Chapter 1: A glorious day

Kendra's POV

"Kendra! It's time for lunch," Grandma Sorenson called from the kitchen. I got off my laptop and looked around my new room. I had turned 18 not too long ago. This meant the enchantments in the attic wouldn't work on me. So I got my own room.

It was small, but comfortable. My bed was against the wall, with my white pillows and gray comforter. On my bedside table held a lamp. Not too far from her bed sat a desk with a laptop on it. I opened the door and headed down the stairs.

Seth poked his head around the corner and said, "Hurry up, they won't let me eat without you!" I got downstairs and saw everyone waiting there, including Seth, because after telling me to hurry, he raced back to his seat.

"Finally!," Seth said in an exasperated tone. I sat down and everyone started eating. Today we had pizza for lunch, which was most likely why Seth was so impatient.

After lunch, Grandpa Sorenson told me a certain someone was waiting for me at the pond, and that I should go there.

"Make sure to take Hugo with you," he said to me as I slipped out the back door.

I wondered, could it be Bracken?! I hadn't seen him since my 18th birthday and was really hoping to see him again. I called Hugo over to me and asked him to take me to the pond.

On the way there I was thinking of how close we had gotten during the dragon war. I had strong feelings for Bracken, and hoped he felt the same. Maybe he was going to ask me out! I got even more excited, which was saying something.

When I arrived, I saw him, still as handsome as ever, back turned to turned around and a smile grew on his face.

"Kendra!," he said, clearly happy to see me, as he walked over to give me a hug. I missed everything about him.

"I missed you so much," said Bracken.

"I missed you too!," I said.

"I wanted to ask you something," he started. Was this it? Was he going to ask me out? "I've liked you for a while now, and I was wondering, if you wanted to go out with me?" He sounded really nervous.

"Of course I want to go out with you!," I said a little louder than I would have liked as I hugged him again, "I was hoping this was why you were here, but I wasn't sure!"

He looked so happy. "Meet me here at 7?," he asked. I only nodded, not trusting my voice, in fear I might sound too excited.

When I got back I was smiling like crazy. "Let me guess, he asked you out?," Vanessa asked, both of us knowing who he is.

"How did you know?," I said sarcastically. We both laughed. Anyone could see right through me.

"Well, I better get ready," I said.

"You know, I could help you with that, I'm kind of an expert," Vanessa offered. She really was an expert at this kind of thing. Actually, she was an expert at pretty much everything.

"That would be great! Thanks, Vanessa," I said, glad that she was going to help me, because I had no idea what I was doing.

Then we went up to my room to get me ready. Vanessa chose a white, off the shoulder top, and a jean skirt, with black flats as the shoes. (Would this look good, idk, I don't do this kind of stuff) Next we did my makeup. Vanessa did a more natural look on me. All we did for my hair was straighten it. I didn't want to look too fancy, or too casual.

It was 6:30, so I decided to get going. When I went to the kitchen to go out the back door, my parents were in there. My parents, I forgot to tell them!

"Where are you going?," my dad asked.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you, Bracken asked me on a date," I replied.

"That's amazing, dear!," my mom said.

"A date? Isn't he a unicorn?," dad asked

"Yes, but he's practically a normal teenager," I explained.

"Okay, just be back by 11, have fun!," my parents said. I waved to them and went out the door.

When I got there I saw him looking at the pond, waiting for me. I couldn't help but notice he looked extremely handsome. He was wearing a white buttoned down shirt with dress pants. (idk what to do, don't judge) When he turned around he stared at me with awe. I couldn't help but blush profusely.

"You look amazing," said Bracken, the look of awe still on his face. I turned even more red.

"I could say the same thing about you," I said, because I obviously could. He walked up to me and offered his hand. I took it.

"So, what do you have planned," I asked, excited to spend time with him.

"I thought we could star gaze, because I heard there will be shooting stars tonight," he said, his voice hinting at his nervousness, and excitement.

"That sounds fun," I replied, already thinking about the wonderful time I will have with the unicorn.

We walked over to the blanket he set out, and I realized we were still holding hands. I swear my heart skipped a beat. In a little bit, the show had started.

We sat there in silence for a while, looking at the beautiful sky when Bracken looked at me and said, "The view is beautiful."

"I know, it's amazing," I said. I have had a thing for nature, even though Seth can't see why.

"I wasn't talking about the stars," Bracken said with a smile. I realized he was talking about me and I felt my face turn red.

"You look cute when you blush," he added, which made me turn even more red, if possible. I felt like I was melting.

It felt like, and especially at that moment, that Bracken was the most amazing person in the world. I cared about him so much. I wanted to kiss him so bad. As if he was reading my thoughts, he started leaning in. My heart was racing. I leaned in too, and our lips finally connected. All I could think of was, finally. When we broke apart, we were both smiling like crazy.

"I've been wanting to do that for a long time," said Bracken. I just smiled even more. It's nice to know he feels the same way.

"Would you like to be my girlfriend," he asked, kissing my head. A party had just started in my head. I felt like I could explode with happiness.

"Yes! Of course!," I said with a lot of enthusiasm. It was Bracken's turn for his smile to get bigger. He kissed me again.

After a while, Bracken said, "I know you gave me my first horn back, I want you to have it. It can transform into a necklace." He pulled out a necklace with a single pearl hanging from it, with small diamonds surrounding it.

"I thought you might like it," he added. It looked beautiful, could this night get any better!

"It's beautiful! Thank you," I said to him, as I put it on.

"Anything for you," Bracken replied sweetly. My heart melted.

When it looked like the star show had stopped, Bracken walked me back to the main house. We held hands the entire time.

When he got back he said, "Well, see you tomorrow."

"You're coming tomorrow?!," I asked excitedly, with a smile.

"Well, I would like to see my girlfriend, so yes," he replied teasingly. I giggled and kissed him for a good while.

"See you tomorrow," I said, waving goodbye. When I walked inside, I was greeted by Vanessa, who was having a late night snack.

"Soooooo, how did it go?," she asked.

"I think this was the best day of my life," I said dreamily, replaying the nights events in my head.

Hope you enjoyed :)