2010, Mystic Falls

Mystic Falls was home to the newest Petrova Doppelganger, one that I knew Nik wanted to get his hands on. Which marked the location as one that Katherine and I would be going to next. Nik would be coming for her soon, I was just going to get her first, surprise my big brother and take a little revenge. Grudges were a long standing family trait among the Mikaelson's, one I inherited like the rest of my siblings.

I ended up spending a lot longer with Katherine than I intended too. I figured at some point one of my siblings would come looking for me or I'd go back, but I found myself becoming quite attached to her. She was dark, manipulative, not all that different from a Mikaelson. Katherine and I were still traveling the world, running circles around Nik. In all honesty, Katherine wasn't such a bad friend when I'd realized she was more or less scorned by fate. I hated her as a human, but vampirism was made for some people, people like Katherine.

As soon as we made it into the small town, it was just as we expected, uneventful and quaint. We bought a nice mansion, just on the outside of town, close enough to the doppelganger, but far enough to stay hidden. The perfect place to plot the war we were bound to win. It was all white, two stories, and represented modern art perfectly. Katherine and I hung a large hand painted portrait of ourselves from the early 1900's in the foyer.

Katherine and I were huddled in the dining room, blood pouring from compelled humans. It'd been a couple weeks since we'd been here and the entire time was spent doing recon about the newest doppelganger. "So what's the plan for our grand entrance?"

Katherine turned her head and smirked in her cat-like way. "I'm thinking I'll go pay a little visit to our lovely Salvatore brothers, meet the family, and even stop by to see uncle John."

I nodded approvingly and picked at my chipping nail polish, "I would love to see Damon again, use my magic and play some of my old tricks?"

"Sounds perfect." Katherine said and wiped away the blood dripping off the side of her lip. "There's just one more thing to take care of then, turning the little blond for the sacrifice."

"I can do that." I offered. "I have a feeling he might be the one going to the hospital because of his infatuation with Elena."

"See you soon." Katherine smirked and kissed her palm, and instead of blowing it to me like a normal person, she pressed it to my ass like a sticker. I laughed lightly and grabbed my sweater, bouncing out the door to my car. It was time to pay long awaited revenge on Damon Salvatore.

I drove myself to the hospital and parked my car in the shadows, it was a flashy car and one of those in a small town is pretty noticeable. I ran my fingers through my hair and leaned against my steering wheel, it'd been a calm couple of decades, but I had a feeling this was going to start a war. Sighing, I got out of my car and walked into the hospital.

"Hello, can I help you?" The woman at the receptionist desk asked me as soon as I walked into the opening of the hospital.

I leaned sweetly over the desk and looked her in the eye, compelling her easily. "Where's Caroline Forbes' room?"

She told in a monotone voice, eyes glossed over and face blank. "Room 306."

"Thank you." I said simply and made my way through the hospital, having the appearance of a fifteen year old girl worked to my advantage because no one stopped me or looked at me curiously.

I spotted the room easily and saw a blond woman in a police uniform hovering over an unconscious Caroline, probably her mother. The woman brushed Caroline's curls away from her face and kissed her forehead lightly. She whispered something, but it seemed like an intimate moment to listen in one. I stood off to the side and waited for the woman to leave before sliding into the room.

She looked angelic, blond hair, pale skin, and pretty delicate features. I almost felt about making her the sacrifice, but I was a thousand year old heretic with little remorse for things like this anymore.

I bit into my finger, barely wincing when the blood started to pour into my mouth and raised it to Caroline's lips, making sure she swallowed enough. The effect was instant, her heart rate started going up, her blood pressure was stabling, and the color was returning to her skin. I dropped into the chair near her bed, crossing my legs lazily and pulling my dark hair into a bun.

It wasn't long before Damon Salvatore walked into the room with Elena following closely behind him, just like I'd anticipated. I observed them, Damon still had the same dark hair, bad boy aura, and piercing blue eyes darkened by vampirism. The girl was a spitting image of Katherine, doe brown eyes and all. "Hello, Damon, Elena."

"Astrid." He whispered and pushed the doppelganger behind him. Damon and I had a complicated past, one solely based on revenge. "You're supposed to be dead."

"Surprise." I smiled and stood up.

"Damon, who is she?" Elena asked boldly from behind him. He ignored her and turned to face me with a hardened gaze.

"What're you doing here?" He questioned darkly. I walked over and patted his cheek, then pushed him harshly against the wall by his neck.

"Is your memory that short, Damon?" I snapped. "Do you really think I don't remember what you did to me?"

"You deserved it." He hissed, trying to rip at my hand around her throat, but she was strong. "I see the bitch herself turned you. What are you? Her new lackey?"

"Trust me, Darling." I whispered. "I'm much worse than one of Katherine's play things."

I whispered an incantation in Latin, over and over till I knew it'd taken effect before releasing my hold on Damon's neck.

"What're you doing to him?" Elena said, horrified, finally having gotten over her initial shock over the interaction.

"Don't worry your pretty little head over it." I said and winked in her direction. Once I heard the blond behind me start to stir, I took my exit out of the hospital.

Damon sighed darkly and poured himself a drink, bringing it to his lips as Stefan paced behind him. Elena was near Stefan as well, wringing her hands together. The three of them were congregated in Elena's house, trying to lay out all their problems.

"I should let you know now, baby bro, but Katherine's not our only problem." Damon said and rubbed his temples. Stefan whirled around and looked confused, his forehead wrinkling up.

"What're you talking about?" Stefan prodded, looking between Elena and Damon.

"There was another girl, she cast a spell on Damon." Elena blurted out, ignoring Damon's blank but warning expression.

"So, Katherine has a witch working for her?" Stefan asked, not sounding too surprised about the new fact.

"Not just any witch." Damon corrected, flexing his fingers which had become increasingly stiff since leaving the hospital. "Astrid."

"She's alive?" Stefan whispered, he looked at his brother and shook his head. Then leaning over the table, ignoring Elena's confused expression. "But Damon, there's no way."

"That's the second time I've heard her name tonight." Elena commented. "Who is she exactly?"

Damon clicked his tongue and downed the rest of his drink. "She's Katherine's sister."

Elena's mouth fell open and she slumped in her chair. "Katherine's sister? But how's that possible?"

"She's not blood related to Katherine." Stefan corrected. "Back in 1864, Katherine didn't come alone. She brought Emily Bennett with her, but she also came with Astrid, who was a witch Katherine happened to pick up along the way. She told our father they were sisters as a part of their cover."

"So you're saying Katherine adopted a sister?" Elena asked, confused. "I don't understand why she would do that, and if she was a witch, how could she be a witch and a vampire now?" Elena asked wearily, thinking back to how easily the small girl threw Damon up against a wall.

"She's a vampire?" Stefan stammered out, looking at Damon.

"She's definitely something." Damon confirmed, remembering how unbelievably strong her grip had been around his neck. "Also, that's not exactly our worst problem right now." Damon added, pouring himself a new drink.

"What else could we possibly have to worry about?" Elena said exasperatedly.

"Back in 1864, Astrid used a spell on people who'd betrayed her or Katherine. I've seen her use it on people." Damon started, looking nervous, it put an unsettling feeling in Stefan's stomach.

"What does it do?' Elena asked worriedly.

"It basically works like a poison, it starts on your hands killing all the blood flow, the skin turns black, and once it reaches your heart. You're dead." Stefan responded, putting the pieces together. "She cast it on you, didn't she?"

Damon held up his right hand where the skin at his fingertips were black and the rest of his was already losing color.

"Oh, my God." Elena whispered. "How do we stop it?"

"You can't." Damon answered. "She's the only one who knows the reversal spell."

"So get her to reverse it." Elena argued.

"It's not that simple." Stefan said. "If she's going to lift the spell, then she wants something in return."

"Well what is it?" Elena demanded, tired of the two brothers being cryptic.

"It could be an object." Damon said. "A grimoire, she was always looking for rare ones. Probably something impossible to get."

"Or revenge." Stefan interrupted, then turned pointedly to look at Damon. His expression was one of worry, but no one could deny the dark and unforgiving look hidden just beneath the surface. "You know what you did to her, Damon."

I walked around the Lockwood mansion, dressed in black jeans and nice black top, something I stole from Katherine's closet. She'd gone out to plot and see what her next move would be, or whatever she did in her psychopathic head. I honestly didn't need to follow her here, but I heard the Bennett witch was around here somewhere and I wanted to meet her.

I wandered around the house until I felt a presence behind me, following at a distance, but nonetheless there. I knew exactly who it was. "Nice to see you, Stefan. I never pegged you as a stalker."

"What're you doing here, Astrid?" Stefan demanded, I swerved around and smiled sweetly.

"I don't think you'd understand." I responded and hooked my arm through his tightly, forcing him to walk with me. "Remember when we used to take walks around the old plantation house? You subtly ask me about Katherine and Damon pining after her in secret?"

"How are you alive?" Stefan asked, ignoring me. I internally laughed at his forever brooding expression.

"You wouldn't understand." I said. "Lots of complicated witch business."

"Speaking of which, Damon told me you cast a particularly nasty spell on him." Stefan added, his eyebrow creased and I could tell he wanted to ask me more than just that. "Lift it."

"You know as well as I do that, that isn't how this works." I responded in a condescending tone. "I want something, you give it to me, and then I lift the spell."

"Even if I do comply, how do I know you won't double cross us and let Damon die." Stefan pointed out.

"You give me what I want and I'll lift the spell, you have my word." I answered simply, "you know I've never gone back on my word."

Stefan sighed and rubbed his temple. "What do you want then?"

"Two things, one is that little blond in the hospital, I'm going to turn her and I don't any of you looking for her after I do." I stated and shrugged.

Stefan wrenched his arm away from me and shook his head. "Absolutely not, you aren't taking an innocent girl!"

"I have much bigger plans for her Stefan, don't worry." I said, which did nothing to help his angry expression. "Besides, if you don't comply, I'll let Damon die, no one knows the reversal spell except for me. Not even your little Bennett witch can undo it."

"What do you want with Caroline?" Stefan demanded. "What does she have to do with your sick plans?"

"Nothing you need to be aware of." I answered. "The second thing I want isn't coming into play yet, so I have a counter offer for now. I'm going to slow the spell on Damon until it does and let you know when I want it. A motivation of sorts."

"What happened to you?" Stefan whispered.

I hardened my gaze. "Don't mistake the sweet appearance, darling, I turned down the cynical path long before I ever met you."

I walked around the outside of the house and waited around the corner when Katherine stopped in front of me. "Why hello Katheirne, hit on any old men lately? But then again, you're a lot older, so I think that makes you the cradle robber."

She glared at me and cocked a hip. "Don't do the patronizing thing with me. It's not cute."

"Whatever." I said and flipped my dark hair. "I made the deal with Stefan, not sure if he's accepted it yet. I was going to find him and Damon now. Meet me back at the house?"

"Perfect." Katherine said and used her vampire speed to leave before I could get another wood in.

I walked through the large Lockwood property, finally spotting Damon and Stefan a long ways away, seeming arguing after the Doppelganger walked away. As I got closer I heard Damon speaking.

"I kissed Elena" He said and mockingly held his fists. Stefan shook his head and pointed at him.

"Because you feel something for her." Stefan pointed out.

"My, my, your brother's girl?" I interrupted. "Walking towards them, I wouldn't expect anything less of you Damon."

"The wicked witch, finally returned." Damon mocked, unconsciously hiding his black hand. "What do you want?"

"That looks nasty." I commented. "Although I could fix that, if you comply with my deal." I said, looking pointedly at Stefan.

"What deal?" Damon asked, looking between us.

"She wants Caroline." Stefan said. Damon looked exasperated.

"She wants Barbie, fine take her." Damon snapped.

"Damon!" Stefan hissed and smacked his arm. "We are not bargaining Caroline."

"Why not?" Damon snapped back. "She's not that important."

"I'm getting restless over here boys." I said and picked at my nails. "That's not all though, since Stefan hasn't filled you in I will. There's something else that I want, but that's more complicated. Here's what I'm proposing, I'll take the blond now, slow the spell down significantly until the second part of our deal is sealed. Only then will I completely lift the spell."

"We aren't bargaining Caroline." Stefan reiterated.

"Then Damon dies." I said simply and turned my back but called over my shoulder. "Either way, I'll take the girl, get what I want, and Damon will die."

"We have to agree to her terms." Damon hissed at his brother, looking at this worsening condition.

"How do you think Elena's going to feel after finding out we traded Caroline!" Stefan snapped. "This isn't the answer."

"What other choice do we have?" Damon retorted. "I'll die by tomorrow morning if we don't."

"Damon." Stefan hesitated.

"Tick tock, darling, I don't have all day, and neither does Damon." I smiled coldly.

Stefan rubbed his hand over his face and sat down. "Why do you want Caroline?"

I shrugged. "Honestly it doesn't have to be her, but she and I have something in common. Not to mention it's a direct hit at your little doppelganger."

"Astrid." Stefan pleaded.

"Deal or no deal? Are you really going to let Damon die? Or leave it in the hands of an untrained novice Bennett witch?" I taunted. "By the time she figures out how to reverse the spell, Damon would've been dead for at least a hundred years. Make a choice Stefan."

I lounged back on the pearl white couch Katherine and I had bought when we moved into the house. She was currently gone, seeing Damon. Stefan was probably with the doppelganger, wracked with guilt after agreeing to my deal.

Everything was falling into place after Katherine and I had meticulously planned it all. Just a few more moves and we were going to win.

Not long after I poured myself a drink, Kathrine came walking through the door. "You're back early."

Katherine shrugged. "Damon ruined it. I see they took the deal."

"Of course they would." I commented. "Stefan would do anything for Damon."

"Great." Katherine said and poured herself a drink. "Now I have a question. Why do you want the blond girl?"

"Well." I started. "We've been studying Elena's life for a while, I've taken notice of Caroline. She's not so different than you, me, or even Rebekah when we were human. I just think she needs a little nudge in the right direction."

"Bullshit." Katherine laughed. "I refuse to believe you're going through the effort of turning a new vampire because you think she could be a better person."

"True." I agreed. "Damon did a very bad thing to her, I'm just going to help her get a little revenge."

"Worse than what he did to you?" Katherine asked darkly. I didn't answer and she didn't ask again.

"How should we do this?" I asked, looking at Caroline's sleeping form. Katherine shrugged beside me.

"We could just smother her." Katherine suggested, motioning to the pillows.

I glared at her. "I meant, should we explain it to her and ask if she wants to be turned."

"I'm sorry, since when did you have a heart?" Katherine asked, looking at me weirdly. "What did Damon do to her that's making you act like this?"

"Nothing you need to know." I responded. "I'll do it, you can go back home."

"Astrid…" Katherine started.

"Go." I said lightly. I nudged her and she disappeared.

I walked into the hospital room, brushing a blond curl away from her face. She woke up at my touch.

"What the hell? Who are you?" She gasped, sleep still evident in her voice.

"Hi Caroline." I said sweetly. "My name is Astrid."

"What're you doing in my room, how do you know my name?" Caroline demanded, starting to get nervous. She sat up and backed up against the bed.

I walked around and sat in the chair next to her bed while she eyed me warily . "You don't have to be scared of me. I'm here to help you."

"What are you talking about?" Caroline demanded.

"Do you believe in the supernatural, Carolina?" I asked, tapping the armrest and looking raised my perfectly shaped eyebrow.

"Supernatural?" Caroline asked, "like fairy tales?"

"Not exactly, more like witches, werewolves, vampires." I corrected her.

"Things like that don't exist. Are you some crazy patient from the psych ward?" Caroline bit back.

"Feisty." I laughed, then leaned forward and tucked a curl behind her ear. "Ah Carolina, how would you like to be faster, stronger, ageless, fearless?"

"Doesn't everyone?" Caroline whispered.

"Would you accept it if I offered it to you?" I asked, looking at the spark in her blue eyes.

"What's the catch?" Caroline asked, crossing her arms and looking me in the eye.

"Smart, everything comes with a price. It's a good thing you learn that now." I commented. "I turn you into a vampire."

Caroline crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes. "Definitely a psych patient."

"You know, I usually wouldn't ask anybody like this, give them the choice. I'm asking you Caroline, because I'm very old, a lot older than you'd think. In my whole existence, I've never cared for human life, only seen how it could be improved." I explained. "You would make a very good vampire Carolina, and I would teach you how to be one. All you have to do is accept my offer."

She looked as if she was really contemplating my words, thinking about what they meant, like she was starting to believe them. "Alright."

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