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The only thing Jack had missed when he entered the hub with his new team for the first time had been a WizKid. Someone as smart as Tosh. Someone who could hack the government without any trouble. It hadn't taken him long before he'd found the perfect candidate. Luc, who was his liaison with the police, had informed him of a young man currently hiding away in the cells of the police station. His crime… hacking the government and placing private documents of politicians online for everyone to see. Cardiff police station only had the young chap temporarily as he would soon be transported to his new cell, maybe even his new home for the coming couple of years. So he had to be quick in making his decision. He told Luc that he would be right there, hung up and put on his jacket. With a quick '' You're in charge.'' he left the building and drove his new SUV to the station. There he met with a boy far too young for the crimes he'd done. Luc had put the - in his eyes - boy in one of the new interrogation rooms. He was handcuffed onto the table and his glasses stood askew on his nose. When the door opened the boy looked up and an annoyance covered his face.

" Derwyn Callaghan, Caught for hacking and trying to give people money by hacking the banks. Tell me boy are you, Robin Hood?" Jack said as he sat down on the chair on the other side of the table. The boy briefly smiled and rolled his eyes.

" Nothing to say? What would your granddad say when the police call him? Don't you think it would break his heart if he hears that you're going to prison for quite some time?" He looked sharply up at Jack, fear was visible in his eyes when he mentioned his grandfather.

" I see I've found a weak spot, tell me why are you so desperately trying to give other people money that they shouldn't get?" Jack asked and tilted his head, the boy just shook his head keeping silent.

" Alright let's say it this way, I might but only if you cooperate, have a way out," Jack said, he put the document - containing all the boys' information - down on the table and shoved it towards him.

" If you come to work for me I promise to clean your criminal record. A new start, a proud family and a fantastic job. At the snap of my fingers, I can give you that, but your loyalty has to be with me. I need your word on that." As he'd finished talking and the boy still hadn't answered anything he stood up and was about to leave.

" I'd suggest you think quickly about it as you'll be transported in an hour. I'll hear if you accept." Jack said and opened the door, Luc was on the other side waiting for Jack who exited with a smile on his face.

" What did he say?" Luc asked as he still had to make sense of the smile on Jack's face.

" Nothing, but he will," Jack said and followed Luc into his office. Within half an hour an agent came towards the pair of them and told them the answer Jack had known he would get.

" He accepts." And with those two little words, a big process was set into motion.


In the short period of a month, Ianto had transformed the empty building into a beautiful bar. Coffee was stocked and the kitchen was ready. His friends had helped him to paint the walls and many happy memories were stuck in his head of the hours that they had spent transforming it into such a beautiful place. Tomorrow, tomorrow would be the day when everything changed. Tomorrow a new day arises.

Even while he had collected his things and went to live - temporarily- with his sister and brother-in-law, Ianto still hadn't found the guts to phone the police. But tomorrow a new him would exist. A braver man.

But for now, it was time to pay a certain someone a visit. One that he'd been trying - for quite some time - to delay.

Visiting his mam.


With fresh flowers - daisies her favourite- Ianto walked slowly onto the graveyard. It never ceased to amaze him how quiet it always was. The gravel path led him towards the back of the graveyard where his mother had been buried all these years ago. He could still remember how he'd stood there watching the coffin being lowered into the cold hard ground. A peaceful place for her final resting place. That day the tears hadn't stopped coming, he'd heard many relatives whispering about it. Like a man wasn't allowed to cry. The final goodbye had been the hardest on him, yeah he'd cried when he'd seen her stone-cold body in the coffin, but then he'd at least been able to see her. Now the only times he would be able to see his mother were in pictures and in his mind's eye. For a long, while he'd dreamed about her, dreamed about her never dying. It only worsened the pain in the end.

As he finally stood before the grave that he'd been avoiding for such a long time now, the tears threatened to come out and play again. And he let them. He sat down on the ground just before her gravestone and put down the bouquet with daisies.

''Hey mam, how's everything going up there?'' Ianto asked quietly as he sat on the cold wet ground, he knew there would be stains on his pants, but for once he didn't care.

''I'm doing better as you can see. Finally got out of that toxic relationship, you would've killed me if you were still alive. Everything's fine right now though, almost got killed, you must have been my guardian angel. I was on the brink of death a while ago. Got the stupid idea inside my head that it had been my fault. Sis knocked some sense into me luckily. She was frantic, made me promise to live with her while I was healing. She's a good sister, the best you can wish for. Has Tad been here recently, these flowers seem fresh.'' Ianto said as his eye wandered to other flowers on the grave. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw another tall man walking with a bouquet of flowers to someone's grave. He seemed familiar as his long military-looking coat flapped in the wind as he'd walked further towards the back. As Ianto looked around towards where the man had gone, he saw him standing in the shade of an old tree looking down at the gravestone in front of him. In order to give the man, some privacy Ianto turned back around and focused on his mother again and started to whisper to her instead of talking aloud.

''If Tad's been here then you might've already heard but I tell you all the same. I'm opening a coffee bar, together with Dylan. I'll make the coffee as we both know that he isn't capable of producing a decent cup of coffee and he'll make those delicious pastries and more. It's a win-win for both of us.''

When he saw the man in the military coat disappear towards the entrance his attention shifted again towards the other grave. He'd been here quite a few times and never had he seen a grave under that big a tree before. So out of curiosity, he walked towards the big tree after he'd said a proper goodbye to his mam. Somewhere before the grave, the gravel path stopped and there was only grass left to walk on. He stepped into grass and walked past the bushes that hid the gravestone from view. Under the big tree, a gravestone with many fresh flowers lay hidden from other people.

The name on it shocked him a bit but at the same time wasn't that weird as it was a very common name in Wales. The twin graves in front of him looked almost the same, one from around one hundred years ago and read:

'Ianto Jones'

'Died protecting all the children on earth.'

And the second one, a bit more recent, from around 50 years ago read:

' Ianto Jones'

'Died protecting the godchildren of his dear friend.'

Both cases were so similar and both graves were wearing the same name. It seemed very odd.


Deciding that he wanted to clean his mother's grave a bit and water the plants Ianto stayed at the graveyard a little longer.

How long? He had no idea, but he knew that it had been longer than he'd intended to when he suddenly saw a very familiar face running past him.

''Derwyn?'' he mumbled to himself as he looked at the person running away.

''Hey, Derwyn what are you doing here?'' Ianto yelled at the retreating form of his old neighbour's grandson. When Derwyn heard his name he turned around in shock and saw Ianto walking towards him. With a big smile on his face, Derwyn ran towards Ianto and took him into his arms.

''Oh I've missed you, granddad's been so worried about you!'' he said as he took a step backwards from the man in front of him to see if his body was still whole.

''How've you been? I haven't seen you in ages Derwyn, how're things going at school?'' Ianto asked as they slowly walked side by side towards the nearest bench where they sat down and had a nice and quiet chat. On their way, they passed a woman who looked Derwyn in the eye and frowned. Derwyn just shook his head and tried to sign that he was held up and would see them later. It had been his intention to do it sneakily, without Ianto noticing, but Ianto had seen everything and demanded answers.

''What's going on? Do you know her?'' He asked as he stopped where he was going and turned around watching the retreating form of the young woman.

''She's... sort of… my college,'' Derwyn exclaimed nervously and not at the least convincingly. Ianto turned back towards his friend and frowned, he had this look on his face that said: 'now tell me the truth! '

''Alright, Ianto I need you to promise not to freak out or tell a living soul about this!'' Ianto nodded so Derwyn continued his story.

''A short while ago I was in trouble, proper trouble, the cops got me and well if he hadn't come I would've been in jail for a long time to come,'' Derwyn said and he could feel a lump in his throat preventing him from swallowing his saliva. Ianto watched his friend with anxious eyes but when no further explanation came he spoke up again.

''Derwyn what have you done?'' He could barely keep the anger out of voice, eventually, he looked his friend in the eye and anxiously started to speak again.

''I hacked some very important people, let's keep it at that. This man, Captain Jack Harkness, gave me a second chance. But then I had to work for his organisation. I accepted and now I work for this secret organisation that deals with alien threats.'' To Ianto, this explanation sounded like bullshit, like an excuse to cover up his real problems.

''Why aren't you at school?'' Ianto just asked as nothing else coherent came out of his mouth.

''Really Ianto, I tell you I work with aliens and you ask me if I'm going to school?'' Derwyn took Ianto's hand and led him towards the nearest bench as they were still standing and he was afraid his friend's knees would be giving out soon to shock. They sat down together and he could see how pale Ianto's face had become - even paler than his normally pale face.

''I got kicked out of Uni as soon as they heard what I'd done. My family doesn't know yet, they think I'm going to school every morning and stay out late to party. It's better if they believe that. Keeps them out of harm's way. 'Cause you see, it's a dangerous job.'' He fumbled a bit with his clothes and straightened his shirt, while he had been talking he was avoiding looking Ianto straight into his eyes because he knew what he would think. Ianto would demand him to stop. Stop and go back to his family. Back to Uni where he would be safe. But the thing is, he didn't want to, he wanted this job!

''So why are you here? Here in particular, with your college that doesn't look old enough to work with you?'' Ianto asked as he took Derwyn's chin in his hand and lifted it up so he would be able to look him in the eye while he spoke.

''Well, you're going to think I'm mental. We're looking for an alien species who look almost exactly like pigeons. They're attacking people all through the city and we have to put a stop to it.'' Derwyn explained and looked at Ianto with a pleading look in his eye.

''I've heard about that, people complaining that when they were feeding the birds that there were pigeons who started picking at their flesh, sounds like some weird horror story. But is it real? Should I be worried? Do you need help?'' Derwyn nodded so, in turn, Ianto let go of his friend's chin.

''We have everything under control, but I should really be going soon. They're waiting for me.'' His friend said while he was fishing something out of his pocket. It seemed like some sort of tracking device. Multiple red dots could be seen on it from a distance and Ianto wondered what it was.

''Pigeons rule the world,'' Ianto mumbled under his breath and a smile started to spread on his face. Mam had been right.

''What?'' Derwyn asked confused when he looked up from the device and back at his friend. A worried look could be seen on his face as he wondered what was going through his best friends head at the moment.

''Nothing just something my mam used to say when I told her I wanted to become the Prime Minister.''