Once upon a time, there was an impossible man from the future.

He was running away because he couldn't bear to live the way he was used to.

He fell in love with someone he shouldn't have,

and now he has to face the consequences about having to live forever.

Because you see, Jack was a cursed man.

A long while ago the Bad Wolf gifted him with being able to live forever.

But what no one except the Bad Wolf knew was that this gift contained a lot more than he knew.

Without other people's knowledge, it also contained the curse of true love.

So that when he would find his true love, his love would -eventually- die and would be reborn years later.

And of course, because it's true love, they would always find a way back to each other.

But Jack wasn't only cursed with having to live forever, he was also cursed with knowledge.

Because every time when his lover dies, he would have to live on with the knowledge that the next time they would meet, his lover wouldn't recognise him for who he truly was.

Never beforehand did Jack know he was soon to meet - the next version of - Ianto Jones.

As his -former- lover was dreaming every night about a man he had never seen before.

A man Ianto was soon to meet for the very first time, in real life.

But what Ianto didn't know was that death was just waiting around the corner.

All that they knew was about to change.