Chapter 11: Celebration

Kendra's POV

We were walking back to the house from the shrine, talking excitedly.

"I wonder what new abilities I have now," I said.

"Maybe you'll be able to make balls of light, like me," Bracken theororized.

"I can't believe I'm immortal!" I exclaimed.

"I know, you'll be with me forever!" Bracken flushed, realizing what he just said, "I-I mean i-if you still want to be with me, that is." I laughed at his little stutter. That reminds me of someone. Oh- nope, not going to think about it.

"Well, I became immortal for two reasons. One, just in case some idiot like Ronodin comes along trying to free the dragons, or something like that. And the other reason is I want to be with you, so I hope I still want to be with you in a hundred years," We talked and laughed the rest of the way home.

When we got there, Seth was running out the back door, "So, are you immortal now?" he asked excitedly. I laughed at his excitement, and the question.

"Yes, Seth, what did you think would happen?" I replied.

"That's so cool! It's weird to think that one day you'll be as old as Bracken is now." Seth said, ignoring my question. Then the rest of my family came out and asked the same questions.

While putting an arm around my shoulders, Warren said, "Wow! One day you'll be older than me!" They all laughed at that. Not me and Bracken.

He said to me mentally, "It's ok if you don't want to be immortal, I understand how hard it is to still be young while your friends grow old and die."

I said back, "No, they would've wanted me to go on, I've thought about it and appreciate your concern, but I'll have you and that's good enough for me."

"Okay, just tell me if you change your mind," said Bracken, showering me with the emotions of love and affection, through our connected hands.

"Kendra, Bracken, can you help me peel and chop the potatoes?" Vanessa asked in a loud voice so she could be heard from the kitchen.

"Yeah!" we said at the same time. We walked into the kitchen, Bracken grabbed a knife and I grabbed a peeler.

Over the background noises of knives hitting cutting boards and hamburgers sizzling Vanessa asked in a curious voice, "So what kind of powers do you think you have?"

"I don't know, maybe what Bracken guessed, making balls of light appear, stuff like that. But I'm really excited to find out." I replied.

"If we go to the fairy realm tomorrow we'll be able to find out," said Bracken.

When the food was ready we all went outside and sat down at the picnic benches. We were having a little celebration for me becoming immortal. It was kind of like what people would do on the fourth of July, but without the fireworks, just a big barbeque. Or like what people from Uruguay do on Saturday nights.

I grabbed a hamburger with a handful of chips, some potato salad, and some punch, (because there was no coronavirus and you could grab food freely like that) and sat next to Bracken.

We all had a great time together talking, joking, and laughing. When everyone was full and done eating, we let the satyrs come, because if they came when everyone was eating the food would have run out way too fast.

Then we played some volleyball, boys against girls. We ended up tying because one, the girls had Vanessa and Kendra. And two, the boys had Bracken and Warren. All in all, this had been another great day.

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