A/N: A one-shot that focuses on Ryan and how I imagine his past. Kinda inspired by 3x05 (Legal). I thought it would be interesting to write something that goes into Ryan's personal problems and the things he never mentions.. with a little AU stuff in there. Thought Ryan having a high profile figure for a biological dad would explain his reaction to the FBI agent's murder.. and why he was concerned about his reputation at times.

Plus Rebecca is included in this story, showing a little more of personal understanding for Ryan's past and his struggles.

Most likely set around later Season 8.

Assistant State Attorney, Rebecca Nevins, walked towards CSI Ryan Wolfe as he was just clocking in to his shift. She wanted to talk to him about his step-father. He was being charged with the murder of an FBI agent and she wanted him to testify against him. Rebecca didn't know much about Ryan's relationship with his step-father but what she did know is that Ryan had called 911 reporting domestic violence on several occasions in the past. If she could have him testify, then it would maybe convince the jury that the man deserved to be put away.

"Officer Wolfe."

Ryan put the pen down and turned to face the attorney. "Miss Nevins.. what can I do for you?" Rebecca straightened her stance and sighed. "I need to talk to you. Is there anywhere we can talk?"

"The interview room?"


The CSI led the attorney down the hall to the interview room and opened the door for her, allowing her to enter first. Rebecca thanked the young CSI as she walked in and prepared her things as he shut the door and sat down opposite her. "So what is it?"

Rebecca placed a picture in front of the CSI. "Do you know who this man is?"

"Yeah.. that's Special Agent Kai Graves. He's an FBI profiler."

The Assistant State Attorney then began laying out crime scene photos that displayed the dead agent. Ryan's eyes widened at the sight. Graves was dead. "Who?" He asked in a low voice. "Your step-father. His fingerprints were found on the murder weapon and there's mounts of evidence suggesting he planned the murder."

Ryan slowly nodded. He was sort of understanding what she meant, but what he didn't get was that had to do with him. Wolfe hated his step-father but he wasn't sure that it would make any sense for him to be involved.. unless she wanted to talk about the problems that man caused for his whole family. "Ok. Why do you need to tell me this?"

"He abused you and your mother.. didn't he?" Rebecca asked. She didn't want to, however, it was her job to get all the facts. She'd already talked to Ryan's mom and her lawyer. She was being placed under witness protection and was in no position to publicly testify on behalf of the prosecution but she did mention Ryan. That's why Rebecca had gone to him.

"Yes, he did. I assume you've already talked to my mom's lawyer by the questions you're asking?"

"Yeah, she can't testify as part of protection agreement." Rebecca answered.

"You want to put me on the stand." He muttered, realizing what this was all out. Rebecca nodded in agreement. She didn't know what he'd say. Lieutenant Caine had mentioned how difficult it was to understand the younger man sometimes. He never really made it clear how he felt about things, and his ability to keep himself together through grief was one of the most unbelievable things ever.

Ryan took a deep breath. If his mom had suggested him, it obviously meant that she wanted him to go to prison. She was a former Mossad agent. Could kill him if she wanted to, but she couldn't do that to him. Get herself facing murder charges and giving Ryan the grief of it all. It wasn't worth it.

"I'll do it. When's the trial?"

Rebecca exhaled in relief. Ryan was probably the one CSI that she couldn't quite sway on her own. It was either he thought about it and said yes or he gave a definite no. His choice to testify against his step-father would be the slam-dunk for the case. Kid abuse was no joke. And there's photographic evidence that speaks for itself. "A few weeks from now."

"Ok." Ryan said. "Can I review the evidence.. just to get an understanding of the case?"

"Sure. I'll see what we can do about that." Rebecca assured him, happy that he was willing to assist the prosecution.

The young CSI knew that if he hadn't been so inquisitive about the case that he probably would've immediately agreed to testify. He wanted to know that it was a solid case before he had decided to go with the proposition. His step-father had been nothing but awful to his mom and he was glad that she was finally given a reason not to be the one to kill him.

Ryan didn't doubt that his mom could easily have assassinated him without a trace of evidence but he preferred the man going to jail and spending the rest of his miserable life behind bars. Being son of a former Mossad operative turned FBI translator and the Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI, once a decorated marine sergeant, he knew that he had to be absolutely sure on what he was doing. Everybody that knew who his biological father was assumed that Ryan was some kind of secret agent. He wasn't a fed but he knew how to defend himself and a lot of shooting techniques. That counted for something.

Rebecca was sure Ryan was the perfect person to put on the stand. As well as being a creditable witness, he was also a forensics expert. That meant that the defence could ask him questions relating to the case evidence and he would able to confirm the evidence-based conclusions about the case. And she knew that he learnt a lot from the people in his family about court, especially from his older brother that was an attorney for New York District Attorney's Office.

"Thank you, Ryan. Come by my office on Thursday and we'll discuss this further?"


They both got out from the table. Rebecca packed up her things and Ryan mentally noting to himself that he had a meeting with Rebecca Nevins about a case he was testifying for. Nevins picked up her brief case once she had everything put away and she followed Ryan to the front desk.

Nosey colleagues turned their attention to CSI Wolfe walking beside the attorney. Nobody could believe it. Nevins always came around to talk to Horatio or Eric, but this time it was the last person they expected to have anything to with the Assistant State Attorney. The lab's youngest; Ryan Wolfe.

Rebecca and Ryan shook hands, Ryan agreeing to contact her if he had any information to add from what he had told her. Nevins handed him her card and he nodded to her. She disappeared into the elevator, leaving Wolfe with the small card in his hand and a lot to think about.

"Is she terrorizing again?" Walter questioned the younger CSI as he zoned out.

"No. She's actually.. trying to help me?"

Simmons gave him a confused look. He'd never heard Rebecca and help in the same sentence. "Huh?"

"It's.. personal." Ryan said as he shoved the card into his blazer pocket.

Family was a topic nobody had ever touched on with Ryan. Mainly because they didn't really have anything to saw about their own families anyway. Eric had his Russian criminal of a biological father, his Cuban mami and his papi. Calleigh had her sometimes over-polite mom and her.. complicated.. dad. The others didn't have anything in specific to say about their families. But Ryan didn't really want to go into detail about his past. Or his high profile father. He'd prefer to lay off the topic, much like his partners.

The abuse was the reason why Ryan became quite the athletic type. He wanted to run away from it all, and by track running, it felt like he could do that.

But honestly.. finally facing it and having a jury listen to his experience with the physical evidence to confirm his story, that made him happy. Like something that had haunted him since he was 16 was being released after all those years. That gave him the reassurance that he was where he was meant to be in life.

He had even heard from his brother that his mom and dad were going to meet for the first time since Ryan's graduation. Ryan wasn't one to believe in 'meant to be' kind of relationships, nevertheless, it didn't stop him having hope for his parents. Even if they only left him a lawn mower in the will.

All he wanted was for his parents to be happy. With this trial, maybe his whole family could eventually be.