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Welcome to my new Gakuen Alice story. After reading the manga for the nth time (and left a bowl of tears again), I was curious as to how Natsume coped up when he learned that Mikan has left the academy. So this is how this fic was born :D


When Natsume woke up, Mikan cannot be found. He didn't remember what happened after that fight with the ESP. He found out he had actually died, but was brought back to life. After finding out the truth, what can he do to finally be with Mikan again?


This story is set on the events in the manga (ch177), when Mikan left the academy and lost her memories. After the fight with the ESP, Hotaru and the others brought the supposedly dead Natsume in time travel to bring him back to life, causing Hotaru and her brother to be caught in the time space warp. After successfully doing so, Nodacchi-sensei and Natsume arrived at the academy a week after Mikan has left, and the story will begin exactly after that.

Please note that this story will mostly be in Natsume's POV, but there are chapters where we get to see others' POV as well (which means those POVs go for side stories that Natsume is unaware of) for the story to flow. All of the characters here are canon and (effortly) in-character, and it is based on the manga so you can think of it as a fan continuation :) I hope you understand what I'm trying to point out :D

Kindly leave a review to let me know what you think as the story progresses! I will delightfully accept all criticisms! I'm just a big GA fan over here like you are!

Please enjoy!

CHAPTER 1 - Prologue




Natsume opened his eyes, and he saw a blurred image of Mikan's face by his side. He tried to reach out his arm to hold her, but as he tried, she seemed to be moving farther away.


"Natsume," Mikan whispered, "I'll be waiting for you. No matter how long it takes… I'll still wait for you."

Natsume's eyes widened, he stretched out his arm to reach Mikan, but she is gradually disappearing.

"Mikan…! Wait!"

At this point, Natsume almost fell down the bed, and opened his eyes as wide as he could. Mikan was nowhere to be found, and his vision is starting to get clearer. He was inside a large empty room. It's just a dream?


He jolted up, and looked around. He saw he has tubes attached on his hands and arms. He has gauzes and patches all over his face and body. His back hurts a little more as he moved. He groaned. He realized he is in a hospital, and suddenly flashbacks from his recent memories came to him.

The last thing he remembered was they were battling with the Elementary School Principal, and he was stabbed on the back. He was using all his power to finally kill the ESP once and for all, and suddenly he does not remember what happened anymore.

Suddenly, faint voices and footsteps are slowly nearing his room. As the door opened, Ruka entered, and the new Middle School Principal, Shiki Masachika. Ruka saw Natsume sitting on the bed, also looking at them surprisingly.

Ruka's blank face suddenly brightened up, while rushing over to Natsume. "Natsume! You're finally awake!" He jumped over and hugged him in delight.

"Ruka…" Natsume muttered, hugging Ruka back. Although he's also happy to see Ruka safe, he clearly has a lot of questions in his mind. "What happened? How did I get here? What happened to the fight with the ESP?

…and where's Mikan?"

Ruka's tight hug suddenly loosens, and his smile slowly faded. He just looked at Natsume, with a gradually frowning face, making Natsume more confused.

"You were asleep in a week," Shiki entered the conversation. He would now shoulder the responsibility in telling Natsume everything he needs to know. "The battle's long over… It's been over a month since then."

Natsume's eyes widened in shock. "What?!"

Shiki sat down on the chair beside Natsume. He didn't expect to see Natsume awake, so he has not prepared everything he has to say without him reacting violently. Natsume has indeed suffered a lot, and with him telling everything since then will just probably make him break down even more.

Shiki is finding the words to say. "It's a long story how you ended up here." He took a deep breath, and looked directly to Natsume. "You were dead, but you were brought back to life."

Hearing this, Natsume's head just hurted a but more. He was shaking. Ruka can feel his uneasiness, and his panicking mode. He doesn't know how to react; a thousand more questions keep entering his mind. He was dead? What the hell does that mean? He cannot remember a single thing… His head hurts as he kept thinking about it. And as he does, he remembered his dream.

More confused than ever, he just shook the topic away and instead focused on one more important thing. "Mikan… Where's Mikan?"

Shiki closed his eyes. Indeed, this child just ignored the fact he said he was dead—and concluded that Mikan really means the world to him than his life. He silenced, thinking on how he would answer the most difficult question he never knew existed.

Natsume grunted as Shiki seemed to ignore his question. He glanced at Ruka, who in turn also tried to avoid him. "Ruka!"

Ruka's face frowned, and Natsume realized he is in the verge of tears. He hid his face from Natsume, he doesn't want him to see his face this way. "N-Natsume… Sakura has left the academy. It's been two weeks."

Natsume cannot believe what he heard. His eyes widened even more in disbelief, his pupils constricted. He has been shaking more than ever. He looked at Shiki with all the silent questions and screams in his head, as if telepathically conveying to Shiki, who easily understood. The MSP just closed his eyes in sorrow, apologizing to Natsume.

"Sakura-san has lost her alice." He finally blurted out, clenching his fists, trying as much as possible to calm Natsume. "It was during the fight with the ESP, to revive you, she used the very last of her alice. Because of that, as you know the rules, she must leave the academy."

Natsume is tired of all these vague explanations. He's already furious. Ruka sensed this and he has been moving away from Natsume who anytime might just blow up in frustration. "What the hell… was that supposed to mean?"

Without receiving any answers from these two people trying to 'console' him, he finally reached his limit. He suddenly snatched out the IV tubes taped on his skin, and extended his feet on the floor. He is preparing to leave the bed and run out of the room. Ruka and Shiki tried to stop him, but Natsume just shoved them away, rapidly limping his way out.

Ruka looked at Shiki, who in turn just nodded in signal for him to follow Natsume. Shiki stayed in his chair, putting his chin over his clasped hands. It will definitely hit hard on Natsume when he hears the whole story.

Ruka on the other hand, started running after Natsume. "Natsume! You're still not feeling well! Your injuries…" He glanced at Natsume's back, which started bleeding again. "Your injuries are still fresh!"

Natsume limps, headed toward nowhere, just looking for answers. "Ruka," Natsume uttered, gripping tight on Ruka's shoulder and breathed heavily. He's still not in good condition. "Tell me what exactly happened to Mikan. I won't believe that man unless you told me it's true."

Ruka's face turned to grief again. They stood there on the hall for quite a few seconds in silence, and Natsume sensed that Ruka cannot tell him anything then and there. So he continued to walk.


Natsume and Ruka then passed down the hall with many high school students, who noticed them and started murmuring. They are in the High School Division building. Natsume continued to limp, with his weight over Ruka who assists him. He still has lots of patches and gauzes on his skin, and he's also gripping tight with the wound on his back. The mere memory of being stabbed during the battle with the ESP is haunting him… and it definitely hasn't healed yet.

"Hey, isn't that Hyuuga Natsume?"

The students murmured, echoing the room, which is definitely being heard by the two children as they pass by.

"Yeah, he's the one who went missing for a month after that battle…"

"I can't believe it! He actually survived?"

Natsume glared at some of the students, scaring them a little. They were somehow expecting he would be angry at them but he just ignored their whispers and continued walking.

"Natsume…" Ruka, with Natsume's arm over his shoulder, is very worried about his friend in agony. Natsume glanced at him, and sees Ruka very worried. "I think you should come ba—"

"Why won't you answer me, Ruka?" Natsume suddenly muffled, startling Ruka. "What happened to Mikan? I can't believe she will leave the academy… there's no way…"

Ruka's eyes widened. He can't bear to see Natsume in agony as he is looking for answers regarding Mikan, who's likely never coming back. He opened his mouth to say something, but suddenly stopped when he looked over behind Natsume in surprise. Natsume also turned around, and they saw Narumi-sensei standing in the middle of the hall.

"So it's true," Narumi beamed. "Natsume-kun has awakened…"

"YOU…" Natsume shrieked in exasperation and ran to Narumi. He finally found one of the people who could answer his questions, although he himself doesn't trust Narumi fully. He aggressively gripped tight on his shirt, "Where is Mikan? Answer me!"

Narumi's sad smile faded—he held on to Natsume's hands. He felt him shaking, poor child. He has been through a lot. He knows Natsume will not be tamed and will not rest until he has found out everything.

"Calm down, Natsume-kun… Come with me and we will tell you everything."

Natsume quieted, and finally calmed down. He glanced at Ruka, who turned away sadly, avoiding his look. Natsume have a bad feeling about this.

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