A/N: So this short story(Maybe four or five chapters or less) is a part of my Chrismukkah Sickmukkah verse which means same characters: Sam Linwood, the Davis family (at least mentions of) and little Neil Ryan Cohen will be involved. This takes place about three years after that story, but I will not be spoiling any major ending events as pertains to that plotline as I am still writing the ending other than the fact that Sam still has contact with the Cohens and circumstances led to him staying with Ryan, what those are... well with this lockdown, I have been brainstorming quite a lot for updates across the board so specifics will come sooner rather than later ;) Anyway, a bit of a disclaimer for this story. This has come from my own thought processes and way of dealing. So I will put a trigger warning for discussion of current events at least to a point. I'm writing this as a bit of a catharsis, but this scenario is fictional. Anyway, with that out of the way, here are the ages for the characters. Sam Linwood: 17, Sophie Rose Cohen, 13 Neil Ryan Cohen, 4. I don't own the O.C., belongs to Josh Schwartz and FOX, I only own my OCs.

No One is Alone


Ryan's POV

I check my phone for the fourth or fifth time. I just want to make sure things are okay. I have to take extra precautions, more than most. Unlike the rest of my family, my job is still having us report in for these inspections since it's difficult to do remotely. And crews are usually the only ones on site. Since checking on developments usually only involves me and a few other guys, it's not so hard to social distance and we always wear masks and gloves. When I check my phone after taking a lunch break, I grin as I see a video Sam sent. It's a video calling session that he's doing with Michael. "Hi Mr. Atwood!" I see Michael's face on Sam's laptop screen, and the video stops after about forty seconds that involves Michael waving in an overexaggerated way.

I know based on the time that Sam is probably on for class so I close our text window deciding that I'll text him back in a bit after my next inspection. I see another message from one of the supervisors.

A member of the crew has tested positive, please self-quarantine at home for at least two weeks.

I realize that this is the development that I had inspected yesterday. I frown as I turn my attention to another text window: Sandy, and type a message. Sam had spent the day over at Sandy and Kirsten's because Sophie had asked for his help on a project for school. Like Seth and I, Sam had a hard time turning her down for anything even with circumstances the way they were. They social distanced and we'd already done a few drive bys so as long as it was kept up, it really hadn't seemed that big a deal. But now… well I had to tell them.

A/N: So, yes that happened. Like I said this is a bit of a catharsis for me and I know from personal experience that some workers are still working non remotely. Considering Ryan's career choice, I knew he would be the one that was most likely so yes this will have a bit of Ryan and Sam angst as does its predecessor as they deal with these unprecedented circumstances.