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Mari's Soulmate animals: Bào {young panther} = Panther [Sneaky, Brave] ; Yīnyǐng {bat} = Shadow [Vegetarian, Night worker] {Eats: bananas to mangoes, dates, avocados, wild dates and any type of pulpy fruit} ; Apollo {robin bird} = Apollo {because robins are songbirds} [Renewal, New Beginnings]

Smiling Marinette opens her room door, walking in to see a gorgeous suite. A balcony showing off the city's skyline, the sun slowly setting. With a gasp Marinette drops her suitcase at the foot of the bed, carefully setting down her backpack on it and rushing out to the balcony. She places the sketchbook and pencils on the table. Humming softly to herself she quickly sketches down the image to capture the colors.


"Outside!" Adding the last touches on the image, Marinette closes the book turning to see Juleka standing in the doorway. "What's up?"

"You asked me to come see you about my dress?"

"Yes!" Jumping up she leads them back inside, towards the closet. She had mailed her friends' outfits, the suit from the commissions and her own dress base over with express to have them hung up and wrinkle free. "There it is!"

Turning back to her friend she holds out a black dress. The bodice is covered with golden hand stitching and has an off the shoulder v-neck with sheer dark plum sleeves that hang on her biceps. Golden thread swirling around forming what could be a tiger's face if seen from the correct position, otherwise it looks like swirling twisting branches with plum hand stitched flowers. The skirt is a basque waistline made of black tulle with a dark plum lace overlay that brushes the floor, a cut up the front just to the inside of the left leg showing it off to the top of the thigh.

"Go try it on and I'll pull out the shoes and jewelry. That way any adjustments that need to be made can be done so." Juleka nods, taking the dress to the bathroom to change. Turning back to the closet she pulls out one of the boxes from the bottom of the closet. She takes out one of the smaller boxes, and walks over to her bed. Pulling out golden t-strap platforms and a golden panjas bracelet with a flower in the middle, the golden metal twisting up to meet the flower and away to attach to the middle three fingers. Juleka walks out holding the skirt so she doesn't trip, a wide grin across her face.

"Well don't you just look radiant! Come stand by the mirror," Marinette points at the slightly raised floor just in front of the three way mirror. Juleka steps into the golden T-strap platforms and up onto the stand. Marinette helps her put on the bracelet, a secret smile tugging at her lips. Very quickly she pulls Juleka's long dark locks back into a low messy bun. Stepping back, Marinette slowly walks around her taking in all the details. The skirt is exactly where she wanted it with the heels, the back of the bodice just below the shoulders. Stopping in front of her, Marinette smiles up at her. "What do you think?"

"It's amazing! I admit I'm a little nervous about the slit but it doesn't seem to open too high."

"I did a fold slit, so it can't be ripped higher. This way it will only open that far before you have to physically make it open more." Helping her back down and out of the bracelet and heels after a few pictures. "Besides, I thought this would be a perfect way to introduce you to higher ups. Maybe get your foot in the door of modeling."

"Oh Mari," Juleka throws her arms around the shorter girl hugging her close. "You are a ray of sunshine."

Laughing Marinette pulls back and sends her to change back. Putting the accessories back into the small box and into the larger before back into the closet. Juleka hands back the dress and Marinette adds that to the closet as well. Waving her off before shutting and locking the door, turning back she smiles at the three kwamis resting on a pillow. Crouching down she pulls out a small tray of food. Cookies, camembert and a small bowl of fruit juice. While the Kwamis go rushing to it as she sets another tray of seeds and mangos for Apollo and Yīnyǐng to eat. Picking Bào up she carries him over to the ottoman, placing a plate of meat for him next to his body.

Getting dressed for bed, Marinette turns off the overhead lights. Checking the time and seeing it is only 7:30 she goes and pulls out one of the other boxes. Taking out dark grey wool fabric and the travel sewing machine. Flipping open her sketchbook she sketches and cuts out the needed pieces for a backless halter top with slit sleeves. She finishes the piece just past midnight, little ladybugs stitched onto her apple blossom on the bottom left side. Cleaning up the extra fabric, separating it into scraps and useless. Pulling out a pair of black skinny jeans she lays the new shirt on top and slips into bed, Bào crawling up to curl into her stomach. The others and the kwamis curled together on the extra pillow.

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