This love of mine

In the red

"The Lightman group was built on my sweat. I don't see anyone else's name on the door, nor on my book jacket for that matter.

The one you haven't written?

You mess with my finances again, you and I are through. Now, you're the language expert. Can you tell me, do I mean that?"

She could feel his eyes on her as she turned around to look at him after the lady left. He was mad. She knew she was pushing it when she decided to freeze their assets but didn't think he would take it this far. Although, she should've known. Lately, he's been running around like a wild animal that's been captured, trying his very best to run free. She doesn't know what's caused it or why he won't talk to her like he used to. Doing what she did, was the last straw. She pinned him down, she took away his financial freedom.

"You don't." she finally spoke.


"You don't mean that." and with that, she walked off.

It took him a second to comprehend what just happened. He took a deep breath and went after her. The car ride back to the office was quiet, neither wanted to talk or knew what to say. He parked his car in the garage of their building and turned to her. Her eyes were already fixated on him.

"You're right, I don't."

She lifted her chin up and he could swear he almost saw her smirk at him.

"Why do you want to hurt me?" her voice was quiet. And she saw her question caught him off guard.

"I don't…" he trailed off. "You froze my assets." his tone was accusatory and his face scrunched up with annoyance.

She sighed. "I froze our assets. And that's not what I meant." she quickly made her way out of the car towards the elevator. Leaving him alone again, mind full of thoughts and a wave of unsettling anger towards the woman he can't even imagine life without.

"You said 8 o'clock.


Detective Wallowski, mother superior.

I know who you are, Detective.

So now you've met the new help. Group hug? Too early?"

Telling his date he'll be right back he made his way towards her office after she left him standing in the unknown for the 3rd time in the past 3 hours.

"What is it with you and running off today?" he said upon swaying her door wide upon, with a hint of humor as worry for his best friend overtook him for the first time that day.

The look in her eyes pained him. She was upset but he couldn't bring himself to back down now. It felt good to be mad at her. Because for once he had, what he believed to be a justified reason. For once he didn't have to push her away because he's afraid that one day she'll suck out all the air out of him because he feels like he's drowning in her and he can't let her in because every time she gets closer the air feels a little heavier. But she doesn't know how much it hurts him to know that she's not his. Not yet. Not the way he would want her to be. He must save her from himself but she's resilient, she's holding on and she cares so deeply. And that scares him, makes him run wild, doing everything in his power to push her away before it's too late. Breaking both of their hearts in the process. But the line has already been crossed. Somewhere along the way, they overstepped it and now they are caught between the friendship that they used to have, that both of them wish they could go back to at this very moment and something else that they are too afraid to face.

"Excuse me, I have to go somewhere." she declared as she made her way past him first and then past his new companion who was still standing on the hallway, not making eye contact with any of them. Leaving now both of them looking after her, words frozen in their mouths.

He stumbled home late, after dropping Wallowski off at her place. He pulled a beer out of the fridge as if he hadn't already had too many at that steakhouse he took Sharon to. He checked his phone and saw an e-mail from the bank informing him that half of the company's assets have been made available again. She unfroze half of their assets. His half.