A Sage's Mission




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"Thinking or conversation with Tailed beast/Sacred Gear within mind-scape."

"Tailed Beast/Sacred gear Dragon speaking."

"Tailed Beast/Sacred gear Dragon Thinking or mind-scape speaking."

Chapter 1: An Unknown enemy?




Peace...A word, and meaning that few have dared to think could be a reality. Or even worth it, in the world they live in.

Since the time of the Sage of Sixth Paths, when a great danger was stopped, and Chakra; the life energy of humanity, came to be. When the two brothers fought, one believing love was the key to peace, while the other, believed power was the key to peace.

Since that day, century after century, generation after generation, war, anger, hatred and revenge plague the Shinobi world.

An endless cycle.

But one day, on the night of a certain Kyubi incident, a newborn child; whose actions, heart, and journey will shape this world into a new one, one filled with hope.


His name is Naruto Uzumaki.

The monster who caged the Nine-Tails, the loser at the academy, the dreamer who thought he could become Hokage.

That is...at first.

The knucklehead who never gave up, the Shinobi who never went back on his word, the hero who saved his home and his friends.

The legend that saved the Shinobi world during a time of war. United the nations, and paved the way towards peace; the peace that his late master dreamed for.

That was the first chapter of his life, and with that, a new chapter will open. Where Naruto and his friends, will face new challenges and overcome new horizons

In a world so much like they own, and yet so different as well.


This just felt right; it always felt right, sitting up here, where he could see the whole village; his home. To feel the calm, warm breeze of his homeland brush against his spike blond hair. His blue sapphire eyes that shined in the moonlight, and his slightly tanned skin that reflected his nation's natural weather. His most noticeable feature being his whisker marks on each cheek.

Naruto always liked being up here, it gave him peace of mind, being able to just relax and enjoy himself; or when he needed to think on his life. Be it past, present, or future.

His village has changed so much over the years, after Pain's attack, and the village's reconstruction; new "modern" buildings were being built. Reaching sizes like the hidden mist village have. But his village still kept its artistic design; you couldn't get rid of the classics now.

Konoha, or the village hidden in the leaves, was the very first Shinobi village that was ever built, by none other than the first Hokage, Hashirama Senju, and the legendary Uchiha, Madara, after the Warring States Period.

Since that day, the Great Elemental Nations became the leading powers in the Shinobi world, each one having one of the five strongest hidden villages.

The Land of Fire had Konoha.

His home has been through so much, the many Great Ninja Wars, and more. While this village is small compared to the many massive cities that litter the Land of Fire, and the other Elemental Nations.

This village has strong symbolic value to so many people and is home to the most powerful Shinobi from the Land of Fire.

Lately, Naruto finds himself coming up here more and more often as of recently, and people are beginning to notice, and worry.

After what Kakashi sensei told him a few weeks ago, he's been feeling a little lost.

He doesn't know what to do about...

"Naruto-Kun, I figured I'd find you up here."

Naruto turned his head to see one of the most important people in his life.

"Well, you do have the Byakugan...so, it's kinda easy for you to find me ya'know."

She could only giggle at his response.

"That's true." However, her giggling ended quickly, only to voice her concern to her more than blond friend "Why do you look so down?"

He slowly turned his head back at the view of his home. "I don't." Naruto felt a bit concerned at being caught out, he only felt a little downcast. He turned back round to her with a smile "I'm fine Hinata, you don't have to worry; I guess I just wanted some time to think. ya'know. What with all the spare time we seem to have nowadays." He said while gazing at his girlfriend, trying to give her some peace of mind.

Hinata always kept him in her thoughts, even way back at their academy days. Took him a while to catch on, and by a while, he meant several years; and by years, he meant a world-ending threat. Still, it's not like her action's helped him understand her feelings. Always getting red in the face if he so much as breathed in her general direction, or fainted if he touched her. Like, how could anyone know she loved him since they were kids, it's not his fault, right?


He shook his head, he knew he was right, but decided to brush it off as he got a better look at Hinata.

She was a beautiful young lady at the age of 19, same as him. But rather than the slightly tanned skin that he had, she had pale skin that gave off the aura of innocence, but that was part of its charm. She always made him feel so relaxed that he could let his guard down completely when around her. Her dark blue silky hair reached down to her lower back, he followed her hair strings, and could clearly see her slender frame, which showed anyone the type of agility she had. Not to mention her attractive figure.

He quickly brought his eyes back to hers, to see what Naruto felt was her true beauty. Her Byakugan, the Ocular Jutsu of the Hyuga clan, that made them so powerful; especially in close combat, he found that out the hard way when he fought Neji. While those eyes may be deadly; to him, those eyes showed her true personality, one of kindness and compassion.

Hinata came and sat right next to him, resting her head against his shoulder. "I know, ever since that business with the moon and Toneri, it's been quiet and peaceful. So why do you feel so..."

"Down." Naruto finishing her sentence.

Naruto stayed silent for a few seconds before he would respond. He could feel her gaze, she wants an answer.

Naruto let out a sigh, it wasn't the true reason for him feeling down, but it was something he's always had on his mind "I still wish he could be here ya'know... Master Jiraiya wanted this, he passed his dream onto me, and now that we have it." Naruto looked up at the sky as if someone was up there "I hope he knows."

Naruto quickly felt Hinata brush her hand against his cheek, turning his head to hers, and giving him a smile that would make any man alive melt in her hands.

"He knows." Hinata knew it, and so did Naruto "He definitely knows, so please don't worry about it Naruto-Kun, it's not like you to worry all the time."

That got Naruto to let out a quick chuckle "Yeah, I know, but it's not just me." Turning around fully to face her, giving her a warm hug, while they each rested their heads on the other's shoulder. "It was all of us, the peace was achieved because of everyone." They both stayed like this for a bit, enjoying the warmth from each other, and the bond they shared.

They wanted to stay like this forever.

They departed from one another, albeit reluctantly, neither wanted to let go of the other. So they kept each other in their arms, and gazed lovingly into each other's eyes, losing themselves in each other's gaze. As if on autopilot, their heads moved closer to one another, to feel connected, to feel...

"Naruto, we need to talk now."

Of all the times "Kurama, please read the mood." To interrupt "Like come on, this was such a moment right now." He did it on purpose, didn't he?

"I don't care brat, and neither should you." Well, that was harsh. "What we should care about is this new presence I'm sensing. Actually, there's more than one." Grumbling as the last of his words left his mouth, Kurama only does that when he's weary or annoyed.

Now, this got Naruto's attention, and Hinata noticed. Kurama sleeps all day and only wakes up when things are happening that interest him.

Lazy yes. But that's why this is a big deal.

If it was just some visitors from another nation, or hell, bandits that are behind the times. Kurama wouldn't care, beneath his notice so to speak.

So then, what got his attention?

"Kurama, how many, and which direction." This is not time to be taking it easy, something doesn't feel right.

"North-East of the village, about Four minutes out, if they keep their current pace." Only four minutes! How did they get so close without anyone noticing? Did they just come out of thin air? "I'd say around Seven Hundred, but..."

"What is it, what's wrong?"

"I don't recognize this energy, it's...strange, it's definitely not chakra, because this feels lighter, not as concentrated."

"Wait, not chakra!?" That's a thing, everyone has Chakra; Shinobi, people, animals even Nature have their own form if it. It's the life energy of the world, used to perform Jutsus. To not have any would mean death, so how can...Wait, never mind, save it for later, right now there are seven hundred unknowns, with unknown power, and unknown intentions heading towards them.

"Hinata! Use your Byakugan, do you see anything North-east of here!"

Surprised was definitely something Hinata was feeling right now. Being unaware of what words were exchanged between Naruto and his partner.

She quickly stood up to catch her bearings, bringing her hands together in order to create the Ram hand sign, and pulse her Chakra.

"Byakugan!" Veins started appearing around her eyes, showing that she has indeed used her Ocular Jutsu.

These eyes grant the user a near 360-degree field of view. With only a small blind spot at the back of the neck; that few could exploit. With X-ray vision to boot, one is able to see through almost anything; objects, people, barriers, you name it.

Even being able to see chakra networks, but what was needed here, was the fact that the Byakugan grants the user a long line of sight.

From Eight hundred meters too...well, Naruto isn't sure; several miles at least.

Hinata's sight passed the village, then it passed the forests until she finally sees what Naruto must be on about.

Humans...that was her first thought, but every part of her being was telling her, that whoever these people are; they're not human, far from it.

They may have the face and body of a human.

But everything else told a different story. They had no Chakra or Chakra networks to speak off, and a rather strange bone structure at the back, which branch out to...wings?

Bat like wings...maybe...or something close to it. It had a small dip at the base, only to curve upwards, making a rather strange looking W shape.

Hinata poured more Chakra into her eyes, increasing her visual prowess. Hinata needs to make sure she didn't miss anything important.

She could see it.

Some kind of energy flowing throughout their bodies, rather than using a network like Chakra did; this energy is travelling through the bodies natural vessels, like blood. Hinata had never seen anything like this before, and had nothing to compare it to, just what is this?

As for the amount of energy they had, if Hinata would compare it to Shinobi, she saw mostly Chuunin and a couple of Jounin levels of whatever this is.


At the far back, well away from the others, one was by his lonesome, a man looks to be about mid-'30s by appearance. His energy was at Kage level, but she still had no idea what this energy ism or what it's capable of.

It won't be long before they reach the village, and for all she knew, the barrier around the village might not even detect them; without Chakra coursing throughout their bodies.

They needed to act "I see them Naruto, but they don't have..."

"I know, Kurama told me. This doesn't make any sense, and why now?... Why..." He stooped his train of thought, Naruto shook his head. Not the time for complaining, it's the time to act.

They have no idea who these guys are, or what their intentions will be, if Naruto got closer, he could found out using Sage Mode to gauge their power, and Kurama can sense their intent. Although, seven hundred people coming to your home doesn't seem like a friendly action in his eyes.

Naruto walked to the edge of the cliff, filled with the same determination, and aura he had against Pain, against Madara, and against Kaguya. He stopped right at the edge of Hokage Mountain.

Hokage Mountain, where the faces of the past and present Hokage, are carved out from the stone. The leaders of the Hidden leaf village, and also where the face of his father rests. Each and everyone one of them were heroes; that lived, fought, and would, or did die for their nation, their village. The faces of the Hokage will continue to watch over the hidden leaf, even after death. One day soon, Naruto's face will be right beside them.

"Hinata, go tell Lord Hokage Kakashi about this, get the village ready in case things go down, seven hundred people don't just walk up to your front dawn unnoticed or unannounced."

Hinata did a double-take back to Naruto "What are you going to do Naruto-Kun?" She knew he could handle anything thrown at him, and will always come out on top. But that doesn't change the fact that she worries for his safety.

"What am I going to do." What his father did years ago on the night of his birth.

To go and protect the village, his friends, and his family. But this time, the hero will make it back.

He turned his head around to give a concerned yet steadfast looking Hinata a foxie grin. "I'm going to introduce myself."

"Let's go, Kurama!"


Just as he said that he disappeared from sight, moving at speeds few could dare hope to match; let alone track, he left behind a small amount of leaves in the wind.

Hinata soon did the same right to Hokage Mansion, Naruto has his job and so does she. "Do what you have always done Naruto...we...I will be right behind you."


Jumping through the air, almost like he was gliding over the forest that surrounds his home, he would soon be upon whoever these guys are.

His should be close enough now.

Quickly forcing himself down to ground level, landing without making a sound. Only to then jump up into a hiding spot atop the trees, he needed to be ready for whatever is going to happen here today.

Naruto needed to get a better understanding of this new energy, and Sage Mode was a solid bet. He stopped his movement completely, even as he breathed, his body never moved a centimetre. He needed to be still if he wanted to gather Nature energy.

Nature energy, the power that exists within the world around them, the ground, sky, and Nature contained this external power. But in order for one to become a Sage, one must become one with Nature, and to do this.

You don't move.

Sounds simple, it really does, almost too easy.

Yeah, Naruto wasn't more wrong in his life when it came to the difficulty of learning to harness Nature energy. Not being able to move at all was just crazy when he first heard of it. Add the fact that nature energy was powerful, far more powerful than many could ever imagine.

But that was both the blessing and the curse. Because it was so powerful if you ever ended up taking in too much Nature energy than your own Chakra couldn't handle. Then nature energy would overwhelm you, and you would turn into a toad stone statue.

The hundreds, if not thousands of giant toad stone statues that littered the training grounds at Mount Myoboku were enough to showcase just how rare Sages are.

It didn't take long for him to gather the needed amount of Nature energy to enter Sage Mode. Orange pigmentation formed around his eyes, he opened them to show his new yellow toad-like eyes, proof of entering Sage Mode.

His physical and sensing capabilities were bolstered to new heights. Ready for whatever these newcomers could throw at him.

He didn't need Sage Mode to take these guys down, but with them being so close to his home, and with an unknown energy in the mix; Naruto couldn't take this lightly.

"They're slowing down Naruto," Kurama informed him. "It seems they're landing close to us, they haven't detected us yet; this is a good chance to see just what these creatures are." Naruto agreed with him, the more they know, the better.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Naruto quickly made six shadow clones, corporal copies of himself that could do almost anything the original can. It's a forbidden Ninjutsu due to the amount of Chakra needed to effectively use this technique. But due to Naruto's oceans worth of Chakra, on top of Kurama's impossible reserves as well; this issue was just ignored.

Four of the clones disappeared in different direction, getting into position. One ran back to the village, and the last one stayed in the trees with the original. The shadow clones share experiences when one is dispelled, whatever it learned, the other clones, and by extension; the original will learn too. Making this Jutsu perfect for training, scouting, and intelligence gathering.

A few seconds passed before the visitors started to make their landing near Naruto's position. Naruto tensed up a bit when he got a better look at them. "They're definitely not human, as much as they do look like one." Whispering to himself as he narrowed his eyes at these guys.

"So was Kaguya brat, or did you forget there is more to the world than humanity." Stated Kurama. "You can tell by just their smell."

"Yeah I know Kurama, and now that I get a better look at them, this energy they have feels weird; dark...not evil, just...dark." Confusing Naruto, even more, he really didn't have anything to compare them too.

Naruto stopped talking as the rest of them landed, around two hundred of them; must be a scouting party, with the rest closing in from behind. The ones that did land were wearing armour, a breastplate with shoulder pads on top, stopping just short of their elbow. Along with gauntlets, and a pair of greaves for leg armour. The colour was as black as night, with small stripes of dark red running along the edges of the plates. It had a smooth appearance, with only the leg armour having a few spikes. They wielded a type of pike; a combination of a spear and an axe, the axe had the same weird-looking W shape as their wings; only this time it was flipped upside down. There were also some symbols or a type of language along with their attire that Naruto didn't recognize.

"Well, if we didn't know already, I think we can make a good guess that these guys are from out of town," Naruto stated, joking to both himself and Kurama, getting a small chuckle from the furball.

"Ha...well, this is disappointing." Naruto quickly snapped his sight to the one that spoke, haven gotten back his focus. Are they talking now? Good, time for some eavesdropping.

"Humans? I thought that beings with great power lived here, yet all we get is pathetic human filth!"

"Screw you too! Ya emo bat wannabe!" Naruto shouted in is head, suddenly having the urge to knock this guy's teeth out.

"The people we are looking for are obviously not here then; captain, what should we do?" One of the others asked, waiting for new orders.

"That pigsty up ahead will have to make do as a base for now. So lets just simply take it, and have our fun with these humans." He got a dark laugh from the others around him.

Now Naruto could handle getting called a filthy human from people he didn't know, nor cared about, but his home is a whole different story.

"Kurama, I think I've lost my patience." He may have said it as an observation.

But Kurama knew better, it wasn't an observation, it was a fact.

"Hopefully these creatures will be of some...small entertainment." Kurama hoped he would get to stretch his legs against these fools, but it felt like wishful thinking.

No longer having any desire for stealth, Naruto stood tall from his perch, time for him to say hello. Vanishing from sight, only to them immediately reappear in the middle of the two hundred assholes. None of them noticing that a blond human just slipped into the middle of their little meet and great.

Naruto flashes a cheeky grin.

"Hello there."

Soon, after registering what he just said, everyone turned around to see who spoke. Only to have their eyes widen at the sight of this spike blond-haired..."Human?"

"What...when did he...?" A human, where did he come from, and how did they not notice him?


No one said a thing as both sides waited for the other to act. These guys were trying to figure out how a human got so close to them without being detected.

Naruto was simply waiting for a response.

He soon got bored of waiting. "Fine, I'll start. Hi, the name's Naruto Uzumaki, and I have a question, who and what are you guys?" Naruto kept his grin while waiting for them to answer.

But he only got silence.

Then he heard a small chuckle from the so-called captain, but this chuckle soon turned in to laughter.

"Who are we?, such impudence, we are Devils, and you should know your place human trash!"

The captain let loose his wings and charged at Naruto, his Spear at the ready to impale him.

Naruto could only think "Well, that didn't take long...this guy is rude." Naruto just stood there, thinking on what he heard, not at all caring about the charging...Devil?

Did he mean Demon, like Moryo?

No, it can't be, Moryo makes each and every one of these guys look like nothing by comparison, so they can't be the same. He's heard stories of Devils before, buts that's just what they were, stories; that no one put much stock in.

Then again they did the same with the Sage of Sixth Paths, and look how that turned out.

Naruto brushed his thoughts aside to look at the Devil about the strike him.

"So slow."

The Devil kept his shit-eating grin, thinking this human was so shocked and scared, that he must be frozen in place from fear. This human knew his place; beneath them, beneath him.

Just as he was about to kill this human, his eyes bulged, the air was knocked out of his lungs. A fist from Naruto buried deep into his stomach; he vomited blood, unable to understand what just happened.

"Know my place, right." Naruto scoffed at this Devil hanging off his arm. Only for said Devil to slide off it, face planting the floor.

He's not getting back up is he?

Naruto returned to look at the other Devils, he could only smirk at the shocked faces these guys had.

"I'll ask again. Who are you guys? You said Devils, but what do you mean by that, and why have you come to pick a fight with us?"

"They won't answer you Naruto. I'm sensing an abnormal amount of pride for each of them." Kurama is able to sense the emotions and intent of others. The ego rolling off these Devils was just incredible, did these creatures have pride fused into their very souls?

"Are they cousins of yours or something?"


"Idiot, do you see any resemblance between us?"

"It's in the tiny details ya'know."

"Above you."


Above him, around fifty Devils gathered in the sky, getting ready to strike. Diving down at him like birds of prey.

Just as the Devils reached him, Naruto threw his arms to his side, and sent out a tidal wave of Senjutsu Chakra, blasting all the Devils around him, and sending them flying in every direction. Breaking their armour and bones from the sheer force and pressure of his attack.

Almost similar to Pain's and Sasuke's All Might Push, to blast a wave of force in all directions from the user. While it lacks the same power as that ability, it didn't have the 5-second interval between uses.

"I'm ending this now!" Figuring this talk won't get anywhere, Naruto's clones in hiding jumped from their hiding spots, and engaged the reaming Devils; they have been caught off guard.


"Why do they look like him?"

"Is he really human?"

Panic and confusion prevented the Devils from making a united front, and Naruto and his clones weaved through them, taking them down one by one.

Unable to put up any kind of resistance, what was once 200, became 100, then 50, then 10; and then none were left standing. The battle was over before it even began. Most of the Devils were knocked out, but some were killed.

This was not how Naruto hoped first contact with an unknown race would go. But while their energy wasn't evil in Nature, the intent Kurama felt from them was unmistakable. They came to kill everyone who lived in the hidden leaf.

Or worse.

"Two hundred down, only five hundred to go." Naruto looked back up at his clone he left in the tree. The clone nodded at Naruto, understanding his silent message.

The clone dispelled himself.

"Everyone else will now know what we are dealing with, but we still don't know why?" Naruto grumbled that last part. He still had so many questions.

Suddenly a vortex opened up next to Naruto. He wasn't shocked, or worried; no he was happy, he knew who this belonged to.

"So now you come back to the village, huh" Naruto chuckled at the one who just joined him.



The silence lasted for about two seconds until they both let out a quick and quiet laugh.



Sasuke, Naruto's best friend and rival, since way back at the academy. They have always competed with each other. With his spiky long black hair covering one side of his face, so you could only see one of his eyes, missing his left arm from a battle a couple of years ago, the empty sleeve of his jacket swaying in the wind.

The journey they've had together may have been filled with challenges, joy, pain, and hatred.

But the bond they shared never broke.

"I got word from Kakashi to come back, said that you'd be in the middle of; whatever is going on," Sasuke said while still keeping his eyes on the army of Devils that are making their way to them as they speak.

"I don't have all the answers, but apparently Devils are a thing, and they want to kill us." Naruto then directed his attention to the many unconscious and dead Devils around them. "These guys were not very forthcoming."

Sasuke simple said, "I see." He's always cool under pressure.

Naruto then brought his attention back to Sasuke "It's weird, but..."

"What is it?" Naruto got Sasuke's attention.

"It's like the very idea of humans with power is unreal to them. I mean, we didn't know what Devils were before today, but they know what humans are; at least to a point."

Sasuke through over this information, these Devils knew of humans existing but didn't know about what they could do...maybe.

"They don't know about Chakra." Stated Sasuke, for sure with his answer.

"Could he be right Kurama?" If this was true, then where the hell did they come from? Chakra is practical in the very air here, so how could they not know of it.

"It would explain why they didn't think you were a threat. But this would also mean they didn't come from any of the Elemental Nations if they didn't know about the existence of Chakra." This was the only answer anyone had at this point. Hopefully, the interrogation core can get the answers they need.

"Sasuke, I'm going after the Devil that has Kage level strength. Can I leave the remaining ones to you?" The Devil before said they were told about powerful beings, so maybe this guy was the one who sent them, or knows the one who did.

"So I fight five hundred, while you fight just one?"

Giving Sasuke an amused grin. "Is that going to be a problem for you?" Naruto teased his friend.

Breathing out a sigh with a dry chuckle, only to bring his head back up. Sasuke only had one thing to say.

"Just go."

Naruto nodded and pushed off the ground at high speed, going after the strongest Devil.

Activating his Sharingan, Sasuke draws his blade, which is now being encased with lighting to increase its cutting power; he simply gazed at the army of Devils mere seconds from reaching him.

Then Sasuke moved.


An explosion erupted far behind Naruto, all the way back to where he left Sasuke, knowing him, he's probably already taken down half of them. They don't need to gather information from idle talk now that they have a few of them as prisoners.

Naruto could only shake his head as he ran to his destination. "He really should learn how to hold back sometimes." But today is a bit of a special situation. Naruto increased his speed, with Sasuke defending the village he has nothing to worry about.

Now he needs to find the leader and end this.


Rizevim Lucifer was perplexed on how the situation has deteriorated. He knew that the seven hundred Devils he brought with him were nothing special; at best, they were fodder to use; however, he wished.

But still...

Somehow, just two humans, mere children compared to him, are wiping out his forces; this was unexpected.

Humans are weak by Nature, short-lived, and unaware of the real world that existed right beside them. Only when they had Sacred Gears, Holy Swords, or their second-hand attempt at magic did they become...noticed.

He was told that in this world, their existed beings that could be useful for his goals and was supplied with the means to reach this new land. Only to feel disappointment that the first people they meet are the same weak humans that infested his world.

A momentary distraction really, wipe them out and move on to the real reason he came here for.

But then...somehow...defying all the logic; and knowledge he had across his long life. Just two of these humans have all but wiped out his men.

Even if he was in a new world, how could the humans here be so different, to be able to fight and win against Devils without the use of magic, or Sacred Gears? Those that told him about this place will answer his questions about what has transpired here today.

Next time he will be more diligent about these humans. As much as Rizevim detests them; he must acknowledge the fact that these humans can fight and kill his kind, well, the weakest of his kind.

The asset that he brought with him is still at his secondary camp, he must retrieve her before leaving. There's no point in saving the others if they lost to humans this badly, then they were merely weak Devils that did not deserve to live.

He held out his hand to prepare a blue magical circle, to retrieve his pet before he leaves. His plan may have been stalled, but he is nothing but adaptable, Rizevim will be back.

But that line of thinking halted when he felt something slam into his face. Striking him with the force one would expect from a dragon. Rizevim was sent flying across the ground, going through several trees, not stopping; even his wings did little to stop his momentum. Only after scrapping across the ground did he finally come to a halt.

His nose was broken, and he could taste his own blood.

"What hit me?" Was the only thing that came to mind.

He slowly stood up from his recent crash, a twitch from his cheek, that hit was nothing to scoff at.

He dusted himself off and looked around his location to find who dared strike at him.

Only for something to land a couple of meters in front of him, the dirt kicked up, preventing him from seeing what...no...who it is.

As the dust cleared up, he finally saw who it was.

A human with spike blond hair, and yellow told like eyes with some strange orange colouring around them. A headband tied around his forehead with some type of leaf symbol engraved into the metal. He wore a long-sleeve black zipped jacket that covers his whole upper body with orange trousers and sandals. His right arm was complete wrapped in bandages, while his left arm wasn't.

Rizevim Lucifer was convinced that this was one of the two humans that has been killing his men. But the question still remains; how? He indeed felt no power from him; be it demonic, angelic, or magical. No Sacred Gear ever.

Are the humans here just physically strong? No matter, he is a Lucifer, and no human will ever intimidate him.

He could not help but smile at this human.

"I must say this has been a day for surprises, you're the first human who has ever struck me."

The blond only stared at him, he didn't talk or break eye contact.

"For humans to have such power is most interesting, a far cry from the weakling your species are back home." But his grin then turned into an evil one. "Even still, that has not changed, be it there, or here!"

Quickly gathering his vast demonic power, Rizevim Lucifer created a blue magical circle in front of him and blasted a beam of pure demonic energy at the human. This attack had more than enough power to kill many high-class Devils in an instant.

The attack engulfed the human, as all anyone could see was an explosion that took out a large portion of the surrounding forest. Leaving nothing but dirt and debris in its wake, a scorched earth would be an adequate description.

The human was dead, that much Rizevim knew, and now without any more interruptions, he will...



Rizevim looked down and saw the earth below his feet crack a little, guess he overdid his attack.

Only for the earth to give in, and a fist shot out of the ground, rocketing towards him.

Before Rizevim could react, the fist made contact with his face; a nasty uppercut sent him in the air.

"What!?" Was the only thing he could think of as he soured into the air. He attempted to stop himself from acceding by bringing out his wings.

He barely managed to stop his movement.

Only for the same human that he killed before, appearing above him; with the sun shining bright behind him. Rizevim was temporally blinded by the sun's raze. The human dived down towards him with a leg held up high.

"Naruto Uzumaki Barraged!"

The heel of his foot smashed on top of Rizevim's head, slamming him back down to the earth. Impacting the ground like a missile, pain coursing within his head.

This human "What is he?"


Naruto could not hold back or take his time with this fight. This Devil looked to be around mid-'30s with silver hair and a short beard on his chin. But his power was without a doubt Kage level. It rivalled that of Tobirama Senju. The second Hokage; and if this guy was a genius like lord second, then Naruto won't give him time to plan.

Naruto landed on the ground, ready to finish off his disorientated opponent. Three 'Sage Art Frog Kumite' strikes would have killed any normal enemy, and he had to pull his punches against the Devils from before. But even that killed some of them.

But just as he hit the ground, a giant blue circle appeared underneath him, the same thing that shot out that attack from earlier.

Naruto quickly jump to the side to avoid the same attack from before, only for the same circle to keep appearing wherever he landed, forcing him to keep dodging, jumping further back.

Naruto narrowed his eyes as over fifteen more circles appeared around him in the air. They surrounded him in a cage of blue lights.

"So he can create these things both from his hands and in the air." Naruto quickly looked back at the Devil. "But he needs to use his hands to create them, so it's similar to hand signs in its application." He creates the circle, and then the circle creates the attack.

Naruto was surrounded with no way out; this guy was good, no doubt.

Before the attacks were fired, Naruto pulled out a kunai from his ninja pouch, the iconic weapon for any ninja.

But this one was unique.

It was a Tri Pronged kunai, the same one his father, Minato Namikaze used that made him so respected and feared.

Naruto threw the kunai at the Devil, travailing at speeds that broke the sound barrier.

Rizevim smirked, his spells would fire before that knife would even reach him.

The kunai was mere seconds from Rizevim.

But then the magical circles fired.

Just as the Beams were about to touch Naruto's skin, he used his father's favourite Jutsu.

"The Flying Raijin Jutsu!"

Naruto, much to the Rizevim's surprise, appear right in front of him just as the beams struck the ground. The massive explosion rocketed behind him, it gave Naruto's presence an aura of intimidation; the only thing Rizevim could focus on was Naruto's blue eyes that shined like lights in the dark.

Naruto then brought out his hand.

His was holding something.

It was blue...and spinning like a typhoon in one's hand, and it was growing in size; to be even bigger than both of them combined.

Rizevim did not want to get hit by that attack, and so he brought out his wings, to either fly away or use as a shield.

Then two puffs of smoke from each side of him caught his attention.

He saw two people that looked identical to the human he is currently fighting.

The clones moved fast, quickly grabbing onto his wings, using the strength they gain from Sage Mode to keep him in place.

"Sage Art Odama Rasengan!"

The attack slammed into Rizevim, he felt his entire body spinning as if his skin and organs were being grinded and torn apart. He could not scream as the attack knocked all the oxygen out of his lungs. Until the human let go, and the ball pushed forward as if it had a mind of its own, taking Rizevim with it until he started to literally spin with the attack.

Around and around and around and around until he could not keep his eyes open.

Travailing over fifty meters back, until he struck a cliffside, the attack imploded. The cliffside gave in, burring him under rock and stone.

The Flying Raijin Jutsu, a technique that uses seals as markers for teleportation. They did not need that much Chakra to use, and they did not have a range limit, you could place as many of these seals as you want on almost anything. People, objects, weapons you name it.

This technique, and the Rasengan, which his father created by basing it off of Kurama's most powerful attack; made Minato a legend during the Third Great Ninja War, and hailed as the Yellow Flash.

Naruto saw his father use the technique many times during the Fourth Great Shinobi war. He's always wanted to follow in his footsteps and surpass his father. First adding an element to the Rasengan, then master the Flying Raijin Jutsu, and then finally becoming Hokage.

During the years of peace after the war, Naruto began training in the use of seals that the Uzumaki clan were so famous for. Even after becoming close to an expert on them, and being able to use the Flying Raijin Jutsu in combat like his father could; he has not surpassed his father with the technique, not yet, but he will one day.


Rizevim barley dug himself out of the rubble. His body is in agony, it felt like his organs and bones were ripped apart. Blood was pouring out of every orifices he has, and flesh wounds covered his entire body.

Then he noticed.

His left arm was gone, only a bleeding stump remains.


For once in his life, Rizevim Lucifer could not understand.

He was a pure-blooded Devil.

A descendant of Lucifer.

And yet...and yet.

That human has stripped him of his flesh.

That human...that thing is not human.

It can't be human, how can it?

He looked up once he heard the sounds of footsteps, he was coming for him.

That sound, what is that? He could hear it, the sound of something grinding against the very air itself, he forced himself to look up.

And for once in his life, he felt afraid.

The blue ball appeared again, as big as before, but this time it had blades. Four white blades spun around it, cutting up the very air around them. It looked like a giant shuriken.

"Surrender, or you will lose more than just an arm." It was not a threat or a statement.

It was a promise.

Fear took logic, and Rizevim struck out his only reaming arm, to create another magical circle, but this one was different. It was used to counter those annoying Sacred Gears that the likes of his failure of a grandson possessed.

He knew this human didn't have a Sacred Gear, but he had to try, he could not...no; he would not lose to a human.

"Sacred Gear Canceller!"

A strange aura hit Naruto, it was like a mist, surrounding and covering him like a blanket would.

Naruto tensed up and prepared himself, he was ready, and so was Kurama for what he just did to him.

Only nothing happened.

Wait, what?

Naruto felt fine. His Chakra was fine as well, hang on just a sec.

"Kurama, are you okay? What was that?" Naruto may be fine, but he had to make sure Kurama was too.

"I'm fine as well, nothing happened...the technique either failed, or it doesn't work on us" Kurama was unsure, but nothing felt off; so it was the best answer he had.

Naruto returned to look at the Devil with a raised eyebrow.

"Was something supposed to happen?"

Rizevim could only sink into despair "It's not a Sacred Gear." He whispered that to himself, but Naruto caught it.

"Sacred Gear, the hell is that?" This guy just assumed he had whatever that is.

The Rizevim could only look down; he has lost the will to fight.

"Well, he looks depressed."

"His pride has been broken, there's no need to fight him anymore. It's over Naruto."

He's right, this guy just shut himself out, and this was not something Naruto intended. Maybe he can get help after he sorts out that arrogance of his. But for now, there is nothing he can do. Naruto was just about to release his attack, only to hear a large roar coming from behind him.

"The hell was that?"

Naruto turned around to see who just showed up, he can't seem to sense who this is.

The ground was rumbling, he could hear stomps, something big was coming.

Birds flew from their nests as the trees gave way to whatever is making a beeline for him.

It finally appeared.

It was about twelve meters tall, covered in pale white scales. It had four claws whose talons dug into the earth, a long tail with sharp spikes at the end of its base, waving around as it swatted the reaming trees away.

"A dragon?"

Naruto had read about dragons in some stories when he was a kid, but the only real dragons are the elemental Jutsus that Shinobi use.

So is this a living breathing dragon, or some kind of Jutsu?.

It looked different from the ones Naruto has seen in pictures or the ones created by Shinobi. Those ones had a much longer body, so much so it could wrap itself around others like a snake would, or it was entirely comprised of an element, such as water or fire.

Kami...Naruto hated snakes.

The dragon rushed him, and Naruto was forced to jump to the side to avoid getting trampled. Only for the dragon to change direction and give chase.

"So it's on that Devil's side, huh."

The Devil just stayed in place, unmoving; completely ignoring what's happening around him.

"Did I go too far with him?"

Questions for later.

Naruto still had the 'Sage Art Rasen Shuriken' in his hand; he just needed to get some distance between them and the Devil before using it. He will be caught in the blast.

Wait dragons should fly right?

Naruto pored Chakra into his feet and made a mighty jump, soaring into the air, hoping he was right about dragons flying.

He was.

The dragon did take flight, chasing after him, mouth open ready, to tear him apart.

Naruto used wind Chakra to bounce back towards the dragon, pivoting his body in free fall to avoid getting eaten.

He landed on its head, only to jump off it instantly. The dragon needed to turn around to continue giving chase.

"Sage Art, Wind Style Rasen Shuriken!"

The dragon's head fully turned to see the attack that Naruto was holding before. It was coming right at it at speeds it could not track.

The attack sliced the dragon in half like butter, only to immediately expand and explode, creating a dome of Chakra in the sky, covering the dragon completely.

The explosion's shock wave and force shook the forest and its surrounding areas like an earthquake. The clouds were cleared from the sky. Everyone from the Hidden leaf could see and feel this explosion.

Maybe even the people in the land of waves could feel it.

Within the dome, a near infinity number of microscopic wind Chakra blades ripper apart the dragon's body at a cellular. Every single cell that made up the creature was ripped to shreds. When the explosion was finally finished, nothing of the dragon's body remained, as if it was erased from existence.

"It's dead, good. But still, why couldn't I sense it before, even in Sage Mode?" He would have sensed it if he was using Sixth Paths or Kurama's power, but why not Sage Mode.

The dragon is gone, but Naruto was still in free fall; he needed to get back to where he left that Devil.

Naruto looked back where he left him, he wasn't alone. There is another Devil with him. Naruto could see them create another circle again, but it's on themselves this time.

Naruto would not make it in time, but he still had his kunai down there.

Using Flying Raijin Jutsu, he quickly teleported back down to his kunai, only to miss his chance as the Devils disappeared in a flash of light.

"Damn it! Must be some kind of teleportation technique." They got away.

But Naruto did get a decent look at the Devil that showed up. He had silver hair as well, but his was braided.

That Devil also got a look at him too before leaving; the basted gave Naruto a dirty smirk before escaping.

"Maybe I can track them down?" Naruto utilized Sage Mode to extant his sensing capabilities, to find out where they are. He could sense that the Devils back with Sasuke are all either dead or captured, The Shinobi from the hidden leaf got there not too long ago, and it seems both Sasuke and Hinata are making their way towards him now.

Expanding even further, ignoring the animals and plant life, focused on only finding those Devils.

"Right there!" He could sense fifteen Devils west of here. One hour away if you walk it. Are those two among those fifteen? Naruto also sensed something else, something with the Devils.

A girl, but not a Devil, the energy was different from the Devils he has been fighting. This energy was interesting, it felt similar to Chakra, yet it didn't.

"Kurama, you feel that it's not Chakra, but it feels familiar. What is it?"

"To me, it feels incomplete, like it's missing vital pieces of its own energy; this day has been full of surprises."

Naruto agreed with his partner, this day has been one thing after another. So let's just add one more confusing thing to the mix.


Naruto turned his head; he knew those voices, finally nice to see friendly faces.

"Sasuke, Hinata you two okay?" They didn't look to have any injures, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

"We're fine Naruto" Sasuke looked around to see Naruto's handy work. "Are they dead?"

Naruto shook his head "No, they escaped, got ambushed by a dragon of all things." Naruto could only chuckle, a bit disappointed at himself for letting that happen.

"Wait, a dragon?"

Naruto put his hand up to stop her from getting worried. "It's okay Hinata, I'll explain everything later, but first I need you both to come with me." Naruto then created a shadow clone who will wait here for the rest of the Shinobi.

"What's going on Naruto?"

Naruto pointed west "There are fifteen Devils in that direction, but also something else. It's difficult to explain, but its energy feels slightly similar to Chakra."

Sasuke blinked at that answer. But then nodded and agreed with Naruto, this needed investigating.

"Sasuke, Hinata lets go!"

"Right!" The trio dashed off through the destroyed section of the forest to where the last of the Devils; and an unknown are.


It took them only a few minutes to cross the distance, the trio quickly made it back into the lush green forests of the Land of Fire, away from the torn battleground they left.

"I see them, fifteen Devils and a young woman." They could not hide from Hinata's Byakugan even if they tried.

"They haven't noticed us yet."

"What are their locations?" Sasuke wanted to end this quickly.

"They've split up into three groups. Seven are on patrol, six seem to be at some sort of shrine looking thing, I'm not quite sure."

Naruto only had one concern "And the women?" Naruto didn't really want to deal with anymore unknowns today.

Hinata's face looked a little stern for Naruto's liking, was she angry?

"The last two are with her." Hinata lips twitched. "She's got a metal collar around her neck. One of them is leading her with a chain."

"Slaves huh, these Devils are really starting to piss me off, hope they aren't all like this." Slavery is wrong no matter what form it takes.

But this means she's a victim in this as well, so it's now a rescue operation.

"Okay, Sasuke you take the seven on patrol, Hinata the other six are yours, I'll go rescue her." Naruto separated from the group and headed towards the prisoner.

Naruto turned around one last time "Capture if you can, but kill if you have no choice." Not an order he wanted to give really.

After that, Naruto pushed forward.


She could still remember that shock wave from before. Who else has he killed this time? Did he destroy another village? Or did he just enslave someone new?

She didn't know, but she still cared. No one deserves this; she didn't deserve this. So why was this happening?

What did she do to deserve this?

Her train of thought stopped abruptly when the Devil in front tugged on her chain, pulling her forward. She lost her balance and crashed to the floor; she felt so weak.

"Get up, Youkai!" The Devil turned around and kicked her in the stomach.

She could only groan in response, too hungry to find the strength to do anything else.

"I said, get up!" He tugged on the chain again, hard, dragging her across the ground. She grabs onto the metal collar to try and push it away from her throat, to stop it from choking her.

"You will end up dragging an unconscious body at this rate." The other Devil didn't care for her well being; he just didn't want to carry her.

Suddenly, both Devils froze, they couldn't move, could barely breathe.

They didn't know how.

But they knew why.

Someone or something was here.

They could feel the killer intent upon them. As if all the joy they had in the world just left their souls.

A dark voice came from an infuriated blond, his canine teeth became bigger, sharper and more apparent, his blue eyes turned red with slits as an iris. His whisker marks became more defined. He looked like a wild beast.

Or a fox that was ready to tear them apart.

"No, but you two are going to need amputations after I'm done with you."


Her head was still down; she could hardly hear whoever spoke or hear the screams of two terrified Devils.

She lifted her head only a little to see them fall to the floor, not dead, but their eyes told her they saw fear itself.

Was she going to die here?

She didn't have the strength to run or fight; no way to resist what has come for them.

"Is this it?"

She waited, waited for the end.

It never came

"Hey, you're going to be okay, I promise." Who said that. That voice felt so different from what it sounded like before.

A hand reached down and touched her shoulder. She flinched when the hand made contact with her skin, she hated being touched, the fear of what might happen.

But instead of pain, she felt safe.


She could feel it, some strange power, it felt like hers, but it was far more powerful, more alive. She saw that a peculiar red cloak was beginning to cover her, she felt her wounds heal, and her stamina is being restored.

"It doesn't hurt to breathe anymore...what is happening?"

Finally finding some strength to move, she looked up to see who in the world is helping her.

"Who are you?" He felt human, is that possible, this is a new world right.

He smiled in response. It was a gentle smile, one which promised safety and sympathy.

"My name is Naruto, it's nice to meet you. What's your name?"

She felt her strength leave her, even with this energy that's healing her, it didn't stop the fact that she was too tired.

Before she fell asleep, she told him her name.


She whispered her name just before passing out in his arms, finally being able to enjoy the sweet bliss of sleep.


Naruto could tell at first sight that this girl was not like the others. Not only was she not a Devil, her eyes that told him what she's been through. She's suffering, and she's hoping for something to change, hoping for a chance.

"What have they done to you?" He whispered to himself when he saw the state of her.

She looked between 17 or 19 years of age, with what seems like raccoon ears and a brown tail. She was wearing nothing but torn rags, and was half-starved; it would explain why his Chakra was not enough to keep her awake. Her hands look rough with peeling skin. Her hair reached down behind her knees, but was so messy and covered in dirt.

"When was the last time they even let you have so much as a shower?"

This girl, she said her name is Raphtalia, she's suffered greatly at the hands of these scum bags. So it's now their job to help her.

"Is that her?"

Naruto turned around to see Sasuke and Hinata approaching, having dealt with their groups of Devils as well.

"Yeah it's her, she said her name is Raphtalia."

Naruto then stood up, cradling her in his arms.

"Let's get her back to the leaf, she needs medical attention, and maybe she could help fill in the blanks on what happened here today."


And if it would happen again.





Chapter 1: An Unknown enemy END.




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