lavender-haired girl was atrocious at such basic social interaction.

Silence fell down once again on the climbing Ultimates, but the Luckster refused to give up after only one try. The next topic was about her ultimate talent, this one seemed to lose the girl's tongue. Even if the topic got a bit heavy when Kyoko's father was brought up.

His positive nature was starting to tick her off, their childhoods were just too different for him to understand how Kyoko felt about Jin. She raised her head to give the boy a piece of her mind, but then she saw something that made her stop.

Those cold eyes of the girl began to widen in surprise and pure wonder, "How... how could this be? Why have I never noticed before?"

The detective's mind was in pure chaos thanks to the sight in front of her. Not even her ultimate talent could have predicted such a thing. But her eyes didn't lie, the truth was right there. And it was a very clear one.

Makoto Naegi... had a nice ass. A perfect caboose. An amazing badonkadonk. A superb pair of glutes. Etc…

If one were to say such things to the girl, she would just scoff and roll her eyes. After all, Makoto's pants were kinda baggy and his stature didn't help him. But now that the boy was climbing the ladder, Kyoko could witness that tight ass.

"Damn…" Those pale cheeks of hers were starting to turn pink because of his own cheeks. "Maybe he squats a lot…"

"Kyoko, you okay? You suddenly went quiet." "Makoto was unaware of the thoughts that were forming in the detective's mind.

"Y-yeah. My apologies seem that my throat is a bit parched." She was thirsty, for sure.

"Really? Sorry, I should have offered you some water."

"It's fine..." Kyoko preferred some buns at the moment.

Finally, they reached the top, getting out of that dark tunnel. The stoic girl rubbed her eyes, realizing that she hadn't blinked for a while. However, this wasn't the time for distractions. Monokuma will soon find out about Makoto being alive, and they still didn't solve the mystery of the dead attacker.

Kyoko had to make a plan and investigate, she pushed those inappropriate thoughts away. For a more... private time.


Hopeless. This whole situation was hopeless…

The survivors of the killing game were attending the sixth and last class trial. They had discovered the Mastermind behind all of this, Junko Enoshima, and learned the truth about the outside world. Now, they wished they didn't.

The world was destroyed beyond recognition, the air polluted with poison and the people outside went crazy with despair. There was no hope in the world anymore...maybe it was better to stay here forever. Just give up and live a happy life between these walls... forever…

"Don't lose hope!"

Even so, he didn't give up. The Luckster was still fighting against the despair of the situation, lifting up the spirits of his friends with unwavering hope. Kirigiri saw this but didn't felt any better, even if she went outside there was nothing for her out there. Her feelings about Jin Kirigiri, her father, were still complicated and blurry. Will she just abandon everything he tried to protect with his last will? The girl had nothing left…

Then a familiar image appeared on her mind. No... she had something left. Something to live for. That ass!

Yes, she couldn't die yet! Not without pinching those juicy cheeks or getting to cop a feel. Dying a virgin was out of the question. Sure, the girl didn't remember her time here but she wasn't the romantic time anyway, till now.

"And Kyoko, you h-"

"It's okay Makoto, I'm fine." Kyoko gave him a reassuring smile. "We will defeat Junko Enoshima."

"Yeah." The boy smiled back at her.

"We will go outside this academy."


"And you will sit on my face!"

"YEA-wait what?!"

Every pair of eyes turned to watch the usually stoic detective, everyone with an expression full of surprise and shock.

Kyoko used her gloved hand to wipe away some drool from her mouth. "So, Makoto... I don't think you wound up at this school because you had bad luck or good luck... I think you came here for a different reason entirely…"

"Please don't say it…" The boy's voice was full of dread and embarrassment, cheeks burning up.

"You came here because you have the Ultimate Butt!"

At that declaration, Makoto buried his face in his hands. Everyone else was extremely confused or disgusted.

"You know what? I'm ready to get executed." The Ultimate Despair said in a deadpan voice, this wasn't despairing at all. Just weird.

And like that, the nightmare ended. Our heroes stepping into a hostile and strange world.

Will they survive? Will these teens be able to move away from such madness and pain? Will Kioko get that booty?

Those are questions from another time…

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