Chapter 39: The Ends Do/(not) Justify the Means

The usual setup for a search like this usually took somewhere around a week. This could be sped up, as the case demanded, but it was unlikely to happen. This particular case is an exception.

The possibility of a weapon existing that can be used against the quirks of heroes was too great of a danger to be left to the whims of fate. For this reason, what would have usually taken the courts a couple of days to decide was waved away on the grounds of national security. Not that it was that much of a stretch. In a sense, this was exactly what those laws were meant to do. Ensure quick action when needed.

I looked down upon the gathering of police and heroes in front of the gates of the Shie Hassaikai complex and frowned. They were still using police protocol when this case most certainly called for breaking with tradition. Though, it was understandable. Excessive force was most certainly a problem in the hero world. It could also provide a cover for villains to escape justice, or at least its full extent. This is something that I am unsure if Izuku recognizes.

Now that time has passed since I killed my mother, I can look at the situation more clearly. This clarity granted to me by hindsight and a coming to terms with my emotions has revealed several worrying trends, both in the world, in me, and most distressingly, in Izuku.

The reason why I'm not leading this mission, despite having enough chakra to sustain a shadow clone with enough power to wipe out the Hassaikai, is to test Izuku. He needs to be ready and on the right path if he is to take over the position of Symbol of Peace or its eventual equivalence in his time.

I cannot afford to have a loose cannon in Izuku. Not with the possibility of him having a Mangekyou Sharingan of his own hanging above my head.


Izuku stood in full battle gear in front of the gate. For today, he had forgone the usual Gunbai and full-blown rifle that is his standard loadout. For use in tight spaces, a tanto, his fists, and a pistol would suffice.

Looking around, he saw that the other heroes were nervous about the upcoming battle. The topmost were tense, but that was expected.

Izuku charged up a barrier of his left fist and signaled the police chief attached to their task force to begin reading the warrant.

It was an unnecessary annoyance, this bureaucratic procedure, but Izuku would do what was needed to ensure that the Shie Hassaikai organization was relegated to the history books for good, even if it meant wasting valuable time with useless shit like this.

Before the chief could manage to get even the first words out, the gate to the Hassaikai compound was blasted open and a hulking brute of a man came into the street and ran straight at the gathered police and heroes, intending to trample them all.

Izuku was in motion the second the gates touched the ground. Lightning style chakra streamed through his body, bolstered by the might of One For All, as he flashed in between the villain and the gathered police, caching the villain's fist with the shield on his left arm and deflecting it, while his right brought to bear the pistol on the center of mass of the villain.

A squeeze of the trigger, and three bolts of concussive force cloaked in a plasma release chakra shell struck the midsection of the villain, flinging him back and destroying more of the wall surrounding the Shie Hassaikai compound.

"Ryukyu, deal with this guy! The rest of you, on me!" yelled Izuku as he stormed through the blown-up gates

A moment passed as people processed what just happened, then the orders of Izuku were obeyed and heroes and police began to stream inside the compound.

As this happened, the other yakuza who were inside the courtyard began to fight back, launching a few long-range attacks at Izuku, who dodged them all and returned fire with his pistol, knocking them out. They were quickly overwhelmed by the other heroes and police.

More members of the yakuza were streaming from the door to the house, though they were quickly dispatched as well by Izuku.

As he got past them, he came face to face with two men and a heavy machine gun

"Kill him!" one of them yelled

Izuku barely dodged in time, sending himself crashing through a wall as bullets started to fly into the courtyard, mowing down yakuza, police, and heroes alike. Izuku didn't hesitate. With a few hand signs, he used Earth style to make a pillar of earth rise under the two manning the machine gun and send them crashing into the ceiling, killing them instantly.

"Is everyone all right?" yelled out Izuku as he went back towards the courtyard

He nearly puked as he came to the gory scene of several yakuza members cut in two by the 4-second machine gun burst. Further afield, there were also several dead police officers and a couple of wounded heroes.

"Most of us are all right, One For All" replied Mirio

"Go! Find Chisaki and stop him! You're the only one who is fast enough" yelled out Eraser

Izuku's eyes widened at this and nodded. This time, it was all on him.


Chisaki looked up as the ceiling shook and a bit of concrete dust fell on him.

"They are here sooner than I expected" commented Chronostasis

"No matter, the important parts of the operation are already loaded up. Only Eri is left. Did you manage to see who came?" asked Chisaki

The third person in their group, Shin Nemoto, who was currently tasked with carrying Eri, nodded.

"Their attack leader is Nighteye, and I saw One For All with him at the gate. So far there has been no sign that Rikudou might get involved in this"

"That's to be expected. He is currently leading an assault on one of All For One's former underlings. You might know him, actually, Chrono"

"The brothel owner" growled out Chronostasis

Chisaki nodded and said nothing as he allowed his underling to show his frustrations. That particular bastard had dealt in sex trafficking under AFO's rule and was a nasty piece of work. If it wasn't for his master, he was certain that he would have been already strung up for the depraved things he was known to do to his …defective products.

Another explosion shook the compound, this time, it felt closer than the previous one.

"Let's hurry up. I don't fancy our chances if we meet with One For All"


Izuku didn't hesitate in taking Eraserhead's advice.

He turned around and practically flew down the hallway, smashing through the earthen pillar he had used to squash the machine gun crew.

In the next instant, as his foot touched the ground, chakra poured off him and into the ground, mapping with relative accuracy a great deal of the full extent of the tunnels that the Shie Hassaikai had excavated. As he received the data, Izuku swore in his head. It was bigger than he had suspected.

In ten more steps, he arrived at the hidden entrance to the underground labyrinth.

Without wasting any more time, he smashed through the door and came face to face with two shocked villains. They hadn't expected to be the ones being surprised.

This moment of hesitation was all that Izuku needed as he blitzed them and knocked them out.

On his way down, he smashed through another three walls, before he came face to face to face with three of the eight bullets of the Hassaikai. Their presence here caused Izuku a moment of hesitation.

"Well, well, what do we have here, a hero brat all alone? Only your kind would be so arrogant as to think that you can waltz into our base all on your lonesome"

"Surrender. I'll say this only once" said Izuku as he pulled out his pistol to make the point clear

However, as soon as it was pointed in the general direction of the three bullets, it suddenly vanished from his hand and reappeared in the hand of the one he had spoken.

'Shit, that's Toya Setsuno, the Larceny quirk wielder. I didn't think that Chisaki would expend him so soon'

Sensing a presence from his left, Izuku dodged just in time to avoid the open mouth of another one of the bullets. The ground where he was standing gained a new hole. In fact, it looked like someone took a bite out of it.

'So, this is Soramitsu Tabe, so that means that the only one left is the crystal user'

Izuku disappeared in a burst of speed and reappeared behind the last one and threw a punch. As expected, that punch was intercepted by a thick wall of crystal growing off the Yakuza's skin.

"So, I can take this as you resisting arrest then?" asked Izuku with a slight grin

"Eat shit and die, kid!"

The Larceny user tried to fire Izuku's stolen pistol, but when it refused to work, he settled for throwing it away and pulling out his own pistol.

Izuku easily dodged the poorly aimed shots and danced out of the way of the crystal user's retaliatory strike. Using the momentum he built up, Izuku smashed his foot into the neck of Tabe, snapping his spinal cord and killing him instantly.

The crunch of shattered bone gave pause to the two yakuza. This allowed Izuku all the time needed to charge up another attack.


Lightning coalesced on his open right hand, guided without hand seals by the chakra control granted to Izuku by his mastery and affinity for lightning release. Normally, it would be a poor tactical choice to use this attack without a Sharingan, but at this close a distance, the Chidori is nothing if not a sure kill shot.

The crystal user tried to stop the thrust, but armor made of earth, even refined earth, like crystal, is useless in the face of high-level piercing attacks like this.

The attack struck home and destroyed Yu Hojo's heart, killing him instantly.

Before he could even fall to the ground, Izuku was already in front of Toya. He grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up against a wall with one hand, as the other came crashing down on the wrist of the hand holding the gun, making him drop it.

"Where is she?" growled out Izuku

"Fuck, shit! What the hell, man! Weren't you supposed to be a hero? Since when do heroes kill?"

Izuku forced more chakra into his eyes, making them glow and flicker between green and red as he let out a low-tone growl and brought the yakuza lower to look into his eyes

"I don't give a shit about what you think about heroes. Tell me where the little girl is!"

"I don't know! I swear, I don't know. Overhaul rarely lets anyone near her. Only the top ranks know"

"So what you're telling me is that you're useless" concluded Izuku

Toya's eyes widened as he began struggling with renewed vigor.

"Wait! I can still help you, please don't kill-"

His words were cut short as Izuku jumped back and the wall crashed down on him and Izuku's pistol

"Mimic" cursed Izuku as he had to jump back again as every wall in the room became an undulating mass


Inside the courtyard of the yakuza compound, the other heroes had just finished mopping up after the remaining villains. With most of them subdued, what was supposed to be the main attack force could continue with their tasks.

"Where to now, Eraserhead?" asked Nejire

"We follow the path One For All made and take care of any villains we encounter"

The rest nodded. Things went easily enough until they reached the entrance to the lower levels. What was supposed to be a passageway to the underground tunnel system, was now a dead end made up of a contorted mess of walls.

"Damn it! What now?" asked Rock Lock

"This is the way to the underground. I'm sure about it. This could only be the work of Mimic" said Nighteye

"Mimic? Isn't that midget supposed to be able to control objects no larger than a fridge?" asked Rock Lock

"Evidently these yakuza aren't averse to using their products on themselves" commented Eraserhead "At any rate, we still need to go down there"

"I can go" interjected Lemillion

The others turned to look at him

"With my permeation, I can get there the fastest out of all of us and back up One For All"

Nighteye gave a stiff nod. There were no objections to this. It was the only logical action after all

"Right! Now that's manly! I'll break down this wall in no time" exclaimed Kirishima as he hardened and began attacking the wall.


Izuku was pissed.

The guy he was fighting now, Mimic, was one of Chisaki's elites, the treasurer of his organization, if the intel the police had on them was accurate. To think he would be sent out to attack as soon as he had was a surprise, though considering how he had managed to literally stonewall Izuku so far, it was no wonder that he had been chosen for the task.

After the initial attack when he was interrogating the Larceny quirk wielder, Izuku managed to stabilize a foothold for himself. The problem is that the seal he used to do that, was localized and chakra intensive. He could not spam it to trap Mimic. Though the level of urgency Izuku could sense in the attacks that were thrown his way did give the impression that Mimic is on a timer.

'So the report wasn't wrong. Mimic doesn't have access to this kind of power usually. That leaves only one solution. He used Trigger on himself' thought Izuku with a slight smirk.

'This brat! He figured something out. I have to hurry, I don't have much time. I have to crush him!' thought Mimic.

"Well, would you look at that? Here I thought that the Yakuza were honorable, and yet you don't even show your face to me, how cowardly!" yelled out Izuku

'It's a long shot, but if I can get him to mess up, I can deal with him sooner rather than later. Every second wasted is a second in which Chisaki can escape with Eri' thought Izuku

"You dare! I'm no coward you brat, unlike you!" yelled Mimic, his voice seemingly coming from everywhere.

"Really? First, you attack me by surprise and even when I don't retreat more than what is necessary for a stable footing, you still don't show yourself. If I was with Eraserhead I could have understood, but what you're doing now is just pathetic! No wonder the old Yakuza empires fell in less than a year since All For One's first appearance. You would have struggled to stay alive even if quirks didn't exist. For shame. Kai Chisaki isn't worthy of being the boss of a yakuza family! There are no yakuza worthy of the name anymore" yelled out Izuku

"What did you say!? I'll kill you, damned brat!" yelled Mimic as he jumped from a wall behind Izuku with a knife, fully intending to stab him in the back.

Izuku grinned bloodthirstily, something that had been happening more and more lately

'Thanks, brother, you were right. Messing with the minds of villains is a great strategy. And it leaves one right open for a counterattack'

Without wasting a second, Izuku flooded his body with chakra and One for All, as he turned to face Mimic. From his right fist, black tendrils shot out and wrapped around Mimic. Sensing danger, Mimic tried to merge into the floor, but Izuku was on top of him before he could even properly activate his quirk. Using his tanto, Izuku flowed fire-natured chakra into it, and then slashed open Mimic's back, severing his spine and flash-frying his wounds closed. Once that was done, he commanded Blackwhip to form around Mimic's body in a special pattern of the Cursed Heavenly Temple Five Trigrams seal.

"Fuin" whispered Izuku as he clasped his hands together and fed chakra into his technique

The selected strands of blackwhip that formed the seal glowed crimson red and began to burn into Mimic's skin and body. The process was so painful that it woke Mimic up from his unconsciousness and the pain made him scream.

"This way you'll never hurt anyone ever again, and we can still get all the information we require from your head" said Izuku coldly as he watched the spasming midget on the ground with indifference.

Once he was sure that his opponent was down, Izuku turned his attention to the direction in which he could sense the tags on Eri.

With a couple of hand seals and Blackwhip to form the support for the fuinjutsu, a path was open.

"Earth style: Mobile Earth Core"


Chisaki was looking impatiently at the people around him. The chamber they were in was newly constructed and not on any plans. Chisaki had hollowed it out himself when he discovered that One For All was prowling around his turf. The room had enough space for 3 vans and a car. The vans were loaded up with every essential machine and object he could not easily replace. All that was left was to shove Eri in the car with himself and Chrono.

"All essential personnel are secure, Overhaul" reported Nemoto

"Good, and Twice?" asked Chisaki

"Fucked off when he heard that One For All was knocking down our doors"

"I see. No matter. It's not like we were relying on him anyways. The most his clones could do was be a little bump in OFA's path. Speaking of which, any word on where he is right now"

"No" responded Chrono "We did however recently lose contact with Mimic"

"How unfortunate"

It was indeed unfortunate because at that moment Lemillion dropped down from the ceiling and landed on Nemoto.

"Chisaki!" shouted Lemillion as he jumped the stunned yakuza boss

Overhaul's reflexes were good enough to doge Lemillion's kick, but Chrono wasn't so lucky. Lemillion's other foot went through Eri's head and smashed into Chrono, kicking him away and dislodging Eri.

"Don't worry, Eri, I'll protect you!" said Lemillion as he caught her

"No, please stop! I don't want anyone to get hurt" whimpered Eri

Meanwhile, Chisaki and Chrono were getting their bearings.

"You sick hero. Give her back!"

"Never, I'll protect her with my life!"

"I'll hold you to that. Chrono, take the vans and the product to safety. I'll follow later" ordered Chisaki

As he did so, he removed his gloves and touched the ground. With his quirk he raised a wall, separating Chrono and himself.

'He's talking about products. That means that whatever is in those vans must be connected with the quirk destroying bullets and the new trigger drug. I have to stop them, but if I leave, Chisaki will just get Eri back. No, I have to stay and fight. I must have faith in my fellow heroes!' thought Mirio as he settled into a combat stance.

Overhaul touched the ground with his bare hand, and all hell broke loose


As he was making his way through the mow eerily empty tunnels, Izuku couldn't help but feel distinctly lost. Which was bad, since he was the one supposed to find Eri first. With each passing moment, the odds of recovering Eri fell. In the end, Izuku could only grudgingly accept that Mimic did a good job of confusing the way to Eri. This and the expected fight with Overhaul precluded Izuku from using high-powered sensory techniques due to the chakra drain.

Just as he was contemplating the potential use of more powerful Earth Style Jutsu to get to the lower levels, Izuku felt a flash of something in his mind screaming danger. That plus his innate senses made him doge as a flurry of fists came crashing down in the spot he had just occupied.

"Stay still, damnit!"

"Rappa, you fool! You just cost us the element of surprise!"

From where he had retreated on the ceiling, Izuku studied the new arrivals. They were clearly of the eight bullets.

"Tch, I don't have time to waste with you. Tell me where Chisaki is and I might just let you live. Or I might just kill you either way" intoned Izuku coldly.

The whole rescue mission was going from one setback to another and the last thing Izuku wanted is to have his first mission end up tits up because of his inability to deal with petty criminals.

"You mean it! You'll give me a fight to the death if I tell you where that bastard Chisaki is?"


"If that is you wish, consider yourself as good as dead, now tell me where Chisaki is" demanded Izuku

As he opened his mouth to speak, Rappa was covered in a golden dome that blocked sound. Rappa tried to escape by punching it but could not break the barrier.

'I don't have time for this!' though Izuku

Deciding to be done with this farce, Izuku charged up a Rasengan and charged at the shield. The two yakuza had only a moment to process what happened as the rasengan let out an unholy screech as it ground through the shield. The sudden force applied to the shield caused the shield user to lose concentration and drop both shields that he was using to protect himself from Izuku and Rappa. Thus, making him take a punch from Rappa that shoved him into Izuku's trajectory and got a still mostly intact Rasengan to the face. The force of the jutsu was such that his head exploded like a melon, coating Izuku, Rappa, and the walls in a fine mist of brains, blood, and bone.

"Fuck!" exclaimed Izuku

"That was great dude! Now, let's fight for real, to the death!" yelled Rappa as he charged Izuku

Izuku dodged and stomped his foot causing the floors to crack and trip Rappa

"Tell me where is Chisaki!" demanded Izuku

"Downstairs from here in a newly built chamber. Now Fight!" yelled Rappa as he got back on his feet and charged again

Izuku, being done with this shit, charged up with lightning chakra and One For All. He disappeared from view in front of Rappa and reappeared next to him, fist chambered and a rasengan in his hand. Faster than the eye can see, Izuku punched through Rappa's chest, killing him instantly.

As the villain fell to the floor, Izuku was shaking his hand, trying his best to get the blood off him

'Great, now I've got to wash out blood from the cloak. Now, how to get to that chamber that Rappa was talking about'

A great rumbling was heard from below. The ground burst open in front of Izuku, hollowing a pillar up to the surface, only to be followed by a second pillar with Eri, Overhaul, and a heavily injured Lemillion on it

"Well, that answers that"


Lemillion was in the fight of his life. Of this he was sure. If it hadn't been for that internship he did with Madara, he would have died for sure a couple of times by now. This being said, he also manage to get in a few good shots on Overhaul. The man was bleeding from several places and was beginning to tire. If he could just hold on a bit longer, he was sure that some other hero could come to reinforce him.

"I'm tired of this. Do you know the difference between us, hero? I don't need Eri alive. I can always fix her back up if I need to!"

Mirio's eyes widened as he lunged for Eri, who was looking at the fight with scared eyes while clutching the tattered remains of Miro's cape. Fortunately, he managed to get to her just in time to prevent a spike from going through her body.

What followed was a minute of frantic dodging before Overhaul got lucky and managed to spear through Mirio's leg. The pain made him drop his permeability for a second. That was all Overhaul needed as he speared his arms and side, immobilizing and taking Eri from him.

Afterward, Overhaul grabbed one of his minions, and using his quirk, he fused with him. Seeing as all other escape methods were disabled, Overhaul made a huge cavern that stretched all the way to ground level with his quirk and then a pillar on which he and Eri rode to the surface. Mirio managed to grab onto a ledge in the pillar and got dragged up as well.

"Finally. Now I can complete the old man's dream" muttered Chisaki as he guided the pillar upwards

"Guess again!" came a shout from the side


A streak of green light crashed into the pillar, smashing it apart, and causing all its passengers to fall off. Eri and Mirio were grabbed by that same streak and deposited on the ground.

When they finally stopped moving, they both looked to see a smiling Izuku Midoriya before them

"Take care of her, Mirio" said One For All as he turned to face the villain

"Wait! You need to be careful, he can revive people. He even began attacking Eri before he managed to get her away from me" warned Mirio

'Shit! That complicates matters' though Izuku

Before either combatant could do anything, the ceiling, being held up by almost nothing collapsed suddenly, and with it, came Ryukyu in dragon form, the 1-A students and Nejire as well as other pro heroes and a slew of Yakuza who were outside. Among them was Rikiya.

"Rho Aias!"

Blackwhip flashed to make the seal, and as soon as the seven-barrier was up, large chunks of what was previously a road rained down on them. Their combined energy was more than enough to shave two layers of the shield before it all stopped.

"Ryukyu, you guys all right?" asked Izuku as he bounded to them with Lemillion and Eri in his arms

"We're fine" Ryukyu moved her wing, showing that everyone from the hero side was relatively uninjured "What about you?"

"I'm ok. Lemillion is injured. We've got Eri, and I neutralized the other eight bullets but we lost the trigger and the quirk destroying bullets from what I can see" reported Izuku

A sound was heard from the other end of the man-made cave. There, Overhaul was standing in a shower of blood that used to be his subordinates.

"What the hell?" came a murmur from the other heroes as Chisaki overhauled himself to become some sort of gigantic kaiju monster

"We need to get out of here. I'll handle him, you get Eri and Mirio to safety" ordered Izuku

"Give Eri back! She doesn't belong to you" yelled Overhaul as he sent forth a veritable forest of spikes toward the heroes

"Earth style: Earth barrier" intoned Izuku as he finished the hand seals and clapped his hands together in the snake seal

Earth rose in front of the heroes and blocked the attacking spikes, leading to both offense and defense canceling each other out


Izuku flew towards Overhaul as Blackwhip stretched out to form a great seal. Izuku managed to surprise Overhaul and punch him, making him stagger back a bit. This was all that he needed. Now devoid of momentum, Izuku landed in the puddle forming from the broken water lines and slammed the finished seal into it, dumping a large amount of chakra into the seal.

"Water style: Water Dragon jutsu!"

From the water in the puddle and the pipes, an enormous amount of water began to swirl around Izuku as the head of the dragon formed. It let out a roar before smashing into Overhaul, and then arching away from the wall, carrying him up into the sky. Izuku barely managed to keep the seal going and keep his footing on the dragon's back. As they came to their apex, Izuku jumped off and the water dragon crashed into the street, slamming the entire weight of water into Overhaul. However, Izuku was not idle. As soon as he cut the connection to the water dragon, he began folding hand seals for a lightning jutsu

Lightning style: Lightning Bolt

A quite literal bolt of lightning flew from Izuku's outstretched fingers and came crashing down onto the wet Overhaul. The latter howled as he was electrocuted by several million volts of electricity.

Izuku landed in front of the now collapsed Overhaul. Seeing no movement, he let out a sigh of relief.

"Well, that was easier than I thought it would be"

Overhaul began to move

'Come on! Really!' complained Izuku as he readied to fight again, cursing himself for invoking the forbidden taboo of heroics

"You foolish child infected with heroism, do you even know what you've done! I could have used that girl to reverse all the wrongs that quirks brought upon mankind. I would have brought back the Yakuza to the high place we were meant to be!" yelled Chisaki

"The world has no need for relics. And your Yakuza is nothing but a relic!" yelled back Izuku

Chisaki let out an unholy scream of rage as he rebuilt his body with his quirk and brought down a massive fist on the spot that Izuku used to be

One For All Sage Art: 40%

Green lightning streaked to the side of Overhaul's kaiju form, evading his attack and returning one of his own, blasting the enlarged monster into the remains of the Yakuza compound.

'I need to finish him quickly, otherwise, he might actually bring down this entire neighborhood' thought Izuku

He continued to dance around Overhaul, taking pop shots and testing the water with Blackwhip and rasengans.

It was wearing Overhaul down, this Izuku could tell, but it wasn't fast enough. At the rate he was going, he would burn through the entirety of his chakra before he put down Overhaul for good.

'I need to get to his real body, then I can seal his quirk away and destroy the flesh puppet arms without having to worry about his regeneration, so that means that I have to use the Oodama Rasengan. I need to be careful, I only have one shot at it'

Jumping back, Izuku let go of One For All and brought forth Blackwhip. A mass of black lines formed around Overhaul with the intent to bind him as Izuku put his hands up and focused his chakra into the forming Rasengan. What began life as a tennis-ball sized attack grew to the size of a big basketball. It was not quite as big as what Madara could normally accomplish, but considering the speed with which Izuku mastered the jutsu it was impressive nonetheless.

Overhaul tried to move and attack but was stopped by the Blackwhip bindings and Ryukyu who figured out the main idea that Izuku was planning to implement. With the villain retrained, Izuku used Blackwhip to launch himself into Overhaul.


The blue ball of chakra screamed as it burrowed through flesh and bone, blasting out the other side in a gory display and leaving Izuku's hand in the perfect place to active the seal

"Heavenly Temple Five Point Seal: FUIN!" shouted Izuku

With the memetic phrase spoken, chakra flowed through his arm and scribed the seal into the space above Overhaul's flesh. Another pulse of chakra sent it flying into him and activating the seal.

The now active seal sent out bands of red script running across Overhaul's entire body as it decompressed and activated the primary function of the seal: the isolation of a quirk factor from the user's energy and mind. As this happened Overhaul yelled as he forced his quirk to work in a last desperate struggle against the inevitable. He disconnected from the grafted body parts around him and sent them flying, turning the poor people he had used in his madness into a bloody red mist.

As the seal finally caught, he fell to the ground, unconscious.

Izuku fell to his knees next to him, breathing heavily and covered in blood, but grinning nonetheless.

As he brought his bad to feel his heart racing in his chest, he finally understood. This was battle, the closest to war he had ever been, and it was fun.


Chrono looked out the window of the car he was in and sighed. It was hard to wrap his mind around what happened. In less than 12 hours, the entire Shie Hassaikai yakuza group was dismantled and destroyed. All that was left from the original higher-ups was himself.

"Even so, that is enough. With these bullets and the equipment we managed to save, I can bring your dream to reality, Overhaul, Boss" said Chrono softly, to himself, as he gripped the blue and red boxes with the bullets.

So long as he had those, there was nothing to worry about. He could start again. It had already been 10 hours since the raid and the police hadn't caught him yet. Now that he was in the mountains, there was little they could do to find him, so long as he laid low for a while, but he was patient. He would wait.

Suddenly an explosion struck the car, sending it flipping over and chucking Chron out the side window. He landed painfully on the tarmac

"What the-? Ack!"

A knee was pressed into his neck and a fiery hand destroyed his hair, rendering him powerless. Struggling, he managed to look up and his eyes widened for a moment before his head was blown to bits by another explosion

"Tch, weak. At least these could be of some use"

A gloved hand picked up the two boxes and the special pistol used to fire the bullets and brought them up before two red eyes which inspected them with apathy.

"At least this way, that little girl's sacrifice would be put to good use, instead of being wasted on lowlifes like you"

The sound of shattering glass brought his attention back to the car, where the driver was crawling away from the burning wreck.

The man put the looted items in his pocket and proceeded leisurely toward the driver. The man tried to crawl away, but his life was cut short as a sword came down on his neck, severing his head in an instant.

"Sorry, can't afford to let witnesses live"

With a casual swish to clean and re-sheathe his sword, Bakugou Katsuki walked away from the scene, as the car's fuel tank was breached by the fire, causing an explosion that incinerated both corpses. Leaving none to witness as he disappeared into the night.

Cursed Heavenly Temple Five Trigrams: an upgrade of Heavenly Five Point seal that destroys a person's quirk factor and prevents other quirk users from adding a quirk to the body, essentially scouring the soul

A/N: DONE! And it only took me like four months! What a fast writer I am. At any rate, we are done with this arc. Izuku is beginning his own downward spiral and Katsuki is being murderous and shady. Good news, our MC has finally woken up from his matricide-induced funk and is taking an actual interest in his baby brother's mental health. I think we all know how this is going to turn out in the end. Now, for one important piece of headcanon for this fic: You cannot have One For All/All For One and a Sharingan at the same time. It's one or the other. Izuku's red flashing eye trick is important here, but I'll leave you with this cliffhanger.

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