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Ruwhi - Arabic for My Soul

Marinette giggles softly as Damian describes how Duusu, his peacock, had snuck into his brother Jason's room and stolen one of his books - it had a shiny gold inlay on the spine. Movement from the top of the building across the street catches her attention.

"Speaking of your brothers," Marinette tips her wine glass towards the window. Damian turns his head slightly, narrowed eyes the only change in his features as he turns back to her.

"Any idea how long they were out there for?"

Marinette shakes her head hiding her smirk behind her glass. Grey eyes twinkling with silent laughter. "If Nightwing hadn't slipped then I wouldn't have even noticed."

"Wait, Nightwing slipped?" Damian grins ferally at her, a chuckle rising out of his chest. "Oh, this is perfect."

They stay at the restaurant for another half hour before leaving, walking toward the park. Marinette laughs as Damian takes her away from the park and towards the Wayne Botanical garden. Slipping out a lock pick kit he quickly pops open the door, sweeping her in before shutting the door behind them.

"This place is gorgeous Damian!" Marinette spins around trying to take in all of the different flowers and plants. Damian steps up and takes her into his arms, starting a slow dance. His eyes glowing with warmth as he gazes down at her. They stay there slow dancing, Marinette's head resting on Damian's chest, until his phone starts dinging.

"I'm going to kill Jason." Damian stops them moving, still holding Marinette against his chest as he pulls his phone out. "Not Jason, Father. It's almost nine thirty, did you still want to come to the manor to talk?"

"Its best to do this now, before I freak myself out." Marinette mumbles into his chest. Chuckling Damian leads her back out to the car.

Fifteen minutes later they are pulling up to Wayne Manor. Marinette takes a deep breath as Damian leads her up to the door. It opens to show Dick grinning down at them, Damian flips him off as they pass. He leads her into the library, sitting down next to her in the love seat. Sje watches as Dick settles down next to Jason and Tim on the couch, Bruce and Selina across from them in a larger seat.

"Damian, what is this about?"

"Father, this is Marinette my soulmate." Marinette smiles and waves. "We first met while I was Robin."

"Damn, Demon Spawn! Going and spilling the family secret so early." Jason complains, dodging the head swip of Dick.

"He didn't have a choice. Pollen and Tikki, his spirit animals did it for him." Marinette states, eyes narrowed on the taller man. "Besides even if we had met outside of the mask I would have figured it out."

"How's that pixie pop?"

Marinette raises an eyebrow, gesturing to the black panther laying at her feet and the robin perched on the arm beside her. Then reaching into her bag she pulls out the bat, Yīnyǐng crawling up her arm to settle on her shoulder.


"Yes oh." Marinette states, rolling her eyes.

"So we need to discuss the secrecy level." Bruce states, Selina simply tilts her head, eyes still following Marinette.

Taking a deep breath she closes her eyes as she remembers Master Fu's words: Trust in your gut, it is what has made you an amazing Ladybug and it will make you an even better Guardian. Opening her eyes she looks straight into Bruce's gaze.

"Actually no, you don't. If anyone would understand the level of secrecy needed it would be me."


"Tikki, Plagg, Nooroo." Damian and his family jump slightly as the three kwamis fly out of her purse. "I don't know if Jason told you, but there were heros in Paris."

"Oh fuck no." Jason states jumping up, pacing behind the couch. Tim's eyes wide as he puts it together as well.

"I'm Ladybug and the Guardian of the Miraculous box."

"Oh Ruwhi," Damian pulls Marinette closer to his side as he notices the tears gathering in her eyes.

"Who betrayed you?" Selina's voice cuts through everyone's freakout/processing.

"My partner, Chat Noir."

"He could have been a good kitten." Plagg states, arms folded. "But he stopped trying to do the right thing in his real life." Plagg's features morph into fury, his eyes glowing a sickly green. "Then he handed over my ring to Hawkmoth."

"You poor child." Selina whispers, shaking her head. "No one to guide you and the person who you were supposed to trust breaking that."

"Could have been worse," Marinette shrugs. Smile shaky, she lays her head on Damian's shoulder. "He could have found out my identity and taken my miraculous from me."

"That little beast is in your class?" Damian growls, hand squeezing her closer. Jason leans against the back of the couch, eyes staring them down.

"I am not telling you his identity. Him and his family will not be able to ever use or abuse a miraculous again." Marinette states, holding her head up as she stares Damian down. "They can't even speak of their times as users without harm coming to them."

"How'd you do that?" Tim asks, brows scrunched as he leans closer.

"That would be from being one of my souls." Tikkit chirps landing on Marinette's knee, Nooroo settling beside her large eyes watching Bruce. "I'm the kwami of creation, Marinette is a true Ladybug."

"So is that why I have so many spirit animals?"

"Nah, that's because Sugarcube's bug could use any of the elementals and even my ring." Plagg states floating up to Damian's face, his eyes narrow as he looks closer. "Oh! Well lookie-lookie!"

"Plagg, whatever you are about to do or say. No." Marinette states, grey eyes narrowing on the cat kwami.

"Oh come on!" Plagg wines, flying so he can land in Damian's hair. "This one is one of mine! I get to say it!"

"Whelp, looks like Selina finally gets to fully lay claim to Damian!" Jason laughs, grinning brightly.

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