The castle I found myself standing in front of was quite stunning. The whole place was bathed in sunlight, giving a particularly warm and welcoming feeling to anyone who passed by. I knew better. This was home to Kol Mikaelson, notorious wild child and original vampire.

I'd spent almost 300 hundred years looking for the Mikaelson family. I'd followed them from country to country, every time I narrowly missed them. The only evidence left was the ruins of whichever enemy they'd been running from. Usually they'd be running from Mikael. At some point in time, I'd learned that they split up to make it harder for Mikael to kill them.

The other siblings became nearly untraceable, but Kol, as devious and cunning as his reputation claimed he was, also had an attachment to witches and magic. Somewhere through the great witch vine and a few spells later, I was standing at the home of Kol Mikaelson. I'd spent so long searching and waiting for the moment I would meet one of the infamous original siblings, but now that I was, I didn't know what to do.

That wasn't a thought I had long to ponder on as one of the great doors of the castle opened. Standing before me was a girl, a witch. I could sense it on her. She was quite pretty, long brown hair and a slender face with delicate features.

"Can I help you, dear?" she asked. Her tone was soft and her voice high. It made her seem younger than I thought she was. "What are you doing outside Lord Kol's castle?" she inquired again when I didn't answer her first question. She looked like she was ready to go out, probably to get something from the town nearby.

"My apologies, I'm here to speak with Lord Kol." My chance was now or never. I didn't know if I was ever going to have the courage to do this again. Her eyes widened at the balant request.

"Is he aware you're coming to see him? I haven't heard of any new visitors." This time her tone was stern, but not harsh.

"I need to speak with him, please. I have information I believe he would want to know," I was desperate now as I pleaded with her. Granted I could've compelled her, but I didn't know if she was on vervain and I didn't want to leave anything to chance. This time she grabbed my arm, but gasped and yanked her hand back.

"You're not…" she trailed off as she looked at me in shock. This time she grabbed my wrist and pulled me inside. "Come along, child. I'll take you to Lord Kol,"

She knew what I was. I could sense it when she touched me. After pulling me through a series of hallways and then up a staircase, finally stopping at a door.

"I don't know what you will say to him, but be warned Lord Kol has quite the temper. Watch your tongue, dear," she warned me. Then she scurried down the hall and I watched her small figure disappear around a corner.

I stared at the door in front of me for a long moment. Was this it, was I really going to do this? I sucked in a sharp breath and knocked softly on the door.

"Come in," said a deep voice. Two words, two words had made me gone mad in the span of a second. I couldn't do this, I'd been chasing these people for so long. At some point I'd been content with the chase and grew afraid of the possibilities. I was going to turn, I was going to run away. I was already turning around, when suddenly a man was standing in front of me holding onto the tops of my arms. I was afraid. Not because of what he was, but who was.

I took a moment to study his features. He was undeniably a handsome man, an angular face accompanied by a sharp nose. He had dark hair, the same shade as mine.

"Who might you be, love?" He questioned. I swallowed thickly, I wasn't prepared for this. "Answer me!" He snapped. His tone was harsh and demanding.

I sucked in another deep breath, it was now, I had to say it. "I'm Astrid Mikaelson, and I've been searching for you for a very long time Kol."

He immediately released my arms and stumbled back against the wall. What I had said seemed to finally register because I had been up against a wall within a second and his hand crushing my throat. "What kind of lies are you going on about!" He screamed at me.

My fear had worn off. I threw Kol off me and had him against the wall with my hand against his throat. He looked at me in shock. He had every right. It wasn't everyday that a small girl could throw off an original.

"Like I said, I've been looking for you. My name is Astrid Mikaelson, I'm your sister." I responded. I was nervous, I'd almost choked on the words coming out of my mouth. He kicked my legs out from under me and had me pinned to a wall with my arm clutched in his grasps.

"That's a lie! I don't have another sister! Who are you? A spy sent from Mikael to kill me?" He demanded.

"I can prove it, I didn't think you'd believe me. So I can prove it." I gasped out. "Look into my memories, find out the truth." I was begging at this point. I'd been so desperate for a family. I had one, they just didn't know I existed, which hurt more than any wound ever could.

I thought he was going to snap my neck when he abruptly turned me around and he placed his hands on my neck. Instead I felt a presence in my mind, it was Kol. I immediately let him through and thought about my past.

I was five years old, sitting in an old chair with a woman behind me brushing my hair. She was telling me a story, as she often did before bed.

"My little Astrid, tonight I'm going to tell you the story of how you came to me," she smiled down at me with kind eyes.

"Really!" I exclaimed in excitement, "the story of my birth family?" I'd always wanted to know where I came from. Ella wasn't one for secrets and told me I wasn't her birth daughter, but she made sure I knew she loved me all the same.

"Calm yourself, child. Once upon a time, long ago, I was sick. I thought I was going to die, when a woman came into my home. She was determined and beautiful, I was convinced she was an angel. She told me her name was Esther and that she was going to cure me in return for a favor. I agreed and she told me one day, she was going to return with you, my little Astrid, and that I had to keep you safe and hidden."

"Why auntie Ella, why am I secret?"

"Because, darling, you are a special baby born with a gift, one that someone might want from you. Anyway your birth mama came back to me a few months later with you in her arms and gave you to me. I promised to protect you forever the second she placed you in my arms."

The current memory faded and then came a new one.

I was ten years old when I met Ayana. She was visiting our village and stopped by to see auntie Ella. I wasn't met to hear them talking, but I was a curious child and hid outside near a window.

"You can't keep her forever, Ella. She's Esther's child and the daughter of the Gemini leader. If anyone finds out about her, the Gemini's will come for her, or worse Mikael." Ayana claimed.

"Esther gave her to me to protect. I will honor that, she's my child now and I won't let anyone take her away."

"You're a fool to think you can protect her. Esther should've kept her, and claimed she was Mikael's. What if she comes into her powers? You're on dangerous ground, Ella."

"If Mikael found out she wasn't his then she would be treated harshly. We don't have to worry about her powers either," Ella snapped.

"What do you mean," Ayana truly looked confused. Until it dawned on her. "She's a siphon."

My last memory came to light. The night of how I became a vampire.

In this memory I was fifteen years old. I'd just come back from collecting berries and walked into the hut I shared with Ella. What I wasn't expecting was a blonde haired woman sitting at the table talking to Ella.

Ella walked over to me and grabbed hold of my hands. "Come here, dear, there's someone you should meet," she murmured to me. She then proceeded to pull me over and sit me down in the chair across from the blonde woman.

I took a moment to study her. She had pale skin, long blonde hair, and sharp eyes.

"This is Esther, your birth mama," Ella said slowly. I was completely shocked. My birth mother. What did she want? Why was she here?

The woman, Esther, took hold of my hands and looked into my eyes. "Hello, Astrid, I've been waiting to meet you for a long time. I'm sure you have many questions, but for now I just want to look at you. My beautiful daughter."

Esther had ended up staying for dinner and brought special wine for us to drink. Ultimately I wasn't able to ask any questions. As soon as I had drank the wine I felt white, hot searing pain spread through my stomach and body. I looked down to see a knife sticking out of my stomach and I turned to see Ella behind me, hands shaking and pale.

"Auntie Ella, why…?" Suddenly my vision started fading, till all I saw was black.

I woke up with a start and sucked in a sharp breath. I took in my surroundings and all my memories came rushing back to me. Esther, Ella, the knife.

I looked down and held the area where my wound was, or rather where it should've been. There was a blood stain on my dress but no wound.

Esther was in front of me within a second and holding my arms again.

"Esther, what's going on? Ella stabbed me. Why?" I sobbed. I was so confused and disoriented.

"Hush now, dear. None of this makes sense now, but you need to calm down and drink." Esther said in a stern voice. I looked at the arm in front of me, blood pouring out of the wound. The blood, the smell was intoxicating. I could feel veins coming out under my skin and fangs growing from my gums. The smell was so alluring, it was all I could think about. Blood.

Then I looked down the arm. It was Ella's. I recoiled and gasped in horror. She was dead. I reached down and clutched her shoulders.

"Ella, Ella, wake up." I pleaded, tears pouring from my eyes. I looked up at Esther. "What did you do to me? Why did you kill Ella? Why are you doing this to me?" I begged.

Esther shoved the blood covered arm in my face again. "You have to drink, you have to. You'll die, Astrid." She didn't give me much of a choice as she forced the wrist to my mouth.

Suddenly the blood was invading all my senses. I could feel the fangs coming out again and unwillingly I fed.

The power rushed through me, the strength, the magic.

That was the last memory I showed to Kol. He recoiled back in shock.

"These memories you are showing me. How do I know they're real? You could be lying." Kol claimed. Mikaelson's, always so paranoid.

"You're so very paranoid. I can cast a spell, a heritage spell." I said.

"You just showed me memories of you becoming a vampire, now you claim to be a witch. You walked into my home spewing lies and deceit, what makes you think I shouldn't kill you where you stand!" he growled at me.

"I showed you the memories of Ayana, how she said I am a siphon. I was born with no powers of my own, I must absorb it from other supernatural beings. When I was turned, I was given my own power source. My vampire side fuels my powers." I rushed out in one breath. I knew he was running out of patience. I could've fought him off, but I need him to believe me. I needed a family.

"I'm a very old vampire, I've been running with witches since I turned. I've never heard of a siphon before."

"Let me cast the spell, if I'm lying you can kill me." I thought he was going to kill me when he didn't let go, but he ended up pulling me down the hall and into another room. There was a girl, no older than me. She was quiet, but aware that Kol and I just barged into her room.

"What do you want, Lord Kol, I'm busy." She snapped. I liked her, most people wouldn't dare speak to vampires that way.

He yanked me forward and basically threw me down near her.

"This little girl walks into my home spouting lies of being my long lost sister. I want you to cast a heritage spell, Greer." She looked up at me for a long moment before nodding her head.

She pulled out a bowl and a few herbs that I knew about. She worked quickly, crushed them up and put them into the bowl.

"Aright, it's a simple spell. Cut your hands and let your blood spill into the bowl. When I cast the spell the blood will either turn black or set aflame. If the blood sets itself on fire, she's telling the truth." She then proceeded to hand Kol a knife who sliced his hand open and let his blood pour into the bowl before his hand stitched itself back together.

I cut my hand as well and let my blood pour into the bowl. It didn't escape me that Greer and Kol were watching my hand heal itself as well.

Kol and I stood side by side and watched Greer chant the spell over and over. I turned to look at Kol, I didn't know him at all, but I could see that he was nervous. I was too. We were both so focused on Greer's chanting that it shocked us when our blood erupted in flames.

Kol turned to me with a devious smile and a mischievous glint in his eyes. "My, my, you were telling the truth, little witch, welcome to the family."