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He looked at her, sleeping peacefully by his side.

Even being married for months, Naofumi still wasn't really a fan of showing affection in front of the others. Sometimes he would at least try holding Raphtalia's hand or waist in public.

Although there was a time when they just started dating, and he thought they were alone, so Naofumi leaned to kiss Raphtalia until they heard whistles coming from Motoyasu and Itsuki.

Only Naofumi's death glare at them was enough to make the two heroes flee the Shield Hero's ire.

Naofumi knew Raphtalia would never force him to be more affectionate with her in public, she already told him she didn't mind it:

"As long as you really care is all I need to know, Naofumi."

Raphtalia never acted really egoistical. Most of the time it was all about him, even if he wanted to do more for her instead.

The young hero didn't know what he did to deserve someone like her, but now that he had the chance, he wouldn't let her go as long as she loved him. He just hoped he wasn't being possessive. He would never want to hurt her.

That's why at moments like this he liked to work on getting used to being close to her.

They were sharing a room during a mission with the four heroes reunited.

Since they didn't spend some time together lately, Raphtalia had shyly asked him if she could sleep beside him.

Yes, they were married but they weren't sleeping in the same room during that mission because the girls and boys were placed in different rooms.

Despite the room being big enough for them, sharing a room with the other three heroes wasn't exactly an agreeable experience, they never missed the opportunity of teasing Naofumi a lot about his marriage until he replied they were just jealous because they were single.

Motoyasu probably was.

So, the Shield Hero really missed his loyal partner. He couldn't refuse a request like this coming from his wife after all, so they got another room for only the two.

Raphtalia tended to hold him while sleeping, and this night was no exception.

He brought her left hand from his chest to gently kiss it's back and each finger, especially the one that wore that silver ring.

That small object showing their status of relationship.

Apparently, wearing wedding rings wasn't a habit of the people in her world, but Naofumi couldn't help but dream about seeing Raphtalia wearing such an important symbol of their bond. He knew she would love the idea as soon as he told her the meaning behind the habit from his world, which she did.

He moved some auburn hair strands away from her face to have a better look at her. Raphtalia was so beautiful and pacific towards him that made his heart fasten and warm, and it made him forget about everything they went through before reaching that point. All that mattered was that moment.

Naofumi leaned to press a soft kiss on her cheek, as he repeated that action a couple of times around her face for a while, and then leaned on her hair below her right ear. For some reason he had always liked to kiss that spot whenever he wanted to express his love with her.

He stroked her tail, which was wrapped around her waist and slightly reaching his. He knows she only allowed him to do that, as he remembered how to stroke it softly without scaring or waking her.

Naofumi loved everything about her, and even if he didn't say it too often, he knew it was important for her every single time she heard those words, and that's why he wanted to tell her more.

She deserved all the love he could give her, and more.

Naofumi carefully touched Raphtalia's face, tracing her lips gently with his thumb as he closed again to softly press his lips against hers, holding her back to bring her close to him. Naofumi didn't want to wake Raphtalia, this was his moment to train, and then soon he would show her again how much he loved her, but with her being aware of it.

It was amusing and lovely how even while she's asleep, he could see that she appreciated those moments, leaning more on him and sighing contently. Although sometimes he would also wake Raphtalia like this, so he could see her flushed face before she covered it.

Naofumi always found it fascinating in how he was the only one who could make the so-brave warrior act like this.

Just like she was the only one who could see this side of him.

He moved away slightly and covered her arms with their blanket before laying down and joining with her to sleep. It wasn't like he minded losing some minutes of sleep if it meant he could have these moments with her.

He just hoped she wouldn't get mad at him doing this while she was sleeping, he always knew she cherished every single time he was sweet with her.

He took a last glance at her before bringing her head into the crook of his neck and closing his eyes.

Naofumi couldn't wait to see Raphtalia's face next time he tells her that he loves her.

Her heart belonged to him

Just like his' belonged to her.