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Letting out a sigh Marinette settles on the bench by one of the windows, her bags at her feet, Bào settling down before her watching around. She really should have known that her class would have left her behind, not after she had Mrs Bustier tell them about the crime rates. Opening her purse she smiles down at Nooroo, Tiki and Plagg.

With the help of Viperion, Ryuko, Anubis, Aguara and Hornet she was able to take down Hawkmoth and Myura three months ago. Getting back not just Nooroo and Dussu but also Plagg. Chat Noir's identity was revealed as Adrien, who had given his miraculous to his father to help bring back his mother. With anger and betrayal coursing through her she quickly took down Chat, taking his ring before turning to Hawkmoth. With Anubis and Ryuko helping her she was able to snatch the Butterfly Miraculous, Gabriel Agreste kneeling before her. Hornet walks up next to her holding out the Peacock Miraculous as Viperion and Aguara shove Adrien and Nathalie down next to Gabriel.

"Each of you have mistreated and betrayed the trust of your Kwami. Forcing them to harm, to imbalance the world. You would have used the wish to heal," Ladybug sweeps her hand toward where Emilie lays in her glass coffin. "Which would have required a balance, you do not choose the cost. It would have cost someone else their loved one. From this moment forward, as the Grand Guardian I deny you or anyone of your blood or line to ever be able to use a Miraculous if they mean to cause harm or start to imbalance the natural order."

Light moves from her as she speaks, forming chains as they twist around the three before her. The chains bind the three and flash brightly before sinking into their bodies. Ladybug nods at her team. "The police have been notified, if you need to recharge, do so and meet me in the park across from Collège Françoise Dupont in six minutes." With a small wave her team disperses.

Slowly Ladybug walks over to Emilie's body, opening the glass she very carefully pulls her out. Laying her down, Ladybug places one hand on Emilie's forehead and the other over her heart. Pink light engulfs them both as Ladybug pushes energy through her palms to heal the arcane damage from the broken Miraculous. Finally after three minutes Emilie's eyes flutter open, confusion and surprise swimming in her green orbs. Helping her sit up Ladybug leans back from her space. "Mrs Agreste the police will be here soon with paramedics. I am sorry to inform you that your husband and son, along with their assistant Mrs Nathilie will all be charged with terroisum. They have been using Nooroo and Dussu to harm and terrorize Paris." Emilie stares up at her with wide eyes before turning to look at the three. "I need to go, but I am happy you are alright." With a small smile, Ladybug jumps through the window and grapples to the park.

Landing with a few minutes to spare she smiles at her gathered team. "Thank you, each and every one of you have proven to me once again that you deserved to use your miraculous." She holds out her hand in a fist smiling brightly at each of them. After a pound, her smile softens. "I have to ask each of you to give back your miraculous, it is time to retire them."

Viperion turns into Luka, his chinese dragon curled around his neck. Ryuko is next, blue eyes wide as she gazes at Luka. Her own soulmate animal, a coluber constrictor foxii wrapped around her torso. Anubis flashes with white light, showing Juleka leaned over laughing at her brother and his soulmate. Hornet and Aguara share a look before de-transforming. Chloé and Nathaniel smile brightly as they see the other's soul animal, a red fox at Chloé's feet and a bumblebee and hornet fly around his head.

"Each of you," Ladybug begins softly pulling their attentions back to her. "Have shown you are true heros not just in the mask but in your civilian lives as well. I couldn't have asked for a better team. Thank you again for your help." Bowing Ladybug smiles brightly at each of them before shooting off into the night.

Shaking her head of the flashback she pulls out her phone, seeing texts from Juleka, Chloé and Nathaniel. Quickly messaging back, letting them know she is alright and going to find another way to the hotel. With one hand she googles taxi numbers, her other hand running down the chest feather's of Apollo. A yelp pulls her attention from her screen, a black haired male stands staring down at a brown bat attached to his shirt.

"Yīnyǐng!" Marinette yells jumping up, stuffing her phone into her purse she rushes over to detach the small claws. "I am so sorry, he must have crawled off my shirt onto yours on the plane."

Half lidded eyes stare at her for a moment. "You were with the french class." He looks up, searching for the rest of her classmates. "Where are they?"

Marinette tilts her head, searching his face before smiling softly. Placing Yīnyǐng on her chest, covering him with her jacket. "They left me behind while I got my bags. I plan on taking a taxi to the hotel."

"In Gotham? Your teacher left you behind, in one of the most crime ridden cities. Alone?" The man asks, adjusting his bag. "Father isn't going to be happy about this. Let me give you a ride, it will be safer then getting in a taxi by yourself."

"Why?" Marinette asks, eyes narrowing slightly. "Why would your father care?"

"Oh, sorry." The man pulls out his wallet showing her his id. "My name is Timothy Drake Wayne, but call me Tim and my father is Bruce Wayne."

Marinette takes a look at the ID, her mouth forming an 'o' in surprise. Smiling softly up at him, "Thank you then."

Tim nods at her pocketing his wallet and leading her to the curb where a car is waiting. Marinette quickly grabs her suitcase and her backpack, Bào following closely at her heels. An older gentleman stands at the car door holding it open.

"Master Tim," the older man smiles gently at her. "Who is your companion?"

"Alfred, this is…" Tim trails off turning to her.

"Hello, I'm Marinette Dupain Cheng." Marinette shakes his hand smiling brightly up at him.

"Alfred Pennyworth, at your service ma'am. Where are we headed?"

"Gotham Royal Hotel. Thank you again."

Tim smiles at her as she slides into the back seat, Alfred placing their luggage in the trunk. Alfred takes off, Tim leaning against the door trying to stay awake. Marinette pulls out her sketchbook to look over the design for the vest of the last suit she is making for the large commision of Richard Grayson. The suit a green so dark it seems black until the light hits it at just the right angle. It's matching vest, black with silver hand stitched detailing which won't take too much time. Giving her enough time to do the finishing details on her own dress, the overlay and hand stitching would take a week at most. Leaving a few days before the Gala where she can just relax. Flipping the page she begins sketching out a top and skirt, drawing from the architecture as they pass by. Scribbling out notes, what kind of fabric and colors, next to it.

"You're into fashion?" Tim inquires glancing over at her, smiling she nods offering him a view of the new outfit. "When did you make this? It reminds me of of-"

"Gotham? It should, the architecture we have been passing is amazing! There's nothing like it in Paris, I couldn't help myself."

"May I?" Tim holds his hand out for the book, with a small nod she hands it over to him. Slowly he flips closer to the front, pausing on the outfits for the Grayson commission. "These are amazing, do you sell your work?" Sparkling blue eyes flashing up to her.

"I have an online store that I do commissions out of. My name isn't on there, I use an anagram." Gently she takes back her sketchbook, replacing it and her pencil in her bag. Smiling at Alfred as he holds the door open, she steps out before turning back and holding out a business card. "Thanks again for the ride, if you would like, I would love to make a small commision for you. Just contact me through my website and let me know."

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Taking her suitcase and bag she walks into the hotel, Bào walking next to her feet. Walking up to the front desk she quickly gets her room key and heads up, ignoring her classmates. Over the past two years, Lila had slowly but surely taken almost every single one of her friends from her just as she said she would. The only ones to stick by her were Nathanial, Juleka and Chloé. Thank kwami for them, they had helped protect her when Lila tried to get the others to destroy her items in class. One such time they had not been able to stop Alya from grabbing her sketchbook, but just as Alya was reaching to rip out paper Marinette had walked in. She felt dread and anger rip through her, Bào stalked closer growing twice his size and growling. Alya had dropped the book, her soul animal (a rabbit) had jumped up into her arms. Then the whole class had decided, with Lila's whispers in their ears, to ask her two weeks before their trip to make them their dresses. They had known for two months about the trip and the Wayne Gala at the end of it. When she told them she was swamped with commissions and her own dress, that she would not be making any of them a dress, they had all started yelling. Her friends had jumped in and started defending her.