A/N: My hero academia X Naruto crossover

Rikudou: The One Above All

Summary: An extraordinary man dies in one world and awakes in another. A genius unrivaled in the use of his abilities, abilities that he once thought to be mere fiction. Witness the rise of the Pillar of Strength that shall hold the world up with the godly power that is within all, for he is the one avatar of the six paths reborn upon this world.

Chapter 1: Prelude to rebirth

Who I was is not important. The name that I once bore is now meaningless, but it is important that one does not forget his origins. Therefore, I shall tell you a tale that will help you understand my origin.

I was born on a world called Terra at the beginning of the second millennia of the common era. I grew up in a modest household with a loving family. I had no brothers or sisters and my parents had long since cut ties with their own parents, so I had no grandparents. It did not bother me at all.

Ever since I was able to think for myself, I knew that I was different. I saw things differently; I experienced the world at a different pace than the others of my age. By the time I was enrolled in a kindergarten I was far beyond the mental level of my so-called peers. At first, I tried to integrate with them, to put up a false front for the sake of my loving parents, but it turned out to be too much and it blew up after only a year. It was an unfortunate accident involving a kindergarten teacher and her annoying voice as she tried to make me sing one of those stupid songs.

It was difficult to convince my parents and my teachers that I was truly that smart. My parents bless them were normal people with normal jobs. Initially they thought that I was just a bit smarter than my peers and not the genius that I turned out to be. Still it was worth it, if only to escape that annoying place.

By the time I was ten I finished middle school and the whole academic world knew about me and touted me as the next great man of science of the world and honestly, why wouldn't they? I made it no secret that I was fascinated with science and even at ten years old I had the knowledge and understanding of people twice my age when it came to mathematics and chemistry.

After middle school I decided to spend a few years at home with tutors to teach me more esoteric subjects such as engineering and computer programing and hardware creation. It was during that time that I fell in love with the world of anime and the main series of that time, Naruto. At first it was only to indulge in a more childish side of mine, but as time passed and I grew up alongside it I began to wonder more and more about the fundamental mechanics of chakra and all it's uses. The way it was used and what limitations would be placed upon it if it were real. I asked questions such as how and why all the while trying to research with my imperfect understanding of the world if such an energy could exist and if it did where I would find it.

By the time I was 16 I finished high school and was accepted into MIT. I pushed forward in my research and propelled human understanding of the universe to new heights. All in all, I wasn't all that special. Sure, I could see answers and get ideas faster than most other scientists but most of my early work was more about building on the work that others have left for me. I continued like this until I was 25. Sure, I had some patents and inventions, but those were more for the money than anything else. Even with me building a lot of my own equipment by hand, my research still necessitated an exorbitant amount of money. Still I had results and major success in my research. I could not see it then but looking back now I can clearly see that I was laying the foundation for those that would come after me, filling in the gaps in human understanding a pushing forward bit by bit. Mew materials for buildings, new fabrics for clothes, stronger alloys that could better resist the stresses they were subjected to.

My two greatest creations were the keys that unlocked a new age for Earth. I managed to create a room temperature super-conductor. Well, calling it room temperature would be a bit much. It could work fine in room temperature, but its recommended temperature was about 10 degrees Celsius. Still it was a vast improvement upon previous super-conductors that had to be submerged in liquid nitrogen to properly function. With this technology it allowed scientists to finally realize a stable fusion generator that would generate power instead of eating it up.

My other great creation stemmed from my annoyance at the slow processing power of handheld computers. I felt that it was a hassle to use giant supercomputers even if it was necessary. In my annoyance I created the fist photonic computer processor. Just like that the world of electronics had a revolution on their hands.

Still among all my achievements I never forgot the questions that ten-year-old me asked about this fictional power source called chakra. I learned to meditate, and I theorized about it. It was never in the forefront of my mind always hiding beneath the real world and the now that was progressing the world of science.

Still it appears that not everyone was happy with progress

The incident happened when I was 29 as I was walking home from the lab. It is rather embarrassing to be honest. As I was passing through an alleyway I was grabbed by several thugs. This was a mugging, that much was obvious, but I didn't have my wallet on me. It was at home and I was hungry. One of the reasons that I took the shortcut through that alleyway was so that I could get home faster so I could get my wallet and go out with my lab mates to eat dinner. When the thugs realized that I had no money, they shot me twice in the chest and left me to die.

As I felt my life fading away, all I could think of was that question of chakra that had bugged me for almost 20 years. Is chakra real? I wish I had chakra.

When I woke up it was two years later, in a new body and a new world.

A/N: Over the past few years I've come to love anime, more specifically Naruto as it was my introduction into the anime community. Next came My Hero Academia and that introduced me to manga due to my impatience. I've read fanfiction from bought communities and I tried a few crossovers but, besides a few such as Tsume Yuki's Wonderboy and The Benevolent Scriber The First Of His Kind, I haven't seen any good crossovers. So, this is my attempt.

Ps. Before I post more chapters from my buffer I'm going to ask for suggestions on the MC's name. I have a name for him, but it's a bit too obvious about the eventual OP-ness of the MC.