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Urabitch: tf? Dean help, who are these people?

Lunatick: idk babe

Hottamale: who are you two? Dustin save me

Nottoothless: wtf am i supposed to do?

Yeehaw: david if this is another prank im gonna kill you

420: swear to god its not a prank

Spideyboy: i dont know who anyone here is

Bitchin: will, dustin, and whoever tf these other people are, my name is eleven

Urabitch: i like the username

Hottamale: she has a boyfriend, if mike was here rn he would kill you

Urabitch: calm down. I have a bf

Lunatick: ya and if you ever talk like that to him again i will slit your throat

Spideyboy: ok damn, can we just learn who eachother are before we murder someone?

Nottoothless: my name is dustin

420: im david

Yeehaw: heath

Hottamale: will

Lunatick: dean

Spideyboy: tom

Bitchin: i already said my name is eleven, or el

Urabitch: roman

Spideyboy: ive never heard of you guys before

Yeehaw: what district do you go to

Bitchin: dustin, will, and i go to hawkins

Spideyboy: i go to marvel uv

Lunatick: roman and i go to wwu

Yeehaw: david and i go to youtube(ik its bad)

Lunatick: we know who you are, youre school is very close to ours

420: ive never seen you two before

Bitchin: im trying to amagine what you guys look like, but i cant

Nottoothless: is el the only girl?

Hottamale: i think so

Bitchin: that sucks

420: ill fix that

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Scrunchies: david if this is a fucking prank ill forever exit the vlog squad and only be in the sister squad

420: omg its not a prank, why does everyone think that

Yeehaw: youre a fucking snake thats why

Urabitch: you should meet randy

Bitchin: im sorry but i still cant amagine what you guys look like

Hottamale: how about we show pictures of ourselves so el can stop complaining

Nottoothless: thats rude, but here, ill go first

Nottoothless: *sends selfie*

Urabitch: oh my god your adorable

Lunatick: ROMAN! Dont call anyone else adorable

Urabitch: sorry...daddy

Scrunchies: i honistly stan your relationship, im ugly, but heres me *sends picture*

Bitchin: ethan must be lucky

Scrunchies: were not dating, but if we were i would be the lucky one

Butchin: surre, ok heres me *sends group photo* im on the right

Hottamale: here i am *sends selfie*

Yeehaw: why is everyone here beauteful, and then theres me

420: im not beauteful

Yeehaw: have you looked in a mirror?

420: ok ok, but youre not ugly

Yeehaw: you sure? Cuz this picture says otherwise *sends selfie*

Urabitch: is that a cigarette in your jacket?

Yeehaw: ya, its a bad habit

Urabitch: ngl, its kinda hot


Urabitch: sorry, again

420: i wish i had a relationship Like that

Spideyboy: your single?

420: ya

Spideyboy: same, although i dont know why. I mean, who could resist this *sends professionally taken photo*

Urabitch: * spits out water* why the fuck is everyone in this gc so hot! SORRY DEAN

Lunatick: its okay, and i agree

Scrunchies: damn, why are you single tho?

Spideyboy: idk

Nottoothless: dude i have no idea where you people are, but its literally 10:00 pm where i live, my moms gonna kill me

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Hottamale: but i wanna see what everyone else looks like

Bitchin: you can just check the chat tomorrow dumbass

Hottamale: oh ya, but im not tired

Bitchin: we have midterms tomorrow, so ya might wanna get to sleep

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Hottamale: shit, i forgot about midterms, it was nice meeting yall. Bye

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Scrunchies: they must be in California or something

Spideyboy: im in texas rn, where are you guys?

Yeehaw: florida

420: ok where were we, oh ya, pictures*sends selfie*

Yeehaw: liza was dumb to give you up

Scrunchies: heath it was a mutual thing remember

Yeehaw: i guess so, still, why am i so ugly?

Spideyboy: youre not ugly dude

Lunatick: sorry to make heath more insecure, but i found a picture of me*sends selfie*

Urabitch: woah hes hot, wonder where ive seen him before

Spideyboy: i agree with roman

Yeehaw: this makes me feel even worse, i need someone to love me

402: hey heath i think mariah was going somewhere tonight, why dont you go with her and have fun

Yeehaw: how do you know where mariah is going, and will there be beer

Urabitch: big mood

420: she was filming with kristen at my house, and its a bar so there will definatly be beer

Yeehaw: will she be okay with me going?

420: she literally told me to ask you if you wanted to go

Yeehaw: oh, ill be there in ten. It was nice meeting everone, bye

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Spideyboy: okay why am i the only single one?

Scrunchies: you forgot about me, im single too

Lunatick: you sure?

Scrunchies: ya, why?

420: youre way too close to ethan

Scrunchies: were bffs

Urabitch: sounds like shes beside herself with the fact that she likes ethan and ethan likes her

Scrunchies: am not

Spideyboy: i dont know you very well, but it does sound like your in denial

Scrunchies: shut up

Lunatick: just admit it, you like him

Scrunchies: okay okay fine... i like him

420: hehehe, now all you have to do is ask him out

Scrunchies: im too nervous to do that

Spideyboy: if he likes you for who you are then he shouldnt give a shit if your nervous and mess up

Scrunchies : i guess so, thanks guys

Urabitch: your welcome

Scrunchies: wait, we never got to see what you look like

Lunatick: and you wont

420: why not?

Lunatick: i dont want anyone taking him

Spideyboy: dude, i live in texas, youre in florida. Its basically gonna be impossible for me to take him

Scrunchies: and i like ethan, not roman. No offence im sure youre an amazing person

Urabitch: thanks

420: and im straight

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Teeleeah: this story isnt long enough, so heres more people

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Racattack: oh hello

Notahoe: is this a prank david?

Sister: i hope ill find my daddy here

Notahoe: oh my god im wet

Racattack: how?

Notahoe: i looked at the previous conversations, and saw all the hot dudes

Lunatick: thanks i guess?

Urabitch: this just prooves my point that im actually ugly

Racattack: wait who are you guys, oh nvm, its dean and roman

Sister: oh damn, they are hot

Scrunchies: james no

Sister: oh hello emma

420: james calm down

Spideyboy: who are you guys, and what do you look like

Racattack: im nikki *sends selfie*

420: oh ya, you dated john

Urabitch: i hate john, hes a bitch

Lunatick: so is lesnar

Urabitch: ya but hes literally never at school

Racattack: i agree that there both bitches

Spideyboy: i literally still have no idea who these people are

Notahoe: im corinna *sends selfie*

Spideyboy: your eyes are beautiful

Sister: your looking sister snatched

Scrunchies: she always looks snatched

Urabitch: damn, my confidence is at -250% rn

Lunatick: dont say that, your hot

Spidey: well be the judges of that, we still dont know what you look like

Racattack: all i can say is that hes hot

Lunatick: back off Nikki, hes mine

420: but seriously, we need to know what he looks like

Sister: wait, did you say you were judging people on how hot they are?

Spideyboy: ya, i did

Sister: well get ready for a ten *sends selfie*

Spideyboy: a nine

Sister: WHAT

Spideyboy: i think people look better without makeup

Scrunchies: someone better claim you as their bf before james does

420: now we just need roman

Urabitch: what do you need?

Racattack: a picture

Notahoe: ya, i wanna see if you live up to the hype

Urabitch: oh i dont live up to any hype

Lunatick: baby you live up to all the hype

420: im serious, your relationship is adorable

Scrunchies: picture

Sister: picture

Racattack: picture

Spideyboy: picture

Notahoe: picture

420: picture

Lunatick: fine, ill allow it. Roman?

Urabitch: fine, here ya go *sends photo taken by someone else*

Notahoe: oh my god im literally wetter than the fucking ocean rn

Racattack: same, and i see him at school every week

Scrunchies: if i wasnt into ethan, and you wernt with dean. I might wanna take you

Sister: daddy?


420: holy shit, Dean your fucking lucky

Urabitch: if anything im the lucky one

Lunatick: im not mad at anyone rn cuz that picture made me fucking hard

420: honistly, same

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Teeleeah: im boooored

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Whotfru: tom what is this

Spideyboy: finally, a friend

Viper: holy shit im hard

Foot2face: why

Viper: look at the previous conversation

Foot2face: oh damn, wait is dean gonna be mad?

Lunatick: no because i agree with you

Scrunchies: who are you guys?

Whotfru: im mj

Viper: its ya boi randy

Foot2face: seth

420: as you saw, were all sharing pictures of ourselves

Viper: ok *selfie*

Foot2face: um ok, here *selfie*

Whotfru: this is weird but ok *selfie*

Spideyboy: this entire thing is just getting really weird

Scrunchies: how?

Spideyboy: idk, were just all talking about how fucking sexy roman is

Sister: were all sexy, but im the sexiest

Notahoe: debatable

Racattack: ya, extreemly debatable

Urabitch: wait, i thought tom was straight? It doesnt sound like it rn

Spideyboy: tbh, idk anymore

Lunatick: how?

Spideyboy: dean, you might get mad, but i found this *picture of roman*

Lunatick: thats a fucking nut

Racattack: oh damn, im dripping more than niagra falls rn. Bitch im wet

Sister: holy fuck, im hard

Scrunchies: oh lord, thats hot


Notahoe: i wanna fuck him

Lunatick: you will not fuck him

Spideyboy: but you will

Lunatick: your damn right i will

Viper: ive already fucked him

Racattack: LUCKY

Whotfru: holy shit

Urabitch: ew

Foot2face: im sorry, did u say ew?

Urabitch: ya why?


Lunatick: baby, you are a fucking god, you are beauteful, and you are mine

Urabitch: thanks...daddy

420: why are you two so cute together?

Spideyboy: i wish i had something like that

Whotfru: so do i

Foot2face: you two should date

Spideyboy: us, nah

Whotfru: nonono no, thanks, but no

Viper: i wish i could meet you guys in real life

Lunatick: dude, you see me every day

Viper: not you, i mean david, emma, corinna, tom, mj, and james

Sister: mabe one day

420: youll be able to meet us at the dance

Lunatick: PSA! If any one of you touch roman, you wont wake up the next morning

Urabitch: not even a 'hello' hug?

Lunatick: nope

Viper: can i touch him?

Lunatick: no, especially you

Foot2face: can i touch him?

Lunatick: if im watching then yes

Racattack: why is seth the only one that gets to touch roman?

Urabitch: 1) why do people want to touch me? 2) why are people not allowed to touch me?

Lunatick: because your mine

Viper: i wanna touch him to say hi

Foot2face: same


Whotfru: ive never met him before, so a hug would be nice




Sister: i wanna fuck him

Lunatick: the only person not allowed to touch roman is james

Urabitch: Im okay with that

Sister : this is not okay sis

Lunatick: its more than okay

Sister: ugh im soooo done with you, sharing is caring bitch

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Lunatick: but i dont care

Scrunchies: too late, the true diva has left the chat

420: hes just jealous

Viper: jealous of what?

420: of dean

Whotfru: arent we all

Foot2face: no not really

Spideyboy: mj, mr stark wants us

Whotfru: for what?

Spideyboy: idk, but he says its urgent so i gotta go. He wants you to come too

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Whotfru: ugh, mr stark is a fukin bitch

Whotfru is offline

Scrunchies: ummmmm, okay

420: ha, mr. Stark wants mj to cum

Notahoe: david nooooooo

Racattack: kinky

Lunatick: this is weird

Racattack: youre weird

Urabitch: how dare you, he is perfect

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Teeleeah: ayo, uh, i gotta get this story out so ummm

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Teeleeah: hi david

420: um hello

Teeleeah: bye david

420: awwww noo

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