Chapter 1

The "So Random" music played and a screen came down. To reveal a video of Zora in a red wig/

"Has this ever happened to you?" Zora asked.

The video cut to Tawni walking down a sidewalk. Devon walked up to her wearing a blonde wig, nerdy glasses, and nerdy clothing.

"Hi, Amy," Devon said in a nerdy voice. "Would you like to go to prom with me?"

"Ew!" Tawni shouted. "Get away from me, nerd?"

The video cut back to Zora.

"Well, not anymore!" Zora chanted, holding up a spray bottle. "Introducing, Nerd Repellant!"

The video cut back to Tawni.

"Nerd Repellant?" Tawni asked. "How does it work?"

The video cut to a narrated bullet list.

"Step one," Zora said. "Spray the bottle of Nerd Repellant either on yourself, or at the nerd. Step two: Watch the nerd, or nerds, retreat."

The video cut to Tawni spraying the Nerd Repellant on herself.

"Oh no!" Devon shouted. "That smell is too unbearable for my nerdiness!"

Devon ran off as Nico walked over to Tawni.

"Hey, Amy," Nico said. "Will you go to prom with me?"

"Thanks, Nerd Repellant!" Tawni cheered.

After the show, Tawni, Nico, Grady, Zora, and Devon sat in the Prop House eating pizza.

"That Nerd Repellant sketch may have been my best work," Tawni said. "Forget the Tween Choice Awards, it may lead to my Emmy."

"You mean my Emmy," Zora said. "I wrote it."

Chad walked into the prop house.

"Hey, Randoms," Chad said. "I saw your Nerd Repellant sketch."

"Too bad we don't have any Chad Repellant," Tawni said.

"What are you doing here, Chad?" Nico asked.

"I'm here to see Devon," Chad said. "Because, you know, he's my best friend."

"Do you have to inform us that every time?" Grady asked.

"I don't understand why you all can't just get along," Devon said.

"I don't understand how you can be best friends with the enemy," Grady said.

"Especially after what he did to Sonny," Tawni said.

"It's not cool what he did," Devon said. "But I decide who my friends are."

"Hear that, Randoms?" Chad asked. "Devon actually wants to be Chady's best friend. Now, Devon, may I talk to you privately?"

Devon and Chad walked out into the hall.

"I hear your 17th birthday is coming up in a few days," Chad said.

"It is," Devon said.

"I'm throwing you a surprise party," Chad said.

"If you're throwing me a surprise party, why are you telling me about it?" Devon asked.

"Oh, Devon," Chad said. "Everyone knows surprise parties aren't actually a surprise."

"Yeah they are," Devon said. "That's why they're called surprise parties."

"Anyway," Chad said. "I need a list of people you want me to invite."

"Okay," Devon said. "Thank you so much. You're the best."